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The whimsical crime of Napa Valley is discussed over a delicious bottle of local wine. Join hosts Hillary and Chris as they break down the police log while inviting guests to talk about both wine and crime on the table. Enjoy the local perspective about the over use of leaf blowers, seizing squirrels and alcohol induced behavior for your wine filled comic relief.

The whimsical crime of Napa Valley is discussed over a delicious bottle of local wine. Join hosts Hillary and Chris as they break down the police log while inviting guests to talk about both wine and crime on the table. Enjoy the local perspective about the over use of leaf blowers, seizing squirrels and alcohol induced behavior for your wine filled comic relief.


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The whimsical crime of Napa Valley is discussed over a delicious bottle of local wine. Join hosts Hillary and Chris as they break down the police log while inviting guests to talk about both wine and crime on the table. Enjoy the local perspective about the over use of leaf blowers, seizing squirrels and alcohol induced behavior for your wine filled comic relief.




Signs of the Times feat. Hugh Davies

Episode 25 jumps into the holidays with a festive episode that was recorded onsite in the historic Schramsberg caves. As the second winery in Napa Valley and the first winery to make sparkling wine, this episode is rich in history and delicious tasting notes. The September 2021 and June 1996 police logs were discussed over the 2018 Schramsberg Brut Rose, 2012 J. Schram , Davies vineyards 2019 Ferrington vineyard Pinot Noir and 2018 estate Cabernet Sauvignon. Highlights of the episode include...


We Got Into Yale feat. Joel Gott

Episode 24 is full of fun with special guest Joel Gott. The police logs from August 2021 and August 1996 were reviewed. Learn about his journey of becoming one of the valleys most well known restauranteur and wine maker. A episode rich of St. Helena history and the power of passion, timing and environment. The group shared a Charbonita rose by Matt Morris which was delicious and refreshing. Highlights of the episode include stolen craft beer, a tussle at Ana's Cantina, and a mysterious white...


Rave on Hwy 29 feat. Thomas Rivers Brown

Episode 23 dives in with special guest Thomas Rivers Brown and all his wine making wisdom. Hear about his various projects including Mending Wall, Caterwaul, Rivers Marie, Elusa Winery at the new Four Seasons Resort and many more. The group enjoyed two special wines as a homage to the year Thomas first discovered the police log. Both Cabernet Sauvignons from Oakville, the 1999 Heitz Cellars Martha's Vineyard and the 1999 Mondavi "Marjories Sunrise" were savored. The July 1999 and July 2021...


Oranges, the new gateway drug feat. Anthony Biagi & Jesse Fox

Episode 22 welcomes two guests, Anthony Biagi and Jesse Fox, to review the June 2021 and August 1993 police logs and discuss the hot topics of the Napa Valley. Learn about each winemakers individual journey through their own projects and in combination at Amici Cellars. The group enjoyed multiple wines including Amici Hyde Chardonnay, Amici Morisoli Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 and Hourglass Estates Cabernet Sauvignon 2015. All unique and delicious in flavor. Savory food was sponsored by Legit...


ABCs of Accounting, Blotto and California Hate feat. The CPA Gang

Nine One Wine welcomed the local CPA gang for an episode full of breaking down the police log. This crime heavy episode includes the May 2021 St. Helena police log and a special treat of a April 2021 Montana police blotter. The group enjoyed a Pride 2020 Viognier and a Pride 2018 Cabernet Franc. Learn about Pride winery and how it is unique in splitting the Napa, Sonoma county line. Highlights of the episode include a rowdy party bus, the creatures of St. Helena, and the hate crime of being...


Raccoon Rumination and Grape Vinification feat. Jean Hoefliger

Episode 20 is a special treat with Swiss born wine maker Jean Hoefliger. Learn about his global experience in wine making and how that changes the techniques used in oenology. The delicious 2018 AXR v madrone vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon was shared at the beautiful and historic AXR property. Learn the history of the property and all the ways it has been utilized; from brothel, restaurant to winery. Highlights of the episode include haunted stories, attacking bees, trapping raccoons, and door...


Cinema and a Crystal Ball feat. Roman Coppola & Jennifer Furches

As the one year anniversary of the pandemic passes by Episode 19 jumps into with special guests Roman Coppola and Jennifer Furches. Learn the inside scoop on their many achievements and their latest projects while reviewing the March 2021 police log. The group enjoyed a bottle of the RC Reserve Syrah, that was originally produced in preparation for Roman's 40th birthday. Learn the inspiration behind the slight change seen on each label. A bottle of the "family wine" was also savored while...


Possible Fight Club feat. Regusci Winery

Episode 18 is a deep dive into Napa Valley history with the father daughter duo from Regusci Winery, Jim Regusci and Alicia Regusci Hardin. The police log of February 2021 is discussed over a delicious bottle of Patriarch, a red blend from Regusci Winery. Learn about the third oldest winery building in Napa Valley and how they not only survived but flourished over the years. High lights of the episode include quilt deliveries, exploding fire hydrants and high speed car robbery chase. Enjoy...


Sheep Without a Shepherd feat. Matt Morris

Episode 17 celebrates the one year anniversary of Nine One Wine with special guest Matt Morris. The group enjoyed 2018 Matt Morris Shypoke Vineyard Charbono, 2018 Matt Morris Tofanelli Vineyard Charbono, and 2018 Matt Morris Heritage blend while discussing the January 2021 police log and select posts from local Facebook pages. Highlights of the episode include sheep that have lost their shepherd, an unknown furry critter and a lesson in cordial driving. Tune in to learn all about Charbono...


