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Codswallop Heads: Gemma is England - Ep 15

Gemma, host of the Talking Codswallop Podcast, joins Shev and Schab from across the pond for a wonderful episode as the sole representation of the Brits. Answering hard hitting questions (like polka dots or stripes) Gemma brings new laughs, new words, and new meaning to to things you thought you knew. However, Shev and Gemma do connect on a few things; their podcasting experience and their filters. Come on, listen to these three codswallop heads; you won't regret it.


Pregame Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday - Ep 14

After some not so boring business for a quarter of the episode your sick (cough cough) hosts get into some weird Thanksgiving conversation. Shev and Schab try to stay on topic, but find themselves on a number of tangents. Thanksgiving (loosely) related Guinness World Records, weird Thanksgiving themed food, and David S. Pumpkins are sure to get you in the mood for the Forgotten Borough of Holidays.


We Are The Champions: Red Sox and Boston Sports - Ep 13

The Red Sox won the World Series and Shev was there to experience game 2. But before the series began, Shev and Schab got to sit down to discuss the reign of Boston Sports. Dan is back with Defending the Impossible and boy did he choose the wrong team to root for. Was Shev responsible for the World Series win and the fate of the Red Sox destiny with her lucky shirt? And last bit of advice: don’t just hate on Boston, hate on all of New England.


Pregame Halloween: Thought Nuggets and Slutty Pilgrims - Ep12

Get ready for Halloween this year and tune in for an hour of ghost noises from Shev and Schab that apparently sound like sirens (well not that long). The ghost of Halloween past returns and Shev and Schab recount the fun of Halloween. They review their childhood costumes and how the adult “slutty” versions have destroyed their innocence. They discuss their favorite candy and question what makes a Halloween movie. Join this spooky episode recorded in the rain and pregame for Halloween coming...


Back to Basic Bitches: Be Calm and Fall On - Ep 11

The age old question of fall: Apple or pumpkin? An intense this or that where Shev and Schab take different sides. With fall arriving, there are many activities that come with it; Halloween, leaf catching, flu shot getting, raking, corn mazing and apple picking. Shev and Schab really struggle to find their words and keep their concentration which is why this episode features a spontaneous game of male or female as Shev and Schab gender-fy all 50 states.


You Cannot Rebut: Into the Soul of Shev - Ep 10

Breaking double digits, Shev and Schab escape the infirmary and investigate the results of an official personality test of Shev. Learn a bit about how Shev operates while hearing the recurring events of bad luck for Schab including a broken toe. A mosh posh of topics are covered from Madison Square Garden Virginity to frequent New Yorking. What is the future of Matter of Laugh? Find out and then you can rebut.


Head in a Tailpipe: Festivus for the best of us - Ep 09

Schab goes on a festival rant when Dan really tries to defend the impossible that festivals suck. Shev recounts her experience at Moxie fest and challenges the definition of a fest (per usual). They discuss the weirdest festivals around the world including, but not limited to, Kanamara Matsuri festival……...look it up! Experience the shortest festival in world history and contemplate the word pudding through this episode leaving you with one question: Would you participate in the reenactment...


Jiggy & Jon: Nuts Out and Ready to Talk - Ep 08

Mark Jigarjian invites surprise guest Jon Kilmer, for a special edition of the Jiggy & Jon podcast reprised as guests. Things get heated during a riveting game of “This or That” which includes a failed attempt at 4-way rock-paper-scissors, and a fist fight over Tiramisu? Then Shev and Schab get tested by Jon to pick between two types of men, but the choice is quite obvious, and Jiggy isn’t happy with the answer. Jon gives an update on his recent movie “The Primrose” (featuring Homework Girl)...


Darren Wearmouth: Holiday for your Holiday - Ep 07

Darren Wearmouth, co-author of Awakened, joins Shev and Schab from England to discuss his experience working with James S. Murray (a.k.a “Murr”) before shifting the conversation to the Bachelorette, sport, and karaoke. This episode contains two NEVER BEFORE SEEN (or heard) embarrassing stories about Darren that are sure to give a good laugh. Darren attempts an American accent and comes short in a geography competition against Shev and Schab. Get to know the brilliant, hysterical, genuine,...


Awakened Experience Special - Ep 06

Authors James Murray aka “Murr” from Impractical Jokers and Darren Wearmouth have written a thriller/horror novel and have hired Blood Manor to produce a haunted house inspired by scenes from the books as part of a book launch party. Shev and Schab take you through the experience and give their review on the Awakened Experience event while taking you through their journey to New York City. From the early morning bus, to Fat Cat’s, to the experience and afterparty, this story comes to you...


Joe Is The Way To Go: Bands, Boys, & Boxing - Ep 05

To be prepared or not to be. Shev and Schab turn on the mics with no direction and end en route on memory lane. Shev and Schab take you through a musical journey from the innocence of childhood to not so subliminal messages in adulthood. Jonas Brothers and Backstreet Boys bring nostalgia to the episode. Shev and Schab bring out their fighting side and discuss their male equivalents. They sing poorly, they barely can dance, but they know how to have a good time in Episode 5.


Bronze Diggers: Celebrity Crushes - Ep 04

Does Matter of Laugh have a type? Shev and Schab realize their judging of celebrities can easily be questioned when compared to their looks and personality. Shev and Schab totally fangirl over older men and coin the term “Bronze Diggers”. Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hanks, and Anna Kendrick are put forth as discussion topics. Then Shev and Schab are given advice on how to get over their celebrity crushes, which they believe are not necessarily unattainable; do you agree?


Spiderdan: Movie Theater Experiences - Ep 03

Shev and Schab delve into why the rise in prices, other movie goers, and/or a crappy movie can ruin it for you. Dan defends why seeing terrible movies in theaters can be worth it. Also find out which Avenger we all are as Shev rants about Infinity War. (also known as the “Hope vent podcast”).


Stink Sack: Are pets really pets - Ep 02

What really is a pet? This episode will question everything you think you know about you and your pets. Shev claims that children and pets are becoming harder to distinguish. Shev and Schab prove that pet twinning is a real thing. Shev challenges Schab to guess various pet noises and Schab just can’t seem to get one right, will you do any better? Dan defends a typically undesired pet in hissssss segment Defending the Impossible. Find out how you could own a pet camel and finally find out...


Carma's a Bitch: Traffic Jammin - Ep - 01

Traffic: the most hated daily activity for most people in America. Let Shev and Schab make it better by talking about the most relatable experiences and observations. They try to determine its causes, and how to make it somewhat bearable. Dan defends a long commute. Join Matter of Laugh on the first trial run recording. Ignore the terrible quality; it gets better.


Meet Shev and Sc(h)ab: Intro - Ep 00

Get to know hosts Shev, Schab and Dan in this intro episode. They will take you into the world of Matter of Laugh and give you an idea of what to expect as a listener of this podcast. Join them on this podcasting journey and interact with them on twitter and instagram @matteroflaugh. Stay updated at and enjoy this sneak peak episode to kick off the new comedy podcast talk show Matter of Laugh; for all things nothing.