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A podcast for grownups who refuse to grow up!

A podcast for grownups who refuse to grow up!


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A podcast for grownups who refuse to grow up!




Season 02 - Episode 03 - 84 Years Later...

The Squad is back after 6 months in quarantine and shelter in place! Join us as we jump on a Zoom call and talk about some exciting news we have to share!


Season 02 - Episode 02 - Disneyland & COVID-19

We're breaking our regular episode formatting to address the ongoing world health crisis that is unfortunately affecting many people around the world. Join us as we discuss how COVID-19 has shut down Disneyland and how the Squad is coping as the world is struggling to understand what life is like in quarantine.


Season 02 - Episode 01 - Rise of the Resistance Review

The Squad is back! Riding on the hype of the new Rise of the Resistance ride, the Squad breaks down their their experience getting the elusive boarding pass and the ride itself! The second half of the episode contains spoilers of the ride so stop listening at the 60 minute mark if you haven't rode it yet!


Episode 08 - Disneyland Calories Don't Count

For our season finale, join us as we talk about our favorite food at the park and what's just "Meh" to us.


Episode 07 - We Wish Queue A Merry Christmas

Jen and Eric just got back from Disneyland's Festival of Holidays! Join us as they discuss the decorations, the food and some tips on how to navigate the holidays this year at the park! We also discuss our favorite and least favorite line queues in the park, with some interesting fun facts about one of Eric's favorite line queues!


Episode 06 - Disneyland Survival Guide

Want to know how the Squad survives Disneyland? Listen in on this episode as we discuss tips and tricks for parents or if you want to know where to go to cool down! Kevin will also discuss what he puts in his "Dad Pack."


Episode 05 - The Good, The Bad and the... Scary Rides?

Is Pirates of the Caribbean, Radiator Springs Racers or Guardians of the Galaxy too scary for kids? We’re ranking our favorite Disneyland ride by age group!


Episode 04 - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

Trick or treat! Halloween time is in full swing at Disneyland! Gather with the Squad as we talk about our time during Oogie Boogie Bash. From seasonal treats to special attractions, we’ve got you covered on all the spooktacular things you can do!


Episode 03 - Extreme Makeover Disneyland Editon

The Squad takes on re-themes on lands and rides. Join us as we discuss which magical transformations we love and the OG rides we want back!


Episode 02 - Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Broken Ride

What happens when a ride breaks down while you're riding it? Listen to hear about the squad's experience! Also, Eric really hates the Canoe rides...


Episode 01 - The Most Magical Squad On Earth

Who are we and why do we love Disney? Listen to find out! Join us as we discuss what drew us to Disneyland and laugh with us when we discuss our favorite and least favorite land.


Episode 00 - Teaser

A little teaser of what's to come! Please stay tuned for the premier of Episode 01!