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Men Like That is the last How-To show you'll ever need. Join three good friends as they endeavor to teach the masses how to do everything in the whole, wide world.

Men Like That is the last How-To show you'll ever need. Join three good friends as they endeavor to teach the masses how to do everything in the whole, wide world.
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Men Like That is the last How-To show you'll ever need. Join three good friends as they endeavor to teach the masses how to do everything in the whole, wide world.








Men Like That: Episode VII - Geoffery Q. Apple Strikes Back

Hi I’m Brandon and I’m going to write a blurb now. It’s September 2019 and it’s arguably the best season for apples in decades. Red Delicious and Fuji are having the comeback of a lifetime and Granny Smith is finding new ways to insert herself into pies. Apple has also unveiled their newest product and Men Like That were there to witness everything at an exclusive event.Stupid phones, Apple’s head honchos, and a famous director… we saw it all and we got to do it from the comfort of a box.If...


Men Like That: Episode VI - Lisa Frank Strikes Back

Summer is over and that means Men Like That is back to having good blurbs again. It also means school is about to kick into starting gear, which means kids are gone all day and parents have way more time to kiss. But kids need binders and their parents are too busy kissing to determine which of the nine best binders in the world are the best fit for their child. Fear not kids, fear not parents, the Men Like That are hear (Editors Note: Joe please let Vinkeep that hear/here joke)to help find...


Men Like That: Episode V, Part II - Sean Connery's Round, Commanding Head Shape

Can you believe me, Vin, did wrong by Joe and Brandon for a second week in a row? Sure, I'm entitled to my annual rest and relaxation but NOT at the expense of my podcasting cohorts and I knew that. But, alas, here we are ... again. I'm still the worst and maybe next week I'll be a better, truer version of myself - a version that doesn't abandon his duties; a version that is righteous but not pious - an all-powerful, perfect version of Vin Genova: the one my friends fell in love with. The...


Men Like That: Episode V, Part I - Imprisoned & Entrapped in 1940's Chi-Boat-le

Oh hey, my name’s Vin and I love to go on vacation, forcing my teammates, friends, and so on to do my work for me. It sure wasn’t rude of me to ditch everyone this week and, while I’m on the subject, I definitely took care of all of my tasks before heading out. I’m a good friend, excellent person, and outstanding podcaster. Thanks for listening to my podcast, Men Like That.


Men Like That: Episode IV - Return of the Chicago: Lost in New York

In the global war of cities, two heavyweight contenders consistently deliver the strongest blows. New York and Chicago, the Global City Competition rivals and champions. But on the eve of the strongest Global City War yet, which city is the citiest? Men Like That is here to help you pick a winner. We will also teach you how to hang with the guys, fight some ghosts and maybe even put a few kids to bed. Put on your seat belt and then buckle it, it is time for Men Like That.


Men Like That: Episode III - Rise of the Teeth Goblins

Day 58: It is cold outside again, supplies running low. All we have is a riding mower, a punty and a dream. Will it be enough? Doubtful. Only 7 teeth left and the goblins are showing no signs of slowing down. Oh well, let us learn how to do everything. Road trips! Apple juice! Other stuff! Hide your teeth because it is time for MLT, Episode III.


Men Like That: Episode II - Darth Biden, Dinosaur Dechspert

Dechnology (detective dinosaur technology) is taking over our lives more and more everyday. In fact, if you look hard enough, technology is being used right now to create more dechnology. Technology, and dechnology, can be scary though, ESPECIALLY if you don't know your way around a punty. Fear not, we are here to walk you through all things tech and dech, with a special appearance from an old friend. Sit back and grab yourself a cold glass of technology or a warm mug of dechnology, it is...


Men Like That: Episode I - The Glass Blower

Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of Men Like That, a how to podcast that will teach you how to. Once again, this is the first episode we have ever done so I don’t know why you would question that? Episode 1 is for both children AND adults, with a format that will let everyone achieve their proper bedtimes. Learn how to go from how to to how do, it’s salty salty time.


Men Like That 209 — How to Make a Blanket

The hotly anticipated season finale is finally here. In this hotly anticipated episode, we will finally see Zoe’s pregnancy and the resolution to her relationship with Wade. George, Lemon, Lavon, and Annabeth enter a tumultuous love affair, while Brick has to deal with his past in order to move forward as Lemon and Magnolia meet their half-sister from their estranged mother who left the family. Will Zoe and Wade get married? Will George and Annabeth move in together!? Find out in this hotly...


