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Series 3, Episode 2 - PodCath Me If You Can

I'm doing a poo it's pbam 3:2! Listener dear I really am doing a poo as I write this!! But don't let that distract you from this smashing job lot of chat and fun with your three favourite podcasters. Speaking of job lot I've now finished my poo! Onwards!! Enjoy!!


Series 3, Episode 1 - Pot Noodles in Time

Staring straight into the sun it's PBam 3.1. As the sun rises in your ear canal on a brand new year - the three shamans of podcasting Clark, Crosby and Parry whisper into a solstice of chat fun and guff to bless the 12 months ahead. Hear we go listener dear!! 'tis the age of Earquarius.


Series 2, Episode 12 - All The Trimmings

Into the manger we delve for PBam 2.12 as the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh of the podcasting world meet atop a hill to follow the star all the way to your ear canal. Wake the shepherd and tell him it's worth a listen as Tom, Matthew and Ben pretty much discuss Christmas number ones until Baby Jesus is ready to say 'Christmas'.


Series 2, Episode 11 - Election Special

Turn it up to eleven it's PBam 2.11. An early PBam drops just in time to save the world as your favourite podcasting triple threat - Clark, Crosby and Parry - wade in to the world of politics. No space for bangers just white hot topical chat. Move over Paxman. Your days are numbered. In your ears in your week!


Series 2, Episode 10 - Rug on a Plinth

Monarch of the glen its PBam 2.10! Your three favourite candidates for president of the United Casts of Poderica are back with their best campaign yet! Cast your vote for chat, bangers and high jinx as these three go head to head debating such political hot potatoes as kitchens, ghosts and all kinds of nonsense! God bless the ear canal!


Series 2, Episode 9 - Test Tube Nephews

Nickle and Dime it's PBam 2.9. Your three fave word bakers are back! So set your ear ovens to chat as Ben, Matthew and Tom serve up a fresh batch of piping hot fun! Kneading away at such topics as uncles, horses and Neil Young - let's find out if the Bangers and Mash comes out perfectly risen. Ready, steady, Chat!


Bonus Treaty Ride: Flatshare Slamdown Series 6, Episode 4

Greetings listener dear!! You may or may not know that, as well as your beloved PBaM, we also have a live podcast called Flatshare Slamdown. If you aren't already a listener we thought we'd give you a chance to hop on board the Flatslam Podbus by popping a classic Flatslam on your PBaM feed. Don't worry you'll also be getting your regular ear-canal filling portion of bangers and mash on the 15th. If you enjoy it you can get all the episodes from our chums at British Comedy Guide:...


Series 2, Episode 8 - Pick Up Thy Zorb and Roll

Wills & Kate! It's PBam 2.8. Sound the fanfare as the bronze, silver and gold medalists of podcasting hop aboard the podium of sound and sing their national anthems of chat and laugh down your ear canal at world record pace. In a race towards your heart and mind, they cover such events as zorbs, balloons and robots. On your marks- get set- BAM!!


Series 2, Episode 7 - Inherent Urban Vibe

Road trip to Devon, it's PBam 2.7!! The three horseman of the aPODcalypse are galloping back into town. Join Ben (pestilence) Matthew (war) and Tom (both famine and greed) as they jump the fences of sketch and chat and gallop though such topics as wigs, dens, big roll and the true identity of producer Pegs. Giddyup!!


Series 2, Episode 6 - A Bagged Peach

Kicking against the pricks, it's PBam 2.6. The bangers and mashers return in a 1-1-1 formation (Crosby-Clark-Parry) and with only one strategy, all out attack of chat on the listener dears ear canal! Finally tackling the big topics of plastic and parenthood, will they score a hat trick of chat, sketch and joy?! Yes they will! 3-0!!


Series 2, Episode 5 - Crosby Still Loves Mash

Licence to drive it's PBam 2.5!! The Clarkson, Hammond and May of podcasts rev their mouths and slide their chat into top gear as they speed headlong down your ear canal direct to your brain, picking up speeding tickets of hilarity en route. Wrapping, The Sound Of Music and mashed potato! Mirror, signal, GO!!


Series 2, Episode 4 - What Goes Up Must Go Backwards Up

Unscrew and pour - it's PBam 2.4. Our fearless explorers Matthew, Tom and Ben have strapped on their crampons, readied their climbing rope and launched a full scale expedition of your very ear canal. It's a dinner party for your brain as we serve up a feast of puzzles, movies and anecdotes. Come let us feast our ears. You can find the PBaM crossword here:


Series 2, Episode 3 - Shoreditch Ballpool

To you to me! It's PBam 2.3. To you dear listener! The three original gangsters of podcasting load their 'clips' into their 'gats' (but think 'words' instead of 'clips' and 'mouths' instead of 'gats') and 'shoot' you in your 'face' with their 'WordBullets' ('talk at you', 'ears', 'WordBullets') This fortnight they target the art world so stitch your ear back on and cheer up Van Gogh! In your ears! In your week!


Series 2, Episode 2 - I Am My Own Culture

Hullaballoo! It's PBaM 2.2. Call Desmond the ArchBishop and tell him his three most trustworthy podcasters are back to adorn the online airwaves with decorative chat and shiny sketches! Your ears may well shit themselves with joy as such subjects as god, summer fetes and words all get the PBaM makeover! Enjoy!


Series 2, Episode 1 - Jamiroquai's Third Bollock

With the rise of the sun - it's PBaM 2 point 1!! Everyone's three favourite podcasters rear their ugly heads and welcome a brave new dawn of bold chat, brave sketches and fearless codswallop as we take you, dear listener, by the ear and head into a new era of PBaM. Let's kick things off with sexting, the 90's and Cluedo shall we?


2015 Trailer

P-Bam is back. Yes! Your one-time favourite podcast returns with all new episodes. Award winning sketch team, Pappy’s (Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby and Tom Parry), record themselves having a chat then write sketches based on that chat. They then mix the sketches back into the chat like bangers into mash.


Episode 24 - Druids are Forever

Want plenty more? It's P­BAM 24! Podcast ahoy dear listener! We're back sailing down your ear canal and into your week with a purely mash based P­BAM or P­MAM (Mash and Mash) if you will. Where Ben, Matthew and Tom junk the juicy bangers of sketch so we can dive head first into one massive steaming pile of mash that attempts to deal with the circus, pagans and farts. Full Mash Ahead!


Episode 23 - Doris Had Rickets

Put 2 sugars in ya tea, it's P­BAM 23! Our three swashbuckling podcasteers Matthew, Ben and Tom hop on their chat horses, place their razor sharp sketches in their scabbards and cry 'all for one and one for sketches and chat' as they tilt their trusty steeds at such windmills of conversation as surnames, teams and tattoos. CHAAAARGE!... your listening device to ensure you don't run out of battery half way through.


Episode 22 - A Bit Tawny

HELLO YOU! It's P­BAM 22. Ben, Matthew and Tom return from their enforced exodus in the podcast free desert and hurl themselves into the lush waters of the oasis that is P­BAM. Bathing in such hydrating topics as patriotism, owls and the fabric of time itself. Come on in dear listener, the water (podcast) is lovely (about 35 mins long).


Episode 21 - Mash and Mash

Tango and Cash! It's a full plate of Mash. Greetings Dear Listener! Prepare to enjoy this MEAT FREE serving of PBAM where the bangers have been thrown out to make way for extra mash as Matthew, Ben and Tom tackle such pertinent issues as underwater surveillance, vegetarian haggis and angry tears. Also they make a big announcement!! Hells Bells. Get into it dear listener. mash mash mash.