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OverSaturated: The Podcast Episode 40 - Insecure-Like Feat. The 1st Ladies

Episode 40 – Insecure-Like. THE QUEENS ARE BACK! Sade and Ana are back to review Season 3 of the hit show, Insecure. Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. The Controversial Tweets By Bette Midler Where Discussed As Well. There’s a fun conversation that leads into the main topic. Then there’s a deep dive into the world of Insecure. PLEASE ENJOY!!!! Outro - Mereba - Black Truck Check Us Out On: Facebook: Oversaturated: The Podcast Instagram: oversatthepodcast Twitter: @Oversatpodcast Email:...


OverSaturated: The Podcast Episode 39 - Behind The Boards

Episode 39 – Behind The Boards. Johnnie has A VERY SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to begin the show. Ralph relives posting a video on Twitter/IG. #OFFTHEDOME is always dope. The Guys Answered Listener Submitter Questions. On Behind The Boards, They Have A Discussion on Some Of The Best Producer/Artists Combinations. PLEASE ENJOY!!!! Outro: Aaliyah – One In A Million Check Us Out On: Facebook: Oversaturated: The Podcast Instagram: oversatthepodcast Twitter: @Oversatpodcast Email: Oversatpodcast@gmail.com...


OverSaturated: The Podcast Episode 38 - Power Trippin'

Episode 38 – Power Trippin’ is Oversaturated’s Power Season 5 Recap! RIP Mac Miller and Ralph discussed a fatal experience. Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. They also get into the Serena Williams controversy at the U.S. Open and John Legend and The E.G.O.T. Nevertheless, Power Season 5 is broken down and all the highs and lows are discussed. PLEASE ENJOY!!!! Check Us Out On: Facebook: Oversaturated: The Podcast Instagram: oversatthepodcast Twitter: @Oversatpodcast Email: Oversatpodcast@gmail.com...


OverSaturated: The Podcast Special Episode 9 - Interview W/ Debbie L. London

Special Episode 9 – Interview W/ Author Debbie L. London. She is an author of two self-help books, Residue: Surviving and Overcoming the Stains of Generational Curses and Soul Ties and Your Facade is Showing: A Divorcees Perspective on Accepting Relationship Red Flags the First Time! Look Out For The #OFFTHEDOME Segment, as well as a great interview with Debbie. Also, they gave insight on the recent Nike “Just Do It” Ad Featuring Colin Kapernick. Please Enjoy!!!!!! Outro – Lyfe Jennings –...


OverSaturated: The Podcast Episode 37 - The Good Life Vol 3. W/Kelly

The Guys are Back Along With Kelly For The Good Life, Vol. 3! On this episode, look out for the #OFFTHEDOME Segment. They also discuss the French Open Hating on Serena Williams, Azelia Banks vs Wildin' Out. Kelly also pitches the topic of Publicly Shaming Friends. It's a Dope Conversation. PLEASE ENJOY!!!! Outro : 2Pac - Changes Check Us Out On: Facebook: Oversaturated: The Podcast Instagram: oversatthepodcast Twitter: @Oversatpodcast Email: Oversatpodcast@gmail.com Our Website:...


OverSaturated: The Podcast Episode 36 - Through The Lens

Episode 36 – Through The Lens. In Episode 36, The Guys Celebrate Hip-Hop’s 45th Anniversary with a Conversation about Hip-Hop Videos. Of Course the #Top5 is BACK! First, Ralph recaps his experience at the OTR2 Tour. Johnnie talks about his experience STL’s ISSACHAT. Look out for the #OffTheDome segment. Also, there was a listener submitted question, Best R&B Covers. PLEASE ENJOY Outro – Busta Rhymes - Dangerous Check Us Out On: Facebook: Oversaturated: The Podcast Instagram:...


