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Come See Us at PodTales! Oct 20th, Cambridge, MA

We're going to PodTales a festival of audio drama and audio fiction. It's free, it's in Cambridge, MA, and it's on October 20th. More info here: We've got a table (A5/6 in the Mt. Absalom room) and several panels including this one at 2PM: "Living in the Moment: Writing Through Improvisation" in The Hephaestus (Second Floor). Hosted by Cap and featuring Hem "Volonda" Cleveland (The Lucky Die, Dark Dice) Natasha Haverty & Brendan Pelsue (We Are Not These People),...


We're Making a Lightning Dogs Animated Short!

Brace yourselves for a massive announcement years in the making: We've teamed up with The DAVE School to bring Lightning Dogs to life as an animated short! Join Cap, La Valle, and Doug for this brief update and hear more about the short in Lightning Dogs: The Official Paw'dcast: For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Get Off My Books

Presently the production house known as Nerdy Show is in the midst of some massive movements. After the release of The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program series 2, Cap and Doug dove right into a new major project for Lightning Dogs (still TBA) - so, after a long day of recording stuff they can't talk about quite yet, and no time to assemble a proper episode of Nerdy Show, they grabbed a friend and piled into the studio for a free-wheeling conversation to catch you up on things and hopefully...


Update :: A Very Tuckered Howdy-Do

Folks, Cap is plum tuckered. She's fried. Like a fairground pickle. Here's some words from her speaking of things to come, begging your pardon, and sharing a smidge of the latest while we get our ish together. <3 For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Update :: Go Listen to the D&D Q&A!

There's no episode of Nerdy Show this week because we put our our long awaited Dungeons & Doritos Q&A 2 - which you can find over on that show's feed. Cap discusses this and shares a few other tidbits of network news. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Pitching in the Wind

The wildly-swinging hits keep on coming! How far will we veer off of our usual platter of geeky chatter? And for how long? Indefinitely?! Well at the very least we'll always stay true to what you've come to expect from us for the past decade: surreal tangents and strange comedy. In this episode - Cap, La Valle, and Doug team up for a creative experiment in which Cap plays a high-powered Hollywood executive type taking pitches from hapless writers. Which of these absurd ideas will get...


no caps: The Terrifying Adventures of Doug & La Valle

When the Cap is away, the Doug and La Valle will play. Left to their own devices (without adult supervision), the duo discuss some of their favorite Nerdy Show pitches and come up with new ones. But things take a spooky turn when a discussion about favorite horror movies leads to an exploration of La Valle’s dark, supernatural past. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


ALL CAPS: Judy Funnie Meets Maude Lebowski

Join Cap on a solo mission as they give hints to the latest happenings at The Nerdy Show Network, muse on the Network's (and this show's) 10th year of podcasting, share the ups and downs of kitten fostering, and highlight two amazing comics you should read: Gillen and Hans's Die and Okorafor and Tana's LaGuardia. But all that's just a prelude to the main event! In preparation for an upcoming collaborative art project, Cap dusts off some fan fiction they wrote with Local-Shop in which...


Strange Dreams in the PVP Cranberry Bog

Coming to you live from the deep recesses of your own mind: Nerdy Show is creepin' in your dreams and in your Fallout 76 servers! As we batten down the hatches while hatching other Nerdy Show Network schemes, our titular show goes full on diary – recapping the various projects we're chipping away at and fascinating life happenings. Join Cap, boR, Brandon, and Jon for tales from Fallout 76, a surreal “double mumbo jumbo” dream that gives a first hand exploration of encounters from beyond,...


Horror!! With Chris Ryall and Jeremy Whitley at NC Comicon

Join us for a panel with Chris Ryall (Locke & Key, Zombies Vs. Robots) and Jeremy Whitley (Vampirella) as we chew on chilling tales, crossing genres, and frights for all seasons. This discussion comes to you live from NC Comicon, moderated by psychiatrist Matt Connor, and featuring our very own Cap Blackard alongside Chris and Jeremy. We discuss the differences in conveying scares in disparate mediums, our formative horror memories, favorite films, existential dread, and a dose of Cap's...


Episode 319 :: NC Comicon X: Innocent Target

We're on the road! And you might be too! Incept your commute by driving along with us driving and recapping our adventures at NC Comicon and beyond. Cap, Tony, and Doug share their highlights from North Carolina Comicon, Bull City in Durham, NC - the Willow 30th anniversary event, the Lightning Dogs, the pals, the panels, and the wretchedly delightful late nights of bad movies. What's more, it's been a while since this particular trio has been the spotlight of a Nerdy Show episode, so we...


