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0H11: Homeland Week III A-Spec

It's like getting TWO episodes in one! Several NMW milestones are in the mix, as this year, Ray visits Alex in Pittsburgh for a week of wedded bliss (well-- no, it-- Alex has a wife). Join us live from Maison Fraioli for 90 minutes about pools; traffic laws; parents; restaurants; museums; fans, and the dangers of gum


184: Josuke of Nazareth

Oh, were we NOT releasing episodes? Well, here's one. We catch up on some gamin' news (Smash Bros. with THAT character!); the wide world of Ray's magazines; one more month until Al's fake-real wedding; GOLF?!; when is a cooldown not an ability?; cookie-covered almonds, and we take some listener Qs! This podcast is on some sort of extended trial run.


183: Motel Roku

We’re back after boycotting April! This month, we cover our respective Golden Week adventures, including the CH Pub Quiz and Operation Retrieve Games; podcasts and the Canadian accent; Ray finishes a Final Fantasy and we discuss the pre-FF7 PS1 JRPGs; Alex as a semi-responsible corpse; 2B or not 2B; virtual housing is horseshit; spoiler-filled discussion of the 4th Doom book “Endgame”; Ray sees Hamilton and musical talk ensues, and Alex is visited by an old friend! This podcast doesn’t even...


182: Four Guys from Eureka

Back with spunk, whatever that is! We open big with Alex's wrestling injury; the new version of a... yeah, that, and some other RPGs; Ray is *finally* a true retro gamer; new tales from the security conference; and now he has TIME for those retro games!; remembering when Alex was a movie extra; spidered men; bees; Fan Fun gets a name wrong, and Alex nearly gets a Cameo account, stay tuned! This podcast was submitted to Attorney General William P. Barr for review.


181: Snow More Whopper

Ringing in the Year of the Bore! In another exciting return, Alex samples a new Burger King offering; Ray continues the mod lifestyle; video game talk; Alex’s sad news; weight loss and gain; short winter days; Alex is pension for a bruisin’; holiday fun!; game transplants; the latest in Utada Hikaru gossip leads into recent game talk; Alex preps for his vow renewal, and a PlayStation5?! Stay tuned for Diagnosis Murder!


180: Egotism

We’re young, dumb, and full of FUN! This week, some final DQXI thoughts; Smash Ultimate is upon us; Critical Hit is Critical BACK!; Alex’s Dream Corner; what the hell is a Jingle Bell Rock; the long-awaited return of, uh, The Cinema Balcony’s Sukiyaki Is Closed; Ray enters Sega Heaven; Final Fantasy XIV again?!; gigantic game installs are dumb, and a very real crowdfunding argument! Please, swipe right!


S14: Golem? Damn Near Killed 'Im (Or: XI in 120)

"Hot" on the heels of our Dragon Quest retrospective podcast seven years ago, we return for a SPOILER-filled conversation on Dragon Quest XI. We Zoom from point to point, including what we thought about the game's story, characters, features, lack of features, us struggling to recall story details because we didn't take a lot of notes, and all that kind of wonderful SPOILERY stuff. And you bet we take a dump on Koichi Sugiyama! P.S. SPOILERS! This podcast is not allowed to be sold on...


179: P90Lex

It’s more of this, it seems! This month, west coast vs. east; streams are happening; tax troubles; a segment without media talk?!; Ray’s tire issues; scooters are weird; Japan’s issues with hito-sourcing; social networking is worthless; bar visits from cool people!; Alex’s cheese addiction; the boys talk physical fitness; middling media talk; Picross and Picross variants; Mega Man 11 talk; the dangers of Japanese data entry; Jurassic talk; Ray enjoys Solo; Japan’s natural disasters, and the...


178: Gasoline Igai Nai

Back in the swing of things! Get ready for tales of Aladdin the musical; the new version of a game called etc.; a long-awaited Critical Hit update; Alex misunderstands the Cola Wars; the boys argue over absolutely nothing; the triumphant return of Fan Fun and Overnerds!; more game talk and VR is weird, and Alex was on some shows! Elections are coming up so write us in!


S13: Homeland Weak

Ring ring! Time to chat with Alex on another American adventure! You can bet we talk about new wedding plans; the reliable motherness of moms; the best little mobile game gets its best little update; the awfulness of Delta… and somebody finally got a Nintendo Switch. Now go, be free.


177: Rakuten's Modern Life

This week's episode is a real... recording! On deck: extremely Californian adventures; Alex has stories of Foot, Phone and Fun, specifically: a foot destroyed by sandals; a new phone and a less evil plan; and an exciting new development that could save Critical Hit!(?) This podcast waits for you atop the Aggro Crag.


176: Greater Access to Burritos

A bulky boffo box of bodcasting! This time, we chat about Ray's loss of teeth; Biohazard bumbles; what 10x10 Tetris is; and exploring the bullshit surrounding video game bars WRT Alex! This podcast is a Comic-Con exclusive.


175: Original Grimace

The episode centers on Raven and Chelsea attempting to use magic to attend the Halloween party of Raven's nemesis, Alana. While the plan works, a mistake in their spell-casting causes them to turn into cows. In the subplot, Cory tries to convince his parents that he's too old to be trick or treating with them.


174: Agenof Ultron

This time, we start off spicy with a check-up on why Alex hates his talented and handsome co-host; an Infinity of Marvel movies; pee minding; social mishaps abound at an industry conference; Funky Kong's ASMR; expat weirdos; Al's latest Final Fantasy obsession; audience Q&A, and some jerks from long ago. This podcast puts the calorie count right on the front.


173: Blast Honk

Happy equinox! This month, Alex’s tongue troubles; Ray settles into the new job; imagining our bizarro selves; Jeremy Grigson appears on international television; Alex refuses to kick his FFVI habit; Blocko Talko; tales from the bar; Shadow of the Colallex; discussion of various television programmes; Black Panther is a cool dude; mobile dev talk and go play Blast Rush!; the non-presence of podcasts in Japan, and coworkers galore! Experience this podcast in virtual reality!


172: Slap Fight, M.D.

There's a little podcast in all of us. In this one, there's talk about jobs old and new; lively pedestrians; sneaky cousins; AF hearts FF; a revelatory first edition of Hospital Stories; the Pizza Loop goes to Best Buy; more video game crap, and many more grievances! This podcast is true journalism.


171: Dogs Love Jack Bros.

'eyyy Merry Christmas! Stuff THIS up your stocking!


170: GMR4LIF

Download this, you SOB! Everybody's lacking sleep on this episode, but there's a whole host of #Japan this time around; the adventures of Sluttyman; more amazing Alex memory tricks; superb Nintendo; Fat Beach Boys; Donkey Kongery; new beds; redoing Blade Runner; sad Muniz news, and plenty of screaming. This podcast is good for what ails ya.


S12: Punchliacci

It's our new bi-yearly tradition when Alex reports in over the phone from Pittsburgh with ALL-NEW tales of wine spillage; old games in storage; soft-shelled crabbage; travelrage; and for some reason, X-Men 2099. See YOU… later!


169: Stop Negi-ing Me

It’s DQ season again! We open with Alex’s take on the new version of a game called etc. plus miscellaneous game talk; Ray’s luxurious new table; The Great Pizza Debate; TV talk; Boku no Drug Cartel; Alex reads more Italian tweets, and we take your questions from Twitter! We are the axis of evil.