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Just two guys talking comically about irrelevant weekly news and events

Just two guys talking comically about irrelevant weekly news and events


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Just two guys talking comically about irrelevant weekly news and events






Episode 29 - I was born ready bitch

Its that time of week again, the best time of the week in fact, new podcast time! This week we cover some important really we do. How far would you go to get a day off work, i bet this Arizona man will go further. Russian dogs in colour changing shocker! Do you want a bottle of piss in your food delivery, we know a company that will do just that. The local party that had some sheep round as guests. Enjoy people


Episode 28 - The Thai DIY penis enhancer

Here we go with Episode 28, we've got you some topics that span the world. Is it a good idea to bang a bit of metal around your penis? Is it sexy to have a lady with a rugged hairy chest? Do you fancy a night at the "silence of the lambs" B&B. Is it legal to give the Police the finger? Enjoy people


Episode 27 - Knowing M.E knowing you

We've got some massive news for you this week, real stories, stories you can learn from, like should you use gorilla glue when your hairspray runs out? Should you buy a digital online chastity belt? Can you use a cat filter when you're talking to a judge online? Would you plow down the McDonald's drive through lane in a disability scooter for your chicken nuggets? We can all learn from other peoples hilarious mistakes



Right its that time of the week again, episode 26 catching you up with the big news this week. Stories this week include, giant roadside Australian cocks, oral sex for robbing criminal, stolen police mannequin and of course the Handforth council meeting video .


555 Films - Chick Flicks

This months movie special brought to you from the not in a bad way podcast, its all about chick flicks. Give it a listen to see what will come out as our top 5


Episode 25 - The legend of the Welsh dildo

Right people here is episode 25, proper news for proper people! Topics this week include a famous Welsh dildo, a man who's toes just won't stay attached to him, an alien who just loves body modification and an Accrington local news. Enjoy


Episode 24 - Give me the pussy and nobody gets hurt!

Episode 24 a round up of the real news that has gone on in the world this week. news includes, a password mistake that could cost a man a fortune, dozy guards who've lost some live ammo, an armed cat jail break and an old favourite a local news on open defecation.


Episode 23 - I mean why wouldn't a children's tv show have a massive penis in it!!

Here we go with episode 23. We've got all the news that other people just don't think is good enough. Proper local news this week, Great Harwood news! Danish kids tv that just isn't right, foul mouthed lazy lost parrot news and yellowstone park is just one big kitchen.


Episode 22 - Hold me closer tiny werewolf

Loads of news to catch up on, we've gone really global this week. Pakistani werewolves roaming the streets, Manchester's massive dogging scene is revealed, naked men rescued from trees in Oz and mental landlords from the land down under!!


555 films - Westerns

Right here we go with our first episode of the monthly movie special. This months genre is westerns. We both pick our favourite five and then try and whittle those ten down to a top five


Episode 21 - Happy new year and a ninja Squirrel

Right and were into the year 2021 with the first episode of the year. Massive topics to kick it off, a update on Margo the Kazakhstany sex doll, offended couch dwellers, a local stench of satans bumhole, ninja squirrel's and feline house wreckers.


Episode 20 - It's xmas so lets talk about unsolicited penis pictures

That's right its that time of year when we all eat and drink as much as we want. What would be better than eating a turkey butty while listening to us two fools covering the news. Unsolicited dick pic's, clumsy santa's, Austrian villages with obscene names, its all here! Happy xmas people


Episode 19 - The triumphant return of Russ and Dave

Here we go, after missing a week due to having to isolate *shakes fists angrily at covid*, we are back and going at the news you missed this week hard!! Big ole topics this week that include, what colour is a mermaids tail?, Philip the cock Green, naughty xmas clothing, building site lads defecating in the wrong toilet and lions just seem to be getting smarter!!


Episode 18 - Margot the Kazakhstany sex doll bride!

Here we go it's that time again, episode 18, massive headlines ahead. A OAP samurai seagull killer, mistaken racist bags, an Aldi shop wrecker and poor poor Margot the sex doll! Get it listened to.


Episode 17 - If you're gonna dress like a Deer you'll take a lung shot like a Deer

First things first we have equipment so this episode sounds so much better. A foreign news that has some quotes that are off the scale, brides kicked in the face, "tropical seagulls" and much much more. Enjoy people


Episode 16 - Magical Racoon hands

We're back again with another week of unheard news, some local and some not so local. Brazilian street justice is dealt out, light fingered Racoon's, doomsday pastor's and alot of random chat


Episode 15 - The Great Harwood statue robbery!!!!

Local news this week that is very close to home, the thieving b*stards!! We say a farewell to the greatest Bond and also a serial killer from the classic period, dogs shooting owners, haunted building sites and other massive stories!!


Episode 14 - I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight!!!

Episode 14 tackling the seriously important news that you haven't ever heard of. Pervy builders, baby reveals that are truly out of control, problems with massive tumble driers and a local news to turn your stomach.


Episode 13 - Halloween Special Ghost bangers

Episode 13 Halloween special, some banging spooky news this week covering all things a bit supernatural. Can you marry a ghost? Malaysian school hauntings, unwiped back passages!!!


Episode 12 - That guys seen the lord but he aint dead........just cold

This weeks news catch up is a varied beast. Lunatics deciding they need more than one wife, chihuahua's dumping in front gardens, crazy people naming kids and mental people deciding to freeze their undead family members!