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Episode 13 April 5th 2019

The boys talk Trey Anastasio of Phish, roommate stories, and we address accusations of racism (uh we're not, dumbass) Terry tries to give a movie review but me and Jeremy talk about the 2nd amendment instead. OB is a cop and Dale loves to service men (esp. Servicemen) This episode has got it all folks Featuring: OB, Terry, Ian, Jeremy, Dale


Episode 12 April 3rd 2019

This one is too hot for TV. I'm talkin riffs you've never heard before, outtakes, and wall to wall laughs. Flows pretty nicely from rock stars to Sopranos to Sopranos again to wrestling to Hulk Hogan to Nazis to Tila Tequila being a Nazi. We really run the gamut here. Oh yeah I think a little Entourage talk too. Dale and Jeremy have been asking for me to include the wrestling talk at some point so here ya go fellas This isn't a clip show it's a masterpiece bitch Featuring: AP,...


Episode 11 Jan 19th 2019

This is part 2 of our very first time hangin with Dale. It was fun riffing with my friend from Reddit and we talk about probably like movies or the internet. No one was around to record this past weekend so I have to post one from the archives. That's right - we get about 15 listeners a week and I have a bank of episodes to post just in case we're not around to keep the content train rolling. We got that Hank Hill podcasting work ethic. Please rate and review on Apple podcasts because...


Episode 10 March 15th 2019

We were pretty offensive on this one. It was high energy and very fun and now I like doing the show again. It's full of bangers like the Piss Workers Union and my roommate alpha-ing me out of my own shampoo. Also we talk about Michael Jackson and Sylvester Stallone. This is better than episode 9 I promise. e-mail us: Featuring: Dale, Jeremy, Terry, and Ian It's the Mayo Ass Cast


Episode 9 March 10th 2019

Terry was on the news, we talk about Kelsey Grammer being a satanist, and review China Salesman aka the greatest Chinese-produced Mike Tyson and Steven Segal movie ever on Netflix This was a low key ep and was kind of boring. It was recorded before my 4th cup of coffee so you can blame the other guys not me i'm not at fault If you're gonna skip an episode you've come to the right place Featuring: Jeremy (tired), Terry (tired), Dale (gay), Ian (tired)


Episode 8 Feb 23rd 2019

A rollicking good time with your old pals Ian, Terry, and Jeremy We kept it classy - we're trying to stay away from super sexual stuff so I did the show naked to repulse my co-hosts and keep their minds pure I don't recall the topics but I'm sure it was incredibly intelligent and not at all dumb It's the Mayo Ass Cast Featuring: Jeremy, Terry, Ian


Episode 7 Feb 17th 2019

Friend of the show AP joins the mayo boys for a 5 man ep Jeremy brings some IDMB reviews, Dale betrays our budding friendship, Terry's dog is huge, and AP talks about the band Tool Featuring: AP, Dale, Ian, Terry, Jeremy


Episode 6 Feb 10th 2019

The pod-parents were out of town so Dale, DOB, and I had some brewskis Worried about the show's future, I try to figure out a Statement of Principles. What quickly ends up happening is I talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger a lot and we do a genius new bit called the Trumpinator (Donald Trump and Arnold) DOB tries to play the game "Guess Whose Nipple?" and Dale probably said something he regrets It's the Mayo Ass Cast Featuring: Dale, OB, Ian


Bonus Episode - Dec 29 2018

Just 3 of the boys in studio. This was an older one that I edited down recently We talk about movies and celebrities and do IMDb reviews. it's pretty funny i think even though i don't really remember. I dunno I think we talk about Howard Stern or something. I just started a new job so I have been behind on everything sorry to our zero fans for being late on episodes Featuring: Terry, Jeremy, Ian


Episode 5 Feb 3rd 2019

We got all 5 boys in the studio for a Super-Game...uh...Big Bowl football extravaganza. Okay no football talk except for Brett Favre for a second. We rank celebrity sex tapes, our favorite famous hogs (no gay stuff), and do the best yet "guess the IMDb review" game. I think this is the best ep we've done so far so if you're checking out the show, do this one. idk who what you want go listen to WTF or Rogan, nerd. It's the Mayo Ass Cast Featuring: Dale, OB, Jeremy, Ian, Terry


Episode 4 Jan 27th 2019

We touch on everything from gym teachers, sex, and gym teacher sex. Dale's here and Jeremy brings a bundle of joy to the studio. Terry's got the ole poop eye and I dunno I say something offensive. This is now the premiere Rescue Me Podcast Featuring: Terry, Jeremy, Dale, Ian


Episode 3 Jan 19th 2019

The boys welcome top reddit shitposter @thankyoudaletech to the studio. We talk about really important shit like uhh R. Kelly, Bam Margera, and Hitachis Dale, DMX, Dogs It's the mayo ass cast e-mail us: Featuring: Jeremy, Terry, Ian, Dale


Episode 2 Jan 13th 2019

The boys begrudgingly brainstorm a charity hockey night, talk Uber drivers (the real racists), Muzzy (not racist), and discover this cool new show called Sopranos (post-racism). Custard, Cus D'Amato, Customer....Crust e-mail us stuff Featuring: Ian, Jeremy, Terry, OB


Episode 1 Jan 5th 2019

Bruce Juice, Binfords, and Basketball The boys re-imagine the 90's TGIF lineup, read some IMDB reviews, and shoot the shit. Welcome to the breadcast e-mail us stuff Featuring: Jeremy, Terry, and Ian