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Comedic and brutally honest opinions from two cisgendered biracial men from North Jersey. Every Wednesday.

Comedic and brutally honest opinions from two cisgendered biracial men from North Jersey. Every Wednesday.
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Comedic and brutally honest opinions from two cisgendered biracial men from North Jersey. Every Wednesday.




Diabetes Gains Vlog: Episode 64

This week Will and Mart give their 9/11 hypotheticals, give motivation for the insulin challenged and discuss dating apps dangers, plus much more. Clips - 00:01:40 Diabetes Motivation - 00:07:30 Pickups at the bar - 00:11:00 Dating Apps - 00:14:50 Jail dream - 00:24:20 DC Sniper - 00:26:20 People are losers - 00:31:00 Follow Us! •Instagram: •Twitter:


Hey Handsome: Episode 63

This week Will and Mart discuss unwelcome advances, people that get too drunk and irresistible Texan women. Also, OOPsy gang is the only gang that matters. Mart’s apology - 00:01:00 Emotional drunks - 00:06:00 “Tough” guys - 00:10:30 Texas trill - 00:18:00 Hoodisms - 00:25:00 Street rules - 00:34:30 Follow Us! •Instagram: •Twitter:


Heard Mad Squishies: Episode 62

Heard Mad Squishies: Episode 62 by Off Orange Podcast


Ghost Crabs: Episode 61

This week Will and Mart chop it up about the single life, hilarious fights, ”religion” and a few suggestions for imorovement for the LGBTQ community. and sorry for the audio.... we’re gona fire Will soon dont worry. Mart’s single life update - 00:04:00 Worst types of fights - 00:06:00 Church clip - 00:12:25 Will’s time travel - 00:20:30 Dictatorships - 00:27:30 Follow Us! •Instagram: •Twitter:...


Thick Redbone Mart: Episode 60

Did you miss us? This week we’re back in the booth delivering comedy gold. Will and Mart laugh at people that get what they deserve, psychopaths and their fashion choices, the trend of following and much more. Join us, we’re here to stay. Instant Karma - 00:05:00 Air Force Ones - 00:07:00 Fads - 00:13:00 Abducted in Plain Sight - 00:18:00 Women are Gullible - 00:27:00 Follow Us! •Instagram: •Twitter:...


Get Off My Hair: Episode 59

Get Off My Hair: Episode 59 by Off Orange Podcast


Mc'Scuse Me: Episode 58

This week Will and Mart laugh at classic internet nonsense and a hungry lady from the south.... or midwest (whatever), also the guys discuss masculine cosmic care and the flashy life of a young male from 2006. Also, special guest Nerd Jeff calls in. Tune in! Will has twists - 00:04:00 Mart clip 1 - 00:09:55 Mart clip 2 - 00:18:15 Manis and pedis - 00:28:00 Purists are pointless - 00:33:00 Nerd Jeff calls in - 00:39:00 Follow Us! •Instagram:...


Turtleneck Kingpins: Episode 57

This week special photographer guest Carl stops by to be childish. The guys joke about diabetes causes, Uber pool peasantry, bus driver struggles and a whole lot more. Guaranteed to make you laugh. Carl’s drunk story - 00:00:01 Corb’s diabetic roots - 00:09:20 Inconvenient Uber Pool - 00:15:40 Tough life of bus drivers - 00:1800 Blind mans convention - 00:24:30 Redskins - 00:27:50 Questionable rap lyrics - 00:33:40 Wells Fargo rant - 00:37:20 Follow Us! •Instagram:...


Wow! I Love That!: Episode 56

This week Will and Mart hysterically laugh at the best video of 2019 so far, the guys also explore some stupid (or genius) birthday plans for Will and laugh at terrible YouTube dating advice. Come laugh with us. Funniest thing of the year - 00:02:40 No church for gay people - 00:08:30 Outrageously untrue lie - 00:12:50 Terrible birthday advice - 00:17:50 YouTube dating advice - 00:23:40 Follow Us! •Instagram:...


Big Ties: Episode 55

Big wigs only. This week Will and Mart talk about Will’s unfortunate night in Jersey City, how crazy and scary planet Earth can be and how under appreciated the TLC network is. Will is a lightweight - 00:00:50 Beasts of the world - 00:08:00 Terrible world record - 14:35 Remote civilizations - 00:19:00 Don’t eat pets - 00:21:10 TLC produces classics - 00:26:00 Follow Us! •Instagram: •Twitter:...


I'm From New York: Episode 54

Comedy professionals are back in the building. This week Mart explains the Fyre Festival documentary to Will as the two clown all participants (both innocent and guilty)... the guys also list the multiple reasons why Ja Rule is a dork. You’ll definitely laugh. Fyre Fest Doc - 00:02:45 Ja Rule is a dork - 00:15:00 Diss track victims - 00:19:45 9/11 recall - 00:26:45 The real NYC - 00:30:00 Follow Us! •Instagram:...


