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Challenge: DC Or Nothing

This week, after a short discussion about Disney films based on theme park attractions, we set about putting a special district into our theme park about the United States. First up, Jim invites guests into a secret lair of the Dupont Underground to go on a time travel adventure in Biden Time. Great Scott? More like Awesome Joe, amirite? Meanwhile, Scottye hires Nic Cage to also go underneath the city and into The Halls Of Presidents, featuring everything from missing senators to zombies...


Challenge: Floridays

This week, after a short discussion about the new EPCOT nighttime shows coming soon, we take FreeWorld to a hub of themed entertainment known as Florida! First, Scottye distills an entire vacation into a creepshow known as The Disna-Whirl, a madcap romp from the airport all the way to a (very expensive) in-park hotel. Meanwhile, Jim cheaps out on reasonably "good" attractions as he welcomes guests to The Central Florida Fair-O-Rama, a large pavillion featuring ferris wheels, bumper cars,...


Challenge: Michigan

On this week's show, FreeWorld goes to the Mitten State of Michigan. After getting a live reaction of Scottye watching the first teaser for Toy Story 4, we set out on a midnight train for everywhere north of South Detroit as Jim gives us The Wolverine, a mobile shooting gallery attraction to first attac and then protecc a lone wolverine that has happened to wander into the state. Then, Scottye puts forth one of our more expensive attractions to date as he presents Kid Rock's BawitaBlast, a...


Challenge: O-H-I-O

This week, we travel to the Buckeye State of Ohio and things pretty much immediately go straight off the rails. Scottye's research team leads him to give us The Best Guess, a madcap adventure through what Ohio may have looked like if it was an episode of Jay Ward's Fractured Fairy Tales. Then, Jim drops into a culinary apocalypse known as The Chili War where some of Ohio's favorite celebrities do battle with Eldritch horrors that may or may not be covered in cheese, onions, and beans....


Challenge: I'm Shipping Up To Boston (Massachusetts)

This week we head on up to New England and give FreeWorld some Massachusetts flavor. After a short discussion of naming babies after princesses and talking cars, Jim invites guests to visit the Massachusetts Institute Of Terror where some enterprising students may or may not have invented time travel and shamelessly ripping off Disney. Meanwhile, Scottye goes on a very important mission of love to help Matt Damon do some Good Ben Hunting. There's a giant Batman in there somewhere. How do...


Challenge: Country Roads (West Virginia)

This week, Scottye shares stories from his most recent trip to Central Florida before getting into the challenge for the week of West Virginia. First up, it's an omnious dance party as Scottye brings guests Mothman's Cocaine Dance Party featuring everyone's favorite cryptozoologic celebrities. Will anyone survive the show (put on every hour on the hour)? Then, Jim tries to not embarass himself or any of his in-laws as he presents New River Rush, a waterless VR rafting attraction where you...


Challenge: Blame It On Texas

This week we head slightly north of the border to the lone star state known as Texas to find inspiration for our attractions. First up, Jim invites guests to take part in Last Rodeo, a semi-educational trip through an old rodeo arena (that might actually be a basketball court) before coming face-to-face with a terrifying clown ghost! It ain't his first rodeo, but it may well be your last!!! Meanwhile, Scottye tries to skirt various copyrights on his attraction The Baconator, a possibly...


Challenge: California Dreamin'

This week we head out west to Californy (the kinfolk said we should) to create attractions deserving of the Golden State. Of course, Scottye immediately goes to a dispensary and comes out with High 'N' Dry, a log flume that gives riders the feeling of being on that wacky tabacky. Sometimes, things go bad. Meanwhile, Jim has gotten lost in the mountains as he invites you to board Sequoia Slalom, a wild mouse-style coaster through (and through) a cache of redwoods as though you are...


Challenge: New Jersey, New Jersey

This week, it's all about that Jersey Shore, bay-bay! After a bit of discussion of our park, FreeWorld, and it's layout, we dive in to our attractions for the week. First up, Jim pulls a Four Seasons swerve before inviting everyone to go Dancing In The Dark on his heavily modified indoor Tilt-A-Whirl that would probably leave most wishing they had just stayed off the boardwalk. Meanwhile, Scottye skirts his responsibilities and hands the reigns over to his good friend Jersey Dan, who...


Challenge: Sweet Home Alabama!

This week, we take our all-american theme park to the home of the Crimson Tide and completely unsurprisingly both hosts use college football as jumping off points. Scottye takes his guests into a virtual reality stadium to be thrown around by the Roll Tide Rollercoaster starring Nick Saban and Paul Bear Bryant (of course). Meanwhile, Jim pitches a crossover with NASA as he welcomes everyone to Puntsville, USA, where the Rocket City has been tasked at helping Bama Football set its sights on...


