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In every episode of this podcast, artist Shawn Dooley and musician Eric Peter Schwartz (a couple of old guys) go on and on about things they love.

In every episode of this podcast, artist Shawn Dooley and musician Eric Peter Schwartz (a couple of old guys) go on and on about things they love.
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In every episode of this podcast, artist Shawn Dooley and musician Eric Peter Schwartz (a couple of old guys) go on and on about things they love.






Episode 20: The Lost Geekend

LISTEN This is it. The Old Guys season finale has arrived. Let us tell you a story about the recent weekend where we hit the road with our friends and geeked out completely. Tangents galore! Mullets! OG Shawn lets it get dirty. OG Eric accidentally buys a freaking buttload of comics. Second Life and how porn pushes technology forward. Mullets!! What is our favorite episode of the podcast so far? Does Eric like Big-Mouth Billy Bass? Mullets! So much ground is covered. (Oh! Check out our new...


Episode 19: Travel (part 2)

LISTEN (part 2 of 2). The OGs conclude their discussion of travel and their love of it. Hear about Shawn's evolution from a camper to beach bum. Eric sprays his love all over New Mexico and London. Paris? Not so much. They find out how big the gap is in their travel philosophies. Then they both come together in their love of NOT having their vacations mapped out in advance by someone. Stoke the campfire, grab a drink, put your feet up, mind the gap and enjoy. #bucknakeddooley Join the...


Episode 18: Travel (part 1)

LISTEN (Part 1 of 2) The Old Guys tuck their geeky away for a bit and discuss their love of travel. Find out how Old Guy Shawn loves to spend his Thanksgivings. Hear about Barry the Sommelier Who Won't Go Away. Shudder in fear at tales of cross country trips in death vessels and tiny Volkswagons. Stare in amazement as the boys from Illinois try to think of famous cities in Florida. So, join them, won't you? #portalfolk Join the conversation (and see our artifact album) on our Facebook:...


Episode 17: Doctor Who

LISTEN Here it is. We held back as long as we could. Eric's life-long obsession with this British institution spills out of this episode like the anti-matter monster on Zeta Minor in "Planet of Evil" from the 13th season. Eric has a couple complete geek-outs/melt-downs... Geekdowns? Meltouts? Whatever. And OF COURSE, he didn't record an acoustic version of the Who theme for this episode. That would be crazy. Plus Shawn admits to breaking bad during his retail days just to watch the good...


Episode 16: Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV (part 2: The 90s)

LISTEN (Part 2 of 2) As the Old Guys crossover the stargate into the sci-fi/fantasy TV of the 90s, the influence of TWIN PEAKS and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION is felt. Quirky, weird small towns and voyaging ensemble casts abound. Soon, however, a laconic, paranoid FBI agent and his skeptic partner would change the 90s TV landscape and The Old Guys forever. Find out about the time Kevin Sorbo's HERCULES made Eric kiss a guy (while filling in for Shawn on stage). Discover the theme song...


Episode 15: Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV (part 1: The 80s)

LISTEN (Part 1 of 2) Like fools, The Old Guys believed they could do 80s and 90s sci-fi/fantasy T.V. in one episode! HAHAHAHA! The hubris. Find out which Old Guy liked Battlestar Galactica and which one was the Buck Rogers guy. Swim in an ocean of nostalgia as images of Manimal, Max Headroom, Auto-man and The Misfits of Science float by. Then shrink in terror at the arrival of the visitors from V and Vicky from Small Wonder. #savemork Join the conversation (and see our artifact album) on...


Episode 14: Love Morsels (Volume 1)

LISTEN Not all things that these Old Guys love deserve a full episode. Sometimes just a dollop of love is all that's needed. In this episode the O.G.s look at some of their smaller loves from practical make-up effects to xeroxed underground magazines (or Zines). Hear them discuss the childhood trauma of "The Red Balloon" and an even darker view of Eric begins to emerge from his final "Morsel" and his 20-second hate. This guy has hang-ups. Everything dies, kids. (Available on all major...


Episode 13: The Works of Joss Whedon

LISTEN Into every generation, a podcast is born: one podcast in all the world, a chosen one. The Old Guys get "shiny" in this episode and aim to misbehave as they discuss their mutual love of Joss Whedon and his work. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Firefly to Cabin in the Woods to Avengers, the Old Guys have a lot of love to go around. It's a cracker of an episode packed with tons of Wonderflonium. About 10 minutes in it will be clear which Old Guy is the most obsessed with "Josh...


Episode 12: Music of Our Teens and 20s

LISTEN Clip your walkman to your belt, stick a comb in your back pocket and french-roll those pant legs. It's time for The Guys to start talking about the music of their formative years. From Eric's pop beginnings to Shawn's contraband Supertramp. Hear how Eric embarrassingly tried to impress his metal loving cousin and Shawn had to carry decoy cassettes. A surprisingly deep episode about how music helped form the Old Guys that the Young Guys would become. Join the conversation (and see...


