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Hennessy Is A Nigga Fruit

This week on NobodyAskd U. Lauren gives the LO Down on - Jermaine Dupree. Were his comments about Female rappers sexist? Or is he out of touch with the younger generation? In other news, Odell Beckham Jr has a new look for the upcoming season, Euphoria got picked up for a Season 2, and Russell Westbrook and James Harden have a 2nd shot at success with the Rockets. During LIT Aprille talks about how being Rude and being Honest get Lost In Translation depending on how sensitive someone is. We...


Gunshots or Fireworks?

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LODown on - A Poppin week. Chris Brown said he, “only wanna f—- The Black b——— with the nice hair” and a lot of his Black fans were upset. But is this another example of CB being who he is? Or should people stop reading in between the lines? In other news, ASAP Rocky is locked up abroad, Drake tried his hardest to get Kwahi to stay abroad, and Taylor Swift has beef with Scooter Braun. During LIT, and in Honor of Stranger Things returning, Aprille...


No New Friends

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LODown on The BET Awards. Tyler Perry delivered a powerful speech about the history behind his Studio. His words educated and inspired people, but was it actually a humble brag directed at everyone that‘s critical of him? In other news, Shay Mitchell is no longer keeping her pregnancy a secret, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had another secret wedding, and Carmelo Anthony is still trying to keep ’something’ a secret. During LIT Aprille talks about how...


Shit Got Real!

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LODown on Lavar Ball getting banned from ESPN. Was his comment to Molly about “changing gears anytime” sexual? And, if it was, are people of “a certain generation” given a pass for behavior they don’t know is unacceptable? In other news, Space Jam 2 announced new stars, Trina announced her feelings about her ex-boyfriends, and Khloe is still milking the drama with her ex-little-sister Jordyn. During LIT Aprille talks about how S*** gets Lost in...


Warriors.. Did NOT Come Out to Play.

This week on NobodyAskd U - Lauren gives the LODown on- The Raptors winning the 2019 NBA Finals without KD or Klay. Is the Warriors medical staff at fault? Or did KD and Klay choose to come back too soon? Speaking of too soon, OJ joins Twitter a few days before the 25th anniversary of The Bronco chase, Chris Brown may or may not still be chasing Karrueche, and Lebron is ready to chase some titles with AD. During LIT Aprille talks about how celebrating your team's wins gets Lost In...


Keep It 100

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LODown on The NBA finals. The Raptors are on the cusps of winning their First Title, but we MUST discuss Beyoncé. Was she reacting to Nicole Curran violating her personal space? Or was bad breath the true offender? In other news, Chris Brown and Drake dropped a new single, Linda Fairstein got dropped from everything, and Rhianna hasn’t dropped new music because she’s dropping millions. During LIT Aprille talks about how she and Lauren get Lost In...


Degrassi High vs Golden State

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LODown on metal detectors in schools. Is the issue that they’re only in Black/ Brown schools? Or that they negatively affect the psyche of students? In other news, When They See Us came out, Kim K went out to see an ‘innocent’ man on Death Row, and Drake is trying to help out his team in The North. During LIT Aprille talks about how Black Nicknames get Lost In Translation, because who is ol boy and Lil mamma? We also give other opinions NobodyAskd...



This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LODown on Drake aka Toronto’s Ambassador. Pusha T’s face made an appeared at the Bucks game, but Drake’s never did. Was it because he couldn’t get a seat? Or because he couldn’t take the heat? In other news, Nessa put the heat on Teen Mom Jenelle, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was received well, and Ciara is well on her way to Harvard Business School. During LIT Aprille talks about how BBQ’s get Lost In Translation. Some events can’t be considered...


Alabama Is Trash

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LODown on- The battle between YouTuber James Charles and his mentor Tati Westbrook. Is it treasonous to support your mentor's rival company? Or is honesty and respect all that matters? In other news, Trey Songz announced his first son, The oldest Curry son will probably represent the West, and Kanye West brings a new meaning to Psalms. During LIT Aprille talks about how Saving Money $ gets Lost In Translation, because a lot of people think they’re...


Don't Be Mad at Ayesha

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LODown on Ayesha Curry lighting up the internet. Were her comments necessary because she’s speaking her truth? Or did she put herself, and her husband Steph, in a bad position? In other news, The Met Gala brought out Campy outfits, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry brought out their Royal baby, and Kim K keeps getting people out of prison. During LIT Aprille talks about how Male/Female friendships get Lost in Translation by significant others. We also...


