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Joe, Sean, and Connor rummage through cinema’s garbage for bad, really bad, and awful movies.

Joe, Sean, and Connor rummage through cinema’s garbage for bad, really bad, and awful movies.


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Joe, Sean, and Connor rummage through cinema’s garbage for bad, really bad, and awful movies.






3.35 Season 3 Wrap-up LIVE

Welcome to our first ever live event! We’re taking a look back on the 87 year long period known as 2020, the movies we’ve covered, the friends we’ve made, but most importantly, we’re hanging out and taking questions from all of you Dumpster Dwellers! So pull up a trash can lid, crack open a cold … Continue reading "3.35 Season 3 Wrap-up LIVE" The post 3.35 Season 3 Wrap-up LIVE appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.34 Jingle All the Way

Trashing Through the Snow comes to a close this year with loving impressions of Phil Hartman and slightly better than Mortal Kombat 11 impressions of Schwarzenegger! When Howard ‘Howitzer’ Langston forgets to buy his son Jamie the hottest Christmas boutique gift item, a Turboman action figure, he sets out on Christmas Eve to obtain the … Continue reading "3.34 Jingle All the Way" The post 3.34 Jingle All the Way appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.33 Jack Frost (1997)

A week before Christmas in the backwater town of Snowmonton, serial killer Jack Frost is chemically merged with snow in a freak accident engineered by John Hurt’s minion Cumdar. Vowing revenge on the man who captured him, lovable loser Sheriff Sam Tiler, Jack is reborn as one Bad Mr. Frosty™! With the help of his … Continue reading "3.33 Jack Frost (1997)" The post 3.33 Jack Frost (1997) appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.32 Call Me Claus

‘Zat you, Santa Goldberg? Well, the alternate timeline version anyway! Whoopi joins the Movie Dumpster Universe in a splintered, yuletide excursion that can’t help but rip-off other, better Christmas movies. Goldberg plays a malcontent, home shopping network executive producer that hasn’t had the Christmas spirit since her father was sent home in a gift wrapped … Continue reading "3.32 Call Me Claus" The post 3.32 Call Me Claus appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.31 Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker

The stockings are hung on the mantle, the tree is trimmed, and the sugar cookies are in the oven! Trashing Through the Snow officially begins with one of the most pants-crapping insane holiday movies we’ve seen so far. Booze hound toy maker Joe Petto played by Mickey Rooney is trying to ruin Christmas by creating … Continue reading "3.31 Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker" The post 3.31 Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.30 March of the Wooden Soldiers

Happy Thanksgiving, Dumpster Dwellers! We’re taking a trip into Mother Goose’s book of nursery rhymes to the magical world of Toyland! A wonderful place where everyone gets along…except for the rich old villain that everyone just puts up with, Silas Barnaby. When Mother Peep gets behind on her mortgage payments, the only way to avoid … Continue reading "3.30 March of the Wooden Soldiers" The post 3.30 March of the Wooden Soldiers appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.29 Of Unknown Origin

Peter Weller is a rich Wall Street businessman with a loving family, a beautiful home, and a lucrative job. All of that is uprooted when GVD’s aggressive pet rat begins a blood feud with Weller, leaving his brownstone in ruins and his mind shattered. Plagued by sleep deprivation and a drinking problem, Weller descends into … Continue reading "3.29 Of Unknown Origin" The post 3.29 Of Unknown Origin appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.28 Ernest Scared Stupid

Our 100th episode and Trick or Trash finale Spooktacular! Ernest P. Worrell just has to pick the one tree in the Dark Forest™ that’s imprisoning an evil troll to build a hangout for the neighborhood kids. Ignoring the advice of the town witch, Eartha Kitt, Ernest unintentionally awakens the dormant troll, Trantor, releasing it to … Continue reading "3.28 Ernest Scared Stupid" The post 3.28 Ernest Scared Stupid appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.27 The Pit (1981)

It’s not easy being the world’s punching bag, especially when you’re 12. That is, unless you have the aid of a possessed (question mark) teddy bear to coax your unhinged thoughts into reality! Jamie is an incredibly unwell, disturbed, and perverted delinquent with an unhealthy obsession with the female form. When his 27th live-in babysitter, … Continue reading "3.27 The Pit (1981)" The post 3.27 The Pit (1981) appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.26 The Midnight Hour (1985)

