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Mt. Rushmore of TV Pregnancies (w/ Sara Reeve)

Cigars all around! We’re delivering...a new episode of the podcast. This week we’re discussing TV pregnancies – how they were handled by shows over the years, and what depictions of pregnancies tell us about society as a whole. Since we’re three guys, we’re hardly experts at pregnancies, so we brought in someone with a bit more firsthand experience – Sara Reeve, wife of our own Richard Manfredi and mother of their two children. It’s an episode filled with tenderness, laughter and an egg...


Mt. Rushmore of Horror Comedy Films (w/ Ben Rock and Bob DeRosa)

Horror and comedy movies are like Reese’s Cups but with blood instead of peanut butter and brains instead of chocolate – two great tastes that taste great together. Finding the right balance can be tricky, but when it works there’s nothing like a movie that can make you laugh and scream at the same time. We’re lucky to be joined this week by two people who know how to combine horror and comedy – Ben Rock and Bob DeRosa of the hit web series “20 Seconds to Live.” Make sure you visit...


Mt. Rushmore of...(Breath)...Look, Even as a Nerd I Think [Blank] is Absolutely Awful

Look, we’re nerds, and we’re proud of it. But that doesn’t mean that we’re proud of everything. In fact, there are certain elements of the things that we love that we can’t defend. The week we’re exploring the cringeworthiest aspects of the things we hold near and dear to our hearts. Even as superfans, we’re admitting that these elements aren’t so super. We hope this episode is as cathartic for you as it is for us. SHOW NOTES


Mt. Rushmore of Cover Songs Better Than the Original

This week’s topic comes from one of our fans: kickball legend, Lefty Slapper enthusiast and all-around good guy Paddy Culham. He joins us to help decide which artists did it better the second time around with the Rushmore of Cover Songs Better Than the Original. It’s hard to make someone else’s song your own, but these people and bands did it – whether the original song was kind of lousy or already great. Coming next week: we get the crew from How Did This Get Made to debate the same...


Mt. Rushmore of Bizarre Children's TV Premises

Sometimes, children’s television can be a place of wonder, where kids learn valuable life lessons and are entertained by beloved characters. And sometimes, it’s a place where monsters with TVs in their stomachs speak in gibberish and create countless nightmares for kids and parents alike. Let’s face it – there’s a lot of bizarre children’s TV show concepts out there. Even great shows can have premises that are beyond belief. (Seriously, a group of teens and a talking dog travel in a van...


Mt. Rushmore of Sherlock Holmes Adaptations

Since you’re a listener of our podcast, it’s easy to deduce pretty much everything about you. I can tell that you only listen to the best podcasts, that you enjoy hearing grown men argue about trivial points and that you are the type of refined person who loves Sherlock Holmes. Of course, you’ve probably never read a Sherlock Holmes story. Who has? So many words – some of them big and old! Instead, I’d wager that you’ve mainly watched one of approximately 120,000 adaptations that have...


Mt. Rushmore of People in WAAAAAY Over Their Heads

Ever studied for a test only to discover you have no idea how to answer the questions? Have you gotten a job and realized how unprepared you are for the responsibilities? Ever wish you were BIG on a magic carnival fortune telling machine, get a BIG job in the city, only to be unable to reciprocate an adult relationship because you’re actually 13 and then you run home crying to mama? Well, you’re in luck as we debate the Mount Rushmore of People in WAAAAAY Over Their Heads this week. It’s...


Mt. Rushmore of Looking Back, Maybe That Movie Shouldn't Have Won Best Picture

This Sunday is Oscar night, and you know what that means! Well, yes, trying to figure out which celebrities are half in the bag while walking the red carpet and which ones are hopped up on goofballs. And also, yes, rubbing it in your friends’ faces because you got the Best Documentary Short AND Best Animated Short right in your Oscar pool. More than that, though, we’re talking about your God-given right as an American to boo and throw things at your TV because the Best Picture winner...


Mt. Rushmore of Logical & Sensible Characters

Everyone wants to be the headstrong hero who jumps into battle to save their friends in spite of the tremendous danger looming in front of them, ensuring fortune and glory! But what about those better angels on our shoulders who are warning us that maaaaayyyybeee we should cool our jets? This week we debate which Logical and Sensible characters are most justified to be on our Mount Rushmore. SHOW NOTES


Mt. Rushmore of Secondary Seinfeld Characters

It’s amazing how large a world can be created around a show about nothing. Yes, we watch Seinfeld because of the wacky, misanthropic adventures of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer, but often it’s the characters outside of the Core Four who wind up stealing the show. Join us this week as we debate who belongs on the Rushmore of Secondary Seinfeld Characters. Some of them can match the gang awful action for awful action, while others are innocents caught up in their wake. Either way, make...