OverSaturated Podcast Episode 35 - Fashion Killa

Episode 35 – Fashion Killa. On Episode 35, Oversaturated: The Podcast dives into the world of Hip-Hop Fashions. They Discussed Fashion By Regions, Best Hip-Hop Fashion Accessories, Clothing Lines and The Evolution of Fashion Throughout The Years. First, there’s a The B.R.E.A.K.S. Radio Live Show Recap, Johnnie Relives his trip to the BLERD-Con Convention. Watch out for the #OFFTHEDOME segment. Also, they guys give their thoughts on the new trailers for SHAZAM/AQUAMAN and LeBron James’s...


OverSaturated: The Podcast Episode 34: We Live Up To The Name

Episode 34- We Live Up To The Name. On Episode 34, The Guys Show You Why They Are Oversaturated: The Podcast. There’s always a great #OFFTHEDOME segment. They Talk About Everything from The Dream Selling Music Catalog for $23 Million Dollars to 2018 Emmy Nominations. They Debuted a NEW Segment , Called #SHOWTIME , Featuring @Flaw700, where they gave Summer Maddness 7 Predictions. Also, They Did A Ranking of Their Current Favorite, MCU Movies. The Top 5 is BACK! Outro – Aye Verb – Beautiful...


OverSaturated Podcast Episode 33 - Is It Worth The Subscription?

Episode 33 – Is It Worth The Subscription? In this episode, Johnnie and Ralph discuss Music Catalogs of Certain Artist and Discuss Is It Worth To Purchase Them In An Interesting Way. Oversaturated: The Podcast recently talked about their partnership into the Urban Mogul Life Podcast Network! Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. Also, Cardi B with another #1 Single on Billboard, Aubrey goes Platinum, and Have Any Of The G.O.O.D. Music Albums Been Successful? PLEASE ENJOY!!!! Outro – Lil’ Scrappy – Money...


OverSaturated Podcast Episode 32 - The Good Life Vol.2 w/ Kelly

Episode 32 – The Good Life Vol. 2 w/ Kelly (musicjunke)! Kelly is back to discuss underrated moguls and legends with us. First #OFFTHEDOME is always a great segment. Was Confessions the last great R&B album? What new R&B albums are we listening to? Has Kelly canceled Kanye West? Please ENJOY!!! Outro: Ella Mai – Boo’d Up The B.R.E.A.K.S. Radio Live Show Tickets:...


OverSaturated Podcast Episode 31 - Jermaine Dupri is the G.O.A.T?

Episode 30 – Jermaine Dupri is the GOAT? The Guys are back with another discussion breaking down the career of the Mogul, Producer, and Songwriter; Jermaine Dupri. Lookout for the #OFFTHEDOME segment, as well as, a brief talk on the Drake vs. Pusha T Beef. PLEASE ENJOY!!! Outro: Jermaine Dupri – Money Ain’t A Thang Jermaine Dupri Appreciation List Playlist: https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/jermaine-dupri-appreciation/pl.u-oZyl3MeI0DBzlP The B.R.E.A.K.S. Radio Live Show Tickets:...


OverSaturated Podcast Episode 30 - Earn Your PaperBoi Vol. 2 Feat. Mike

Episode 30 – Earn Your PaperBoi Vol. 2! The Crew Is Back With Their Atlanta: Robbin’ Season Review. This Episode They Are Joined By Mike (@donthackmike) of We Leave You This Podcast. Be On The Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. Was The University of Florida Wrong To Single Out Black Students For Celebrations During Graduation? The Atlanta Season 2 Review is One You Do Not Want To Miss. Please Enjoy!!! Outro: Amber -PaperBoi (Acoustic Cover) The B.R.E.A.K.S. Radio Live Show Tickets:...


Episode 29 - Unsung (The Underrated Women of R&B) Feat. Chaunice

Episode 29 – Unsung (The Underrated Women of R&B) Feat. Chaunice. The guys of Oversaturated invite fellow podcaster/blogger, Chaunice on the podcast. There is always a dope #OFFTheDOME segment. There is also a discussion on Childish Gambino’s new music video, “This is America”, as well as, Art vs. The Artists Conversation. The Guys Curated a List of Underrated Women in The R&B Genre. Listen to Their Takes on Each Artist. PLEASE ENJOY!!!! Outro: Keyshia Cole – Love The B.R.E.A.K.S. Radio Live...


