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A podcast dedicated to my crazy friends and my crazy thoughts. From dungeons and dragons to marvel and even dreams

A podcast dedicated to my crazy friends and my crazy thoughts. From dungeons and dragons to marvel and even dreams


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A podcast dedicated to my crazy friends and my crazy thoughts. From dungeons and dragons to marvel and even dreams




Ep 24. The vampire agenda

This is the one were we decide what supernatural being we would most like to be, and then just talk about vampires for most of the episode. There is also a segment where we introduce a possible new concept. Im sure it will never happen but who knows.Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 23.The end of the world pt 2./ Missing people.

This week he group decided to talk a little more about how the world might end, and then jumped into a few of the missing 411 cases that we know about. usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 22. It's the end of the world as we know it

This week IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! no but seriously, this week the group decided to discuss several different ways that the world could end, with a few movies thrown in, and no Star Wars so im sure some people will be happy about that. Hope you all enjoy. ;)Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 21. Do you keep it regular?

Hi everybody! What!?!? Star Wars again? Yeah, but just for a few minutes then we get into the real nitty gritty. Things sure do get personal and I dont think any of us are actually proud of what we talk about, but hey this is our lives and we are here to share them with every one of you no matter how terrible they are.Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 20. Rise of the Shit-talker

This week we decided Rise of Skywalker has been out long enough so we let Keith explain why he hates the movie, and we also discuss which side we would be on and what color light saber we would use.Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 19. Its movie time

This week we decided to keep things a little looser than usual. Lol I know, scary right? Well at least we mostly stay on topic, the topic of movies. We talk about reboot/remakes, some of our favorites, and Star Wars...yet again.Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Break-Room Bullshit Ep 4. We wont cover for you.

So yet another random episode in the world of Arbitray. This episode we decided to talk a little about independent films, star wars, light sabers, oh and if we would cover for each other for a murder! enjoy friends.Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 18. Do we live in the matrix?

So this week is one of our new-years episodes and we decided to discuss the theory that we all actually live in a false reality. The major example being the matrix. The group goes on to discuss example of how this could be true then quickly jumps into the discussion of the matrix movies forgetting what the episode was supposed to be about in the first place. Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 17. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker/ We are Tim Allens Santa Clause

Our fourth and final Christmas episode starts with the love and hatred for star wars and burns into a lovely episode of what we would have done if we were The Santa Clause instead of Tim Allen.Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 16. Did we get hired as elves or just argue a lot.

So this week we were supposed to theorize our employment as elves in the north pole. If you have heard any other episode you can guess that we just argued and got way off topic.Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Break-room Bullshit Ep 3.

This week on the random of our random episodes we discuss everything from the ninja turtles to the boy-scouts. Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 15. From Christmas movies to all the movies.

Hi there all of our lovely listeners, yet again we start on a topic then quickly trail off onto a whole mess of shit. Join us and tell your friends how unorganized we are.Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 14. Came for Christmas stayed for whatever we wanted

We came into this week wanting to do christmas stories, but that quickly flew out the window like always. So we started to discuss what movie we would like to live in.Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 13. Jurassic Park Pt 2.

This is the exciting sequel to our most amazing episode yet, Jurassic Park. Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter:


Ep 12. Jurassic Park

This week the gang decided to discuss a movie series very near and dear to our hearts, Jurassic park. We discuss what’s wrong with them, what we love, why it wouldn’t work, and if we would even live if we were in that situation. With as much as we love these movies we hope you love this episode even more.Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter: @myarbitrarypodFacebook: myarbitraryworld


Ep 11. Why are we good?/ Financial life.

So this week gets pretty deep. We talk about the good in life and why everyone possibly is they way that they are, and why they do things, a slight distrust issue with people because of past experiences, and the life we live being broke. Dont worry we understand its completely our own faults. Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter: @myarbitrarypodFacebook: myarbitraryworld


Ep 10. Useless powers/Free will

So believe it or not we were even less prepared this week than we ever have been any other week. Go figure, but we did our best, and this is what you get. An episode about what we believe to be some of the most useless useful super powers we can imagine, and a pretty brief conversation about free will. We hope you enjoy.Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter: @myarbitrarypodFacebook: myarbitraryworld


Break-room Bullshit Ep 2.

Contact usEmail: myarbitraryworld@gmail.comTwitter: @myarbitrarypodFacebook: myarbitraryworld


Ep 9. Horror Town U.S.A

Contact us Email: Twitter: @myarbitrarypod Facebook: Instagram: myarbitraryworld


Break-room Bullshit Ep 1. What is love?

I honestly have no idea how to describe this episode. I’ll just go ahead and apologize. Contact us Email: Twitter: @myarbitrarypod Facebook: Instagram: myarbitraryworld