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#130 Jessica Anne Marino from JamDancer talks Pittsburgh's dance scene.

#130 Jessica Anne Marino from JamDancer Pittsburgh There are some times you just want to dance. if you are me, that just happens to be about 80% of the time. I love moving my body and rocking out letting loose and being free. I had always wanted to be a dancer when I was a kid but maybe I started late, maybe I was too pudgy, or maybe the scene with those girls in that snobby class was just NOT ME. AHEM, I digress. The point is, I love dancing and I have a hard time finding places in...


#129 Brian Edward from "Burgh Vivant" talks arts and culture in Pittsburgh

#129 Brian Edward from Burgh Vivant When you meet humans that have your same tastes it is the best feeling in the world. I had a feeling when I danced with Brian Edwards at the City Theatre Gala that I had to get to know him better. He may be one of the only people I have met that has more interests than I do, and that is a compliment because I truly believe in trying ALL things you may find of interest. One of the passions of Brian is to lift up the culture and arts scene in Pittsburgh...


#128 Costa Rica Guanacaste travel tips!

#128 Costa Rica Guanacaste Region Tips I am extremely late with this post,(actually I forgot to post it how fun!) but wanted to record an episode about my husband and I's trip to Costa Rica. I left early for this trip and volunteered for a sea turtle conservation project (more on that later), and then met up with Phil afterwards. Costa Rica is a fabulous trip from the States because of it's cheap flight pricing, two different convenient airports, acceptance of the american dollar, and a...


Billy Kidd- Fabulous Female Magician Visits Liberty Magic Ep 127

#127 Billy Kidd- Rockin Female Magician I grew up thinking of all magicians as male, I am sure most of us have. It is the way they have been portrayed through media through stories, and truly it HAS in history been a man's occupation. The top hat, the goatee, and infamous coat was imbedded in my psyche from childhood until today. 2700 bc marks a man that is the known to use the first ever performance of magic with the use of balls. From 400-1000 men were known to perform magic with the use...


Tips from a Master Gardener in Pittsburgh episode 126

#126 Gardening in Pittsburgh with Kyle Ethan Fischer Spring is here! Do you feel it? Are you, like me, pacing around your garden looking for the newest bulbs to blossom, or perennials to possibly return? Do you mutter to yourself the following questions- "Is my lavender coming back? It better be!", "What the hell did I plant here?", "What else can I plant here?", "Are pots on sale yet?", "Why the hell isn't my clematis growing yet!?" If you have said one of these questions to yourself (or...


Chuck Leavens from WZUM talks Pittsburgh Jazz

#125 Chuck Leavens from WZUM talks Pittsburgh Jazz Pittsburgh has a rich history in Jazz, that I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t know about until the past few years. In the 20’s and 30’s we were a haven for artists and a blossoming ground for talent that influenced jazz history around the city. It came from New Orleans on the river boats with the first ever African American Jazz band to travel North. It grew from there and seeped into the souls of citizens in the town. Pittsburgh’s...


Ryan O'Shea Talks the Future of Technology on Marta On The Move Podcast

#124 Ryan O Shea Technology is scary. As I am drinking my new addicting matcha with almond milk, and typing on my laptop that I desperately need to A. Update, or B. Buy a new one. I say to myself NOOOOO keep it the same. Marta! I am terrified of the unknown, the new gadget, the learning and stretching of my brain that I cannot control, and frankly think I am too outdated to learn. Anyone else feel like that? I hope so, I hope it isn’t just me. Secretly terrified my laptop will die, and I...


#123 "Khuraki" Explores The Story of Five Strong Afghan Refugee Woman In Pittsburgh Through Food.

#123 Real Time Interventions All around us in Pittsburgh there are refugees that are displaced in our city, trying to make a home, adapt to our Pittsburgh lifestyle, and also keep their roots and traditions alive and vibrant. Some woman are trying to do that by opening an Afghan restaurant in the city and are raising funds for it. Enter Real Time Interventions. This theater company is one of my favorites because they take their love of theater, intimate experiences and fold it into topics...


Fair Moans Collective - A Pittsburgh Group Bringing Sexuality Into the Light

#121 Fair Moans Pittsburgh How about an episode that is JUST in time for the commercially popular Valentines Day! Woot! I myself am not the greatest fan of Feb 14th, but I do love a day that reminds you to love with all you got and to appreciate those around you. I also get really excited when some of my topics fall right into place perfectly timed. This subject is one of them. Plus I am super into the Netflix show Sex Education. I heard about Fair Moans on Facebook from an event they were...


We Are The Weirdos- Jamie Fadden Cannon

#121 We Are The Weirdos We Are The Weirdos instantly had me hooked by it's name. I consider myself to be quite the weirdo, and wear that badge proudly. When I heard there was an event in town that shines light on others like myself, I knew I had to have whoever was behind it on the show. Enter Jamie Fadden Cannon! We Are The Weirdos celebrates women's stories by hosting an event that allows women to stand up and tell a short 5 minute tale. It is celebrating it's one year anniversary at Mr....


