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Mark Gets Robbed

Mark goes to LA and returns to find out that all of his stuff was taken. Also Dawood gets booked at a sketchy festival run by felons, and we await the demise of yodeling kid. Are there dating apps in Afghanistan? Dauoood pretends to know, and we all psycho analyze his “type”. Joey wonders if we should profesionalize the operation, and who cares? We’re too lazy to do it anyway.


The Mind of Mark

Yes, we talk about Khaled eatin’ box, Kanye + Trump, Hawaii exploding, seeing boobs as a youth and how racism is causing STDs. But mostly, we get a peak inside the mind of Mark Smalls, who has been WRONGED by Starbucks, and the news media doesn’t seem to be watching THAT story. We also talk about a new supplement he’s been microdosing and Daaauood explains the concept of imaginary poops.


Beyonce Sucks

Controversial opinions are flying as Joey red pills everyone by not loving Beyonce in potentially the most offensive opinion ever, because it’s not okay to not be obsessesed with her now. Also Mark finds out what low T means and reveals that there is a secret town of dentists in Mexico, potentially the birthplace of the Mexican tooth fairy, and definitely the birthplace of the business Mexican. It’s also bring your God to the amusement park day and we uncover the ghost of Robin Williams.


Daoodd’s Ex Girlfriend: Live from Coachella

THE FIRST GUEST OF PIER 69 IS DAUOD’S EX GIRLFRIEND, EMILY. She comes to you live from campsite at Coachella to give her side of the many stories. Double Pier 69 first alert. On location. With a guest. We also welcome our second guest in part two, James Mwaura of the Colored Commentary Podcast. We cover life at Coachella, as well as the best documentary series on Netflix right now Wild Wild Country. Also, Soul Plane, allowances, and growing up with different backgrounds. So if you don’t go...


A Podcast Interrupted

Mark gets punked in a road rage incident, Daoudd tries to explain how he gets profiled, and the entire podcast gets derailed by a lost drug addict who rambles about radio frequncies and tries to come inside. Joey offends someone at a party with a podcast character and Andrew steals Daoudd’s idea. Also, Conor McGregor loses it, and we debate if happiness possible.


Success & Jealousy

Mark hates when other people succeed, Dauoodd’s chest isn’t that hairy, and the podcast considers a rebrand. Also the rusty trombone comes out for a play and Andrew is the victim of an elaborate birthday prank. The boys investigate Pizzagate and Facebook’s data breech and Joey tries to reference Malcom Gladwell for about 30 minutes… because he reads sometimes. Dauoodd uncovers the secret of smart Asians and everyone finds out their superpower.


Middle Eastern Picnic

Well pack up your snake baskets and drape a cloth over your ladies we’ve got a Middle Eastern picnic for you this week, featuring our first ever BONUS CONTENT and a re-examination of the tooth fairy. What do YOU think is really going on? That’s not the only conspiracy afoot, considering the moon landing is fake, and you’re probably getting catfished. Loser. Andrew is gone but he calls in and hits his word quota. 7. And it turns out Hitler’s birthday is 4/20, is getting baked really the way...


this one sucked

Idk. We tried very hard


The Pittsburgh Sinbads

It’s a late night for the boys but the Mandela effect sets them off sailing the Seven Seas with Sinbad and Captain Crunch who leads them to White Genocide in South Africa. Argg! Mark gives us a window into his life and light is shed on the true motivations of Thomas Edison. Plus video game stadiums, Aristotle, and the end of Toys R Us.


Andrew Finally Talks

The boy does it. He spreads those wings. Also David cries. Joey drinks. And Mark thizzes. Plus an attempt at politics.


The Trial of Joey’s Joke

Starting off a man down, this episode plows through the San Francisco poop crisis into the familiar territory of robot sex. Mark and David divulge a repulsive habit, and Andrew goes to see Black Panther. Later, Joey ventures into hostile political territory on stage and an audience member hits him with some logic. The group deconstructs if and he went wrong and where. Then we discover the dark documentaries Mark has been watching, the true history of the Statue of Liberty, and find out why...



This week we talk David’s life changes and how he and Mark hate the Super Bowl, America, and fun… Almost as much as Andrew hates talking. We #survivetheholograms and Mark accidentally signs up for a rap battle. Joey Brostradamus swings by in his van for some hippy wisdom and we discuss the primest environment for comedy, funerals. Kevin Hart gets crazy, David still wants to make love a robot, and Mark and David get tanked in the Big Apple.



Well we didn’t know it at the time but this podcast, recorded over two nights, congealed around one common theme: feedback. From Joey’s petulant Yelp reviews, to every shop owner hating Mark and the world turning on Logan Paul it turns out feedback can be a fickle bitch. Especially if you’re that girl who tried to grab David’s titty. Or 4 guys trying to record a podcast on a mic that’s giving too much, well, feedback.


David Opens Up

From milk fat to reservoir tips everything is a life lesson in this episode, where one of Pier 69’s most mysterious members makes the mistake of getting personal in front of assholes. Joey recounts one of the most dramatic high school rally experiences of his life and Andrew rails against the institution of the Nickelodeon awards from the comfort of his separate room. An embarrassing moment occurs when the topic of “books” and “reading” arises and Mark only dates chicks that don’t have...


On A Scale of Aziz to Weinstein

To be fair, we prefer red wine too, and no members of this podcast would consent to sex with Aziz… but that wont keep us from wading into a complex issue, and creating power rankings. Mark makes strong fake allegations against Ellen DeGeneres and strong real allegations against another prominent member of the comedy community, while we all free the Duke Lacrosse team to return to their careers in Finance. Also, matters of local drama come to the fore and Mark and Joey survive a narrow...


Joey Goes to India

New Years 2018 turns to be a very unfortunate one for every member of Pier 69. Joey’s trip to India yields a surprise twist, and vape guy has both a really unfortunately speech impediment and a food court turf war. Andrew breaks his record for least words ever said on a podcast and we learn questionable things about Mark’s ability to fuel a car.


Kim Jong Un Dies

The sick boys are in the house to discuss the true crimes of fake cereal characters and the overall value of breakfast. In a shocking turn of events Mark has a healthy morning routine and David DOESN’T eat. Mark educates strangers on erectile dysfunction and nobody has any thoughts on Net Neutrality. David almost proclaims the demise of a Korean dictator and gets quizzed on synonyms for despot, which is a word he definitely doesn’t know. Joey introduces us to Ronny the Treasurer and...


Monkey and the Queef

AMERICA’S HOTTEST NEW AM SHOCK JOCK RADIO SHOW MONKEY AND THE QUEEF IS BACK. HONK HONK, PFF PFFF, *THROWS POOP* Also meet the world’s first deaf podcaster, and other inspiring stories. If you’ve ever wondered how to turn a dick into a vagina or whether restaurants on the water are good, this episode will be big for you. If you never saw the show Nip Tuck you’re going to be bored for 5 mintues or at least Mark was.


The Strength

The super coolest anti-pod is back to discuss The Strength and what is it anyway? Lava lamp guy stops in for an identity crisis, Mark doesn’t have throat cancer and David struggles to read off his phone. Everyone discusses their preferred way to die and Joey learned a French phrase so he has to tell everyone. Also middle school makeouts, the small dick lobby and Mark’s favorite races on the golf course.


Stripper Stories and Baseball

We didn’t get around to baseball


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