Episode 11: Giant Monsters

LISTEN With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound the "Giant Monsters" episode of Old Guys crashes through the city. Joining the guys this time is musician Eric Stafford Dinse, who is a huge fan of giant monster movies. Quake with fear as the guys talk about who would win; Godzilla or Gamera. The Earth will tremble as they blast their atomic love breath all over the films of Toho, Robert Lippert and as they do battle over whether or not Mothra is female and if GHOSTBUSTERS is a giant...


Episode 10: Classic Video Games

LISTEN Line up your quarters! Press play. The Old Guys blast classic video games with their love pixels. The Guys quest from the early, magical days of standing in the loud, electric haze of an arcade through to the disappointment of the Atari E.T. game to the amazing graphics of today's online and console games. What a miracle ANGRY BIRDS really is. Find out what computer game had Shawn typing dirty words. Find out why Eric is a horrible monster of a video deity. Grab your joystick and get...


Episode 9: Bad Movies

LISTEN Welcome True BeLOVERS! In this episode the Old Guys hose down bad movies with their love. From grindhouse to blaxploitation to kung fu to schlock horror to John Travolta, the Guys cover a lot of love ground. They dive deep into their personal philosophy about what makes bad movies great and what makes "deliberately bad" movies *cough* SHARKNADO *cough* suck. And they kneel at the altars of Ed Wood and Tommy Wiseau. Check out the link to the new Old Guys Watch Club playlist on YouTube...


Episode 8: Booze (part 2)

LISTEN Every saga has a conclusion. This is the second half of our booze episode with guest Kathleen Dooley. Find out what Kathleen's third and final cocktail for the Guys is (and the secret ingredient). You find out what spreadable food Shawn is at war with, Eric's financial disaster of a night in New Orleans and the Legend of Mr. Nasty's. There are so many Tom Waits impressions and Zima memories. Which of the "Big 4" is your poison? Join the conversation (and see our artifact album) on...


Episode 7: Booze (part 1)

LISTEN Our very first two parter! So exciting. Plus our very first guest, Kathleen Dooley. What? She's a guy... and she makes cocktails for Shawn and Eric. We'll call her whatever we want. This episode is packed full of boozy stories and info. Hear Eric think he can spot cocktail ingredients by taste (he can't). Hear how old Shawn was the first time he got drunk... pretty sure the statute of limitations has expired. And what is some of the drinking etiquette that you acquire with...


Episode 6: Mom and Pop Video Stores

LISTEN In this episode Shawn and Eric return to a long dead world. Hear the tales of mud-wrestling and animal sex documentaries. Find out which of the Old Guys had a Beta. Find out what Beta is. Hear how Shawn was rebuffed for trying to rent a Terry Gilliam movie and how Eric wound up at a movie premiere with a movie star. Join the conversation (and see our artifact album) on our Facebook: facebook.com/oldguyswholovethings and talk to us via email: oldguyswholovethings@gmail.com Find...


Episode 5: Action Figures

LISTEN In this episode the Old Guys shovel their love all over action figures. Answer the question "Is Stretch Armstrong an action figure?". Learn what the categories of action figures are. Which action figures did Shawn have that Eric coveted. Eric tells the story of the greatest basement ever. Chewbacca takes everything out. And what about Smurfs? Join the conversation (and see our artifact album) on our Facebook: facebook.com/oldguyswholovethings and talk to us via email:...


Episode 4: Breakfast

LISTEN In this episode: Didn't think "Breakfast" could be a compelling podcast topic? Think again. The old guys discuss, if not the "most important" meal of the day, at least the first. Find out who is team bacon and who is team sausage (and why breakfast meat discussions are so... naughty). What was "The Silver Sludge"? A crunchy walk down sugary 70s and 80s Cereal Lane and Eric makes a really, REALLY embarrassing admission. Join the conversation on our Facebook page...


Episode 3: Old Comic Book Movies

LISTEN Episode 3: Old Comic Book Movies In this episode Shawn and Eric splash their love all over comic book movies from before Marvel's Cinematic Universe took hold of the world. Eric tries to convince Shawn to watch a movie... and he can barely do it. Shawn opens up about Ben Affleck. We start tracking negative comments (for punishment) It's a good one!! Join the conversation at oldguyswholovethings@gmail.com


Episode 2: Saturday Morning T.V.

LISTEN In this episode Shawn and Eric dump their love on Saturday Morning TV. The spectre of Scrappy-Doo looms heavy over Shawn. Eric loses a gig. Kathleen makes cocktails. It's a bumper episode! Let us know what you think oldguyswholovethings@gmail.com


Episode 1: Pedicures

LISTEN In the debut episode, old guys Shawn and Eric discuss their love of pedicures. They challenge each other to say nice things about something they don't like. They convince each other to try things. Finally they cleanse their palette and restore balance. You will feel the love! Music by Eric Peter Schwartz