Special Episode 8 - Infinity War Review

Special Episode 8 – Infinity War Review. First, Johnnie discusses his experience at the Pratcher – Davis Scholarship Gala. Ralph discusses a Day Party Situation Gone Bad! Also, we review the highly anticipated movie, Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Please Enjoy! Outro: Run The Jewels – Legend Has It The B.R.E.A.K.S. Radio Live Show Tickets:...


Episode 28 - G.R.A.A.P.

Episode 28 – The Greatest Rapper at A Point. (G.R.A.A.P.) Many rappers have reached a level of success but aren’t talked about in G.O.A.T. conversations; the guys from Oversaturated sit down to understand why. There’s an #OFFTHEDOME segment, you’re sure to enjoy. The guys also discuss J. Cole’s newest album, KOD, Marvel Infinity War Hype, and Kanye West’s Recent Tweets. Please Enjoy Outro: DMX – Who We Be Check Us Out On: Facebook: Oversaturated: The Podcast Instagram: oversatthepodcast...


Episode 27 - The Good Life Vol.1 W/ Kelly

Episode 27 – The Good Life Vol.1 With Kelly. The guys are joined by friend of the show ,Kelly, (@musicjunke) for a new segment called: The Good Life! First in #OFFTHEDOME, One Gotta Go Lyrically and If You Had Chance to Read a Tell All Book from any Celebrity/Public Figure, who would it be and why? They also discussed the Eric Bellinger/Torey Lanez Beef as well as a Vibe.com article written on East Saint Louis’s Own , King Skrilla The Good Life Topic is What Advice Did You Receive as Child...


Special Episode 7 - Interview with The Pratcher-Davis Foundation

Special Episode 7 – Interview W/ The Pratcher-Davis Foundation. This episode Johnnie and Ralph are joined by the Ladies of The Pratcher-Davis Foundation. These Ladies are Natives (along with Johnnie and Ralph) of East Saint Louis, IL and have decided to give back to the community through their foundation. They discuss a range of topics from: Tyrone The Scammer, Growing up in East Saint Louis, 89 Blocks Documentary Reaction, and the reason(s) behind starting the foundation. PLEASE ENJOY!!!...


Episode 26 - One Year In

One Year In!!!!! Official Episode 26 is the 1st ANNIVERSARY EPISODE of OVERSATURATED! In #OFFTHEDOME , What’s Your Favorite Cartoon and What’s The Ugliest Team Jersey/Logo You’ve Ever Seen? Quick Thoughts were offered on Victor Abloh becoming the Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton, Rappers (Jeezy) retiring, & Vince Staples Recent PSA. Then the guys reflect on the past year! PLEASE ENJOY! Outro: Nipsey Hussle Feat. Kendrick Lamar – Dedication Check Us Out On: Facebook: Oversaturated: The...


Episode 25 - Colonizer Music Appreciation Feat. Cleo Jones

Colonizer Music Appreciation! On Episode 25, Cleo Jones Returns!!! In the #OFFTHEDOME segment, Who’s on track to get an EGOT, Donald Glover or Common? Also, who has the best biscuit? We also do a Nostalgia Ain’t Sh*t Recap about 90’s Sit-Com Reboot Rumors. Was Mo’Nique Netflix Offer Too Low? Is Bruno Mars a Cultural Appropriator? Main Topic: We dive into the world of Blue-Eyed Soul. Please Enjoy Outro: Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgetting Apple Music Playlist -...


Episode 24 - Earn Your Paper Boi

Episode 24 –Earn Your Paper Boi is Oversaturated’s Official Recap for the hit show, ATLANTA. First, The Guys Had To Discuss The Black Panther Hype and Social Media Hypocrisies. There was a Music Video Conversation Regarding Blac Youngsta’s Booty and Drake’s God’s Plan. Also, they did discuss Nipsey Hussle’s New Album, Victory Lap. In the #OFFTHEDOME Segment, If you could reboot THE CARMICHAEL SHOW or SUVIVOR’S REMORSE, which one would you pick? If you could write a Prequel or Sequel to ANY...