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Avatar: The Last Airbender vs. The Legend of Korra

Let's get ready to brave the elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire cause today we've got an Avatar battle of epic proportions. On this very special episode, Wonder Dave teams up with the writers of Black Nerd Problems to determine which show was superior -- "Avatar: the Last Airbender" or "The Legend of Korra!" Featuring Omar Holmon, Frantz Jerome, Khadjiah Johnson, and Aisha Jordan. Yip, yip baby! Check out the amazing pop culture commentary, news and reviews by our guests over at Black Nerd...


Marc's Nerd Rage: LIVE Highlights! Vol. 2

Off the heels of a successful debut at San Francisco's PianoFight, Nerd Rage: TGD is celebrating with another hilarious compiliation of live show highlights from Marc Abrigo, himself. In this episode, we go back to Komedio's Silicon Valley Comic-Con debut for Nerd Rage's FIRST-EVER debate where we tackle being a Pokemon trainer versus having a 9-5 day job. We then take a stroll down memory lane with Nerd Rage's first time in Indianapolis' GenCon 50 for a PC/console kerfuffle, and finally,...


Coming Attractions Tournament, Part Two

It's here, nerds -- the semi-finals and finals of our Coming Attractions of 2019 tournament! Will Cyberpunk 2077 hacks its way into victory past the new "Addams Family" movie, or will the cinematic debut of Sonic the Hedgehog pass a fallen Nick star up on his way to the finish line? Oh, these ties that Amanda binds -- let's get ready to to RAGE! Catch Nerd Rage: TGD LIVE at PianoFight in San Francisco on January 10, 2019! Produced by Will Scovill & Komedio Comedy Find more episodes of Nerd...


Coming Attractions Tournament, Part One

It's New Year's Eve, dorks, which means ONE thing here at Nerd Rage: TGD -- time to preview some of 2019's blockbusters! In this very special first of a two-part mini-tournament, we bring together eight Ragers to duke it out and figure out who can defend their most eagerly-awaited project coming out next year. From "Detective Pikachu" to "Sonic the Hedgehog" and the new "Addams Family" animated flick to... the new... Amanda Bynes... project? Trust me, this is a good one, so let's all go to...


Best Gifts Ever Tournament

It's the season of giving, everyone, and with that, we here at Nerd Rage: TGD have brought together some of your faves for one of our most favorite shows, yet! On this episode, we talk our favorite Chrismas presents from our holidays gone past -- from My Little Pony, to snuggies, to... Barbara Streisand? It's a surprisingly hearfelt (but still hilarious) show we've got here, kids, so even if you're on Santa's "nice" list, always be ready to RAGE! Catch "Nerd Rage: LIVE!" at Pianofight in San...


The Christmas Special... Special!

We're just a little over a week away from Christmas, which means -- you guessed it -- time to cue up your favorite Christmas special! In this special mini-tournament, our guests bring their favorite Christmas special to the table to decide which one's the real reason for the season. Does "Tokyo Godfathers" have what it takes to kill "Die Hard?" Can the Charlie Brown Christmas special make a ghost of "The Muppet Christmas Carol?" HOCKEY STICK -- now, let's get ready to RAGE! Nerd Rage: LIVE!...


Scots and Thots: Outlander vs. Riverdale

It's a scrappy one on today's episode, as we take two of TV's most popular page-to-screen adaptations and put them head-to-head. Can "Outlander" show Archie why they're the real blast from the past, or can the "Riverdale" gang prove there's strength in numbers? No matter HOW happy your happy trail makes us, always be ready to RAGE! Produced by Will Scovill & Komedio Comedy Find more episodes of Nerd Rage! The Great Debates at ( Stay informed on...


The Kids Are All-Dwight: The Office (UK) vs. The Office (US)

We're doing some transatlantic ragin' on this episode as we talk cubicle combat -- it's "The Office" (UK) versus "The Office" (US)! Can Michael Scott show David Brent how much of a boss (or bawse) he is, or can Jim and Pam pull it together to put Tim Canterbury in the unemployment line? WILL SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILI?! It's time to RAGE! Produced by Will Scovill & Komedio Comedy Find more episodes of Nerd Rage! The Great Debates at ( Stay...


Marc's Nerd Rage: LIVE Highlights!

This week, we gave our producer Will Scovill some time off for Thanksgiving, leaving Marc to get on mic and cobble together a "best-of" show that features three of his most favorite debates from hosting "Nerd Rage: Live" this year. Starting with Fanime in San Jose to talk supervillains masturbatory habits, to FurCon where we hear the worst collection of animal puns ever, and lastly to SF Sketchfest for a Disney debate you have to hear to believe, NO ONE IS SAFE FROM ABRIGO'S TERRIBLE JOKES....


Pottermore-ghoulis: Harry Potter vs. Game of Thrones

In an episode we're sure is going to be a divisive one, Nerd Rage: TGD brings together some hardcore fans of both "Harry Potter" and "A Song of Ice and Fire"/"Game of Thrones" to talk which franchise has the real magic. Can Harry school ASOIAF, Hogwarts-style, or will Arya Stark scratch another name off her list? Whether you're waiting for summer vacation or winter is coming, just be ready to RAGE! "Nerd Rage LIVE: The Roast of Hogwarts" @ The Set-Up in San Francisco, 11/28 Produced by Will...


