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Joe, Sean, and Connor rummage through cinema’s garbage for bad, really bad, and awful movies.

Joe, Sean, and Connor rummage through cinema’s garbage for bad, really bad, and awful movies.


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Joe, Sean, and Connor rummage through cinema’s garbage for bad, really bad, and awful movies.






3.11 The Meteor Man

Unassuming substitute teacher Jefferson Reed is struck by a very Kryptonian looking meteorite, blessing him with amazing and inconsistent superpowers! Jefferson must now use his newfound abilities to defend his neighborhood from the Golden Lords™, a gang of bleach blonde haired criminals consisting of suit-wearing babies, Don Cheadle, Kung-Fu Larry, and the Riddler! Can Jefferson … Continue reading "3.11 The Meteor Man" The post 3.11 The Meteor Man appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.10 The Suckling

At one of Granny Van Daam’s brothels, a young woman gets a messy coat hanger abortion and the fetus is unceremoniously flushed down the toilet. Down the drain, a canister of TGRI™ mutagen ooze drips onto the discarded sewage baby and transforms it into an eight-foot tall hairless killing machine. Using unexplained embryonic powers, it … Continue reading "3.10 The Suckling" The post 3.10 The Suckling appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.9 House II: The Second Story

Our Quaran-Team Up with Slashers Podcast comes to a close! Ignoring the original film, Roger Cobb and Norm from ‘Cheers’ are replaced by two bumbling idiots, their undead prospector Gramps, and Cliff…the OTHER guy from ‘Cheers.’ They soon find out the house doubles as an Aztec temple when portals to other dimensions start opening all … Continue reading "3.9 House II: The Second Story" The post 3.9 House II: The Second Story appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.8 John Carpenter’s Vampires

Daniel Baldwin makes his triumphant return to the MDU and he’s brought James Woods with him! Barely an adaptation of the novel ‘Vampire$’, John Carpenter’s contemporary take on a western vampire flick is filled to the brim with testosterone and buckets of blood. It might even give you a little mahogany. So grab your crossbow, … Continue reading "3.8 John Carpenter’s Vampires" The post 3.8 John Carpenter’s Vampires appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.7 The Being

Welcome to Pottsville, Idaho! A place where unsafe nuclear waste disposal is okay, but smut must be swept away! A ravenous booger monster rises from a chemical cesspool to terrorize the town on Easter weekend, and only death defying sheriff, Rexx Coltrane, can stop it. He just might need a little help from Martin Landau … Continue reading "3.7 The Being" The post 3.7 The Being appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.6 Shakes The Clown

Happy April Fools Day! We hope you’re not still burned by our Jurassic Park episode last year, but we can assure you that this episode IS NOT a loop of Jeff Goldblum laughing. Instead, we bring you unbridled clown debauchery! Depressed alcoholic party clown, Bobcat Goldthwait’s Shakes, is framed for killing his boss by Tom … Continue reading "3.6 Shakes The Clown" The post 3.6 Shakes The Clown appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.5 The Boneyard

Retired homicide psychic, Alley Oates, is pulled away from her job as the MDU Wizards’ landlord to help solve a case surrounding a trio of dead children. Unfortunately, the little rugrats are hosts to ancient, man-eating, Chinese demons called Kyoshi™…and they’re hungry! Now, trapped in a mortuary with no escape, a group of strictly average … Continue reading "3.5 The Boneyard" The post 3.5 The Boneyard appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.4 A Very Unlucky Leprechaun

For the love of Rawhead, it’s a St. Paddy’s Day special! Join us as we take a trip down the ol’ wishing well to Ireland and find ourselves a four-leaf clover. Warwick Davis returns to the role of a leprechaun once again for a magical journey involving a neglected little girl, her horrible father, a … Continue reading "3.4 A Very Unlucky Leprechaun" The post 3.4 A Very Unlucky Leprechaun appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


M01 Simon Bossell

Happy Leap Day, dumpster dwellers! We’re taking this extra day to bring you guys our very first minisode 💚📼 – the companion piece to our episode, 3.3 Aberration (1997). We had the pleasure of chatting with leading lizard killer, Simon Bossell, about working on ‘Aberration’, the acting life, and our favorite Ozploitation films. So, gather … Continue reading "M01 Simon Bossell" The post M01 Simon Bossell appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.3 Aberration (1997)

