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Episode 37 - Drinking Buddies with Sam & Kerry

This week on the podcast the boys are joined by two drinking buddies, Sam and Kerry. Poop flies everywhere as they discuss Duke vs. FSU, The New Zealand Massacre, The Jacksonville Jaguars and The Greatest Quarterback to ever play the game... THE ONE and ONLY Dan "The Man" Marino. Kerry thinks that Ryan Tannehill is good... the rest of us do not... enough said.


Episode 36 - Winning the Lottery

So, this episode was originally designed to be a YouTube Only episode for our subscribers but it turns out that we do not have enough subscribers to do that... SO we're giving it to you audio listeners as well. Let us know what you would do if you had won the lottery


Episode 35 - Netflix and Chill

In Episode 35: Netflix and Chill Frank and Kevin talk about some of their top Netflix picks (at the moment). A thief in the night steals Frank's baseball mitt. We create some pretty rad apps. We talk a little bit of political smack. The Umbrella Academy = 6* The Punisher = 6* Ozark = 8* Our Last Video: https://youtu.be/aLJmXwgxQ64


Episode 34: Jeff "Murrda" Murray

In this Episode of the podcast we are joined by our good friend Jeff "Murrda" Murray for some real talk. Obviously we addressed the new Michael Jackson documentary on HBO and Kyle Dunnigan's awesome "Back from the grave" video! https://youtu.be/6p8CgdRLnDQ you have to watch this! Jeff breaks down some real life issues like custodial battles, dead beat dad stereo types, divorce and more importantly how much the legal system sucks... especially in the state of Florida. Feel free to comment...


Episode 33: Joe Parlapiano Talks Sports Betting, Online Gaming and Billiards

Special Bonus Episode! We had Joe Parlapiano in the studio over the weekend talking everything from sports betting to video games, oil fracking and more!! This is a must watch/listen! Check out Joe on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joe.parlapiano HUGE Shout out to our partners that made this one possible! American Regardless: www.americanregardless.com promo code "OGSHOW" for 10% off https://www.facebook.com/americanregardless/ https://www.instagram.com/americanregardless/ CITY...


Episode 32: 2 B Continued...

What's up everyone?!? In this episode of the podcast we sit down with our "Rival" podcast to discuss surrender terms, hostile takeovers, and peace agreements. However, like a scene from "Vikings" we may have all gotten so drunk that it may have turned into a love fest. We will see in about 9 months... Episode 32 would not have been possible with our new partners "American...


Episode 31 - Tyler Bledsoe

This week the Kevin and Frank test out a new studio. Who else to invite besides their good buddy Tyler Bledsoe. They falsely discuss the Jussie Smollett topic while were unable to determine an answer to the question "is this it for Jussie Smollett?". They also discuss Robert Kraft getting caught at a massage parlor. Listen to see which on is undecided and which one thinks he's been set up! Tyler briefly discusses drones, Kevin talks having bad luck and Frank talks to...


Episode 29 - Sam Boushie stops by, the boys talk sports, Kevto and top TV shows of all time

In this episode of the podcast the boys go live with their old friend Sam Boushie and talk high school sports, Kevto, and IMDB's top TV Show List. Kevin's deep knowledge of his own specialized diet is mind blowing as the boys talk about weight loss and how certain numbers sting more than others. Kevin has lost over 10 lbs in the last two weeks and both Sam and Frank over 20 since they started watching their diets.


Episode 28 - Superbowl, Prop Bets, Snacks and What the heck is Kevto?!

The guys get together and talk about a number of topics this week, John Pays the bills by rewarding Fantasy Football Winner, The Superbowl is talked about, Unlikely Prop Bets?, Kevins Spin on Keto and knowing it all and Favorite SNACKS! All this and more on The Ordinary Guys Show!


Episode 27 - Sober Kevin ashamed, Shut Down ends, Family Guy, Music and more!

The guys get together and talk about a number of topics this week, The Government shut down and how it affected a friend of franks, Family Guy ditching the Gay stuff, Sopranos coming back, and matt living under the watchful eye of Alexa! Plus they show off their new Grunt Style shirts and they are awesome! Check out https://www.gruntstyle.com & use promo code FIGHTER to get 20% off your order and tell them The Ordinary Guys sent you! Visit https://ordinaryguysshow.com for more...


Episode 26 - Drunk Kevin, Yes Sir Video and WE ARE HIRING!

Kevin is Wasted!!!! In probably one of the greatest days of our lives kevin comes to studio and has a hard time putting together sentences! The guys talk about the dude that looks like a lady that went off at game stop and are the guys hiring for real?


Episode 25 - Hooker Update, Franks got another Game Show, Comedian Mount Rushmore and more!!

On this weeks episode John gives an update on the hooker, Frank comes up with yet another game show, Kevin wants to talk about the comedian mount rushmore and all the guys chip in and give their thoughts on Bill Clinton getting favors while in office..


Episode 24 - THE BOYS ARE BACK! Holiday update, Matts going off the grid, Frank breaks his Junk, John gets a hooker and Keven is Mr Potato head!

The boys are back! After a long holiday break all four of the ordinary guys were back in studio to record their first podcast of the new year! The guys talk about their holiday, Talk about predictions for 2019.. Frank Tells us a story about how he broke his junk, The guys make fun of the fantasy football outcome, John tells us what happened to him during break, kevin goes on and on about his trip to ober/uber (whatever) and matt wants you to buy his house! All this and more on Episode...


Episode 23 - Highway to heaven or hell? Free deals? New game show invented?

The guys get together after a night at the christmas parade and some drinking. Frank books a one way ticket to hell by talking about church! Kevin uses the shows name to get free stuff and it actually works! Do you wanna be a millionaire? how about a Billionaire? Well Matt and Frank invent a new game show and John sounds interested! All this and more on this weeks show!


Episode 22 - Back from break, Cheap wine sampling. Thanksgiving stories and more!

The guys return from break and tell stories of thanksgiving, the food they had, the good times and the bad times.. Fantasy Football update? Which guy is fully eliminated from the playoffs? They also talk bout the break and how it felt to be back. Future ideas and more!


Episode 21 - Marry, F, Kill? One of the guys has to choose! All 4 in Studio!

This week All 4 guys are back together! They talk about Matts Visit to Vegas, Kevin has the gout, Frank Brings snacks and John asks the tough questions to frank.. Find out who is getting married, who is getting F'd and Who is getting killed on this show.. Also find out if someone is jealous or not of the selections! We talk a little Election stuff, Zombies and so much more! AUDIO VERSION CLICK HERE VIDEO VERSION CLICK HERE



This week with the busy schedule of the guys and since it happened to be the 20th show, we thought it was a GREAT time for a best of.. Some of our funniest clips were put together to make a funny show! Relive them with us and give this show a listen! AUDIO VERSION CLICK HERE VIDEO VERSION CLICK HERE


Episode 19 - The Big Run, Birthday Party fun, Early Voting and VR Porn?!

We start this episode with a Backstage Pass! Then Frank talks about getting ready for his big run, We talk about Johns birthday party and franks eating! Kevin and Matt talk about early voting and go over the amendments! Then the guys go down a weird path and talk about VR Porn! Enjoy the show!


Episode 18 - The Many faces of frank & How to apologize to your spouse!

On this weeks show, Kevin calls in via skype from outter space! Frank talks about how the city of titusville has offered him a job! We talk about the many faces of Frank! Matt returns and sends frank a bill for helping him, The guys talk about "The Conners" and what they think about the show and We answer the age old question of how you apologize to your spouse! All this and more!