The Battle of Hogwarts!

Alright, Harry Potter nerds -- with the "Fantastic Beasts" sequel coming out this Friday, we decided to put the houses against each other in our own personal, Nerd Rage-style Battle for Hogwarts. Does Griffindor have what it takes to make it to end? Is Ravenclaw able to outthink the room? DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT HUFFLEPUFF? Guys, I seriously wish I knew more Harry Potter references -- so real fans, get ready to RAGE! "Nerd Rage LIVE: The Roast of Hogwarts" @ The Set-Up in San Francisco, 11/28...


Live at Kraken Con 2018

It’s about that time of the year when Nerd Rage visits one of our favorite local comic conventions in the Bay Area — KrakenCon! Join Wonder Dave, Tirumari Jothi, Stephen Ku, and more for a LIVE recording from the Oakland Convention Center. Are you ready to RAGE? Produced by Will Scovill & Komedio Comedy Find more episodes of Nerd Rage! The Great Debates at ( Stay informed on Komedio live shows and podcasts visit ( ✉️...


The Ballad of Jack Skellington

This is Halloween, this is Halloween -- or is it Christmas? Wait, what? On this episode where we had waaaaay more fun than we thought we would, some of your favorite Nerd Rage combatants throw down and decide which holiday is ACTUALLY befitting of "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Yes, this is absolutely the most common question we've gotten -- don't @ us, just get ready to RAGE! Catch "Nerd Rage: The Roast of Hogwarts" at The Set-Up on 11/28 in SF! Produced by Will Scovill & Komedio Comedy...


Mini-Episode: Live at Tourettes Without Regrets!

Absurdity and MORE absurdity collide in this mini-episode of Nerd Rage: TGD, as Wonder Dave takes the hosting reins to debut Nerd Rage at Oakland's craziest underground performance art show, Tourettes Without Regrets! ( Because it's Halloween, Dave gets four Bay Area comics/artists to settle the debate between vampires and werewolves! Finally, the nerds hit the fight club of underground art, so get ready to RAGE! Catch Nerd Rage host, Marc Abrigo, at...


Tricks Vs. Treats!

We're inching closer and closer to Nerd Rage's favorite holiday, and we've taken some of your favorite all-stars to talk all your favorite (and not-so-favorite) Halloween tropes and themes! "The Monster Mash" vs. "Thriller!" Jack o'lanterns vs. pumpkin spice lattes! Sexy costumes vs. pop culture reference costumes! I don't care what you say -- MY "LEFT SHARK" COSTUME WAS HILARIOUS, so get ready to RAGE! Produced by Will Scovill & Komedio Comedy Find more episodes of Nerd Rage! The Great...


The Monster Mash! Part Two

Halloween is approaching, nerds, so make way for the finals of this two-part tournament as four newcomers to Nerd Rage: TGD cap off our first-ever monster mash! Can werewolves take on a killer doll? And what REALLY happens when you leave a bunch of children with Frankenstein's monster? Get your pitchforks ready, villagers -- it's time to RAGE! Produced by Will Scovill & Komedio Comedy Find more episodes of Nerd Rage! The Great Debates at ( Stay...


The Monster Mash! Part One

With Halloween at the end of the month, we at Nerd Rage: TGD and the cast and crew of Awesome Theater's "Terror-Rama" go all in on our favorite monsters in part one of this two-part tournament! From ghosts to Frankenstein, and mummies to... children... which of these horrible creatures has what it takes to make it to the end? Whether you're having a howling good time or just vamping it up -- always be ready to rage! Produced by Will Scovill & Komedio Comedy Find more episodes of Nerd Rage!...


Escape from Elm Street: John Carpenter vs Wes Craven

We're getting closer to Nerd Rage's favorite time of the year (the wolf is back!), so gear up as we talk two of horror cinema's biggest names -- Wes Craven and John Carpenter! Is Freddy Krueger something straight out of R.J. MacReady's nightmares, or will will John Nada see right through Ghostface's shenanigans? Whether you like scary movies or would rather just chew bubblegum, always be ready to rage! Come check out Komedio and Nerd Rage: TGD at KrakenCon 2018 in Oakland, CA on 9/29!...


That New Sith: Old Star Wars Canon vs. New Star Wars Canon

You've been asking for it, and Nerd Rage: TGD finally answers the call as we discuss the Star Wars universe before and after the Disney acquisition! It's Kyle Katarn and the old canon vs. Rey and the new canon as we talk which EU has the better heroes, villains, and... children? Whether you're a pilot in the Resistance or a knight of the Old Republic, always be ready to RAGE! Catch Komedio and Nerd Rage: TGD LIVE at KrakenCon in Oakland, CA on Sept. 29! Produced by Will Scovill & Komedio...


Bat-Mania! Part Two.

In the exciting conclusion to our two-part tournament on Nerd Rage: TGD, we get to the nitty-gritty of who exactly is Batman's great villain! Can Roxie Rocket jet her way to the top over the Riddler? Can Harley Quinn hammer in enough votes to take the trophy from the Red Hood? Whether you're the Dark Knight or just Bruce Wayne without the money, always be ready to RAGE! Produced by Will Scovill & Komedio Comedy Find more episodes of Nerd Rage! The Great Debates at