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Justin, Marlon, and Tyren jump in a car and can't stay on topic, going on a billion different tangents. New episodes every Monday. "Life is short. You might as well..."

Justin, Marlon, and Tyren jump in a car and can't stay on topic, going on a billion different tangents. New episodes every Monday. "Life is short. You might as well..."
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Justin, Marlon, and Tyren jump in a car and can't stay on topic, going on a billion different tangents. New episodes every Monday. "Life is short. You might as well..."




Some Lady Tries To Get Into Tyren's Car - MAW029

As Marlon says... WE BACK! (To our regularly scheduled programming.) The boys are back in the parking lot to do a last minute podcast. An old lady tries to get into Tyren's car. The boys admire an attractive young lady in leopard print pants, Crazy Uber Driver meets up with his side ho, and the boys talk about their favorite dirty song. Because the Internet: Tyren- Kanye West on Family Feud Marlon- J Cole's new album. Justin - *shrug*


Tales From The Breakroom - MAW028

Listen to the original pilot episode for "Tales From The Breakroom" the precursor to The Might As Well Podcast. Jack and Isaac (Justin and Ricardo) chat about working retail, dealing with annoying customers, and make an impromptu speakerphone call,


Genuine Happiness - MAW027

Melissa fills in for co-hosting duties to have a one on one conversation with Justin while Marlon is in San Francisco on vacation and Tyren is off celebrating his birthday. They talk about having a fun day hanging out for the first time eating pizza and canolis, getting Starbucks, and visiting Toys R Us before it's gone for good. Justin shares fond TRU memories. Melissa brings up the topic of what makes them genuinely happy.


Tithing Is The Churches' Patreon - MAW026

Originally Episode 25 and originally going to get scrapped but the MAW crew took the Easter weekend off so we decided to put this up. Going live goes wrong! It's St. Patrick's Day and Justin decides to experiment with going live on Instagram with poor results. Marlon meets the CFO of Poke Bar and recasts The Fantastic Four. Tyren talks about going to an all girls school for one summer and also how he thought The Wiz was the original Wizard of Oz.


Doodles While Eating Hot Noodles - MAW025

Special guest Mike Mota lets the Might As Well crew jump into his car to tell us about his art show called Art and Friends. Mike shares why he started the show, his passion for bringing more art to the South Bay, and tells us about the upcoming show and the vision he has for future shows. Follow Mike on Instagram at @p1lot Also check out @artandfriends Tickets to the next show are on Art and Friends instagram!


The Gang Historian - MAW024

Self described "gang historian" Abaraham jumps in the car to talk with Justin and Marlon gangs and gentrification. Justin and Abraham get to know each other over experiences of both growing up in "boujratchet" Carson. Marlon and Abraham recall the story of how their friend got his phone stolen. Justin shares how he almost got shot in Scottsdale. Because the Internet: Justin - Big announcements for the return of the Toyota Supra and a new Smash Bros game. Marlon - Netflix Documentary about...


Someone's In The Trunk!!! - MAW023

The car is packed with guests today! So much so one of them had to get in the trunk. (The title works on multiple levels.) This is our funnest episode to date. First time guests Angie, Alex, and returning guest Melissa jump into the car with the boys. Marlina the Ballerina takes over the show, Alex tells a story about a shooting at her old job, Angie shares how her sister was kidnapped TWICE, Justin explains his theory of why he's a nerd, Tyren debates the panel if eating animals is animal...


Stop Drawing ****s On My Window! - MAW022

Jessika returns to the car to talk about snacks...sort of. Marlon thinks Bane sounded like Bill Cosby, he also talks about his gang relations class. Tyren received a banana pinned to a corkboard. Everyone draws dicks on Marlon's foggy car windows.


Hypothetically Speaking - MAW021

The boys jump into the car this week to talk about where Tyren's been the last two weeks, Black Panther, hypothetical questions, and catchy SoCal business jingles.


Brunch Bitch - MAW019

Not one, but two guests jump in the car to chat today! Because the Internet: Mutant crawfish and a thicc raccoon. Our friends Jazcam and Jessika join Justin and Marlon to discuss fried chicken, brunch, and The Creepy Uber Guy finally moves. Jazmin goes politically correct with the homeless while Jessika distracts the crew with videos and memes.


This Is Might As Well Airspace! - MAW018

Justin is back from his vacation! On this week's Because the Internet: Nintendo Labo, Mario Kart on mobile, school shootings. Justin shares a story about going to a Mormon church, Tyren hates the concept of awards, and Marlon talks about his childhood Easter experience.


We Have A New Segment - MAW016

We introduce a new segment called "Because the Internet" where we find things on the internet to share. In the new segment Justin brings up money pyramids, Tyren discusses the need for plastic straws, Marlon asks if it's okay to be shitty to a shitty person. The boys also discuss vacations. Tyren wants to visit American Samoa, Marlon wants to visit the French Quarter, Justin just wants to get away from everything. Justin also fails horribly at geography.


Shows We Watched As Kids - MAW015

The boys discuss the shows they watched when they were young. Justin talks about his favorite episode of Pokemon. Marlon shares his experience of selling YuGiOh cards and battling Beyblades. Tyren watches the whole Nick lineup including Paw Patrol.


What Would You Do With No Fear - MAW 014

The boys jump back into the car to redo a failed show and share what they would do with no fear.


Might As Well End The Year - MAW 013

Happy New Year! Justin and Tyren open up a bag of brownie bites and hop in the car to close out the year and bring in the new one. Tyren shares his New Years Eve plans, Justin talks about living his dream of attending E3 and how it pushed him to start the podcast, the two also discuss plans for Might As Well in 2018.


The Might As Well Christmas Special - MAW 012

Our friend Laura brings us cookies and joins the boys to talk about Christmas. Marlon does his best James Brown impression sharing his favorite Christmas song. Justin recounts the time he unwittingly gave someone a spider for Christmas. Tyren shares a story about his grandfather dressing up as Santa and it quickly takes a turn. In true MAW fashion, the show goes off the rails at the end. Life is short, you might as well have a Merry Christmas!


Favorite Time Machine and My Original Co-host - MAW 011

Special 2 part episode. Our friend Phuong stops by to talk about our favorite time machines. Also, my original Co-Host Ricardo jumps in the car to talk about being a boxer, fashion tips, and working at a restaurant.


Black Belt in Zumba - MAW 010

Our very first ever guest, Erik, hops into the car to talk about martial arts, making friends at school, and tells a story about being shot at.


Lemon Shaped Like A Butt - MAW 009

Recovering from a busy week, the boys shoot the shit. Tyren wants an Indian Santa, Marlon mops a floor and gets promoted the next day, Justin recalls a story about a substitute teacher that had it out for him, and a friend calls in to share about a lemon shaped like a butt.


I Wanted To Knock That Kid Out - MAW 008

The boys talk about Thanksgiving and their first Black Fridays. Justin reads a few Black Friday stories he's gathered.


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