Reflections of 2018 and Meditation Teacher Tim Krupar

#120 Meditation With Tim Krupar for 2019 Hey everyone! We are back for 2019. I hope everyone's 2018 and holiday season was wonderful, peaceful, and full of family and friends. My husband had the best idea to start off 2019 with some well wishes and a calm mind for the universe. You all know I love floating, and a good meditation that I could share with my listeners seemed to be the most logical way to achieve this. Enter Tim Krupar from Sit and Breathe Pittsburgh. Tim teaches meditate and...


MOTM 20 Minute Guided Meditation For 2019 With Tim Krupar

Tim Krupar from Sit and Breathe in Pittsburgh comes on the show to welcome 2019 with a 20 minute guided meditation to promote wellness, happiness and peace. Meditation only with ambient sounds to start. Join us on Jan 2nd at 12pm across the globe to promote peace and happiness with this meditation.


4th Annual True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh LIVE Audio Recording

#119 4th Annual True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh It's that time again! Thank you to everyone who came out to indulge us in our fun antics, and unearthing of stories that not many people know about in our hometown of Pittsburgh. We have so much fun putting on this event for the public, so thank you for your continued support. If you would like to tune into our past episodes check them out on the site! We have so many people to thank the list is endless, but some of them include- Rob James...


#118 Magician Dan White Talks About His Show at The Nomad Hotel, New York

#119 Dan White Magician Halloween is right upon us and one of the best things to do around this time in my mind is seeing a magic show. I have visited The Magic Castle in LA, and have chatted with Lee Terbosic in Pittsburgh. This time I took my curious nature to New York to chat with Dan White who has a residency in The Nomad Hotel for his show "The Magician". This show is intimate, immersive, and wonderful. Full of all types of magic from slight of hand, mentalism, and illusion. It has...


Cinema Psychos Show Podcast Hosts Join Marta On The Move to Chat Horror Films

#117 Cinema Psychos Show Podcast October is here (my goodness it came way too early) which means I am knee deep into the lead up to Halloween features for the show, and discovering all sorts of horror movies to watch. I have a special affinity for B horror films, and love finding new ones. When I was younger I always wanted to be a film critic. I had visions of myself sitting next to Roger Ebert at 12 years of age, giving my take on the latest film to arise. It is one of the reasons I...


Gemma Hoskins Researcher From "The Keepers" on Netflix Discusses The Murder Of Cathy Cesnik

Gemma Hoskins From "The Keepers" on Netflix This is the lead up to Halloween in which I feature different themes revolving around this holiday. Stories about facing your fears, spooky stories, psychics, magic, murder, and more have been featured, and I could not wait to release this episode. There was once a suggestion on Netflix given to me by a friend, that suggestion was a documentary called “The Keepers”. I had no clue what the show was about, but trusted the source and one weekend...


#115 Maria Vincenzia La Monica- Cancer Survivor and Bad Ass

#115 Maria Vincenzia La Monica- Cancer Survivor and Bad Ass The lead up to Halloween is always my favorite time of year. It gives me something to look forward to while I know in the back of my mind that the evenings are getting darker earlier, the sun isn’t as warm as the days go by, and the ever approaching winter will be here before you know it. BUT before I can get depressed about that, I gear up my soul with some awesome podcast ideas that I want to discover that all lead up to one of...


#114 Where to Eat and Drink in Barcelona, Spain

#114 Eating and Drinking in Barcelona This summer Phil and I visited the famed city of Barcelona. We were not prepared with how this city hangs. We arrive late one evening, and decided to hit the town, staying out well past 2am. Little did we know, the city awakens around 11pm and stays up all night long. Trying to keep pace with the locals, we quickly learn the customs. Tapas is the name of the game here and anywhere between 1 and 2pm you take your major meal of the day followed by a...


Rob Lee Co-Founder of Pittsburgh's ESports Team- The Knights

#113 Rob Lee Co-Founder of Pittsburgh's ESports Team-The Knights Ever dream of being a professional video game player when you were a kid? Yeah, join the club. Everyone wanted that! After the movie The Wizard in the 80’s kids, (and probably grown ups) thought that would be the most spectacular dream ever. Well folks, guess what Marta didn’t know. Marta didn’t know it is ACTUALLY A THING NOW. No, really. There is something out there called ESports, and there are teams of video gamers all...


The Drinking Partners- Ed Bailey and Day Bracey Talk About Their New Beer Festival Fresh Fest

#112 Drinking Partners Podcast- Day Bracey and Ed Bailey Talk about Fresh Fest Some of my absolute favorite comedians and friends to talk to are back on my show. If you listened to the episode already, you probably heard me snorting from Ed Bailey and Day Bracey, hosts of The Drinking Partners Podcast. We are all Epicast family, so we have been frequent guests on each other's shows from time to time. What can I say, we like each other's company... and beer. Speaking of beer, these guys...