Mt. Rushmore of Famous Hyphenates

It’s a rare breed of people who can be really good at multiple things. Heck, it’s pretty rare to find someone any good at one thing. Most people are like the sandwich “artist” at my local Subway who always puts too much oil and vinegar on my sub even though I ask for just a dash. This week we’re celebrating some of the most famous - and sometimes surprising – polymaths in pop culture and history. These are the Swiss Army Knives of entertainment. Especially in the case of Nick Offerman,...


Mt. Rushmore of Unusual Album Designs (with Jim Hanke)

This week we’re joined by Jim Hanke from Vinyl Emergency to explore all of the strange, cool and unusual designs found in classic and current albums. We cover everything from edible EPs to covers featuring pictures of pants with fully working zippers (even if it did sort of ruin the physical album inside.) Jim brings his fantastic wealth of information, while Michael and Richard team up with stuff they found on Wikipedia. Who will win? Only Jeff knows, but honestly, the answer is pretty...


Mt. Rushmore 100th Episode BBQ Special

Here it is: the episode you’ve been waiting for! No, it’s not our final episode – it’s our 100th episode! We’re as shocked that we’ve made it this far as you are, so to celebrate, we decided to throw ourselves a big ol’ celebratory spectacular*. There’s no way we could have done this without our friends and family, which is why we hosted a gala BBQ at Jeff’s house and invited people who have meant a lot to the show. We ate, drank and invited people to come up and try to debate us on their...


Mt. Rushmore of the Rashomon Effect

Depending on your point of view, the Rashomon Effect is either one of the most ingenious plot devices ever created or a crutch for a lazy screenwriter who has run out of ideas and is ready to get multiple storylines out of just one idea. Then again, the question of whether it’s being done by Japan’s most visionary filmmaker or a guy writing an episode of “Diff’rent Strokes” could also make a big difference. Join us as Michael and Richard provide their own very unique perspectives on the...


Mt. Rushmore of Lovable Drunks

According to pop culture, there’s nothing as heartwarming and comical as alcoholism. For every serious portrayal of the damage that alcohol addiction causes, there are three examples of wacky lushes who are permanently soused but always get the best lines. So let’s open up a bottle of your favorite adult beverage and indulge in moderation as we plow through this week’s episode on Lovable Drunks in one sitting!


Mt. Rushmore of Movies I’d Show An Alien Culture to Prove We’re Cool

Look, based on 2017, “aliens land on Earth” is only about the 20th least-likely thing that will happen this year. (Right behind “Trump admits it was a joke” and ahead of “Andy Kaufman admits it was a joke.”) So in case it does happen, as a people we need to have an ace in the hole: movies that we can show to aliens to prove that we’re cool. This week Michael and Richard take different paths to cool, and it’s up to Jeff to separate the Fonzies from the Potsies. And if you aren’t too cool...


Mt. Rushmore of Season Two's Mt. Rushmores

As we look forward into 2018 we must first look back on the ruinous hellscape that was 2017. In spite of the world burning around us, we do manage to find some bright spots on the podcast. As always, Michael and Richard feel the unnecessary need to put this into competition form and let Jeff judge his ass off over who chose the best best-of episodes from Season Two of Mt. Rushmore.


Mt. Rushmore of Christmas Characters and Icons

Happy holidays! No matter which tradition you celebrate, there’s one thing that is universal – you’ll desperately need a reason to get away from your family before you murder someone. But there are also several things that are very specific to Christmas. So hang up the mistletoe and make a bowl of figgy pudding (actually, don’t), as we’re tackling Christmas icons and characters. As the year comes to an end, we want to thank you for listening to our show. And if you want to give us a nice...


Mt. Rushmore of Impostors

Call them the Great Pretenders; some people try to become someone else because they are pulling a con; others do it as a joke, or for reasons that no one can imagine. But one thing is for sure: these people’s fake lives are probably way more interesting than your real life. This week we’re talking about some of the biggest impostors, both real and fictional. There’s a good chance that Jeff is back to judging while Richard and Michael are debating, but really, can you be too sure?


Mt. Rushmore of Later-in-the-Run Additions to Sitcoms

We’re almost two seasons into the podcast, so you know what that means! Contract disputes, movie offers and a cast that loathes each other. Well, at least the last one. But if this was a sitcom, we’d be getting pretty close to the time where one of the stars leaves and the producers have to scramble to replace them. While it’s the three same bozos as usual, we have mixed things up a bit – this week Michael has slipped on the stylish-yet-comfortable judge’s robe, while Jeff is going...


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