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A roundtable discussion of general topics without becoming selfabsorbed or putting you to sleep.

A roundtable discussion of general topics without becoming selfabsorbed or putting you to sleep.


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A roundtable discussion of general topics without becoming selfabsorbed or putting you to sleep.






Blue Apron, UberEats, Kyle, Bitmojis and Texting Pt. 2 (Ep. 31)

What is the best food delivery service? Are Bitmojis overrated? What . do you dislike about texting? On this episode we discuss these questions and so much more. Our friend Kyle joins again and we are graced by the presence of Troubled TVT. Also, have you started using our Amazon link? Help support the podcast by using our amazon link to do all your online shopping as we get commission from your purchases. Amazon: Let us know what you think of our new segment,...


Kyle, Texting, and Knowing Yourself Part 1

Are you fluent in texting? Texting has become a staple in communication and everyone has a different take on what is proper texting etiquette. How do you feel about it? Also we had special guest Kyle weigh in on how he makes sure that he constantly knows himself before he replies to any tweet. Look out for part 2 in two weeks :). TTYL Let us know what you think of our new segment, HOTorNAW. Also this episode is sponsored by our friends at Ecosia who is the search engine that uses profits...


The New Man

The new man. Why is it that men feel embarrased to talk about taking care of themselves? Whether it is skin, hair, sense of smell, or nail care, men are afraid to admit that they care about the aspects of hygiene and go to great lengths to take care of themselves. On this episode we delve into how your smell will stay with people forever, if manicures and pedicures should be on the list, and the weirdness that is the "just for men" craze in the cosmetics industry. Let us know what you...


What Kind of Traffic Person Are You?

Traffic. The bane of everyone's existence. We have all been in traffic, driven around, under, over, by, or through it. We all have different ways of dealing with it but all can agree that it is hated. So why do we still have traffic? On this episode of NYFP, we discuss how you can cope with traffic, what usually causes traffic, and ways you can deal with commuter fatigue. We also integrate the homie Brown Rodney into the show, and find out why he thinks its ok to use your laptop while...


Ethnic Hair

Is it okay to touch people's hair unsolicited? What are protective hairstyles? Do 360 waves look unnatural? And are can some hairstyles be appropriated? We get deep into the roots of the topic. *wink wink* Also this episode is sponsored by our friends at Ecosia who is the search engine that uses profits to plants trees where they are needed most. In order to support Ecosia and their cause, go to and use it as your search engine.


Classics/Cartoons/Cell Phones

Cartoon Network or Disney Channel? Razr or Sidekick? Johnny vs every other intern? These are just some of the topics we discuss on this episode as we dive into some of the cultural nuances that we all weirdly relate to but fiercely debate. Also, what are your thoughts on workout couples?


Don't Get Me Started

Just in case you wanted some more :).


How do you know when something is overhyped?

When is something overhyped? On this episode we discuss when something becomes overhyped, the subjectivity of the word hype, and how social media can affect our view of what's being put on the map. Kraken explains kneeing in hopscotch, Zeke admits Bodak Yellow is his anthem, and El Presidente still doesn't know how he feels about Brent Faiyaz. Visit and vote for us to be featured as Podcast of the Month! We are part of a...


Taku, Sony, and Convenience Fees

Thanks so much to our homie TakuBeats for coming on and giving us some insight into his creative inspirations and numerous endeavors. We talk about how he started getting into music, his photography, his last album, why Sony pays him in Korean food, if he was cloned by the government, and what his guilty pleasures are musically, Then we get into our favorite segment Don't Get Me Started and rant about how convenience fees are far from convenient, whether or not boneless wings are a thing,...


Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Lebron James, and NBA legacy

NBA season opens tonight so we decided to release an episode we recorded when the Kyrie Irving trade first broke. We discuss whether its a sucker move for an NBA player to decide to join forces with other NBA players to make super teams. Is it better for a player to be the best player on a team but never win a championship, or to take a lesser role to be on a championship caliber team? Let us know what you think in the reviews! As always give us feedback on the episode and let us know what...



