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My Other Buddy Devin is a comedy show were two friends meet interesting people.

My Other Buddy Devin is a comedy show were two friends meet interesting people.
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My Other Buddy Devin is a comedy show were two friends meet interesting people.






Episode 17: Party Animal Wrangler, Lucas Dart

FEATURING PARTY ANIMAL WRANGLER, LUCAS DART! We sat down for a minute and talk about partying (I think?) then DH had to go take a phone call or something. Sucks for him, because like 5 minutes later, this GIGANTIC Australian dude named Lucas Dart BURST into the room and started SCREAMING about dragging dudes out of parties by their collars. It was honestly one of the most badass things I'd ever heard in my entire life. He is a real world Rager Referee, straight-up throwing flags and...


Episode 16: Boozin' with Your Pal Charlie Davis

FEATURING YOUR PAL CHARLIE DAVIS! They say life is like a box of chocolates, but for us life is like a double tall cocktail - you never know what you're going to do when you're on your way home. We have our very good buddy Charlie Davis on the program and we talk about boozin' it up, southern grandmas, and the origins of Charlie's show "GUMP: With Your Pal, Charlie Davis." We sit around the digital campfire, sharing stories of drinking too much and how boozin' will sometimes either get you...


Episode 15: Ramble On!

RAMBLE ON EP. 1: [description goes here] Man we really went on a stream-of-consciousness rant here. It was really fun. Y'all will DEFINITELY laugh at this. There's a lot of gold in here. Just sit and listen for some gold. There's so much gold. Dude it's like the Gold Rush in audio form. There's a bunch of miners sitting outside with pans screaming about who gets to keep which nuggets. You gotta check this out to really get it. Literally dudes with beards and raggedy overalls on screaming...


Episode 14: Santa Day-Lewis

FEATURING SANTA DAY-LEWIS - we sat down and really dig into the paranormal and cemeteries for like 10 minutes! DH got super haunted super recently in an abandoned orphanage, and his harrowing recount of it is literally BONE-CHILLING. DM had to leave suddenly and then apparently Santa Claus (who sounds kinda like Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood) showed up drunk and started threatening some guy named Kenny from Key West (and a ton of newsworthy, toxic public figures!) with physical...


Episode 13: 2 Adult Women Crossover

FEATURING MEGAN AND CHRISTY OF 2 ADULT WOMEN - we touch on the topic of "country dubstep" first, then quickly move on to "juuling in the great outdoors." Megan and Christy join and we have a dope-a** round table discussion about pop culture, margaritas, 3-in-1 shower gels, ~the differences between women and men~, and how badly Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel f*cked up an entire generation of kids! Megan and Christy OWN, and you should check out their podcast 2 Adult Women on YEAHDEED.COM


Episode 12: Mag Whitmore

FEATURING MAG WHITMORE - we sit down with notable LARPer and seasoned wearer-of-many-hats, Mag Whitmore. Her delightful tales of costumed camaraderie LITERALLY almost left us speechless. If anyone living in our society secretly travels through time and space on a regular basis, it's 100% her. Like for real, this sh*t blew my mind when we recorded it and it still does. I can't believe we literally had a conversation with Joe from Great Expectations. Absolutely wild. LISTEN TO IT...


Episode 11: Future Congresswoman Cindy Boudreaux

FEATURING CINDY BOUDREAUX - we sit down with prominent Louisiana politician and animal lover Cindy Boudreaux to discuss the simple delights of small town living. Waving to your neighbors is an absolute must! We also delve into the logistics of establishing a heavily fortified city-state in modern times. Spoiler alert: it's not hard if you believe in yourself! YEAHDEED.COM


Episode 10: Mike Makar

FEATURING MIKE MAKAR - one prong of the absolutely hilarious, three-headed comedy hydra known as Low Rent gets light and airy with us as we discuss the topics of Twitter radicalization, nihilism, and "whats ur Switch code, brah?!!" LOW RENT OWNS. CHECK OUT THEIR SHOW "An Explicit Endeavor or How We Saved Improv Live in 3D Redux". 4/12. CAFE ISTANBUL. 7 PM. also YEAHDEED.COM


Episode 9: Jingle Jonah

FEATURING JINGLE JONAH - we sit down with this world-renowned jingle maker extraordinaire and talk music. This man is descended from a literal DYNASTY of jingle makers. It's all about music. It was always about music. It will always BE about music. Jonah was kind enough to bang out an AMAZING jingle just for us. We love this guy, and you will, too.


Episode 8: Bully Talk w/ Hallie Sheck

FEATURING HALLIE SHECK - we had a BULLY TALK with one of our favorite NOLA comedian / improvisers. We concluded that bullying made us who we are today (grown adults that would bully the child versions of ourselves) and that it's WRONG. We also talked about this crazy a** movie about ninja dragons (?) that I'm pretty sure is fake. DH swears it's real, and it showed up in Google results, but MAN this movie sounds super fake. I need to watch it. Also there's apparently a great Cleveland Browns...


Episode 7: Shrooms and Dooms w/ Trevor Kravits

FEATURING TREVOR KRAVITZ - we talk with this writer/actor/director/comedian/producer and founder of Frontyard Entertainment (sextuple threat imo) about philosophical breakthroughs on psychedelics, the storied history of St. Patrick's Day, and (on an unrelated note) green beer. Afterwards, DM & Trevor talk Grease 2 (the sequel to Grease) with a spectral patron of the arts named Crispin Phillips. YEAHDEED.COM


Episode 6: Margaret Whittingham

Today we have a very special guest, the foremost expert of celebrity artifacts, Margaret Whittingham! She tells us about her extensive collection of different celebrity memorabilia, how she got into the business, and also tells us about a very special gift she will recieve from Yoko Ono.


Episode 5: Conspiracy Theories w/ Brian Fairbanks

FEATURING BRIAN FAIRBANKS - the conversation begins with childhood dreams and aspirations and, naturally, it turns to conspiracy theories (because how ELSE could my life have turned out this way?!). The best part of this episode is Brian talking about his experiences working on Jesse Ventura's conspiracy theory show (and his interactions with The Body himself). Could Jesse Ventura have played the role of both shooters on the grassy knoll AT THE SAME DAMN TIME? All signs point to...


Episode 4: Looney Clooney w/ Will Monson

FEATURING WILL MONSON - we delve into the pros of vaping (and not the cons, because there aren't any), badass binders, and the fine line between elaborate pranks and just straight-up bullying (hint: the line is blurry). Will carried out the most elaborate prank of all time at summer camp one time (he was a counselor, and it wasn't bullying). Seriously, it's a ridiculously impressive prank. Like he literally Houdini'd a car. It's nuts. George Clooney LOVES pranks and is a prankster. He...


Episode 3: The Dragon Slayer w/ Bryan Woolridge

On this episode we talk to our good buddy Bryan Woolridge about traveling, choir, and the takedown of a dragon!


Episode 2: Broadway Jeff

On this episode, we interview prominent broadway parody artist, Broadway Jeff. We learn that he has had a rough life but definitely sees the silver lining in everything.


Episode 1: Sponsors & Pranksters

On this episode we have Branson Toliver IV, who is a very rich possible sponsor for the show. We also interview prankster extraordinaire, Slam Magera, which we learn isn't the nicest prankster to his family.


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Hey buddies! Devin Mullin and Devin Howard are here to bring you a fun show where we meet interesting characters, talk about life, and just have fun. Introducing, My Other Buddy Devin!