Waggy McDaggy: Episode 53

Farewell Jeff. This week the guys send Jeff off to Hawaii during his last episode. We talk about M Knight Shyamalan being terrible (and Will being crazy), terrible advertising, weird addictions and at risk parents. You don’t wanna miss this! M Knight Shyamalan is terrible - 00:02:30 The worst commercial ever - 00:06:00 Bad advertisement- 00:10:00 Pony Play - 00:23:55 Hoarders - 00:35:20 Vaccines - 00:39:30 WW II and stupid people - 00:45:00 Follow Us! •Instagram:...


Giddy Porn Boy: Episode 52

The comedy professionals are back. This week we discuss a very profitable career path (alimony), our hate for hypebeasts, Jeff’s obsession and the fun life of spreading rumors about friends. Tune in! Jeff Bezos goes broke - 00:05:30 Supreme idiots - 00:08:45 Jeff LOVES porn - 00:15:30 Messy rumors about friends - 00:19:15 Living with regret - 00:25:00 Dancing Bear - 00:34:30 Follow Us! •Instagram:


Technical Shmechnical: Episode 51

We’re back in the studio for the first time in the New Year! Jeff is stuck at the airport like a loser. Will and Mart provide comedy genius on The Golden Globes, classic funny commercials, Will Ferrell being great and the fury of women scorned. Join us! The Golden Globes - 00:02:00 Geico commercial banter - 00:06:20 Pay phones - 00:09:30 Will Ferrell - 00:12:50 All glory no guts - 00:22:40 Professional Opinion (segment) - 00:26:40 Follow Us! •Instagram:...


The Original 31 (Drunk Mob): Episode 50

Five Oh. The guys were out of town for the New Year, so heres the unreleased original 31st episode. Special guest Corb joined the show to talk about terrible tattoos, YMCA highlights, tension on the court and Atlantic City memories.... or at least that was the plan. Alcohol is definitely included. Wes’ tattoo mistake - 00:02:10 Corb’s not clutch - 00:06:10 Will has a bad temper - 00:16:30 Atlantic City (the good and bad) - 00:24:00 Follow Us! •Instagram:...


I Miss The Bronx: Episode 49

The OOPsie Gang professionals are back! This week join us to talk about the downward slope of YouTube antics. We also uncover the fact that most New Yorkers are Flat Earthers and Jeff goes on another rant about fake movies and more. Get your popcorn ready. Fake social media antics - 00:04:20 NYC vs NJ - 00:09:30 Hilarious memes - 00:12:17 Jeff hates fiction - 00:21:36 Old movies vs new movies - 00:35:00 We miss Blockbuster - 00:39:00 Follow Us! •Instagram:...


It's Everything We Wished For: Episode 48

Mart and Jeff are out of town, so Scrim filled in to talk about friendship during video games, people wanting to be handed everything, us NEVER becoming professional athletes and entitled fans getting snuffed by Ron Artest. Scrims beat making - 00:02:00 Scrims labyrinth of pornography - 00:05:00 Call of Duty ruins lives - 00:12:00 The People vs Fortnite - 00:25:00 Nothing is given - 00:30:00 Malice at the Palace - 00:35:30 Life after sports - 00:42:45 Follow Us! •Instagram:...


Big New Jersey Up: Episode 47

This week, the guys talk about racial magicians, the total realness of tarot cards, why some feminists hate God and Mart’s concept to protect all comedians. Enjoy! Will’s stupid co-worker - 00:04:30 Tarots and Superstition(super real) - 00:06:30 Black Magic - 00:24:30 Feminists against God - 00:30:00 Mart the pet sitter - 00:36:00 Comedic Workers Union - 00:40:00 Follow Us! •Instagram: •Twitter:...


Save Guts, Not Butts: Episode 46

OOPsie gang is back together! The cast bros explore the comedy of body image, Odell Beckham Jr’s silence, “manspreading”, weirdo guys and more. Catch this bullet. Imaginary body image - 00:03:45 Odell didn’t speak to me - 00:10:20 Snowflakes on Disney - 00:22:00 Manspreading explained to Jeff - 00:26:30 Us Too!!! - 00:31:30 The Removal - 00:38:00 Take a bullet on the first date?!?! - 00:42:30 Follow Us! •Instagram:...


Green N-Words: Episode 45

Happy Thanksgiving. This week, Mart rants about his frustrating travels during the holiday, Will and Mart laugh at people crushing under pressure, absurd hypotheticals and more. Professionals. UFC vs Off Orange Podcast - 00:04:00 Mart hates blue/green people - 00:04:50 Panic at the Panic Room - 00:14:50 Grape surgery - 00:26:50 Would you rather . . . - 00:29:00 Lifecycle of memes - 00:40:00 Locked up - 00:43:20 Follow Us! •Instagram:...