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Episode 20 - Marry, F, Kill? One of the guys has to choose! All 4 in Studio!

This week All 4 guys are back together! They talk about Matts Visit to Vegas, Kevin has the gout, Frank Brings snacks and John asks the tough questions to frank.. Find out who is getting married, who is getting F'd and Who is getting killed on this show.. Also find out if someone is jealous or not of the selections! We talk a little Election stuff, Zombies and so much more! AUDIO VERSION CLICK HERE VIDEO VERSION CLICK HERE



This week with the busy schedule of the guys and since it happened to be the 20th show, we thought it was a GREAT time for a best of.. Some of our funniest clips were put together to make a funny show! Relive them with us and give this show a listen! AUDIO VERSION CLICK HERE VIDEO VERSION CLICK HERE


Episode 19 - The Big Run, Birthday Party fun, Early Voting and VR Porn?!

We start this episode with a Backstage Pass! Then Frank talks about getting ready for his big run, We talk about Johns birthday party and franks eating! Kevin and Matt talk about early voting and go over the amendments! Then the guys go down a weird path and talk about VR Porn! Enjoy the show!


Episode 18 - The Many faces of frank & How to apologize to your spouse!

On this weeks show, Kevin calls in via skype from outter space! Frank talks about how the city of titusville has offered him a job! We talk about the many faces of Frank! Matt returns and sends frank a bill for helping him, The guys talk about "The Conners" and what they think about the show and We answer the age old question of how you apologize to your spouse! All this and more!


Episode 17 - Kanye and Taylor Swift talk, Sports, UCF Chaos, Bug Zapper War!?

The guys dive deep into politics and talk about Kayne west's outspoken moments this week and how negative of a recation he has gotten from democrats. The guys also touch on taylor swift and how a girl who sings about choosing the wrong guy shouldnt tell us who to vote for! Bug zappers are introduced to the show and the bricks are laid for a bug zapper fight! NCAA corruption proven by the rock on ballers? Kevin thinks so!! All this and more on a jammed packed hour and a half show!


Episode 16 - Cancer Chicken? John and Kevin loved by Gay men? Frank Loves THE VOICE!!!

The guys talk about getting hit on by other guys! John and Kevin talk about how they are "bears", Kevin Reveals he was googled, Kevin Loves the Real Housewives! Organic Chicken a waste of money?Kevin fears about going through a Brett Kavanaugh type of investigation, Frank talks abut his love for The Voice, Tarah sits in for a sick matt and turns the show into a reality TV Talk show! All this and more! Recorded Tuesday night.


Episode 15 - Chuck E Cheese Nightmare, Frank Drama, Kevin Loves Bravo network! 2 hour show!

On this weeks show John talks about his nightmare of taking matts kids to chuck e cheese for his nephews birthday party. Frank Plays games with the guys on the show and pretends he forgets saturday night is show night! Tarah Sits in for a few! Frank throws his fart pads at people! Kevin talks about his love for MTV and BRAVO TV.. Matt and john agree that this may be the show thats gets us kicked off after Kevin and Tarah re enact "The other sister". ALL this and more!


Episode 14 - Food delivered to studio, Frank goes on a eating binge, Democrat desperation and so much more!

On this weeks show Frank Finally pooped his pants! The Local - Kitchen and Tap restaurant in Titusville sends over a good delivery and the guys LOVE IT! Frank goes on a eating binge and consumes about 10,000 calories in one day, The guys talk about how the democratic party seems desperate. More audio problems resolved right on the air and we answer fan questions from the chat room!


Episode 13 - Going Facebook Live!!! Farts, low-riders and Kevin fires Frank as his running mate.

The guys try to go live for the first time on Facebook. Frank's butt steals the show, but not before John AKA Biggy tells the tales of his lowrider days and Kevin fires Frank as his running mate.


Episode 12 - Kevin running for Office? Nike & Kaepernick, Burt Reynolds, The NFL Returns and MORE!!

This weeks the guys covered the Poll of the week and discussed coming up with better polls. We went over the Mac Miller and Burt Reynolds deaths. We Played a little word assocsation.. Talked about the NFL.. Kevin and Frank relive their trip to Disney together and Kevin announced his bid for Titusville Office. So much and more! The guys even hosted a LIVE After Party on facebook! Check out our Fanpage for more.