Exploring the Senses feat. Jean-Charles Boisset

Episode 16 dives into the world of senses with special guest Jean-Charles Boisset. Chris and Hillary brought along the December 2009 and December 2020 police log to read while Jean-Charles shared his JCB No. 21 Sparkling Brut, JCB No. 76 Chardonnay and Passion by JCB a red blend. Highlights of the episode include a missing African grey parrot, grand parades, blown tire adventures and different interpretations of Napa Valley fashion. Enjoy this light hearted episode with the reminder to...


If You Quack, He will Come feat. GrayPez Wines

Episode 15 starts with the reintroduction of hosts Chris and Hillary. The November 2009 and 2020 police logs were reviewed with GrayPez Wines. Tune into learn how Scott Gray and Anie Peszynski joined together to create some delicious wines over the magic of the Rutherford Grill. The group shared their 2019 Sonoma Pinot Noir and 2020 El Dorado Rose, both delightful in flavor and a great price point. Many laughs were had over a squirrel blowing a transformer, wet personal items and a missing...


A White BMW feat. Jason Driscoll

Episode 14 jumps in with an abundance of laughter along with special guest Jason Driscoll of Tilth Wines. The group enjoyed a delicious Tilth pinot noir and Ramble rose. While reviewing the St. Helena and Calistoga October 2020 police log we learned of Jason's journey to becoming a wine maker. Highlights of the episode include a wild white BMW, chaos on Pratt avenue and a white sombrero. The new four legged addition to the squad was introduced including all of his mid episode destruction....


From the Ashes We Will Wine feat. Josh Phelps

Episode thirteen jumps in with all the emotions of the Glass Fire of Napa Valley. The September 2020 police logs of St. Helena and Calistoga were discussed with St. Helena local, Josh Phelps. Josh brought along his delicious Grounded Wine Company Land Form Pinot Noir and Steady State Cabernet Sauvignon. He also shared his local knowledge and stories. Episode highlights include locals fighting fires, a missing car and the unknown fate of a rooster. This episode showed the resilience and...


Drunk or Tik Tocking feat. Dakota Shy

Episode 12 jumps in during Covid-19 and the first round of local wild fires. Napa Valley crime continued to flourish with special guests Todd Newman and Ashley McMullen from Dakota Shy. The August 2020 police log and a St. Helena murder from 1898 were reviewed while drinking a delicious 2018 Dakota Shy Cabernet, with grapes from St. Helena and Oakville. The group discussed tik tocking in the wild, early morning leaf blowing, the dangers of hot air ballooning and so much more. Join in for the...


A Poop and Run feat. Marcus Marquez

Episode 11 jumps right in with the exciting news that Nine One Wine is expecting! It also had the treat of St. Helena's very own Marcus Marquez. This episode shows his love of the community, amazing food, excellent wine and his book "100 Things to Do in Napa Valley Before You Die". The trio enjoyed the Brasswood Cabernet Sauvigion and Pinot Noir, each with rich delicious flavor. The July 2020 log was shared with its fun of bare back citizens, cougars (the animal type), and the importance of...


Angry Man with a Metal Pole feat. Chelsea Hoff Golper & Todd Golper

Nine One Wine podcast has officially made it to double digits. Hillary and Chris had the pleasure of spending the evening with wine maker Chelsea Hoff Golper and her husband Todd Golper. The June police logs were discussed from 2006 and 2020. Through readings of large Safeway crowds, thrown candy with razor blades, and missing dart boards the group enjoyed three different varietals of wine each in a beautiful hand designed bottle. The Rose, Chenin Blanc and a Rouge represented Chelsea’s...


The Bird Filled Episode feat. The Mondavi Sisters

Episode Nine has finally arrived! It is an extra long episode with not one but three extra special guests. Giovanna “Gigi” Mondavi, Riana Mondavi and Alycia Mondavi joined Hillary and Chris for this long awaited episode. The group shared lots of laughs over the May 2020 log, February 2012 log and a bonus log. Three different bottles Flat Top wine were enjoyed, all having a low price point but full in flavor. These included the Flat Top Rose, Flat Top Sauvignon Blanc and a Flat Top Red Blend....


Everybody Knew Everyone If You Weren’t Already Related feat. John Buehler

Nine One Wine podcast had the treat of old time St. Helena resident and winery owner John Buehler. While drinking a 2017 Buehler Zinfandel they reviewed the April 2020 and May 1998 police log. The group enjoyed a tour of the Buehler property while making friends with the dogs, cats, chickens, horses, dogs and one duck. The group discussed how the valley has changed over the years, the evolution of the farming in this industry, and the true roots of this valley. Some police log highlights...


Whistle While We Work feat. Ian McCaffrey

The Nine One Wine crew is joined by Ian McCaffrey who brought along his brand new rosé, from California Icons. The group got to experience the inaugural vintage, with the Coit Tower label. They examined both the delicious taste and also the unique marketing aspect of the wine. The September 2014 and September 2019 police logs reviewed while stories were swapped and scenarios considered. The infamous Aussie dogs, whistling workings, pavement tinted grapes and extra large bats are all topics...


No One Can Do Anything About It feat. Cole Ballentine

Join into episode six with guest Cole Ballentine, winemaker and St. Helena local, for the adventurous tales of growing up in this unique place. There is also the bonus of Cole's fiance, Brooke Day. Keeping with the episode theme, the group enjoyed a delicious 2006 William Cole Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2016 Smoking Gun Cabernet Sauvignon. Listeners can also enjoy what it's like to return home and break into this ever changing and growing industry. The episode highlights include questioning...