Challenge: We Are The World (Pitch A New Theme Park)

It's a brand new season, and with it comes a new theme park! After discussing Jim's weather-shortened Disney vacation, both pitch their ideas for a new theme park. Scottye talks up Luna Land, a theme park based on the moon and all the expenses that might entail. Meanwhile, Jim asks why we would ever just settle on a Possum World and instead pitches Knokturnia, a park about all the world's nocturnal creatures. This is shot down, however, and you can listen in to find out exactly where we...


One Year Anniversary Special

It might be 12 days late, but dagnabbit it's our one year anniversary show! We discuss some of our favorite Disney & Universal Studios experiences and then rank our favorite attractions from the first year of the show. Spoiler alert: we hope you like camel-adjacent animals that happen to be on fire. The next season will start on September 24th, so use your free week to catch up on all the past seasons or if you haven't listened much (SHAME!) but hear something from this episode you might...


Challenge: The Greener Yard (Finalizing Our Theme Park)

This week, after discussing possible updates to Epcot's Spaceship Earth, we finish up the third season by nailing down final layouts for Versus, featuring Scottland on the left and JimCity on the right. Jim starts things off by having trouble explaining something he should be good at by now and Scottye follows it up with a confusing romp around promenades that may or may not be shaped like the male anatomy as drawn by MC Escher. Remember to tune in next week as we look back at the first...


Challenge: Wide Open Spaces (Random Name Attractions)

This week, after some bird-as-janitor watching somewhere in France, we get handed some random names with which to create attractions and neither of us really follows the rules. First up, Jim takes the name given to him last week and throws it out the window, instead finding a new random name - The Brass Knuckle, and decides on hiring a steampunk security gaurd to fill the name and, predictably, go haywire in order to be shut down by guests. Meanwhile, Scottye takes his name and throws it...


Challenge: Squatter's Rights (Attraction For Each Other)

This week, we try our hands at some devious underhanded trickery and bamboozlement as we design attractions for each other's sides of the parks. Scottye takes one look at Jim's personality and decides what JimCity needs is Spaceship Purrrrrth becuase it's not an OppAtt park without a geodesic sphere parody, especially one about animated felines. Meanwhile, in Scottland, Jim has trapped some guests in a game known as Bad Libs, a trackless maze of their own dreams and fears hosted by a spicy...


Challenge: Electric Holiday (Robot Attraction)

This week, after a quick discussion of cartoon-based phone messages, your plucky designers get on the proverbial dance floor and do the robot. First, Jim brings his guests to the JimCity Expo Center and his attraction Fight Botz, a somewhat crowd-controlled robot battle showcase where even if your bot loses in the ring, you win by getting quality destructive entertainment. Meanwhile, Scottye sets up shop on the border to Scottland with JimCity's Happy Fun Ride Of Joy (or whatever it's...


Challenge: The Band Concert (Night Time Spectacular)

This week, we create dueling night-time shows for our park to help our guests close out their magical days in style. First, Scottye weaves a tale known as The Story Of Scottland, a show with a 5-drink minimum and cannonfire. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile on the other side of the park, Jim more blatantly inflates his own ego in the style of the rock opera by way of the band Jimple Minds in his show Don't You Forget About Me, an incredibly faithful and one thousand percent true story...


Challenge: Get Rich Quick (Sponsored Attraction)

This week it's all about getting that sweet sweet $$ as we set about finding sponsors for our park's attractions. First, Jim corals two lucky sponsors into a familiar duel as La Croix and Captain Morgan compete in a Beverage Showdown, each creating attractions that help you feel a little drunk or a bit more refreshed, plus you can get a photo op with the Captain himself, or maybe a french hipster moose. Meanwhile, Scottye's marketing department has been burning the candle at both ends taking...


Challenge: The Simple Things (Get-A-Souvenir Attraction)

This week, we dig deep into our brains to create attractions where our guests exit with their own souvenirs! Prices and participation may vary! Scottye brings his guests to The Creation Corner where they can partake in writing challenges, leatherworking, painting, weaponsmithing, and of course mixology. Meanwhile, Jim sets his sights back on WeDew Mountain (from episode 3 of this season) and invites guests to UBU, pronounced "You Be You", a place where you can make your dreams of taking home...


Challenge: The Grocery Boys (Food-Based Attraction)

Everybody loves food, including your pals at Opposite Attractions, so this week we decided to make food the star of our attractions in so much as we could muster. First up is a ride-to-a-restaurant known as Jimmy's Buffet: Escape From Flavortown where guests escape from Johnny Garlic's and into a much nicer buffet down the street while riding in their own booths. Meanwhile, Scottye proves there was not much for Jim's guests to escape from as he wields his power to will Finkatouille into...