The Evolution of Hip Hop

This week on NobodyAskd U Lauren gives the LODown on- Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner AKA Sansa Stark. The couple eloped in a surprise wedding shortly after leaving The Billboard Awards. Was alcohol to blame for this wedding? Or after 2 years of engagement was it time to claim The Throne? In other news, Drake took The Billboard Throne from Taylor Swift, Facebook took away accounts from people with ‘hateful’ agendas, and sponsors took their Ads off of Teen Mom. During LIT Aprille talks about how...



This Week on NobodyAskd U - Lauren gives the LODown on Cardi B’s message to The Shade Room. Do they post negative stories about her because negativity gets more views? Or is it because they’re praying on her downfall? In other news, Erica Menna threw shade at Nicki Minaj, Kyler Murray is gonna throw to... Some rookie receiver in AZ, and Idris Elba caused a lot of Sistas to throw away their dreams. During LIT Aprille talks about why Spoiler Alerts get Lost in Translation... When talking to...


Stay Off My Lawn!

THIS WEEK ON NOBODYASKD U -Lauren gives the LoDown on Coachella. “Often imitated, but never duplicated” can explain why artists are struggling to live up to BeyChella. But are they struggling because they can’t imitate Bey’s mass appeal? Or is it the power of her message that can’t be duplicated? In other news, A DC resident wants Howard to move, floor seats at basketball games should be moved, and why were so many black people moved by Tiger Woods? #CauBlanAsian. During LIT Aprille talks...


Slauson and Crenshaw RIP Nipsey

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LoDown on a very sad week. Nipsey Hustle’s death affected fans of hip hop, and supporters of progress. Which makes us ask- When’s the last time the Black community mourned like this? In other news, Beyoncé signed a deal with Adidas, Aunt Becky posed for the cameras, and country music still doesn’t like rappers. During LIT Aprille talks about how Charlamagne’s comments on the Black community got Lost in Translation by a few different types of...


Where You From?

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LO Down on the old video of Cardi B that resurfaced. Does taking advantage of a “client” get her canceled? Or does she get a pass because women who strip/prostitute are probably being taken advantage of? In other news, Justin Bieber is out of touch with reality, and Kim K should probably never try to get in touch with Jada. During LIT Aprille talks about how asking people where they’re from gets Lost In Translation, especially people who think, “it...


I Ship Them

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LoDown on- Kylie Jenner saying she’s a self-made billionaire because “Not a dime in my bank account is inhered.” She clearly inhered her families ability to stretch the truth. But beyond that, is it possible for people from affluent families to be self-made when it comes to money? Or is she confusing self-made with hard-working? In other news, Cam Newton gave up sex, Odell Beckham Jr. gave up social media, and Lauren gives a 'pretentious filmmaker...



This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LODown on The Browns trying to go from shitty franchise to “The Shit.” Should fans of star players, like Odell Beckham Jr, stay diehard fans after their favorite player gets traded away? Or do they take their talents to Cleveland and elsewhere? In other news, the world paused when Instagram and Facebook went down, and many Americans had to face the fact that affirmative action isn’t why their #1 school turned them down. During LIT Aprille gives...


Nobody... Knows Drake Better Than Lauren

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives The LoDown on “Finding Neverland.” Is this documentary digging up a past that will punish the children for the sins of their father? Or does that take a back seat to the trauma MJ caused his alleged victims? Still speaking of MJ, Lebron just passed Michael Jordan's all-time scoring record, which reenergized the argument that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends... “Who’s better? Jordan or Bron? ”In other news, R.kelly thinks his innocence is...


Something people don't mind being

This week on NobododyAskd U. Lauren gives the LoDown on- The 91st Annual Academy Awards. "Green Book" took home the Best Picture Award in a moment that parallelled most Academy Award Shows. The Oscars are notorious for awarding the wrong person (or film) then "fixing" their mistake, years later, by awarding the wrong person (or film). Will they ever get it right? Or does not knowing how a film will age justify this behavior? In other news, Solange and 2 Chainz dropped new music, Amerikkka...


I'm Just The PA

This week on NobodyAskd U- Lauren gives the LoDown on why people should stop naming their sons Robert (for now). According to Urban Dictionary, a “Robert” is a guy you’d love to date. But according to recent news, Robert is a football owner facing two charges for soliciting prostitution, and an R&B singer/pedophile who finally got what he deserved. In other news, Offset released “Father of 4,” but fans are obsessed with 1, Culture Vulture Kardashians have a new scandal just in time for...