Episode 318 :: Existential Crisis Haunted House

Enter a vortex of horror and existential crisis. We sink our fangs into Netflix's spoopier recent series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the second season of Castlevania. Hear us extol the nerd nuances that have Cap, boR, and Brandon drinking deeply from these series' black chalices. We also discuss the shocking return of Adult Swim's bastard child, 12 Oz Mouse, Star Trek: Lower Decks, a forthcoming animated series about the nobodies of the Federation fleet, and invite you to...


Episode 317 :: The Boy Who Pooped on a Mountain

Brandon has returned from his trip to Scotland. Did our resident renegade glean any culture while on his first trip overseas? We're not 100% sure, but he definitely left his mark: he pooped on a mountain! Well, more like a hill; but you have to understand, Floridian standards for elevated landmasses are a bit out of whack. Hear tales of enchanted gastrointestinal distress, fried pizza, castles, and, yes: birds. We also discuss camping at Camp Crystal Lake (the video game kind) with Friday...


Nerdy Show 316 :: Japanese Horror Nights and Other Frights

Nerdy Show's global cultural exchange continues! Fresh from a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, two of our hosts share chilling tales of how Universal Studios does Halloween Horror Nights in Japan. It's a drastically different experience guaranteed to make you liquefy with jealousy and set the horror hounds a-barkin'. Our anorak tentacles have crept across the world: Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, soon Scotland... We're not sure why this is the year we've all blown about like dandelion...


Episode 315 :: Age & Beauty: Life-Extension Drugs and Staying Young at Heart

Engineered obsolescence: that's what the human body is. It kicks alotta ass and then gets slower, brittler, and much harder to drive. Surely us nerds of the 21st century must've found some way to brain ourselves out of this? Well... turns out we have! Join Cap, boR, Jon, and Tony as we test out the latest life-extension drugs, brainstorm the sci-fi benefits of custom-engineered organoids, and stay young at heart with rousing discussions on the new Spider-Man game, the animated series The...


Episode 314 :: Cultural Exxxchange

Indulge in tastes and tales from around the world - in explicit, eye-narrowing detail. We've taken some long, strange trips and some deep sips of cultures not our own and the results are... mixed at best. boR shares the shockingly unsavory details of his trip to Spain while Trench elaborates on New Jersey frustrations. Meanwhile, in Orlando, Cap and Brandon are enjoying curious Chinese cheese-topped teas and British tea parties was well as the refined tastes of the XXX French edutainment...


ALL CAPS: The Colin Episode

"Loneliness is lonely." Someone famous probably said that once... And so, Cap has once again violated the solo mission sanctity of ALL CAPS. Our illustrious, chromatic poddess (that's short for "podcast goddess") is joined by their oldest pal, and Nerdy Show/ Dungeons & Doritos cohort, Colin Peterson. Learn about formative childhood experiences at long gone roller rinks and ominous dreams. Hear Colin's report on seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway. Experience visceral...


ALL CAPS: A Game of Telephones

It's lonely in the void, so Cap's reaching out to get touched... by someone. Yes, the lines are open and your chromatic operator is doing an AMA the old fashioned way: with telephones. There's no telling what'll happen - including surprise guest appearances! Cap gets a turducken-themed song challenge from Marc With a C, chats with amazing illustrator and new Lightning Dogs collaborator, Kempo Cornelius, hears about Kyle Bunnell (aka Krondor Krew's Shinobi MC)'s new 5th Ed. D&D character -...


ALL CAPS: Niche Pop Culture Obsession: Octo Expansion

Brace yourselves for a re-CAP of all the podcastery whatnot Cap has been up to. A Willow vision quest turns into philosophical musings on pop culture obsession. Will curiosity kill the Cap? Can their insatiable lust for knowledge ever be sated? Is progesterone all it's cracked up to be? Is forever friendship a fiction or fact? All-consuming questions abound before giving way to an exploration of the deep sea subway adventures of Splatoon 2's OctoExpansion and Cap's two clams about the...


ALL CAPS: The Aquabats! Super Show! N€€d$ Right€ou$ Comrad€$

PREVIOUSLY! ON NERDY SHOW... The gang had a good laugh about skeleton soup. But enough of that. Let's get serious... SERIOUSLY AWESOME. In lieu of a regularly scheduled episode, you're getting an over-indulgence of your host with the most, Cap. It's no surprise they've got a lot of things on their mind, but there's one thing of paramount importance. The fate of the world might hang in the balance: The Return of The Aquabats! Super Show! It's a super rad television show about America's...