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Challenge: Lonesome Ghosts (Spooky Attraction)

This week, we continue our tradition of SpooooooOOOOoooky attractions! First up, Scottye delivers The Swing From Hell, a 1930's nightclub speakeasy rollercoaster with a 3 drink minimum of fire, brimstone, and some bitchin' tunes from Postmortem Jukebox, playing live every night at The Hellhole! Meanwhile, on the other side of the park, Jim has sent his employees out ghost-hunting and they may have accidentally incurred the wrath of the Marx Brothers in his rotating theater attraction That's...


Challenge: Jungle Rhythm (Jungle Attraction)

This week on our world famous program - the deepest darkest jungle attractions! Jim makes it all about himself as he invites guests to experience Jim's (Apparently) Amazing Jungle Adventure and boy is there a reason that one word is in parenthesis. Join Jim as he delights you with tales of a recent Central America jungle trek while his engineers and artists show you how everything really happened. Meanwhile on the other side of the park, Scottye takes guests down a very special river on...


Challenge: All Together (Weird Kiddie Attraction)

This week, Scottye lays out the challenge for a crazy weird kiddie ride and comes out swinging with The Exquisite Corpse, a humdinger of an attraction that appears to feature almost every popular theme park attraction rolled up into a single mystifying conflagration of fun. It also has an 8-drink minimum, so maybe save this one for later in the day. The cocktail(s) of choice are the USS Bomber for the adults (link to the recipe below) and something known as Shit for the kiddos, an...


Challenge: Building A Building (Anchor Attractions)

This week, we look at the big show-stopping attractions for each side of our new theme park. Jim, having done little preparation last week, gets more in-depth on his vision for his side of the park and its new showcase attraction The Golden Coaster, because when one is talking theme park history, it's hard to ignore how important the coaster is. The attraction also includes exhibits, ways to design your own coaster (think CyberSpace Mountain), and other fun surprises. Meanwhile, Scottye...


Challenge: The Karnival Kids (Create A New Theme Park)

It's the season premiere and you know what that means - a brand new theme park! This time, Scottye and Jim put themselves against each other to create the Opposite Attractions theme park of their dreams. Jim controls one half, Scottye controls the other, a line in the sand has been drawn like so many sitcom sibling rivalries. What do we learn this episode? Scottye has lots of ideas, some of which include dicks. Jim has a history lesson, not so many dicks though. Please note that we cut out...


Challenge: You're Welcome (What Stays And What Goes At Vista)

It's the second season finale and you know what that means - time to kill our children! Scottye and Jim attempt to bungle their way through all their notes to find out what attractions Vista will present to the world on it's opening day. A triangle of knock-offs, dick jokes, and everything we couldn't put in a category greets guests as they enter a land of tweets, 'grams, and inspirational status updates (and plenty of corporate advertisements) en route to a magical day at the first ever...


Challenge: Try Everything (Holiday/Seasonal Event)

This week, we give Vista a much needed hit of that seasonal festival love that our good friends at Disney love so much. Jim invites Al Gore to bring the scary and the hilarity and Scottye somehow creates Opposite Attractions: The Convention in a manner that isn't so much funny as it is potentially legally treacherous. Then he shoots children with a present gun - you know, for the magic.


Challenge: I Wanna Be Like You (Cheap Knock-Off Attraction)

Yeah, so, apologies in advance for the wack-a-doo audio quality this week. It's like the podcast gods heard we were making cheap knock-offs and decided the sound had to be like that too. Anyway, after some talk about digging in Diggerland, Jim and Scottye set forth back into the Pirate Bay to showcase their very own cheap knock-off attractions. Scottye does what he does best and immediately involves Keanu Reeves, among other celebrities, while Jim travels deep into the mind of a...


Challenge: Look Through My Eyes (Bodycam Attraction)

This week, Jim thought it was a good challenge to put bodycams on theme parks guests. Was he correct? Scottye is ready player one to put the internet in charge of your basic motor functions while Jim turns Universal's Halloween Horror Nights into a democratic election (with cheap 3D tricks, wakka wakka!) But before all that, Scottye googles for the worst theme parks ever and is absolutely not disappointed both in the lack of quality and the abundance of dicks. It's like the internet knows...


Challenge: Good Company (Sponsored Attraction)

This week, the world's slowest rollercoaster and the world's most expensive theme park lounge! Plus, sponsored attractions for VISTA! Scottye brings in companies far and wide while Jim sets his sights on a land of (illegal) treasures! It's a blockbuster of an episode, so check it out!


