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EP105 - Annnnnnnd we're back

After a lonnnnng hiatus, the boys are back and they're *bursting* with new tales and adventures from their sojourns around the world. PLUS, Color Values author and director of #BrownUpYourFeed, Mandy Harris-Williams drops by for a ki on social media health and how to take back control from the algorithms in your life. And of course, more warm and sticky fun in this month's Hottest Hookup. Mandy Williams-Harris: http://www.instagram.com/idealblackfemale POWERVERS is edited by Cody James Lane.


BONUS EPISODE 01: Everyone Loves a Quickie

The boys are busy recording the rest of season 1 of POWERVERS, so to tide you over, please enjoy this BONUS EPISODE, because everyone loves a quickie. After a preview of the rest of season 1, the boys share their Hottest Hookup of the Week: Vacation Edition, with Michael recounting his romp through Colombia and Arbie describing his hot encounter with the 'third leg brigade' from Thailand. New episodes of POWERVERS will be sliding into your inbox starting April 25th. Goody goody! About the...


EP104 - Knowledge is Ki: An Education, with Jarvis Derrell (@shehashadit)

Michael gets called out for cultural appropriation while exploring the topic of immediacy, and Arbie reveals the secret language he and his friends used while still in the closet in college, as the boys unpack queer language and vernacular and its roots in the ballroom culture of queer people of color. ALSO: the queer cryptolect Polari, the YAAAS mentality, and a special NYC edition of the HHOTW. Joining the podcast this week is Jarvis Derrell, host of VH1 Celebrity’s Jarvis in the Elevator,...


EP103 - On Thy Knees, Special Guest: Taylor Frey (@taylorfrey)

In "On Thy Knees", the boys tackle the oftentimes messy and difficult subject of religion within the queer community. Their most vulnerable episode yet, both Arbie and Michael share their (surprising) religious histories, and explore what it means to be spiritual and queer. ALSO, the boys get a special visit from film, television, and Broadway star, Taylor Frey, who shares his own spiritual journey. About the Podcast: Co-hosts Arbie Mosley and Michael Holt, two young(ish) friends from San...


EP102 - 'Two Sluts, Looking for Love?', Sex Positivity, Slut Shaming, Miss Judea

The boys are back after Eat-Pray-Loving their way through SE Asia (Arbie) and Colombia (Michael) on episode 2 of Powervers, “Two Sluts, Looking for Love?”. Join them as they explore their experiences with sex positivity and slut shaming within the Queer community, PLUS: Ethical Sluthood, the history of sex positivity, and the beauty of touch. In this week’s HHOTW: Arbie goes DEEP with a hottie, while Michael gets sweet with a friend. And Michael gets schooled on sex positivity by this week’s...


EP101 - Masc4Masc, Folsom Street Fair, Andy Simmonds (@heyrooney)

In episode 1, "Masc4Masc", Arbie and Michael, two friends living in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, break down hypermasculinity inside the queer community and explore their experiences with seeking out masculinity in their hookups and relationships. Also in episode 1: Folsom Street Fair, Life Size Barbies, Carnality, Love Taps, and more. PLUS, a special Halloween edition of their Hottest Hookup of the Week. We're also SO pumped to have special guest Andy Simmonds, illustrator of the...