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Episode 102: Goodbye Stan Lee and Netflix Cancellations

Robbie and Adrian pay homage to a legend. A man without whom this show likely would not exist, Stan Lee. Adrian delivers some news. The boys discuss the cancellations of the Marvel Netflix shows and what it could mean going forward for these characters. @nerdynomicon


Episode 101: The Haunting of Hill House ( Featuring MJ Orz)

MJ Orz joins Robbie and Adrian to dive deep into the Netflix Original series The Haunting of Hill House. Robbie takes us episode by episode, Adrian discusses time travel, MJ dives into the symbolism of the ghosts and they all discuss the characteristics of the children as a whole. If you love the show, this is the companion podcast for you. @nerdynomicon


Episode 100: 100th Episode Celebration

Robbie and Adrian celebrate 100 episodes of Nerdynomicon with a weirder than average clip show.


Even More Horror with MJ Orz

MJ Orz stops by for the third year in a row to talk horror, writing and discuss a new podcast that will be gracing the internet shortly. Just as every episode with him, this is a show you will not want to miss. @nerdynomicon


Episode 99: Haunted, Malevolent and Geek News

Robbie is nearing a state of pure delerium while Adrian brings plenty of geek news. The boys discuss the movie Malevolent and the new 6 episode series Haunted, both currently available on Netflix.


Mom and Dad, Iron Fist and Dracula

Robbie was up way too late and was nearly a zombie in this episode, so Adrian took the wheel. The boys talk about the cancellation of Iron Fist, the new Dracula series by the creators of Sherlock and finally discuss the new Nick Cage movie, Mom and Dad.


Episode 98: Extreme Haunts and the Houses October Built

Robbie and Adrian look at some of the most extreme haunted houses in the country and ask one question. "Why would you pay money for that?" Well turns out, lots of them are free... which somehow makes them a little bit more disturbing. The boys also dive into the movie The Houses October Built and discuss what a flm making achievement it actually was, regardless of whether Adrian liked the ending or not. @nerdynomicon


Episode 97: Black Mirrors, Maniac and The Nun

Russian trolls are attacking star wars? Black mirrors is getting a choose your own adventure episode? Maniac isn't a horror show? The Nun doesn't have any of the keys that lead to the success of the other conjuring-verse movies? Who the heck is gonna talk about all this stuff?! Adrian and Robbie. That's who. Adrian is taking control and steering the ship this week. Naturally Robbie will do his best to change the course. Welcome to the first episode of our Halloween celebration...


Episode 96: Captain Marvel trailer, Witcher News and Sandpires are born

The boys are back from a very unplanned couple weeks off, and they're in rare form. This week they're discussing the Trailers for both Captain Marvel and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. They're talking about Netflix's upcoming Witcher series. Finally, their main topic is quickly discussing the prospect of a movie that might just be written by the Nerdynomicon boys. Sandpires. Don't forget to let us know if you're sandpire-yes or sandpire-no. We only need 1000 to start...


Episode 95: Veronica Mars, Nos4a2 and Disenchantment

Adrian brings some news to the table. The guys talk about the Roseanne spinoff, The Connors, Veronica Mars, Nos4a2 casting and some gaming news. For the main topic the guys discuss exactly what the issues are with the largely panned new cartoon from Matt Groening, Disenchantment.


Episode 94: Cargo, A Quiet Place and The Stand series

Adrian watched A Quiet Place and can finally give his opinion about it. Robbie gets excited for the newly announced The Stand series, coming to CBS all access. Finally the guys discuss the Netflix original movie Cargo. @nerdynomicon Consider supporting the channel by going to


Episode 93: Castle Rock, Funko Cereal and James Gunn part 1

Robbie finds out the Funko released limited edition cereals. The boys discuss the new Hulu series, Castle Rock. For their main topic they discuss the latest news from Disney, the firing of James Gunn, after the resurfacing of decade old tweets. CONTACT US: @nerdynomicon

Episode 92: Trailergeddon 2: San Diego Strikes Back

Adrian and Robbie watch and discuss some of the best trailers to drop during SDCC 2018. From the awesome to the awful. What movies are you looking forward to?


Episode 91: Another Lady's Night (Glow Season 2 and Hereditary)

Robbie talks about an upcoming collaboration with a beauty vlogger and Adrian brings some news about Castlevania. For the main topic the guys discuss the second season of Glow and gush about those women. Finally Adrian helps Robbie figure out how he wants to discuss the controversial horror movie, Hereditary. All that and so much more!!! CONTACT US: @nerdynomicon CHECK OUT OUR VIDEOS:


Episode 90: Child's Play remake and Luke Cage Season 2

Robbie and Adrian discuss the upcoming remakes of a couple of horror movie classics. Child's Play is getting a remake along with Arachnophobia, which will be directed by James Wan. Finally the boys dive into their review and analysis of Marvel's Luke Cage season 2. Was it as good as season 1? Them villains though! Find out what the boys think of this newest chapter in Netflix's superhero saga! CONTACT US: @nerdynomicon CHECK OUT OUR...


Episode 89: Representation Now!

Robbie and Adrian discuss the best way(s) and how to increase the frequency of LGBTQ representation in film and television. How do you tow the line between representation and tokenism. Find out what a writer and angry podcaster have to say on the subject as the boys celebrate Pride Month! Contact us: @nerdynomicon CHECK OUT OUR VIDEOS!: SUPPORT US:


Episode 88: Toxic Fandoms

Robbie and Adrian are joined by Josiah LeRoy from to discuss the toxicity that fandoms can produce. The boys discuss The Last Jedi, the JohnLocke conspiracy, Game of Thrones and several others to bring to light some of the truly horrible actions that are done in the name of fictional characters and worlds that we all enjoy. Visit Josiah- Contact us- @nerdynomicon Support us-


Episode 87: How To Make An Extended Universe (Featuring Chris Chavez)

Robbie sits down with Chris Chavez (Hardley Awesome Podcast, History Creeps) to discuss the state of extended universes in Hollywood. Everyone seems to want to cash in on the Marvel mentality in some way but so few seem able to pull it off. Why is that? What are they doing wrong? More specifically, why did Infinite War work while Justice League didn't? Can Dark Universe walk back the Mummy after already walking back Dracula: Untold? Find Chris and all of his...


Episode 86: The Death of Roseanne, Solo and Deadpool 2

Roseanne is out. After an insane twitter rant ABC swung the ax in record time. The guys discuss how this all shook up and how television as a whole might be affected. Adrian weighs in on his opinions on Solo. The guys finally can discuss Deadpool 2, one of the best and yet least talked about movies this summer. @nerdynomicon


Episode 85: About Star Wars (Solo and The Last Jedi Revisited) Featuring David Duncan

David Duncan hangs out to discuss Solo: A Star Wars story and the state of Star Wars as a franchise right now. Inevitably, like you do, the guys end up discussing their polar opposite opinions of The Last Jedi. Maybe Robbie swayed David's pendulum just a touch! Contact us!!! @Nerdynomicon Email a voice memo to