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Episode 312 :: This Podcast Stinks.

Frag heads and nose nerds unite, and get a whiff of this totally ripe episode! We're joined by a former Nerdy Show host-turned-fragrance expert, Kristin West, aka Beauty Meow, who gives us the lowdown on the olfactory arts. Kristin doles out oud-les of stinky facts and answers our ignorant questions about the art of stank. Are you DTF? (Down to fragrance). We also talk about the new RoboCop project in the works from Neill Blomkamp, a shocking comic book first, Coheed and Cambria and Chrono...


Nerdy Show Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Throw your average summer film reviews in the garbage! Or, since they're probably online, CTRL-A, CTRL-C, CTRL-P, and then analogue delete those suckers into a recycling bin. Why? Because Nerdy Show's Hollywood hot takes offer above-adequate cinematic insights, cool comic lore critiques, and weapons-grade tomfoolery. Join Cap, boR, and Brandon as we review Ant-Man and the Wasp, Marvel's latest offering, through the discerning lens of Brandon's hastily scribbled notes on napkins in a dark...


Interview: Jen Cohn - Voice of Overwatch's Pharah

"Podcasts rain from above!" Live at North Carolina Comicon, Cap speaks with voice actor, Jen Cohn, voice of Overwatch's Pharah. Chances are good the shooter sensation isn't the only place you've heard her - Cohn is also Lord Zash from Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ursa from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and that's just for starters. Learn about the strange circumstances of Cohn's initial Overwatch audition and the "Dark Pharah" that gave way to the "Captain America of Overwatch". She shares...


Episode 311 :: European Vacation

After two weeks traipsing around Switzerland and Hungary, Cap has returned to The States with tales and peculiar confections to share. Discover the Halo-esque terrain of the Alps and travel to the Schilthorn - the real world site of Blofeld's mountaintop base from On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Learn about Hungary's volcanic geology, canoe through a water-filled lava tube, and venture to Eurpoe's largest pinball museum. But when the Cap's away... the boR, Brandon, and Doug will... watch...


Episode 310 :: Conversation Royale

Sometimes Brandon gets angry and unleashes his rage on the unsuspecting masses. Does he need to be on meds? We certainly think so! Join Cap, Bor, Brandon and Jon as they discuss the inadequacies of E3 before it even happens and the current trend of seemingly endless “Battle Royale” style games popping up everywhere. Oh, but there’s so much more! Come follow us down the volcano hole of horrible terminology as we struggle to create better names for horrible ways to die. In this episode, we...


Nerdy Show Update :: June 2018

What? No Nerdy Show this week?! Nah, sorry pal! There's all kinds of stuff going on! Let Cap fill you in on the details and guide you to some cool and surprising stuff happening elsewhere on the network this week to tide you over for our next adventure. For links and more info, head to the main episode page:


Episode 309 :: Flavor Trippin'

Maybe we have an oral fixation... because we just can't stop putting things in our mouths. Some of these things in our mouths include opinions about recent movies! Join cap, boR, Brandon, and Trench as we share our thoughts on Solo: A Star Wars Story, Deadpool 2, and Avengers: Infinity War, including genuine opinions and also outright lies. But, dear friends, every nerd podcast and their mom's is talking about those tentpole geek features. Sure, you want to hear our informed and sarcastic...


Episode 308 :: Adventures at Moogfest 2018

Moogfest is a festival unlike any other. One part TED Talk, one part that record you discovered in college that blew your mind; the event’s dual focus of Future Thought and Future Sound has made it a beacon for discerning artists, festivalgoers... and Nerdy Show for six years running. During the day, theatres, classrooms, and workspaces are filled with lectures and workshops led by artificial intelligence scientists, synthesizer engineers, musicians, and even galvanizing social figures like...


Microsode: Adamantium Chef

It's no secret: Nerdy Show loves food. And we get up to some weird, weird adventures with both eating AND making food. So, when we got a listener request to talk about Iron Chef - naturally we wanted to do far more than talk about the beloved Japanese cooking contest... we wanted to actually do it. Unfortunately our eyes were bigger than our stomach. Hear Cap, Jon, and Chrystal share plans for a "Adamantium Chef" a video series likely too crazy to see the light of day. Share some stories...


Episode 307 :: Squid Beak Brassiere

Our present is the future - and the future is a beautiful pandemonium of science so surreal that even the strangest jokes can come true. Like what, you ask? Tesla coils at a hockey game, vitamins for frogs flavored like bugs, swarms of drones foiling the FBI, squid beak meta-material being used to make bras. Which of those are real and which of those are Nerdy Show discussions gone awry? Find out when Cap, boR, Jon, and Nicky team up and go peculiar as they recount their latest adventures...