Cheapest way to travel to the Maldives? We got you. We interview our friend Tariq Tayara, from Quit.Pack.Go., and discuss how to get the best experience traveling the Maldives without breaking the bank. Tariq dives into why there's no alcohol allowed on the public islands, where you can swim with the sharks, and what the one thing is you need for your trip to the Maldives. Then we get into our favorite segment Don't Get Me Started and discuss pronunciations of gif and data, whether In-N-Out...


Minimalism - Wakened Apparel, Life Simplified

Minimalism - What exactly is minimalism? Why has minimalism become a prevailing trend? In the world that we live in today, commercialism, consumerism, and capitalism are the driving forces within most of the world's economies. The world of fashion has adversely affected by this wave of materialism and has led to the growing culture of fast fashion. The prototypical fashion seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter or warm vs cold, has been replaced by a fashion cycle that changes its...


Parties- What Do You Need For A Good Party?

Party Planning - What do you need for a good party? We discuss what elements you need for a good party, partygoer stereotypes, candlelight parties, and why Wakened Apparel blankets will change your life. We had our friends David and Cassidy from the aforementioned Wakened Apparel join us to discuss if you should ever confiscate the aux, why we do not want to see your guitar, and whether or not cake is acceptable at a party. Weigh in and let us know what you think! DISCOUNT CODE FOR WAKENED...


Steph Curry, Kehlani, Lebron James, and People Are Doing Too Much When...

On this episode of NYFP, we talk about when people doing too much on social media, discuss who we want to narrate our life, and introduce our new segment entitled: Don't Get Me Started! We finally have started doing video! The link to watch the raw video file is below. Our next couple episodes are gonna feature some super special guests which we are super excited about. #WEGOTMERCH link is also below. Leave us a review and as always contact us with anything you want us to talk about on the...


Group Texts - Love Them or Hate Them?

We have all been part of something that is now a staple of human society: the group chat. How do you feel about them? On this episode Zeke mentions how getting an Android will get you kicked out the group chat/friend group, our homie Jayce gets EXPOSED for his random memes, and we talk about how the NYFP group chat is never annoying. Our guest Melissa talks about her anxiety while sending out a group chat, El Presidente addresses how group chats seem to always degenerate, and we discuss what...


Travel- Should You Travel More?

Does traveling actually add to your life? On this episode we examine whether people in Arkansas are born with natural corn shucking skills, if Turks and Caicos is secretly Zeke's birthplace, and if FOMO from social media has caused the millennial generation to desire to travel more. The dropboard gets a mind of its own, our guest Melissa Vinci joins us and blesses us with her southern accent while reflecting on her visit to California, and how much sharing is too much sharing? Also, where's...


Travel - The Dos and Don'ts of Traveling Overseas

On this episode we discuss how you can travel for cheap and look good doing it. We go through the best websites/apps to find cheap flight tickets, how to get the most out of your suitcase, what not to do when you go through security, and our opinions or whether a direct flight is worth the extra 400$. Then we dive into how to conduct yourself on the plane, what to expect when you land, and how to not look like a tourist (as much as possible). Zeke tells the story about why he dislikes...


What You Should Never Do at a Job Interview. Part 2

"Yes, Sally please answer your phone right in the middle of an interview by your prospective employer. Yes, Johnny tell me why you hated you last boss and how your last employer was such a cheapskate." These are some the common mistakes that people make during job interviews. In part two of our episode about job interviews, we discuss what you should never say/do at a job interview and why we love group interviews. Kraken continues to try and persuade us of the legitmacy of MST, while Rayna...


What We Hate About Job Interviews. Part 1

Why do you want this job? How much money would you like to get paid? Where do you see yourself in five years? These are some of the glorious questions that are asked during job interviews that just grind our gears, boils our britches, and tramples our turnips. On this episode we delve into what we dislike about job interviews. In part one we talk about the questions we dislike that an interviewee typically is asked during a job interview. Our friend Taty Castro from Redwood City again joins...


MuchBites: Are You a Foodie? ft. Wesley from MuchBites

How do you decide where you want to go eat? On this episode we delve into the different ways people decide where they are going to eat and what are some of the more common motivating factors behind how people choose where they are going to eat. We interviewed Wesley, owner of the food blog MuchBites, which is a food blog that highlights all the best eats in Spain and is a great guide for tourists and locals who are looking to have an ideal eating experience. We talked about how he got into...