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Listen to Lauree for encouraging music and uplifting stories through your lunch break. We’ll also keep you up to date with the latest news and updates! It’s the best way to spend your lunch in the world!

Listen to Lauree for encouraging music and uplifting stories through your lunch break. We’ll also keep you up to date with the latest news and updates! It’s the best way to spend your lunch in the world!
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Listen to Lauree for encouraging music and uplifting stories through your lunch break. We’ll also keep you up to date with the latest news and updates! It’s the best way to spend your lunch in the world!






Shame, Bono and Gas Station Sammies | A Conversation with We Are Messengers

Darren, lead singer of We Are Messengers, joined Lauree in studio for a little chat off-air. Forgiveness? His wife taught him about that when he made a major confession that could have ruined their marriage. Lauree recommends Darren adopt a touring practice from Bono, leader singer of U2. And find out how Darren pronounces Amish...you might be surprised!


Disney Discounts, Overachieving with College Applications, A Quick Reminder & A Celebration!

Two things are true. Everyone loves to save money and Disneyland is magical. Got some tips that may help you save money this year at Disney Parks. Lauree concludes she would never want to go shoe shopping with a high school senior that is the definition of over achiever - find out why! There's a big deadline coming up and Lauree wanted to remind you - Plus a great celebration of the beautiful church community!


Lauree Calls Her Mom to Make An Announcement, Illegal Flip Flops & Pizza Parties on Planes!

If you heard the news, you know why Lauree was so exited to call her mom and make the announcement LIVE On-Air...! You are planning your Italian vacation you better pack something other than your Flip Flops otherwise this Italian village will make you fork over all your gelato money as a fine! Is there a point where amazing customer service sets too high of an expectation? If you heard about the Pilots ordering Pizza for their planes, you'll understand why Lauree is worried about this trend...


Lauree May Reconsider The Cowboys, The Worship Pastor Fail, and Drive Thru Leadership

Producer Josh joined Lauree in-studio to make the announcement about Jason Witten, the Dallas Cowboys football player returning from retirement. Lauree has refused to be a Dallas Cowboys fan, will this change her mind? Recently a worship pastor, failed, flushed with embarrassment and then rallied and it was the most beautiful lesson about failure. All of the employees at three fast food locations for a chain (which shall remain nameless) quit...this might be the reminder we needed to be a...


Benoit the Boxer Man, Russian Spies in Your Home & Celebrating New Hair!

How can you turn a distressing event on a flight into something Delightful? We're talking about Benoit the Boxer Man on a recent Air France Flight - Lauree will make a suggestion for you! Don't freak out - but you may have installed Russian Spies in your home. That is only 50% true...find out which part and what you need to do to protect yourself! New Hair ... do we need to say more?! That's worth Celebrating!


Tesla's Genius Dog Mode, Valentine's Boo-Boo's & Celebrating Singleness

Tesla is a neverending source of interesting topics...have you heard about the new Dog Mode? All car companies should follow them! One husband has a Valentine's Day gift "Boo Boo" but he made up for it. You may enjoy the story, glad it wasn't you! One woman called in to celebrate her Singleness this Valentines Day!


Celebrating My Husbands Affair, Chonies for the Homeless & Google Job Interview Questions

One woman called in to Celebrate with Lauree today. She wanted to celebrate her husbands affair being discovered 3 years ago...you have to hear it to believe it! Lauree learned recently of the nasty practice of donating stained underwear to homeless shelters and is suggesting a new way to celebrate Valentines Day for the Homeless this year! Do you think you would be able to think on your feet with the 15 ridiculous job interview questions that Google recently banned from being asked because...


Single Life vs. KitchenAid Mixer, Only Old People Can Smoke in Hawaii, Celebrating the Tires, Cockroach Texas Style

Single Life vs. KitchenAid Mixer. What stands in the way of fancy sheets, nice silverware and a KitchenAid Mixer...our partial life as a single! Only Old People Can Smoke in Hawaii. Proposed laws in Hawaii is DRAMATICALLY increasing the age to smoke in Paradise! Celebrating the Tires - what are the 'tires' in your life that seem like a stupid tire, but it's really a magnificent reminder of Gods love? Cockroach Texas Style. The rest of the country has it wrong. Saying I love you with a...


Celebrating a Failed Suicide Attempt, Food that Makes Us Feel and The Bible as a Sleep Aid

This was the celebration that started them all! Greg called in to celebrate his failed suicide attempt...and left me speechless. And you've thought of everything else to help you sleep accept this one tip that Lauree used the other night and slept like a baby! What is the food that makes you feel something - Lauree has one food that makes her feel like a lady and our friend called in and shared the treat that her friend makes her feel like a queen!


Sick Shaming, Ban on Crime, Misti Celebrates Breakthrough and Girl Scout Cookie Hustlers

Never heard the term "Sick Shaming" but the definition is clear. And you may be guilty of Sick Shaming your co-workers. But what is it about your office culture that promotes shaming the sick? Misti called in to celebrate something so personal, so raw and real...a breakthrough! Do you really have to ban crime? That's what the police department did during the Polar Vortex. And if we all had the level of hustle of one girl scout/actress we would rule the world!