Microsode: Mario Paint and Beyond - 90s Creative Games with Jazzy Boho

Once upon a time there was a short-lived era of gaming based specifically around empowering the user to create. The era of Mario Paint - a console game that came with a mouse, explained how to interface with your VCR, and had full illustration, music, and animation suites... all for the Super Nintendo. It's the best-known, but it wasn't alone. In this episode, Cap, Brandon, and Jon team up with Fangamer's Jazzy Boho to discuss the obscure genre of creative games. These "games" blurred the...


Episode 306 :: Looong Looong Nerds

After vacations, business trips, interviews, conventions, and other mayhem - Nerdy Show's hosts are back in the studio catching up with each other and what's been going down in the nerd world. And... also... catch up with what the Japanese already know a lot about: dramatic and surreal on-going commercial narratives. Did you know that for over a decade an alien has been impersonating Tommy Lee Jones, drinking canned coffee, and doing everyman jobs in Nippon? Did you know that NO ONE can...


Episode 305 :: Nerdy Show in Tennessee - Weird Al, Kid Koala, Arcades, Spelunking, & More!

Cap is on the road and indulging of nerdy adventures of all sorts: music, ancient cultures, retro gaming, modern art, cuisine, and geology! But it's dangerous to go alone - they're joined by long-lost Nerdy Show hosts Colin and Luke and the trio is taking YOU along for the ride. Hear all about the "Weird Al" Yankovic concert of die-hard fan's dreams as we recap the deep cuts of his Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour. Learn the story of Nashville's hot chicken and the...


Interview: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness with Tom Waltz and Erik Burnham

Mutagen Man, Wyrm, The Pizza Thrower, The Utroms, Cudley the Cowlick... The Ninja Turtles are super weird - Awesomely unusual. IDW TMNT writers Tom Waltz and Erik Burnham are joined by Nerdy Show's Cap to celebrate the legacy of Ninja Turtles and the series' myriad mutations across all continuities. They play with action figures, thumb through old roleplaying books, and sift through the sewer of way cool mutants. Hear the story of how Donatello's perceived "death" in the comics upset...


Interview: Christy Karacas' Ballmastrz: 9009

In the distant future there is only THE GAME. Do you have what it takes to pulverize all the other mutants, magical girls, cyborgs, and wasteoidz? Can you master the ballz? Enter: Ballmastrz: 9009, the new series from Superjail's Christy Karacas. Whereas Superjail's animation drank deep from the acid-laced waters of 60s and 70s Western animation, this new series pulls heavy from the anime well. But of course, that's not all. There's also Jodorowsky, giallo films, every dystopian sports...


Interview: Ninja Turtles Rise! Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, & Ben Bishop

Coming to you live from North Carolina Comicon - Oak City, Cap hosts a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tell-all with series co-creator, Kevin Eastman, writer of the IDW TMNT series, Tom Waltz, and awesome artist, Ben Bishop. Whether you're a longtime fan looking to scrape the sewer for new intel or have fond, fuzzy memories of action figures and cartoons of yore - this episode's got something for you! These simultaneous creators, artists, and fans discuss TMNT history; such as how the IDW...


Microsode: Independent Sci-Fi / Fantasy Publishing

Here at Nerdy Show, we know how to make our stories come to life by taking matters into our own hands with audio dramas and comic books... but what about books? That's right, prose - sentences, paragraphs, chapters - strung into bound volumes be they physical or digital; how do you break into that scene? To help us solve this quandary, Cap and Bad Storytellers / Ghostbusters: Resurrection's Josh LaForge are joined by Alyson Grauer of the RPG podcast Warda. She's got experiences to share...


Episode 304 :: Peculiar Science

There IS such thing as a tesseract. A notion we take for granted here in the 21st century, but one that in 1962 made some waves - especially when it was the central focus of a children's book. Madeline L'Engle's sci-fi classic, A Wrinkle in Time, for all its hard sci-fi mixed with metaphysical fantasy, has been near-impossible to adapt in its 50+ years - but can the full weight of Disney's special effects budget and the powers of Oprah finally make some science magic happen? We've got...


Microsode: Westerns

What makes a "Western"? Is it the arid landscape of 1800s America? Is it the hats? Or is it something more? ...Some kind of "true grit", if you will, that gets into the boots of a story and chafes at the characters' collective psyches? In this listener-requested Microsode we might not be able to provide answers to the Big Questions in this Big Country, but we'll certainly dole out as many musings as we can muster. Join Cap and 2/3rds of the Ghostbusters: Resurrection cast: Doug, Briggs,...


Episode 303 :: As Mute As It Gets

Time to get serious folks. Sometimes a single piece of pop culture sweeps in and sidelines an entire discussion - brushing aside all the idle chatter of the latest video game whatnot, ill-advised parody erotica, and dreams of a virtual future where theme park rides never die. Yeah, that stuff is here too. But mostly in this episode we talk about Duncan Jones' sci-fi film, Mute. Join Cap, boR, Brandon, and NeoFaust as they discuss why this sidestep sequel to Moon is one of the most...