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Comedy. News Commentary. Technology. Drop us a voice message @ (541) 314-4271. Support our Ad-Free show by Donating via PayPal. Thanks for listening! 😎

Comedy. News Commentary. Technology. Drop us a voice message @ (541) 314-4271. Support our Ad-Free show by Donating via PayPal. Thanks for listening! 😎


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Comedy. News Commentary. Technology. Drop us a voice message @ (541) 314-4271. Support our Ad-Free show by Donating via PayPal. Thanks for listening! 😎






M3 covers "The Rain Song", by Led Zeppelin

M3 home alone, playing his Taylor, covering Led Zeppelin's "The Rain Song" " 'The Rain Song' is a song by English rock band Led Zeppelin, and the second track from their fifth album Houses of the Holy, released in 1973. " - Wikipedia Visit Led Zeppelin's Official YouTube Channel Support the show (


M3 covers "Heart of Gold", by Neil Young

M3 breaks out the harmonica again to cover Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" while sitting at home under lockdown. "Heart of Gold" is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young. Released from the 1972 album Harvest, it is so far Young's only U.S. No. 1 single. In Canada, it reached No. 1 on the RPM national singles chart for the first time on April 8, 1972, on which date Young held the top spot on both the singles and albums charts. Billboard ranked it as the No. 17 song for 1972.[5] In...


S2 Ep2 - Easter Sunday w/Mom & M3

Listen, some of my best advice here; if you haven't already, buy your spouse a heated toilet seat. Trust me on this, best gift ever...she thanks me every, single day! It's been a hot minute since our last episode, so forgive the mistakes on the board during this one. Anyway, I catch up with Mom on Easter Sunday, then M3 busts out the harmonica for us. A few links related to this show: Final Frontier (Mad About You Theme) - YouTubeAlpha Bidet iX Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat - AmazonSeinfeld...


Alan Parsons: Holy Sh*! Did You Know!?

Originally published in S1 ep6, Alan Parsons: Holy Sh*! Did You Know!? https://www.the-alan-parsons-project.comYouTube ChannelSupport the show (


Hedy Lamarr: Holy Sh*! Did You Know!?

Listen to the trailer for Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story followed by one of my favorite episodes of our"Holy Sh*! Did You Know!?" segment. View the trailer for Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story on YouTube ("HSDYK - Hedy Lamarr" was originally published in S1 ep5) Support the show (


Parody Commercial - ChairKnoble Microwaves

You don't have time to do things right. You need a ChairKnoble microwave. Parody Commercial Support the show (


S2 Ep1 - Super Bowl, Social Media & Eddie Van Halen Tribute by M3

Did you miss us? No matter, we missed you! Happy Super Bowl Sunday. We kick off Season 2 with a quick call to my mom. M3 joins me afterwards and before all is said and done, he busts out with a short EVH tribute riff. A few related links: I Am Greta - Trailer (Official) - A Hulu Original Documentary(YouTube)Hearing Greta's Message(GIZMODO)Go read this New York Times investigation of the location tracking data of the Capitol rioters(The Verge)Police in Minneapolis reportedly used a...


Episode 16 - RIP RBG. M3 & Stacy join me for nonsense, and Please Vote!

My thoughts about RBG's passing, and the President and First Lady being diagnosed with COVID-19. Then M3 and Stacy join me for nonsense, including chat about how some sports memorabilia from my childhood reappeared after about 30 years last week; autographs, baseball, basketball and football cards from the 70's & '80's. A few links related to this episode: RBG Official Movie Trailer via YouTubeRBG on WikipediaNow Twitter 'won't tolerate' tweets hoping someone dies(Engadget)Elvis Presley's...


Episode 15 - Labor Day 2020 & Social Media Distancing

In this episode I spend a few minutes chatting about Labor Day itself, as well as my own personal, online social distancing practices as of late. Strange times indeed, but this too will pass. A few links from this episode: Labor Day on WikipediaTristan Harris' Senate Subcommittee testimony on Persuasive Technolgies via CSPANHappy Labor Day my friends, I truly hope you get to spend some time relaxing today surrounded by love. Keep being great, and doing great things! Support the show...


Random Moments w/Larry's Mom - What not to do during a job interview.

I do enjoy hearing her laugh, my mom. Makes me feel good. You don't get to hear it much here, because it's a crappy cellphone connection, but it sure was great to hear. Here's some advice from us on what not to say during a job interview. Sometimes brutal honesty isn't appreciated. Just sayin' Hope you had a great weekend my friends! Support the show (


"Never Talk About Your Feelings." Red Forman for President 2020!

