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Episode 31 - Another Alright Episode

Hey Guys. Back this week with some talk about traffic, Twisted Sister, Linkin Park, Houses and other things. GOOD DESCRIPTION.


Episode 30 - Another Bad Episode

Another stinker. I spend most of the episode talking about how the podcast and no one listens. I also just list states I've been to with no real context. Then I list countries I would want to visit without really saying anything about them.


Episode 29 - Death Threats Welcome

Hey guys. This episode is kinda wack. It's really low energy but I think it works? Lemme know. I talk about how holidays are the worst, what my deepest wishes are, and invite you to threaten my life


Episode 28 - I know Jack

I edited this yesterday so I don't super remember what happened in it. I talk about the film Jack, I talk about uhm mostly Jack really. Probably other stuff but I do not remember.


Episode 27 - Big Adams

It's (not) Red Nose Day! In honor of the day (that's next Thursday, the 24th) I don a red nose while recording this episode! I talk about stuff like Patch Adams, and other Robin Williams classics. I also discuss the stigma against women aging and Downy.


Episode 26 - Alphabet Pizza

I'm back from the grave baby. Talking bout Pizza, talking bout useless super powers, talking bout poetry, talking bout Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson obviously.


Episode 25 - Those who can't do, can't teach

This episode actually starts with some jokes! I'm not saying they're good jokes, but they are jokes. I also talk about why I would never want to be The Rock?! WHAT? And then I just sort of talk about how terrible at everything I am.


Episode 24 - The Rampages We Watched

Guess what I saw? That's right Jumanji. I mean Rampage. I talk about why The Rock makes a perfect primatologist, why Rampage is great, and why I smelled so bad as a teen. I also discover that Tom Cruise is terrible at climbing rope.


Episode 23 - Dumber Liar

Say YES to a very special episode, TRU fans will have already figured out my little RIDDLE. But if you've yet to figure out my ACE in the hole, you don't know DICK. This isn't basic CABLE anymore. This episode is an ALMIGHTY experience.


Episode 22 - Out of Order

This one is all over the place. It was really short so I added a bunch of garbage to it. I think after all it came out alright. I talk about my cloud conspiracy, and I have a lot stuff to say that I don't remember. Features the return of the best segment.


Episode 21 - Bitter, sweet

I get a little rowdy in this one at multiple points. I also try out a couple new segments, sort of. And lastly, I talk about... The Rock, but with a purpose this time and I actually just talk more about wrestling in general.


Episode 20 - Memories

Memories are whack. They are basically liars. I talk about some memories I have but they are probably just things I made up. One of them is also just a not interesting story so enjoy that. Twitter Polls are liars too.


Episode 19 - Condimentemonium

Get ready for some very timely Oscar jokes! I also fumble my words a ton in this one. But I sort of find my stride right at the very end with a very in depth bit on condiments.


Episode 18 - Meditation Mania

Strap into your seats, this one's a douzy. I talk about starting meditation, and then proceed to have a weird aggressive energy for most of the episode. I put Google on blast. It also includes a lesson on friendship.


Episode 17 - A Bad Death

In this episode, I talk about death. I feel like a talk about death almost as much as I do The Rock. I also talk about some other stuff, phrases, not movies, snacks. But mostly death.


Episode 16 - Time Sink

In this one I tell a bunch of jokes after explaining that they are bad. I also debut a new segment that's great! And I follow up by telling a story that I first say is bad. Overall a pretty great episode.


Episode 15 - The Good Room

I finished editing this one a few hours ago and I don't remember what I said too much. But I know I had some jokes at the beginning, I talked about be unacknowledged at work, the world needing to be nicer and how I am a jerk.


Episode 14 - Human Garbage

In this episode I talk about how and why people don't like me. I also cut a long part that made me seem like an apathetic asshole only to have another part that accomplished the same thing. This one's a real party.


Episode 13 - Bathroom Break

*WARNING* We got potty jokes folks. Bathroom etiquette is on the table. I also discuss how dark my house is, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (again), my desperate attempts to legitimize this podcast, and how I am overwhelmed by simple Social Media sites.


Episode 12 - This One's Tough

This episode takes a weird turn. But I think it's still good. I talk about stuff like being an idiot, being bad at learning, being not funny, being bad at podcasting, and my general apathy towards doing pretty much anything.