Episode 11 - Fortnite addication, Parenting 101, Butt Glide and more!

Today the guys Recap the Fantasy Football draft held before the show, Dive deep into a new addiction that three of them share.. Kevin goes hard on parenting 101 and what the heck is Butt Glide? also was John Mccains funeral the right time to talk politics?! #ordinaryguys #podcast #fortnite


Episode 10 - Diet challenge RAGE!, Snot Dots? Frank No shows?!

On this episode the guys talk about the diet challenge that was started after the hot dog eating contest cause of how bad they looked on camera.. John goes in a rage over his wife not allowing him to eat anything, Kevin becomes a youtube expert and matt continues to build his RC Empire! Lets not forget about frank who well looked a little different for this show! Check out our Website https://www.ordinaryguysshow.com Check out our Store https://www.ordinaryguysshow.com/store


Episode 9 - NERD ALERT, Larping, Gas Attack and Someone QUITS!?

On this week show we find out who QUIT the show this week! The Guys also get their NERD on and talking about a lot of "geeky" subjects including Larping, RC Cars and Ice Dragons! The studio is attacked by toxic chemicals that bring the show to a screeching halt! Kevin leaves early and a special guest fills in for him! All this and more!!! Barbasol Shave Club - http://ordinaryguysshow.com/barbasol Audible Trial - http://ordinaryguysshow.com/audible


Episode 8 - Alex Jones's Gay Frogs? The NFL & Fantasy Football and more!

2 Free Audio Books - http://www.ordinaryguysshow.com/audible Barbasol Shave Club - http://www.ordinaryguysshow.com/barbasol Today the guys talk about many controversial topics, From Alex Jones being banned on socail media to his Gay frogs. We also talk about the NFL and reveal the poll results of "If they kneel will you watch". We talk about the high stakes in Fantasy Football and how loyal you really are to your team. The guys them get personal and talk about how they handle arguments...


Episode 7 - Quiet on the set!

Want a clean Shave Join The Barbasol Shave club - http://ordinaryguysshow.com/barbasol The Guys had some Technical difficulties but were able to bring it in and put a show together. The guys talk about Shaving a area of your body thats hard to reach, The struggle to juggle life, they take a wine taste taste and talk about the disturbing trend of tatoos on faces! Be sure to Subscribe, Like and hit that Notification Bell (next to Subscribe button). Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and...


Episode 6 - Drop to your knees!

The guys talk about a variety of topics today on the show! The Return of the NFL, Touch on some Politics, a few things kevin hates and even a gay porn challenge! Listen to all the the fun or watch us on youtube!


Episode 5 - Politics and Prostate exams! Just another show.

The guys continue to get comfortable behind the microphone and let loose this week. We dove into a little Politics talk, We talk about all the fun visits to Dr. for prostate exams. We debate about legalizing prostitution, and finally kevin talks about hating everything about California!


Episode 4 - Whoops, Guys I messed up!!

With Kevin on vacation Matt John and Frank try to hold it together long enough to discuss our favorite a-hole athletes, bidets and bring you comedic gold. But like a blind three legged dog, there was very little chance for us in the wild... Youtube - Search Ordinary Guys Podcast Twitter - @theog_podcast Instagram - @theogpodcast Facebook - http://facebook.com/ordinaryguyspodcast Ordinaryguysshow.com


Episode 3 - Who wears the pants?

This week on the podcast, the guys talk about who wears the pants in their family. We have a special guest sit in for a show, Kevin talks about what he hates most and what he loves most. Matt Executes an awesome IPA Challenge.. and the guys expose frank for his movie star tendencies.. Youtube - Search Ordinary Guys Podcast Twitter - @theog_podcast Instagram - @theogpodcast Facebook - http://facebook.com/ordinaryguyspodcast


Episode 2 - 4th of July Special

On this special Episode we Recap out 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest! We continue to go down a scary road with talk of Franks Too Short Shorts! The guys talk about what 4th of july means to them!