Sorry, but M3 cracks me the hell up. Chatting on our cellphones last night, with terrible reception. This may not be funny to you, as the whole Red Forman for President thing has been played out, but remember... I don't give a shit what you think. 😆 Just kidding, of course. See how this works? The call made me laugh. Writing this post made me laugh. Thinking of you shaking your head at us & rolling your eyes like Stacy sort of did when I played this for her, makes me smile. It's a win,...


Episode 14 - Nothing but nonsense, like Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

For real? Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr. will be putting on an exhibition bout on September 12th. An 8- round exhibition, but of course they're talking lotsa' smack about knocking each other out. Pay Per View for charity, as I understand it, but still...I won't watch it. It is, however, just the type of nonsense I need to chat about today. It's been a strange summer for everyone, with so much change and so much to think about. I just haven't been feeling the creative vibes the last several...


Episode 13 - Facial Recognition & Other News

Independence Day recap with Music Man Mark, as well as our thoughts on other news recently, including all the chatter about facial recognition. If you missed it, here's a link to our short Independence Day release We're All In This Together featuring a few minutes of JFK's Inaugural Address. For the complete speech & video please visit the JFK Library Links discussed about Facial Recognition: Facial recognition leads to first wrongful U.S. arrest, activists say (NBC NEWS)The two-year...


Independence Day 2020 - We're All In This Together

Thought I'd share a little more insight from JFK on our official Independence Day here is the U.S., this time from his 1961 Inaugural Address. For the complete speech & video please visit the JFK Library We're All In This Together Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Never try to fight hate & division with more hate & division, it'll never work. We are the government. Yes, you. We are the law enforcement. Again, yes, you. We are the teachers. We are the students. We are, we...not...


Episode 12 - The Social Media Conundrum

If a social media platform needs to travel 3.7 miles and is traveling at 78 MPH, how long before someone complains about how they're doing it? Right. The Social Media Conundrum: What's Your Opinion? Drop your thoughts in 3 minutes or less by calling (541) 314-4271 A few of the articles discussed in this episode: More than half of Twitter's ‘Reopen America’ calls from bots, study finds (ZDNet)DoJ's Section 230 proposal seeks more (and less) moderation online (Engadget)Americans don't...


Episode 11 - Immersive Video Technologies - What's Your Opinion?

VR. AR. Magic Leap. Faro. Leica. Oculus. Apple. It's all the rage these days. I check in with a few friends to see how they're using 3D Laser Scanning & Immersive Video Technologies today, and share some of my thoughts on consumer & professional applications. Guests in this episode include: Imaging ForensicsThe complete discussions with these guests will be released to patrons-only later this week/month. What's Your Opinion? Drop your comments in 3 minutes or less at (541) 314-4271 A few...


Episode 10 - Stockpiles, JFK, Mom, Music Man Mark & frankly, Pussy Galore.

Man did I get peeved at Jared Kushner's comments about who the Federal Stockpile is for. I'm over it. "Just Jared being Jared", a friend of mine said. Very true. Music Man Mark uploaded a couple of riffs recently, which made me smile. Like this one he called "Dusty Hot West Texas Day". Had a friend share some art via video, another shared some magic. I see love everywhere I go lately too, like Spring has really sprung, despite the global pandemic...and it makes me smile. Anyway, Mom & I...


JFK - A Tax Cut They Can Understand

Excerpts from JFK's Remarks Before the American Society of Newspaper Editors on April 19, 1963. JFK discusses his position on Federal Government, and that it is NOT a remote bureaucracy. That the Federal Government is the people. The entire speech is only 21 minutes, and is available via the link above. Taxes. Economy. Recession. Budgets. It's a very complex machine, but the concept is not that difficult. We are a hybrid economy, both capitalism & socialism. Get over it, and get...


Episode 9 - Let's NOT Go Viral. Please. (CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL EPISODE)

SPECIAL EDITION. SPECIAL EPISODE. WE'RE SPECIAL, DAMN IT! So much to talk about. I can't tell you how much I wish there was more time to talk to the ones that I love. The ones I want to listen to, more than anything. Sometimes, I have to talk about or deal with bad things. Sometimes, really, really bad things. Recently, a family friend passed, but it was it a blessing. It was. RIP Joe Stansfield. Other stuff in this episode: The HurryCaneTom Hanks, shares some good news. (CNN...


Episode 8 - We Are Americans.

"America must win this war. Therefore I will work. I will save. I will sacrifice . I will endure. I will fight cheerfully, and do my utmost as if the issue of the whole struggle, depended on me alone." - Martin A. Treptow (Link to video on YouTube) You've heard it all before, I know. I'm going to listen to it again, with or without you. Just sayin. Also in this episode: Amber SchroaderParaben CorporationWork/Life BalanceListener E-Mail:Music Man MarkAlways wishing you & yours all the...