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20.3: Will Robot Salmons be Christians?

Yeah, just listen to this one.....


20.2: Favorite Vacations (Plus, More Weird Oreos)

Cody stayed in a centuries-old castle in Eastern Europe. Justin saw the beautiful cliffs and quaint villages of Ireland. Ryan had some of the best food in the world in New York City and lived it up on Broadway. One time, Nathan went to Virginia. In this one, the guys discuss their favorite vacation destinations after trying another round of funky Oreo flavors and trying to guess what they are. Hint: They’re not key lime. What’s your favorite vacation destination? Tell us about it here!


20.1: True or False?

Good luck guessing right on this quiz. In this one, Cody dangles a Starbucks gift card in front of the other guys’ faces (metaphorically) for the winner of a “True or False” game. How many atoms are in a single glass of water? Did the inventor of segways die driving one off a cliff? Trust me: a lot of these answers will surprise you.


19.5: Interview with the Lead Singer of the Band

Hoooooollyyyyyy bananas. Justin is sick as hell, but he traveled ALL the way to Seattle, Washington JUST for this amazing interview!! That's right y'all, J is #commited to this podcast thing we do!! Hang out with Justin and our good friend Sean as they hang out and talk music, old relationships, favorite cereal, etc....you know, the important stuff


19.4: When Does Escapism Become Unhealthy?

In our first non-Disney episode in about 57 years, we’re diving back into escapism—this time, into the dark side… Escapism seems to be a necessary mechanism for navigating life, but when does it become unhealthy? At what point do we stop escaping from the pressures of reality and start ignoring real and serious problems? More than that, for you Christians out there, what does it say when we choose movies, video games, and books for comfort over God? Let us know where you draw the line by...


19.3: The Great Disney Movie Bracket Challenge (Round 3)

Here’s the finale of our GIANT Disney movie bracket debate. Listen in as we choose the absolute best Disney movie of all time. Let me just say that the final vote was NOT unanimous. So much so that we had to decide it in a highly creative fashion...


19.2: The Great Disney Movie Bracket Challenge (Round 2)

Yoooooo we're back with part 2 to make you all mad again!!!! Yell at your screens, yell in your car, yell at your mom!!!! ok, maybe not at your mom but you get the point...Tell us how wrong we are on our facebook page!!


19.1: The Great Disney Movie Bracket Challenge (Round 1)

What’s your favorite Disney movie? Which one would stand out at the end in a tournament of 64 of the best? You’ve seen the Disney/Pixar movie brackets on social media. Well, we have our own: a 64-movie whopper researched and prepared by Justin, containing the best of the best Disney movies, including some that the popular bracket left out. The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, Aladdin, Frozen, Moana . . . even some of the best underrated movies (anyone remember A Goofy...


18.4: Even Great Movies Can Mess It All Up

The Dark Knight. Star Wars. Lost. Friday Night Lights. Sometimes, we love our movies and TV shows, but they make some missteps. Like, they’re this close to cruising to perfection, but they just can’t handle doing everything right. So they don’t. Other times, good shows and franchises just make something that blows. In this one, the guys talk about mistakes that movie and TV makers have made. Can you relate? Side note: Nathan has totally seen The Last Jedi since this episode was...


18.2: Gen Z vs. Millennials

Fellow millennials, we’re not the young generation anymore. Generation Z is loosely defined as anyone born after 1996. For them, 9/11 is more history than a memory. They have grown up in a digital world even more than we did. They don’t even know what dial-up is… In this one, we talk about the differences between the generations, and how crazy it is that we’re starting to discuss the “younger generation.” You can find us on Facebook at Facebook.com/midnightdepot.


18.2: Birthdays Suck

Cody doesn’t give a crap about his birthday. Justin doesn’t really want to be celebrated either. Ryan on the other hand? He might just want to be paraded around in the streets for a good six months, with endless chants of “Feliz Cumpleanos” on loop. In this one, the guys talk about whether birthdays are worth celebrating. What do you think? Do you like being recognized on your birthday?


18.1: College Mascots Fight TO THE DEATH!!!!

You like brackets, do you? Here’s one for college basketball (but not in the way you’re expecting). A while back we debated which NFL mascot would win in a tournament to the death. Today, we bring the fight back, only this time with college mascots. Listen in as Cody and Ryan duke it out over Gators vs. Seminoles (and come to an agreement that Seminoles would easily take out Gators in a matter of minutes). What did we get wrong? Let us know which college mascot would win your bracket here!


17.4: Should College Athletes be Paid?!

They entertain us, they bring their schools millions of dollars, and they are insanely talented!! ....And they don't get paid for any of that. The guys get together and discuss the options!!


17.3: Cody Got a Library Card?!?! ....NERD!!

YO WE TALKIN 'BOUT BOOKS, Y'ALL!! And it's NOT Ryan's topic?!?! This is madness.....


17.2: How to Escape From Reality

Life is hard. And a little much sometimes. So it’s nice to escape, at least for a few minutes. Where we go when we experience that kind of escapism varies depending on the person. Some of us read, some of us play games, and some of us watch other people playing games. (I don’t think anyone watches other people read to escape, but if you do, please let us know about your fascinating hobby.) Listen in to hear our go-to escape methods, then tell us yours!


17.1: 3 Thumbs Up

Another playlist? You know it. Last week we gave some love to female singers and talked about female vocalists pretty generally. This week, we’re going straight to the heart of the songs themselves. Some highlights here: - 3 Lights songs (WOO HOO!!!!) - Nathan’s distaste for low, sliding, jazzy notes. - Very widely diverging thoughts on Paramore. - Nathan never having heard Royals by Lorde (I still don’t believe it) - The true meaning of music therapy - Justin having way too many...


16.4: In Praise of Female Vocalists

Some of us dudes are just biased against female singers. Let’s just call it what it is. Nathan recently noticed that he was one of those dudes, and he decided to do something about it. We put together another playlist of songs, this one with all female or half-female vocal parts. We talk about our favorite gal singers and why it’s hard or not so hard for us to respect them the way we respect the dudes. Thoughts on female vocalists? Let us hear them!


16.3: Adult Friend Finders

When you’re young, life is easy. You have to try NOT to make friends. When you’re old like us, though, the problems start creeping in. How do I meet friends with a job and a family? Why am I so lonely? How did all those midnight runs to Taco Bell together disappear into yesteryear? In this one, Ryan shares our first listener-submitted question and shares from someone else’s brain about how to make friends as an adult. And yeah, we want more of these listener-submitted questions, so...


16.2: The Future Freaks Me Out

Smart homes are pretty cool. Until you realize they’re terrifying. Should we be afraid of (some) advances in technology? I mean, people will be able to hack our homes and control whatever they want, right? But there are good guys trying to protect our privacy out there. Will that be good enough? And are we all gonna end up with chips in our bodies???? Today, the substitute lad brings his topic to the table. Enjoy. Future: yea or nay? Let us know.


16.1: Our Favorite Black People

Musicians, actors, friends, even politicians . . . the world is full of black men and women who have shaped all of us more than we know. In honor of Black History Month, we share some of the influences in our lives from black people and other persons of color. You’ve heard of most of these names, but some of them are people the world has never heard of but who mean the world to us. Oh, and we have our first guest ever on the show. No big deal. Send us your list of favorite black people...