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Martyn and his various co-hosts have ridiculous discussions about everyday topics.

Martyn and his various co-hosts have ridiculous discussions about everyday topics.
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Martyn and his various co-hosts have ridiculous discussions about everyday topics.




Ep20: Is Time Travel Possible? Chris Is Now An Expert

Me, Carl and Chris discuss if time travel is possible. Chris spent all day tomorrow thinking about this. We come to the conclusion that if one of us went back in time and killed Hitler it wouldn't change our history, but a new timeline would have been created from that point which would follow the death of evil Adolf. Also I may be the king of Namibia in another timeline which makes sense as I've always thought I'm a bit royal. We also discuss the Mandela effect. Pikachu never had a black...


Ep19: Religion - Angels Are Aliens/ Buddhists Are Cool/ Priests Can't Be Trusted

Its the usual trio of Mart, Carl and Chris. This week we tackle religion. I claim that the bible and other religious writings are the best evidence ever of alien visitations. Chris would like to be a Jedi and Carl gives his thoughts on Islam. There is also mention of Catholic priests and altar boys but that probably comes as no surprise to anyone. We've now started a Patreon page so you can come and join in the community and support the podcast.


Ep18: Some Dwarves Are Like Real Humans

Today me, Carl and Chris have a bit of a catch up on the latest gossip. We chat about Game of Thrones and how Peter Dinklage sounds like a real human. And the Indian man that cut his finger off for pressing the wrong voting button in the Indian elections. We also discuss who we think we need to save in the event of a major disaster. We agreed that the old and infirm can go and wander off into the woods and survive on their own so that the scientists, builders and farmers can continue the...


Ep17: Discrimination And Prejudice Based On Assumption

It's me, Carl and Chris again because I forgot to invite anyone else. This week I bring up the topic of discrimination and prejudice often being based on assumption. I tell the story how years ago back in the early 80's there was a lad around the town that always wore make-up so I naturally assumed he was one of 'the gays'. Then one day I met him and asked him if he was 'the gays' and he told me he had a girlfriend and a baby on the way which just goes to show that I shouldn't have made that...


Ep16: The Adult Entertainment Industry And Prostitution

Chris' topic for this week is porn. Me Chris and Carl weigh in on the adult entertainment industry and the new regulations in the UK that say you have to prove your age online before you can watch it. Also we discuss should prostitution be legalised.


Weekly News Review 14th April 2019

Carl, Chris and I have a Whatsapp group call to discuss this week's news. We talk about the Taiwanese woman who had 4 sweat bees living in her eyeball. Julian Assange being dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy kicking and screaming, which was his own fault for calling Ecuador an insignificant country, even if it is. We also discuss people reviewing our conversations that are getting picked up through smart speakers in our homes and to test this theory I plan to tell Alexa that I've been...


Ep15: 2 Fat Blokes And A Skinny Bloke Give Diet Advice

Well this is an odd one. The podcast started out with no topic. It was me telling a story how I thought I had suffered salt poisoning the day before from some really salty soup that a Polish friend had given me. Carl, Chris and I ended up talking about food, diets and nutrition for the next 40 minutes and went to great lengths to advise our listener on what food he or she should be eating, which is ironic considering two of us are overweight and the other one is like a stick.


Ep14: More Twitter Q&A

This week Carl, Chris and I meet up on a Whatsapp group phone call to answer a few more questions from Twitter, such as 'How should we reduce the human population of Earth?'. Should this be done in a 'Logan's Run' style environment where people are disposed of once they reach the age of 21?. Also we discuss 'If you could learn the answer to one question about your future, what would the question be?'


Ep13: Are Mobile Phones Ruining Social Interaction?

Alex, Carl and I talk about how the mobile phone has changed our social lives. I don't think it should be called a phone anymore. That's like calling a car a headlight. There's much more to it than that. Our phones do so much more now than just make calls.


Ep12: If You Had To Kill The Animal Yourself, Would You Still Eat Meat?

This is a strange one. Alex would be quite happy to butcher his own dog if he was hungry enough. I would probably become a vegetarian if it became law that you had to kill the animal yourself before you could eat meat. However if it was a zombie apocalypse and there was no other food available then next door's cat is getting roasted.


Ep11: If You Could Travel Back In Time, What Era Would You Visit?

Carl, Alex and I pick what era's we would visit if we had the ability to travel back in time. I explain why I would go to 1920's Paris. Alex is off to Egypt (probably because he likes sandals)and Carl is a high ranking member of the Roman Empire.


Ep10: Are We Living In A Simulation?

Elon Musk says we may be living in a virtual world or a simulation if you like. Me, Carl and Alex discuss that possibility. We also talk about what we would do if we discovered that we had access to the code and could change what goes on in the simulation. Obviously I would be very rich and would be lording it over everyone with my vast wealth.


Solo Podcast - Will we be discussing the UFO phenomena on the podcast?

I'm on my own for a short podcast to address a question from our listener. In this episode I explain why we won't be discussing UFO's on the podcast and a tell a brief version of my own UFO sighting many years ago, in the days before we had cameras in our pockets.


Ep9: Twitter Q&A

This week Chris, Carl and I answer a couple of questions that listeners have asked us on Twitter such as... What famous person would we invite around for dinner? And who do we think should be locked up in a nuthouse? Obviously Trump, Hitler and Saddam got a mention.


Ep8: America - What's the point of it?

Carl, Chris and myself discuss the USA. What's the point of them? They just cause wars and problems. I asked the question 'how do they keep their teeth so white when they eat so much? Are they injecting the fat straight into their veins to bypass their mouths?'


Ep7: Snowflakes - what are they and are they right?

This week Chris, Carl and I discuss snowflakes. Personally I think most of them need to grow up and stop getting offended over nothing. Chris makes a valid point though. If they keep on complaining about everything that everyone does and says, then eventually nobody will say or do anything offensive to anyone. But is that a good idea?


Bonus Podcast - Indian Man Sues Parents For Having Him

Yep, this sure sounds crazy but the guy has a point. He's suing his parents for bringing him into this world without his consent. Chris and Carl joined me on a Whatsapp call to discuss whether what he says makes sense or if he's just a nutter.


Bonus Podcast - Police Using Crime Prediction Software

I got Carl and Chris on another Whatsapp call to discuss another BBC News item. !4 Police forces in the UK are using, or planning to use Crime Prediction Software. One of it's purposes is to carry out an "individual risk assessment", which attempts to predict how likely an individual is to commit an offence or be a victim of a crime. That sounded crazy to me so I had to get the guys on to discuss it.


Bonus Podcast - The Gucci Blackface Jumper Caffuffle

We just had to do a bonus podcast about one of the headlines on the BBC News website. Gucci brought out a new black jumper that also covers the lower half of your face but with a difference. It has a hole cut out of it around the mouth area and they have also surrounded the cut out area in red so it looks like lips. I called Carl and Chris on Whatsapp and we give our opinion on whether Gucci made a stupid decision or whether they knew exactly what they were doing to gain publicity.


Ep6: Movies Good or crap?

This is the third episode we recorded at the same time as episodes 4 and 5, so we still have some technical issues. We discussed our favourite movies. My favourite of last year was Black Panther. I also liked Great Wall which some of the others thought was rubbish, but what do they know. And it turns out that Carl is a big fan of Cinderella. It's my podcast so obviously my opinion is what really counts.