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OOPT Episode 40

We at Of Or Pertaining To, we have this thing where we hang out, and sometimes we play the game we know as Fictionary, which some know as Balderdash, and we have more fun being very inventive about it than anything else about it. And sometimes we record it for you forty times. Did you know that.


OOPT Episode 39

This is probably the best episode. Yes, we are suggesting that it is perhaps the best episode of anything ever. Maybe. Probably. If we're talking just about episodes our particular podcast, and we'll remind you now that it is a podcast that consists entirely of some goofy buddies playing the word game known as Fictionary, this episode is surely the finest achievement. Mostly because it's the 39th episode. 39ths are always incredible. Just the fact of something being 39th generally reduces...


OOPT Episode 38

Most people speculate that we write this text at the very end of the production process, after all the recording and editing. But in fact, this is the very first step in the creation of an episode. This is due to the fact that we have this really cool iPhone app where you enter the text that describes a podcast episode and it generates the episode for you in its entirety. And it AUTOMATICALLY matches with the tone of this text. Don't be so disappointed; all podcasts do it, as well as all...


OOPT Episode 37

When you listen to this 37th episode of Of Or Pertaining To, which once again is five friends playing Fictionary except what the hell are they even doing, please try to remember that there is definitely nothing more productive they could possibly have been doing with their time. All of the more important work was already completed, or else they would have done that instead. Except for Maureen, our guest for this episode, who was pretty behind on her office work but did this episode during...


OOPT Episode 36

There are episodes of a podcast where goofy people screw around playing Fictionary and submit lots of absurd definitions and then there are EPISODES of a podcast where GOOFY PEOPLE screw AROUND playing Fictionary AND submit lots of ABSURD DEFINITIONS. They are both the same thing and this is one of those.


OOPT Episode 35

Here for the 35th time is an episode of this podcast. Released worldwide (worldwide!) on April 1st, 2019, this podcast unit screws everything up by trying to take the solemn occasion of April Fools Day really seriously. And the world (the world!) is much better for it.


OOPT Episode 34

Here is the 34th episode of these merry goings-on. Once again, we play Fictionary, pushing the very boundaries of what could potentially count as "playing Fictionary", for our own amusement and maybe someone else's. But mostly ours. We suppose you could just go to a movie instead, but at least on our podcast you don't need to know any of our superhero backstories. Although if you're curious, Kai's is that he can transform into a furnished studio apartment.


OOPT Episode 33

This is Episode 33 of the podcast that it's an episode of. There were 32 episodes prior to this one, which makes it an exceptionally appropriately numbered episode. We intend to submit this to the International Acclaim Panel For Excellence In Sensible Numeration Of Episode Type Things so that the whole world may know of our accomplishment. We'll count them again before we submit, though. Measure-twice-cut-once type of thing. Don't you think our episode is a much better example of outstanding...


OOPT Episode 32

We welcomed two guests into the studio for the recording of this episode. One of them isn't even a person, but really, is anyone? That's what I'M saying. This particular episode is rich in motifs, pervasively insightful, and altogether awful. But you'll like Maureen and Cassie!


OOPT Episode 31

If you're scrolling through the episodes of the Of Or Pertaining To Podcast thinking to yourself, "I'm going to listen to one of these episodes, but which one? WHICH... ONE..." then you are already wasting too much energy. They are all exactly the same. EXACTLY. We can't believe no one has caught that yet. We just post the same episode over and over again. The only change we make is we replace the vocal tracks on each one with ones where we're saying different stuff. So yeah like totally...


OOPT Episode 30

Dook is a word. And "Of Or Pertaining To Episode 30" is about, among other things, dook being a word. But as with all our episodes, the lessons are more about the ingenuity of words not meaning their meanings. If you catch our meaning. You should be warned that this episode has a very, very nutty fifth round. It is best experienced by those who really like hearing these five people crack each other up.


OOPT Episode 29

On the solemn occasion of The Changing Of The Year Number, we gravely deliver this 29th episode of our podcast. If yours is one of those stuffy households where the parents oppressively insist to the children that they ascetically revere the traditional rite of going one digit higher for what the year is called, we hope you decide to honor the severity of the observance with the sacrament of listening to us goof off while playing Fictionary.


OOPT Episode 28

We regret to inform you that, despite the universally-agreed-upon fact that candles are the greatest and most useful things on the planet, this episode of Of Or Pertaining To is not a candle. Not even a little bit. It's just a recording of the five of us playing that game again. No wick. No wax. No mild aroma. Some other podcasts are similarly not-a-candle, but at press time we're the only ones to tell you the truth about it. Here is the 28th episode.


OOPT Episode 27

Everyone knows that when December comes along, everything changes, right? So that must be why this here episode, numbered "27" has introduced some new stuff for you to check out. A new version of the game gets tried out! So does a new player! And we do the whole thing in a brand new language that we invented on the spot which only we understand. NOW will you listen to it???


OOPT Episode 26

It's another new episode! The 26th one, which of course means it is 13 times better than Episode 2. Which of course, was a pretty good episode. But only one thirteenth as good as this one. It's simple math, folks. Or maybe you think the Earth is flat and the Zapruder film was directed by Stanley Kubrick on a soundstage on the actual Moon. No? Then clearly you have now been persuaded to listen to this episode. Or one of the other ones.


OOPT Episode 25

Here is Episode 25 of the Of Or Pertaining To podcast. Like all the others, it features the voices of five very voice-y chums making fun of words. Literally making fun, of words. Not, like, "making fun of" words. But, so, like... of words? Making FUN. There, that did it. You understand now.


OOPT Episode 24

If there's one thing we've learned in our lifetime (LIFETIME!) of producing podcasts, it's that you can't have a year's worth of semi-monthly podcast episodes without a 24th episode. That's just basic 11th grade math right there. To cap off Season 1 of the Of Or Pertaining To Podcast, we walk you through what "dooms" means, And we take the long way. (Spoiler: it doesn't mean "dooms". Except that it does.)


OOPT Episode 23

Hey, here's that podcast episode you ordered, delivered on time and with some extra jokes at no charge. Our boss is probably really gonna let us have it about that, but you're our favorite listeners so we really wanted to make sure you were taken care of. This 23rd episode of Of Or Pertaining Two has a new participant who is awesome! We hope there's plenty of fuel in your podcast machine so that you may fully appreciate the very best in podcasts about people playing Fictionary in a funny way.


OOPT Episode 22

If you've ever thought to yourself, "I have just learned the vocabulary words 'neuston' and 'decubitus', and I sure do like the sound of Rod Smith's voice", then you have probably listened to this episode of our mischievous little podcast! But wait, how can that be if I'm just typing these words right now? That part happens before the file even gets uploaded! This is so creepy.


OOPT Episode 21

You might notice something a little different about this episode of Of Or Pertaining To. It's very subtle. In many ways, it is utterly indistinguishable from the preceding 20 episodes. But if you pay very close attention, you might notice that during editing, we replaced each word with a complete recitation of Dante's Purgatorio, in the original Italian. Also there's a sixth grader playing with us this time.