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astrology, amirite?

astrology, amirite?


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astrology, amirite?




Dylan Adler, born September 13th

The insanely talented Dylan Adler talks with us about Gauquelin Sectors, the songwriting process, and music that moms like. Follow Dylan on social media: @DylanAdler6 (twitter) @DylanAdler_ (instagram) Make sure to check out Dylan’s show, There Could Be 100 People in a Room, in the Queerly Festival 6/27 at 8:30pm at the Kraine Theatre! Get … Continue reading Dylan Adler, born September 13th →


Kat Burdick, born November 7th

The dynamically creative Kat Burdick talks with us about productive procrastination, youthfulness, and intense crafting. Follow Kat on social media: @drkatburdick (twitter) @katburdick (instagram) www.katburdick.com See Kat perform: She’s cohosting* the show Nightmares at the KGB Red Room on 6/19 at 7pm! *with Emily Flake


Jess Feeney, born February 14th

The absolutely wonderful Jess Feeney talks with us about bisexuality, gender identity, & being a triple aquarius. Follow her on social media: @justfeeney (twitter) @justfeeney (instagram) See her perform at Sic Joeks 6/29 at 7pm at The Footlight!


Davidson Boswell, born August 25th

The affably considerate Davidson Boswell talks with us about emotional intelligence, the therapeutic value of astrology, and butter. With guest cohost Tracy McClendon! Follow Davidson: @davidsonsobswell (IG) @davidsonboswell (twitter) Check him out in: The Roast of Netflix: Ted Bundy The American Pod Follow Tracy: @clearlygenius (IG) @clearlygenius (twitter)


Joseph Roberts, born September 18th

The splendiferous Joseph Roberts talks with us about past lives, mercury-ruled signs, and calling cats. Check out his show, Swamp Thing, 10pm every Monday night at The Creek & The Cave! Plus, Elise Edwards is on the next one (4/29)! Follow him on social media: @bongripsthebook (twitter) @bongripsthebook (IG) **Here are the lyrics to the … Continue reading Joseph Roberts, born September 18th →


Myq Kaplan, born October 7th

The masterfully articulate Myq Kaplan talks with us about self-reflection, pen pals, and all kinds of maps. Follow him: @myqkaplan (IG) @myqkaplan (twitter) Myq Kaplan (facebook) Myq Kaplan (patreon) Check out his podcast, Broccoli and Ice Cream! Watch his special, Small, Dork, and Handsome!


Greg Warner, born April 20th

The hilarious and perceptive Greg Warner talks with us about life lenses, religious beliefs, and various aspects of the feminine. With special guest cohost Tracy McClendon! Follow Greg on social media: @broccoligreg (twitter) @broccoligreg (IG) And check out his show, Hucksters, one Sunday a month at 8pm at Solas bar! The next one is this … Continue reading Greg Warner, born April 20th →


Jordan Kleine, born June 16th

The wonderfully sweet Jordan Kleine talks with Julia about the Persephone myth, being emotionally self-possessed, and some philosophy on the functionality of astrology. Follow her on instagram: @jordankleine and, as promised, a link to the serial killer study!


Anya Volz, born March 25th

The dynamic Anya Volz talks with us about things annually falling apart around her birthday, becoming interested in astrology, and the polarizing nature of both Aries and Gemini. Follow her: @anyavolz (twitter) @anyavolz (IG) anyavolz.com Check out her show, Thirst Trap! The next one is 3/28 at 9pm at C’mon Everybody! and stay tuned for … Continue reading Anya Volz, born March 25th →


Colin DiGarbo, born January 15th

The masterfully droll Colin DiGarbo talks with us about motivation, growing up with therapist parents, and what it means to really communicate. Follow him: @DiGarbo (twitter) @colin.digarbo (IG)


Pat Barry, born May 28th

The infectiously buoyant Pat Barry talks with us about evocative scars, having an unrelenting drive to relate, & awesome dads.


Max Bruno, born January 23rd

The vociferous Max Bruno talks with us about pickup artists, self-aware skepticism, and kickass manes.** Follow him: @MaxHBruno (twitter) @maxhbruno (IG) @awasteworld [fun cartoons!] (IG) See him perform: Live From Outer Space at Cobra Club, every Friday at 9pm! Freaky Torch at Dromedary Bar, every Sunday at 8:30pm! (Plus, he runs Freaky Torch with former … Continue reading Max Bruno, born January 23rd →


Jack Comstock, born December 28th

The electric Jack Comstock talks with us about managing competitive tendencies, bowling, and working up the courage to do karaoke. Follow him: @hackcomstock (twitter) @oljackyboy (IG) See him perform at Uh-Oh! Friday, 2/8 at 7:30pm! (tickets (free) available here)


Mini Episode: A Discussion on the Validity of Astrology, with Max Bruno

Unfortunately, some of the audio in Max’s episode got damaged, but while we attempt to salvage it, here’s some of the non-damaged audio!


Lizzy Cassidy, born October 30th

The savagely funny Lizzy Cassidy talks with us about age differences in relationships, working with others, and finding the levity in emotionally-wrought experiences.* Follow her: @lizzycassidy (IG) @li_zeeee (twitter) Check out her comedy open mic, Lizard Brain, Wednesdays at 11pm at The Creek & the Cave! *TW: conversation regarding sexual assault and/or violence beginning minute … Continue reading Lizzy Cassidy, born October 30th →


Hannah Boone, born October 31st

The winsome Hannah Boone talks with us about parents, self-awareness vs self-involvement, and the difficulty of keeping small talk “small.” Follow Hannah: @boonecomedy (twitter) @boonecomedy (instagram) Plus, check out her website, www.boonecomedy.com!


Tracy McClendon, born October 31st

The enchanting Tracy McClendon talks with us about romance, manipulation, and some spicier specifics. Follow Tracy: @clearlygenius (IG) @clearlygenius (twitter) Make sure to check out this show on December 10th (hosted by previous podcast guest Kara Lindsay)! TW: this episode contains some mention of sexual assault.


J.P. McDade, born January 24th

The remarkably-quick study J.P. McDade talks with us about emotional cowlicks, overcoming shyness, and water bottle salesmen. Follow him: @jp_mcdade (twitter) @mcdadebaby (IG) J.P. McDade (facebook) http://www.mcdadebaby.com Make sure to check out Too Many Cooks, a free (and awesome) comedy show he hosts (along with a few other talented folks), every Wednesday at 9pm at … Continue reading J.P. McDade, born January 24th →


Randall Otis, born September 30th

The multitalented Randall Otis talks with us about pain in art, separate bedrooms, and Halo Top. Follow him: @RandallOtisTV (twitter) @RandallOtisTV (IG) Randall Otis (facebook) Check out his shows: Wombat Comedy (8pm, one Wednesday a month, at VON Bar) Tyrannosaurus (9pm every Tuesday at RaR Bar)


Chemda, born December 2nd

Keith and The Girl’s Chemda talks with us about sore winners, horniness clouding judgment, and eventually becoming a witch. Follow her: @chemda (twitter) @chemdakatg (IG) Follow Keith and The Girl: @keithandthegirl (twitter) @keithandthegirl (IG) youtube.com/keithandthegirl (youtube) facebook.com/keithandthegirl (facebook) katg.com (website)