Challenge: God Help The Outcasts (Meme-Based Attraction)

This week, Scottye and Jim discuss theme park employee wear, minor and sometimes accidental acts of theft, and memes! Jim signs up a fifth day dad (tm) to be a Star Wars Kid, while Scottye dabs his way to internet fame and invents some kind of nyan cat dance-based rollercoaster complete with plenty of exposition as to what exactly the crap is going on. Pretty normal show, all in all.


Challenge: Scales & Arpeggios (Dragon Attraction)

This week, it's all about dragons except when it's about Jim's new show-witin-a-show PassFast where he discusses rides and/or attractions he absolutely will pass and fast. After that, your faithful hosts delve into their dragon attractions and Scottye finds it difficult to insert a hidden dickey into a ride that is literally about hacking the internet. Jim then showcases a weak rollercoaster of his own design that he would also probably not ride. If you dig the show, feel free to check us...


Challenge: Stand Out (High Score Game Attraction)

This week it's all about getting a high score! How do we do that exactly? Well Jim takes a trip into the cloud to find some nuts, of which there are plenty. Scottye, meanwhile, decides the best way to win is to kick an old lady out of her house that she wouldn't sell to us. How dare her. Spoiler alert: There's a happy ending in there somewhere, also probably dick jokes. We can't have an episode this season without 'em, so strap in, hold on tight, and keep your head down as we speed from...


Challenge: Ev'rybody Wants To Be A... Dinosaur? (Rock N Roll/Dinosaur Attraction)

This week your faithful heroes deal with Scottye's insanity head on as he laid down the challenge of a dinosaur attraction with some rock and roll, or maybe a rock and roll attraction with some dinosaurs. Something like that. Anyway, Scottye takes his song stylings to Jurassic Idol, while Jim sets his course for Amazon dot com. Listen in as Jim steps all over Scottye's lines because he had trouble hearing him during the recording! Be wowed by Scottye's confusion over what exactly the...


Challenge: Two Worlds One Family (All Ages/Family Attraction)

We took a week off due to Valentine's Day being our recording day and the two hosts being a little under the weather. We return with some family style fun in our quest to not have crotches be part of every attraction. Jim's attraction reworks the classic tea cup aesthetic while Scottye decides the even a family ride needs some darkness and goes full A&E Channel on our theme park. Also, this episode was recorded live on Twitch, which we invite you to check out by going to link provided...


Challenge: You've Got A Friend In Me (Mascots & Their Attraction)

This week, it's all about mascots for VISTA! Jim starts the party by not fully understanding the intricacies of the deep, dark web. Scottye follows that up by building a web all his own around a large chunk of the park's real estate. Note to any listeners: Don't go on Scottye's ride after dark. Yikes. And you thought you were afraid of spiders before...


Challenge: Poor Unfortunate Souls (Dirty, Nasty, Anti-Disney Attraction)

We gotta warn everybody right off the bat that things do take quite a turn in this episode. NSFW is not just a descriptor of this episode, oh no, it's actually the name of Scottye's attraction. Jim, on the other hand, at least waits till the sun goes down to be a dirty boy. Also, Scottye details the reason for there being no episode last week - that being a combination of snow, sickness, and a trip to Central Florida.


Challenge: Hot Dog Dance (Weenie)

This week, we finalize a name for our new park - VISTA, and set about giving the park it's vaunted weenie that will draw guests in from miles and miles around. Both hosts hit the ground falling with drop rides and we get our first instance of a dedicated restaurant being mentioned as a park addition. Now let's go splinter some families.


Challenge: A New Theme Park (Season Premiere)

After a week off, the dynamic duo of design return to pitch their ideas for a brand new theme park. Scottye decides to make the internet into a theme park - and it works. Jim tries to pitch something somehow involving the former head of the FBI, but relents to Scottye's premise fairly quickly due to how difficult it would be to use new IPs in a park built around arcade games a decade older than Scottye. Damn these kids. Get off our collective lawns! Winners Don't Use Drugs.


Challenge: What Stays And What Goes (Season Finale)

This week, we finish season one by figuring out the fifteen attractions that will become the core of Apex, The Peak Of Themed Entertainment. While Jim is more than happy to explain how dumb some of his ideas are, it becomes an issue of placement as they try to find five good attractions for the Hero, Villain, and Battle areas of their park. It's harder than it sounds.