Listen up little Dumpster Doggies, it’s Wolfman Jack and it’s All Hallow’s Eve in the sleepy New England town of Pitchford Cove—the perfect day of the year to recite an ancient curse that brings back the dead! Because that’s never gone poorly. Shari Belafonte accidentally resurrects a graveyard of party-going zombies, a couple of hungry … Continue reading "3.26 The Midnight Hour (1985)" The post 3.26 The Midnight Hour (1985) appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


M05 Jeff Lieberman

Hold out those pillow cases because we’ve got a sweet Halloween treat for ya! As a companion piece to our episode, 3.25 Satan’s Little Helper, we sit down and chew the candy corn with the man behind the madness, Jeff Lieberman! Director of beloved genre classics like ‘Squirm’ and ‘Just Before Dawn’, we do a … Continue reading "M05 Jeff Lieberman" The post M05 Jeff Lieberman appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.25 Satan’s Little Helper

Trick or Trash is back and ready to fill up your treat bags, Dumpster Dwellers! Dougie Whooly is a 9-year-old boy with a woefully oblivious family and an unhealthy obsession with a violent video game. While wandering around town on All Hallow’s Eve, he comes across a real-life serial killer in a Satan costume (question … Continue reading "3.25 Satan’s Little Helper" The post 3.25 Satan’s Little Helper appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.24 The Wraith

In a canyon town somewhere in the Midwest, Packard Walsh rules the open road with a gang of degenerates and tweakers. The literal ghost of the gang’s past begins to terrorize them, taking the form of a black clad racer with a grudge. Has one of Packard’s victims returned for vengeance? Is it Emilio Estevez? … Continue reading "3.24 The Wraith" The post 3.24 The Wraith appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.23 The Dungeonmaster

The terror of Esteban rages on! Computer programming wizard and possible super soldier Paul Bradford gets trapped in a battle for not only his soul, but also his girlfriend Gwen’s, against Satan himself aka Richard Moll. To keep things fair, the man downstairs lets Paul keep his reality bending Power Glove™ that is powered by … Continue reading "3.23 The Dungeonmaster" The post 3.23 The Dungeonmaster appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.22 Evilspeak

By the three wizards on high, by the Van Daam thirst for lust, by the most feared and notorious name, John Hurt—WE HAVE RETURNED! After his parents perish in a car accident, Clint Howard is sent away to a Catholic military school where he is bullied by Bob Pinciotti. Forced to clean the church’s basement, … Continue reading "3.22 Evilspeak" The post 3.22 Evilspeak appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.21 Body Melt

The grill is cooling off and we’re breaking out the peach cobbler and watermelon! As our GARB-BQ winds down, we’re headed back to Australia for some goopy ozploitation goodness! Let your body learn, let your body build, let your Body Melt? When “pharmaceutical” company Vimuville™ begins using the residents of Pebbles Court as lab rats … Continue reading "3.21 Body Melt" The post 3.21 Body Melt appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.20 Munchie

Break out the macaroni and potato salad, because the hot dogs are about ready to come off the grill! The GARB-BQ continues with some Chuck E. Cheese™ nightmare fuel! Long before there were Demonic Toys or the Hugga Bunch, there existed an all-powerful creature older than time itself. Calamity followed it wherever it went, leaving … Continue reading "3.20 Munchie" The post 3.20 Munchie appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.19 Robot Jox

The GARB-BQ sizzles on with some frosty post-nuclear goodness! Following a nuclear apocalypse, the surviving American Market and Russian Confederation are constantly competing for resources and territory. After banning war, the next logical step for settling disputes was OBVIOUSLY through one-on-one giant mech fights! We follow the Jox, the people piloting these massive machines in … Continue reading "3.19 Robot Jox" The post 3.19 Robot Jox appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.18 Razorback

Grab yourself a cold one and throw some pork chops on the grill, Movie Dumpster’s GARB-BQ has officially begun! Our first delicious morsel of the month comes straight to you from the Australian Outback. After a massive wild hog charges through his house like a fireball and eats his grandson, Jake Cullen makes it his … Continue reading "3.18 Razorback" The post 3.18 Razorback appeared first on Movie Dumpster.


3.17 Orca (1977)

A happy couple have their world destroyed when a greedy drunk attacks their home and leaves a mother dead, along with her unborn fetus. The father survives and makes the misery and death of the one who ruined his life the only thing that can satiate his vengeance…all told from the viewpoint of a killer … Continue reading "3.17 Orca (1977)" The post 3.17 Orca (1977) appeared first on Movie Dumpster.