Men Like That 208 — How to Make 40 Clove Garlic Chicken

Bottle of chicken, oooooooo bottle of garlic, whatever kind of bottle you’re in tonight. Hi everyone, you may have recognized that Will Joel bop with slightly different words. We like to put our own spin on things. You will have to put your own spin on things while making this delicious chicken as well, or more specifically, your imitation chicken will have to put its own spin on things in its band. Don’t worry, this recipe is 100% vejan certified. So lets get with a skater boi and then say...


Men Like That 207 — How to Buy a Television

The big game is only 11 months away and you will need a television to watch it on. Luckily televisions, also known in the industry as a “TV,” are easy to find. But you will need to “buy” a “TV” after you find one. This is the tricky part. We are here today to teach you how to buy a TV. What shape you will need, what size, what color, what weight, all important questions you will ask when learning how to buy a TV. Because we are teachers with impeccable credentials and a morality guided with...


Men Like That 206 — How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

When the Greek God You mated with the Pagan God Tube, everyone who was in the room watching (or later saw the VHS) knew that something special was happening. Sure enough, 146 years later we saw the results, Youtube. So you want to get in on the hot new internet craze, right? Want to quit your dumb job and start raking in all the money in the world from your loyal YouTube ads as you throw dope impulse ‘nades in Fortnite? Well you need to monetize your YouTube channel first. There are a lot...


Men Like That 205 — How to Start Your Own Recreational Camp

You might be wondering how to open your own recreational campsite. Sure whatever, we will teach you how to open a recreational camp or whatever. But first, we had the opportunity to interview 3 time Riff Off runners up, the Barden Bellas. They might just know what went on at our party, bringing us closer to our beloved cocktail shaker. You get a campsite, we get our shaker back and the Bellas get some much needed exposure. Everyone wins.


Men Like That 204 — How to Franchise an Olive Garden

We all know what to do when we see an olive, but what about a garden? We also know what to see when we see a garden. Now here is the tricky part, what do you do when you see an Olive Garden? You franchise it. Duh. Oh, you don’t know how to franchise an Olive Garden? Perfect, you will now learn how to franchise an Olive Garden. Oh yeah and all that other stuff about our cocktail shaker. It is still missing and we are upset, please call us if you have any information as to the whereabouts of...


Men Like That 203 — How to Make Fine Italian Formalwear

A clean cut high school student relies on her school’s rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing. Is that the logline to the underrated movie Easy A, or is it the description of MLT’s Episode 203? Yes, it is Easy A. This podcast, no matter how much we try, will not be like Easy A. However, it is sometimes ok to do your own thing, because life is often not as good as Easy A. So with that in mind, let us learn how to make fine Italian formalwear. We might even discover a thing...


Men Like That 202 — How to Throw a Raging Party

You know that feeling you get in your elbows while you stare into the eyes of a wandering elk? Ya we don’t either, never seen one in person before. However, we imagine that feeling is similar to the elbow sensation that occurs during the peak of a raging party. Sounds great, right? The next logical step is for you to learn how to throw a raging party.* Perhaps while we are learning about how to throw this raging party, we might also learn a thing or two about our missing cocktail...


Men Like That 201 — How to Make the Perfect Cocktail

Making a cocktail is not about thirst, it is about that certain “joie de vivre” that livens up party across the universe. You know what we mean, that certain “Chacun voit midi à sa porte.” Sure, anyone can make a cocktail, take 1 part tail and two parts [redacted]. But how do you make a perfect cocktail? We will teach you how to make a cocktail so perfect, that the jioes des virvers appears out of thin air and asks to partake in your wonderful alcohol creation. So grab your cocktail shaker...


Men Like That 200 — Coming At You Live From Sandals Jamaica, How To Wait For Season 2

Hello. You may be wondering where we have been these past few years. Well, we were losing the concept of time, if you must ask. Don’t worry, what ever D’angelo did to make us not record has been fixed. We are coming at you live from Sandals Jamaica with a spicy hot appetizer for Season 2. That is correct, we doin seasons now - much like our Earth has seasons, get it? But what if you can’t wait for Season 2 Episode 1? Patience may be a virtue, but it is one of the dumber virtues out there...