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Come for the drinks, stay for the good times

Come for the drinks, stay for the good times
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Come for the drinks, stay for the good times






Episode 26 - To be the Man you gotta Beat the man!

To be the Man you gotta beat the man! - TODAY WE TALK WRESTLING!! We had Canadian Wrestling Elite Superstar HOT SHOT DANNY DUGGAN on the show to talk ALL THINGS WRESTLING!! He gave as a great insite the thriving indenpendent scene, his experience with WWE, and the amazing behind the scenes stories. It was fantastic! Check him out at to see the upcoming promotions tours and events! TODAYS SPONSORS SUDIO.Com - Currently, the headphones market can offer you one of two things:...


Episode 23 - The Truth is Out There

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE! - This week our special guest is MJ Banias. MJ Banias is an accliameded writer, blogger, and theorist with a background in Critical Theory, History, and Cultural Studies who critically and philosophically examines the weird, the strange and the anomalous. He was a former field investigator with MUFON, has been featured on multiple podcasts, and contributes to Mysterious Universe and RoguePlanet. His work is also featured in a new book entitled


Episode 22 - Musing and Murder

Musing and Murder! - Here it is our long awaited CROSS OVER EPISODE! We got together with the ladies from True Crime 204. We did our first take on True Crime and it was sublime! Our take on a grisly love triagle murder that happend 5 mins away from the man cave! Join us and hear all the gory details and on take on what happened that fateful night at the Charleswood Murder house! TODAYS SPONSORS WInnipegs Premiere Brew Pub - Brazen Hall. Musing while Boozing is proud to feature Brazen...


Episode 21 - The World’s End

The ends of the world! When the guests get the flu what do you do? Well Mike and I take on the news you can use! The Turpin Family, What happens when you think the world is ending, and jsut where will Google put their new headquarters! Karl and Mike take on the world…and WIN! TODAYS SPONSORS RADSOCKS.CA . Mike and I checked the mail today and found new socks from RADSOCK.CA. These things rock as usual and this month you get socks with DONUTS. Don’t be a fuddy duddy and instead sport the...


Episode 15 - Stick it in the Muffler

Thats right…stick it in the Muffler! This episode is the essence of Musing While Boozing. Karl…Mike…1am….and a lot of ideas! Hope you enjoy! TODAYS SPONSORS WInnipegs Premiere Brew Pub - Brazen Hall. Musing while Boozing is proud to feature Brazen Hall Beverages on our show for us and our guests. WInnipegs hottest Brew Pub with amazing food and incredible beer. Be sure to check them out and tell them Musing While Boozing sent ya!! This weeks Podcast Intro is called No But Seriously...


Episode 13 - Dat Eli Guy again!

Just like Herpes ELI is back. He rejoined us in the man cave to chat. We layed out the parameters of Slender November as well as his trip to china. MIke also tells the INFAMOUS office bathroom story. Check it out. TODAYS SPONSORS This weeks Podcast Intro is called Chasing the Mind Podcast. This one is LEGIT smart. 2 DRs tackle all things in relation to the mind and psychology…and not the fake crap. Give them a listen and get your learn on! CONTACTING US If you woud like to be on the...


Episode 9 - “Kill Bill Vol. 2″

Episode 9 - “Kill Bill - Volume 2…” Our first sequel! lol. Due to overwhelming demand we have part 2 of our conversation with Bill Hadden. It gets deep…it gets weird…it gets awesome! Shoot us a message for anything you would like to see discussed!!!


Episode 7 - “After Hours”

Episode 7 - “After Hours….” This one was done LATE…like REALLY LATE!! Like we started at close to 2am. So its a stream of consciousness bnut we hit on some incredibly important topics like when your poo turns green, Hybrid Cars, more stories from the past, and of couse North Korea, The president, and concusions! So all the light stuff! Hope you enjoy as we think it turned out really well.


Episode 6 - Once upon a time

Episode 6 - “Once upon a time….” Todays episode Mike and Karl get DEEP. We told each other some stories that we did now know about each other. Secrets were shared and stories were told. Honestly our best esisode yet. Give it a listen!! TODAYS SPONSORS


Episode 5 - Rumor is

Episode 4 - Rumor us Todays episode we took on the road and recorded at RUMORS COMEDY CLUB! Huge shout out to Rumors for inviting us down and taking great care of us! We were there to see Drew Michael and he crushed it! Thoroughly enjoyed the evening and hope to do it again sometime! During the show we hit a lot of hard topics including alien life, Samsung vs Apple, North Korea and [...]


Episode 4 - What the BLEEP are we talking about

Episode 4 - What the BLEEP are we talking about Todays episode we tackle quantum theory LOL…OR at least someone elses take on it. Mike and Karl get down and dirty with some analysis of the film What the BLEEP do we know? That took us other places in the conversation and we talked about psudo science and the physical dangers of the internet. Hope you enjoy. TODAYS SPONSORS This week we are promoting Dan Soder who is appearing at RUMORS COMEDY CLUB He is appearing


Episode 3 - Maiden Manitoba Time

Episode 3 - We have our first guest (AND our first casualty!) Maiden Manitoba!! We have had our first special Guest. Eric Legault of Maiden Manitoba and Eric Legault Consulting joined us for some musing and boozing. He gave us the inside story to MAIDEN Manitoba one of the hottest TRIBUTE bands in Manitoba! In addition we touched about his thriving consulting business and life in general. Over 2 hours of MUSING for your enjoyment. Maiden Manitoba can be found online at...


Episode 1 - The Beginning!

Mike and Karl start this off with the first episone of MUSING WHILE BOOZING!! We hit diet, gyms, the booze and a lot of other topics. First shot hope you enjoy! Please follow, rate us and subscribte to us on Itunes @ Google Play @ Sticher @ Twitter @musingboozing Facebook:...