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Have you ever wanted to sit down with your favorite artists and talk about what happens behind the scenes? Have you wanted to hear the crazy stories about recording, touring, and creating art that we all know exist? Performance Anxiety gets those stories for you.

Have you ever wanted to sit down with your favorite artists and talk about what happens behind the scenes? Have you wanted to hear the crazy stories about recording, touring, and creating art that we all know exist? Performance Anxiety gets those stories for you.


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Have you ever wanted to sit down with your favorite artists and talk about what happens behind the scenes? Have you wanted to hear the crazy stories about recording, touring, and creating art that we all know exist? Performance Anxiety gets those stories for you.






Tobias Nathaniel (The Red Step, The Black Heart Procession)

We’re joined by a musician who thrives when he’s uncomfortable. Tobias Nathaniel’s greatest enemy is muscle memory. That’s why he switched from guitar to organ. He formed The Black Heart Procession and kept his penchant for being uncomfortable by playing instruments like sheetmetal and being the wedding band for Melvins drummer Dale Crover’s nuptials. He also explains how he inadvertently wrote Rick & Morty’s Evil Morty Theme. Toby moved to Serbia to show solidarity with vampires & possibly...


Tamar Aphek

Tamar Aphek has been called Israel’s guitar goddess. Her music is a wild combination of styles and genres. She’s fearless and knows exactly what sounds she’s looking for. But she didn’t start out as a guitar deity. She began her musical journey with piano. Singing came a little after that as she joined a prestigious children’s choir. It wasn’t until she was 18 that she really started listening to rock music. I learned that she looks at writing music like crashing a car into a tree. I also...


Keith Lowell Jensen

Keith Lowell Jensen is a comedian. He doesn’t use music in his act. He doesn’t play in a band on the side. But he started performing as a frontman in bands growing up, and that experience gave him a head start in comedy. He began his comedy career abruptly with Spike & Mike’s Festival of Animation as kind of a one man cover band of comedy. He’s performed with a lot of great artists, including an unexpected gig opening for Wu-Tang Clan. He’s performed in China as a judge for a comedy show and...


Ryan Scully

Let’s welcome singer, guitarist, & all around chill dude, Ryan Scully to the podcast. We talk about a lot of different topics, getting a little philosophical at times, but in a way that ultimately ends in one of laughing. He tells how he wound up in New Orleans after growing up in Missouri, working in his family’s restaurant. He also tells me about how he found his own voice as a songwriter. He’s written a children’s album and even been able to incorporate his kids into his wider releases....


Side Projects: Unplugged with Grey Daze

Sean Dowdell and Mace Beyers from the band Grey Daze join the show to talk about their favorite Unplugged albums. And as luck would would have it, they are releasing their own acoustic EP called Amends...Stripped. It’s acoustic versions of five tracks from their recent album Amends. Grey Daze was Chester Bennington’s band before he shot to stardom in Linkin Park. It’s a rare chance to hear someone on the precipice of explosive success in a stripped down version. It’s a limited release so I...


Alfie Agnew (D.I., Professor and The Madman)

We welcome SoCal punk legend & legitimate scientist, Alfie Agnew to the podcast. Alfie spent his youth with his brothers Rikk & Frank defining the SoCal punk sound. We talk about that and what it takes to create a new musical landscape. He was a vet by the time he was a junior in high school. But one book changed the entire trajectory of his life. After decades in academia, writing pieces like A Trace Formula for a Family of Jacobi Matrices, Analysis and its Applications, he began making...


Tom Biller

Today we're joined by recording engineer, producer, musician, gardener, part-time luthier, & breakfast burrito enthusiast, Tom Biller. He's worked with heavyweights like Jon Brion, Fiona Apple, & Kanye West. I think it all started with the amazing advice his dad gave him about taking guitar lessons: Learn how to play & then we'll think about lessons. He won a grammy...and then broke it. He's been keeping busy during the pandemic by doing some mixing, fixing up the Beastie Boys' old studio, &...


Corey Ledet

Today we are joined by royalty. Corey Ledet’s family has been at the forefront of jazz, bebop, blues, & zydeco from the beginning. His grandfather, Buchanon, is known as the originator of the double clutch drum pattern that defines zydeco. Corey started in his grandfather’s footsteps, as a drummer, playing professionally by the ripe old age of ten. But things really started to click when he took up the accordion. One of Corey’s albums was nominated for a Grammy (I think the only reason it...


Robert Duncan

We’re joined by author Robert Duncan. He’s led a pretty rock & roll life. He saw the Beatles live, walked out of The Who on their first US tour, & played “22” with Mitch Ryder. One of his first writing assignments was interviewing KISS the same day Paul Stanley got his infamous rose tattoo. He became the first managing editor at Creem Magazine, working with the legendary Lester Bangs and wrote the first ever unauthorized biography of KISS. His amazing story of how he met his wife led to his...


