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Episode 28: A Novel Approach to Diabetes

Wear your oven mitts, because this week, Cory gets HEATED and Zaq is fired up he can't even play devil's advocate! The two discuss the article below regarding a small study published about 3 patients whose Type 2 Diabetes, despite being insulin dependent, we effectively put into remission through intermittent fasting. Cory opines on how ineffective the standard of care, and expresses hope about the changing tide of treatment. Zaq agreement. In the episode, Cory references Dr. Jason...


Programming Announcement

A brief announcement about our change in programming schedule!


Episode 27: Keeping it Brief

Despite trying to reduce the controversy after last week, the two take on one of the hottest topics of all: Boxers vs Briefs. Specifically, in terms of sperm production and motility, as outlined: While the two talk about the merits of different underwear, they delve into a slightly more philosophical discussion on the numerous choices we have in life, and how having too many can actually be worse than fewer. They leave...


Episode 26: Pharma Bros

In what is probably the most contentuous episode of Pharmacomedy yet, Zaq and Cory break down the following article That discusses one pharmaceutical company's decision to increase the price on nitrofurantoin. The two go back and forth on the downside of greed, and the economic realities of having shareholders. Please know, whatever your opinion, Zaq and Cory, despite their differences (of which they...


Episode 25: The Medical Chart is a Legal Document

Did you realize the medical chart is a legal document? Because it appears some who use it don't remember. Zaq and Cory cover some instances of unprofessional chart use, from laziness, to fights, and some downright (pharma) comedy. Cory then asserts the social media generation has led to some of the poor chart use. Listen to hear Zaq's eyes roll!


Episode 24: Dr. Pete Responds

We are back...and are truly sorry for missing last week! Zaq and Cory respond to an email from superfan "Dr. Pete" regarding our episode on Viagra and nitrates. Trust us, you don't want to miss it! If you have a comment or question, you can always contact us at


Fall Break

Cory and Zaq are taking the week off! Just a quick note of thanks for getting us to over 1000 downloads! Check back soon for new episodes!


Episode 23: Dont Call Them Scripts

Oh brother...this week Cory gets on his soapbox and rails against calling prescriptions "scripts." He thinks it demeans their value, the profession of pharmacy, and sets a dangerous precedent by cheapening healthcare. more skeptical. Ultimately, it will take a reference to the book/movies "Dune" to set things straight.


Episode 22: Do You Take Nitrates for Chest Pain?

This week Cory recounts an incident involving a provider who ignored the most basic lesson of PDE5 inhibitor Direct to Consumer Advertising: Do not take if also taking nitrates for chest pain. It then turns into a discussion about "Devil May Care" attitudes in health care an the possible consequences. Also, they touch on the aburd notion to just not take as needed nitrates for chest pain if taking a PDE5 inhibitor.


Episode 21: Checking in and Balance

This week, Zaq and Cory catch up on the myriad of things going on in their lives including new jobs, adventures in school, and even a surgical procedure. They then touch on balancing all of their obligations.


Episode 20: Sweat the Details

This week, the pair discuss an uncomfortable, but totally natural process: sweating. They then delve into a new product, Qbrexza, recently approved for hyperhydrosis. This leads them to a deeper discussion about the real life consequences of cosmetic procedures and medications.


Episode 19: Binge Drinking-Good or Bad?

Finally! Finally some real definitive evidence that can finally settle if we should be recommending binge drinking to patients! We tackle a Medscape review (link below) that explores binge drinking's effects on blood pressure and lipids and may even come to a surprising conclusion. We then play one of our favorite games, "diving into Medscape comments", and conclude we should use music from the original Super Mario Brothers to intro it but don't have the capacity to play...


Episode 18: Great Vacation Expectations

Cory and Zaq are back! Even though they never really left you with out a weekly dose of Pharmacomedy. This week, the two rehash their very different vacation experiences to the state of New York, discuss the importance of mental health breaks, and avoiding the trap of having specific vacation expectations.


Episode 17: Emergency Room Tectonics

This week, we put the "logical" in Geolgical. We dive into a recent story about an ER physician berating a patient, and inquire into the many levels of why it happened. Both Cory and Zaq agree the physican's behavior was unnaceptable, discuss how it got to that point of eruption, but are left wondering what about the story we aren't aware of. Their conclusion: "plate tectonics" of the ER (and any healthcare setting) are often shifting and brewing beneath the surface, but we only see and deal...


Episode 16: J-O-B

This week, Cory brings up a possible job change and the accompanying preparation, planning, and outlook as his interview draws near. We tackle the why of his change, and his plans if he does not get the job. Cory also talks about lessons he learned early in his career, and how following his "passion" left him frustrated (moreso with himself than the jobs). His disallusion with passion following leads them to discuss a recent book Cory has read by Cal Newport called "So Good They Can't...


Episode 15: PPI, More Like PP WHY?!

AMIRIGHT?! Punny title aside, this week we discuss another of Cory's family medication issues. This time, an aunt has been on omeprazole for 6 years...and she's not sure why she's still taking it...or was on it in the first place. Does this scenario sound familiar? Cory then takes a dive into the possible long term consequences of PPI use, and we go deeper into the world of inappropriate medication use. Zaq suggests that if a patient is unsure about why they are taking a medication, they...


Episode 14: A Turn Towards the Gray Area

This week begins with a situation Cory encountered where his high hopes for a journal article in assisting in a clinical situation were dashed. What was supposed to be a rant against pointless articles takes a turn towards the realities of just how many decisions in health care end up in a gray area.


Episode 13: Hungry Hungry HIPPAs

This week, the intent was to break downa piece of "weird news" about a man suing CVS for disclosing their Viagra Rx: However, midway through the episode, Cory and Zaq have an atonement and launch into a discussion of what exactly this is "wierd" news based on the medication involved. Cory and Zaq share personal stories regarding HIPPA violations and being unfomfortable with certain meds. Stick...


Episode 12: IHOP is now IHOB, and it Totally Relates to Pharmacy

We start this week by reading two (and our only two) very kind iTunes reviews. Next, Cory is determined to discuss the rebranding of IHOP to IHOB while relating it to pharmacy, and Zaq doesn't think he can pull it off.


Episode 11: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly in the Same Jar

This week, we discuss the newly approved combination pill that literally no one has been asking for: Consensi, the hot new amlodipine/celecoxib combo and why rebranding already approved drugs doesn't mean progress in the right direction. We also attempt to play the "Polypharmacy Game" but Cory realizes it's much harder to play when your partner is not also a pharmacist. We also read some comments from other health care providers regarding Consensi, and are intrigued by the lone commenter in...