Pamela Gidley flees her criminal Russian stereotype of an ex to her family’s dilapidated cabin in the freezing northwest. Unfortunately, man-eating geckos have been using her house as a breeding ground and, as Worf repeatedly reminds us, they’ve adapted. Wisecracking field researcher Simon Bossell and Dobby the house-elf join Pamela in a battle to see … Continue reading "3.3 Aberration (1997)" The post 3.3 Aberration (1997) appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.2 Valentine

Roses are red, violets are blue, Cupid has a knife, and he’s coming for you! After Katherine Heigl gets Drew Barrymore’d, a group of affluent women receive elaborate Riddler notes signed by JM, a mysterious stalker out for their blood. Could it have anything to do with young Jeremy Melton that they humiliated at their … Continue reading "3.2 Valentine" The post 3.2 Valentine appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.1 Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings

WELCOME BACK! Season 3 is here and we’ve all been infected by sequel-itis right out of the gate. Symptoms range from odd Clinton family cameos to Hellraiser actors suddenly appearing. If you or a loved one is infected with Blood Wings™, please call a doctor immediately. Otherwise, join Sean, Joe, Connor, and special guest Tony … Continue reading "3.1 Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings" The post 3.1 Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


2.35 Season Two Finale

Dread it, run from it…Season 3 arrives just the same. In time you will know what it’s like to watch Pluto Nash…or Elves. To feel so desperately like you want to pull a bag over your own head like in Black Christmas. The hardest choices require the strongest wills, but we made it through 2019 … Continue reading "2.35 Season Two Finale" The post 2.35 Season Two Finale appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


2.34 Black Christmas (1974)

The 1974 Bob Clark classic! A sorority house is being stalked by a killer lurking in the attic on Christmas. The glistening star that brightly shines atop our Christmas tree, the birth of our dear genre as we know it, and the three wise(ass) men to walk you through it. And really, WHAT YOUR MOTHER … Continue reading "2.34 Black Christmas (1974)" The post 2.34 Black Christmas (1974) appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


2.33 Elves

DE ELFEN HOUTEN LEVEN! God creates elves, Nazis destroy God, Nazis create elves. Kirstin is just your average teenage thirty-something but her lineage harbors a dark secret. It is said that on Christmas Eve, the master race will be brought forth by the consummation of a genetically-engineered Elf and a perfectly inbred human host—that is, … Continue reading "2.33 Elves" The post 2.33 Elves appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


2.32 Prancer

Merry Christmas? Trashing Through the Snow returns with a joyless, depressing alternate timeline where the holidays are filled with blue collar suffering and sad, sunken-eyed adults. Join us as we follow little Jessica Riggs, who attempts to nurse an injured reindeer back to health because she’s convinced it’s one of Santa’s eight loyal reindeer. Is … Continue reading "2.32 Prancer" The post 2.32 Prancer appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


2.31 Blood Rage

Happy Thanksgiving! Join us as we dig through a little Thanksgarbage and find ourselves something that’s definitely not cranberry sauce! When young Terry’s mommy issues turn fatal one night at the drive-in, he ends up framing his twin brother Todd for murder. After spending a decade in an asylum, Todd escapes to head home on … Continue reading "2.31 Blood Rage" The post 2.31 Blood Rage appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


2.30 Terminator: Salvation

Welcome to the future Sarah Connor tried warning us about and we aren’t talking about T3. In the bleak, post Judgment Day world, an adult John Connor is a Resistance fighter in the war against the Machines. Elsewhere, condemned stranger Marcus Wright awakens inside a Skynet facility with no memory of how he got there … Continue reading "2.30 Terminator: Salvation" The post 2.30 Terminator: Salvation appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


2.29 Trick or Treat

Things couldn’t be worse for Eddie “Ragman” Weinbauer. When his hero Sammi Curr dies in a ritualistic hotel fire, things really get low. That is until Gene Simmons gives him the only copy of Sammi’s final album post mortem! Soon Eddie realizes he can communicate with his dead idol through the record, and gets revenge … Continue reading "2.29 Trick or Treat" The post 2.29 Trick or Treat appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


2.28 Two Heads Are Better Than None

Ken Foree takes the entire Rockmore clan on a road trip across America, only to find his hated enemy and Kenan’s best friend, Kel, has stowed away in the trunk. Their travels take them on a wild ride through Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Monsters and Madmen, a chance encounter with a piano playing Cybo-Man, ketchup … Continue reading "2.28 Two Heads Are Better Than None" The post 2.28 Two Heads Are Better Than None appeared first on Movie Dumpster.