Andrew Toy

Let’s welcome drummer Andrew Toy to the Performance Anxiety family. He’s played in so many genres of music that I lost count. He likes to use music genres like chords; building one on top of another to create something unique. And it began by playing on a cruise ship! Now he’s got a solo album out that is full of experimental percussion. And it’s a true solo album. He plays everything. It’s called Guardrails and you really need to check it out at or @atoydrummer on social...


Dale Crover (Melvins)

Dale Crover joins us. You may remember him from one of his many bands: The Melvins, Altamont, Redd Kross, or maybe The Dale Crover Band, who are releasing a new album. If you’re not familiar with Dale’s solo music, it’s definitely a separate entity from The Melvins. But Dale tells some great stories about Gene Simmons & KISS, meeting Buzz, playing biker sleepover parties as a teen, & Greg Bissonette. He’s also done a little acting. He played both young AND old Neil Young in the Harvest Moon...


Glenn Morrow

We’re joined by head honcho at Bar None Records & founder of Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help, Glenn Morrow. We talk about his career in music as a musician as well as head of a record label. He’s worked with some great bands & former guests like The Mendoza Line & El Ten Eleven. Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help has just released their second album & we discuss the new difficulties releasing music during the COVID era from both the musician’s and the label’s perspectives. Follow Glenn & Bar None on...


Christian Kjellvander

Today’s guest may have the hardest last name to pronounce. Christian Kjellvander joins us to discuss his new album, About Love and Loving Again. But first we have to figure out how he got there. His career started as a Swedish slacker. But he soon realized how much he loved creating music. That’s when his sound changed. His bass voice combined with the Americana vibe of the music is familiar but he likes to throw listeners some curveballs, like recording a doom country album with Tonbruket....


Peter Milton Walsh (The Apartments)

I’d like to welcome Peter Milton Walsh of The Apartments to the show. Peter’s life has been full of triumphs and unimaginable tragedy. He survived the drug fueled 70’s Brisbane music scene and moved on to the form the band The Apartments. He moved to New York for a fresh start and then relocated to England where he signed to Rough Trade. After his first a couple of EP’s and a full length album, he found a coveted spot on the soundtrack for the John Hughes film, Some Kind of Wonderful. But in...


Side Projects: In Defense Of Hair Metal

Welcome to a very special episode of Performance Anxiety. Today we tackle a very sensitive subject: The defense of hair metal. No other podcast will touch this volatile topic. But we here at Performance Anxiety, a proud member of the Pantheon Podcast Network, are willing to traverse the minefield that is hair metal. We tangle with topics like the best hair metal for the gym; What hair metal band will clear out a wedding; and is there a new batch of hair metal bands emerging? But we start the...


B.J. Cole

This was such a cool episode. First of all, I’ve got my new mate Spencer Cullum co-hosting with me. But just as exciting is my guest B.J. Cole. B.J. has played on some of the most loved albums of all time. He’s played with Elton John, Sting, T. Rex, Bjork, Gerry Rafferty, Robert Plant, Richard Ashcroft, & The Verve. He & Spencer talk about how the role of pedal steel is changing, even in Nashville and their scariest moment on stage (and it’s basically the same moment for all pedal steel...


Side Projects: Music & The Paranormal with Morgan Geer & Josh Moss

This is a weird episode. It’s all about music and the paranormal. But the really weird part is the panel I’ve put together. I’m joined by former guest Morgan Geer of Drunken Prayer, first time guest Josh Moss of The Modern Folk, & my daughter Maggie. We discuss Mothman, Bigfoot, ghosts & their loopholes, & the music written about them. I would love you guys to check Drunken Prayer & The Modern Folk on bandcamp. Drunken Prayer has a great Christmas single out now & you can pick up The Modern...


Purple Witch Of Culver

Welcome Sarah Safaie & Evan Taylor to the show. Together they are Purple Witch of Culver. They’re an experimental, jazz, electro funk duo with an infusion of poetry. Sarah tells me that one of her musical influences is Lisa Simpson and Evan’s parents have an unusual way of showing their support for his choice of career. Oh, and Evan’s mom calls in the middle of the podcast. The duo has three singles out right now and they’re like nothing else that’s come out in 2020. The sound is a mix of...


Side Projects: Dark Mark Does Christmas

Happy Holidays from Performance Anxiety, part of the Pantheon Podcast Network. This show is kind of like a stocking stuffer. It’s a short update from Mark Lanegan. Since he came on the podcast last, his book has been a huge success, winning several awards and an updated edition is out with a forward by legendary bassist Peter Hook from Joy Division, New Order, & Peter Hook & The Light. Mark has also recorded and released the audiobook version. He is releasing his Dark Mark Does Christmas...


Don Rauf (Life In A Blender)

Don Rauf from Life In A Blender joins us today. They have a new EP out called Satsuma, and it’s kind of special. Not only does it contain 6 great new songs, 5 of which were inspired by the Bushwick Book Club, but there is beautiful artwork, AND a cocktail recipe for each track! But we go a lot deeper than that. Don talks about how his musical journey began in a Poughkeepsie dump. And if you think the name Life In A Blender is offbeat, you should hear the alternatives! As this pandemic...