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Welcome to My Homeboy Podcast where we discuss everything you and your homeboys (and homegirls) are talking about... plus a little more.

Welcome to My Homeboy Podcast where we discuss everything you and your homeboys (and homegirls) are talking about... plus a little more.


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Welcome to My Homeboy Podcast where we discuss everything you and your homeboys (and homegirls) are talking about... plus a little more.




Oh, The places you'll grow

Join Twon, Eric and Napoleon as they discuss growth in and out of our hometown, Katt Williams, and nicknames.


Let's Call it "Favoritism"

First off, RIP to the veterans and the Tulsa Oklahoma riot victims. Join the homies Eric, Twon, and Napoleon as they discuss: Simone Biles The internets influence on future history Communication and PPP Scammers vs Insurrection rioters


We Outside!

Tap in with Eric, Drew, and Napoleon as we discuss: The ATL gas situation New music releases Mike Epps Netflix Show "The Upshaws" New school vs Old school NBA Commentary And the end of Covid


Ballin off Bitcoin with Lenoralives

Listen in as we speak with our guest Lenora about her cryptocurrency journey, how she made 6 figures from trading, and mistakes NOT to make.


Masculine Male Reconciliation

Join the homies Twon, Eric, Napoleon and Drew as we discuss conflict resolution among black men. Like what you hear... Leave us a five star review.


Pastel playas in alligators

What up famo! In this episode we talking about some of our favorite DMX moments, George Floyd's killers court case, lil nas x new video, and the greatest cookout/easter/block party versus ever conceived.. Earth, Wind and Fire vs The Isley Brothers. This an episode you don't wanna miss. Also, we want send a special shout out to our homies at Castro for putting us on their discovery page! If you really bout it you'll leave a 5 star review on the app. Preciate ya and happy listening


Coronavirus, a year later...

What up peeps! Here is a good episode for your Good Friday! Listen in as Drew, Eric, and Napoleon discuss coronavirus a year later, Derrick Jaxson, and "Asian Hate". Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page Also a big shout out to our homies over at Castro for putting a real podcast on their discovery page!


*Bonus* My Homegirl Said...

Join us as we continue our conversation with guest Vikki_Sekret and Jchavon as we discuss dating, valentines day, and the woman's perspective. Digging the show? Make sure to leave a 5 star review and a positive comment while you stream the show! Appreciate it homie!


Support Black Colleges

In this episode the homies Eric, Twon, and Napoleon sit and chat with Justin, 1/2 of Support Black Colleges. Listen in as we discuss Coming 2 America, NBA All-star weekend in Atlanta, and Clubhouse. Stick around to learn about his journey at his HBCU alma mater, how Support Black Colleges was formed, and Justin's new entrepreneur ebook 7 Figure Fast Track. Digging the podcast? Show love by leaving a 5 star review with your favorite podcast moment. Thanks!


White Hollywood and the Black Traitor

Join the guys Eric, Twon, Drew, and Napoleon as we discuss: The Texas snowstorm Judas and the Black Messiah Malcom and Marie RIP The Legend Prince Markie Dee Make sure you check out our website and while you there show some love by purchasing a hoodie!


V-Day 21 21

Join us and our guest Vikki_Sekret and Jchavon as we discuss dating and valentines day in Atlanta, GA


Stories in Noir

Its seems like 2021 just started and January is almost over... Join Eric, Twon, and Napoleon as they discuss the films "One Night in Miami", "Life", "The Nutty Professor", and projects that have influenced us by telling black stories.


Metric Mate

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Join the homies Eric, Twon, Drew, Napoleon, and our guest MT as we talk about the "Al-Kracker Insurrection on Capitol Hill" More importantly than the impending doom of "Merica", we are talking to our homie MT about his new product. Metric Mate is a health and fitness app that is about to take the industry by storm (see what I did there)


About them student loans

Listen in to the homies Eric, Jason aka Big Grahams, and Napoleon as they reflect on 2020, Christmas, debates student loan forgiveness, and mentally prepare for 2021


Tasteful Relations *Bonus*

Join us for our bonus episode as we chat with Meagan of Tasteful Gatherings and La La about relationships


Duke vs Ass

Topics: Meg the Stallion vs Megan Goode Ass vs Titties Jeezy vs Gucci and what number is too high when it comes to a woman's body count


A Very Tasteful Gathering

Listen in as we talk to our guest Maegan of Tasteful Gatherings. We discuss the how she came up with the idea for Tasteful Gatherings, get to know some of her favorite cocktails, and sip on glitter cause we fancy. We also discuss: Gucci v Jeezy versus battle Women being the breadwinner in a relationship



Its the week of the election! Have you voted?! Listen in on our convo as we discuss the upcoming election, black people supporting Trump and the Umi sushi incident in bulkhead Atlanta. Follow, Like, Subscribe, and Comment on all our social media platforms FB Twitter IG Youtube


Young King Haircare

Sit down with us as Napoleon, Town, and Eric chop it up with Steph, the co-founder of Young King Haircare. We touch on Ice Cubes interaction in the presidents campaign, voting in 2020, starting a business as an entrepreneur, and his families product line, Young King Haircare.


Drugs R Bad

Ya homies @N_dynamite, @prettyflyforafatguy_ , @Big_Grahams , and back with the homie @tjmccovery speaking on presidental covid, drugs, cuffing season and your favorite.... tangents Share your thoughts with us on your favorite social media platforms: FB Twitter IG