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Pinkies Up Podcast #58 - We Had Good Intentions

In Episode #58 Johnnie Dynamite, Cat God and Flint Grey June talk about relationships and how the communication breakdowns effects. We also discuss being appreciative of your partner in real time. We also discuss the man v woman dynamic and how we feel about it, an insight into how guys think and much more. On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok @missk_kidd On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan...


Pinkies Up Podcast #57 - The Episode With Random Dicks

In Episode #57 Johnnie Dynamite, Flames Cagney, Cat Got Flint Grey June feat J Rigg sit down to discuss “Shitting where you eat” which means having sex with a co-worker. They also discuss the Dallas Cop Shooting, The FAMU Elevator Incident, Serena Williams’s emotional loss, Superman and much more. On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok @missk_kidd On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan @kid_jk8...


Pinkies Up Podcast #56 - The Tale Of Two Mac(k)'s

In Episode #56 We say RIP to Mac Miler and the season for the Oakland soon to be Las Vegas Raiders. We also discuss the Kaepernick and Nike deal and the rage it has caused. We talk about Eminem;s new album Kamikaze and Joe Budden’s response to it. We talk Kamala Harris and much more. On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok @missk_kidd On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan @kid_jk8 @missk_kidd On...


Pinkies Up Podcast #55 - Industry Weed Plants

In Episode #55 this is a weed powered Music-centric episode. We discuss the Nicki vs Travis Scott beef, The Spotify deal and how streaming isn’t as lucrative as one thinks. Music Gate Keepers, Black cool and much more!!! On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok @missk_kidd On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan @kid_jk8 @missk_kidd On our Website Email us...


Pinkies Up Podcast #54 The Glow Up

In Episode #54 Join johnnie Dynamite, Flint Grey June, Cat God and Flames Cagney as we say RIP to the late great Aretha Franklin and discuss the difference between a good musician and a an anointed one. We also discuss why we think it’s difficult for the black community to embrace black businesses. We also talk about taking responsibility for relationships and much more. Look out for the Bonus Content! Song By DB King Feat Gutta Bros “Getting Money” 2008 Prod by Johnnie Dynamite. On...


Pinkies Up Podcast #35 - The King Beef of Wakanda with Miss K Kidd, Cat God and Flint Grey June

In Episode #35 We all came together to talk about the return of one of the greatest sitcoms of the 90's, Martin. We also discuss the hype surrounding Black Panther and the recent Alt-Right plot to boycott it. It's another hilarious episode with Johnnie Dynamite, Flames Cagney (Marquis), Miss K Kidd, Cat God and Flint Grey June. Check out the Insanity that is Episode #35. On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok @missk_kidd On Instagram...


Pinkies Up Podcast #34 - In The Butt (Libation Edition!) With Flint Grey June And Cat God

In Episode #34, We talk about the Monique v Netflix issue and wether or not her claims are valid. We also play and discuss Dragon Ball FighterZ, the new fighting game for Xbox One, PS4 and PC (It's insanely fun and addictive). See what happens when the gang has a bottle of vodka and shit goes left!!!!!! Hit us Up On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan...


Pinkies Up Podcast #33 - Skynut

In Episode #33, Ace Tycoon, Johnnie Dynamite, Lace Windu, Flint Grey June and Cat God sit down to discuss the inevitable robot apocalypse via sex bots. We also talk about the Ja Rule 50 Cent Twitter Beef, Dragon Ball racism, opioid rappers and The Republican TV play book. Rate Us on iTunes! Find us on twitter @podcastpinkies @Johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune Find us on Instagram @Johnnie_Dynamite @pinkiesuppodcast @airjunio23_thefootclan @oaklanthology Send us an Email...


Pinkies Up Podcast #32 - Two And A Half Inches of Heaven w_ Cat God, Flint Grey June and Miss K Kidd

Episode 32 has to be our wildest episode ever. We have with us today, Flint Grey June, Johnnie Dynamite, Ace Tycoon, Laced Windu, Cat God and Mss K Kidd. We have a jammed packed episode with some of the hottest takes in the podcast game so sit back and relax and listen to us talk about Jon Gruden re-signing with The Raiders, Oprah for President in 202, Trump and much much more. Check us out on Twitter! @Podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @flintgreyjune @oaklanthology @missk_kidd Follow us on...


Pinkies Up Podcast #31 - Clear And Present Danger (Libation Edition)

Happy New Year!!!! It's 2018 and are are here to kick the New year off right with a brand new episode. In Ep. 31, Johnnie Dynamite, Flint Grey June, Ace tycoon and Lace Windu came together to discuss the Netflix movie, Bright, and why we believe it was so polarizing and more. Check out the latest episode of the Pinkies Up Podcast. We'd like to thank those that have been along on this journey with us and hope you guys will hang around because exciting things are happing here at the Pinkies...


Pinkies Up Podcast #30 -Best/Worst Of 2017 Aka F@#$ing Orcs

This is our 2017 Year end Episode and on it Marquis and Johnnie talk about the best and worst in movies, television, hip-hop, politics sports and More. Don't hesitate to check out our 30th Episode!!! Like Us on Facebook!!! On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @johnnie_dynamite @oaklanthology Email us Visit our website


Pinkies Up Podcast #29 - DUI in the Millennium Falcon With Flint Grey June and Miss K Kidd

In Episode #29, Miss K Kidd and Flint Grey June return with a couple of bottles to help Johnnie cope with his terrible week. They also talk about life lessons such as their experiences with DUI's. They discuss the $100 to $800 Pyramid Scheme thats currently going around on social media. June and Johnnie also give their spoiler filled take on The Last Jedi. Check it out in the latest episode. Follow us on Twitter @PodcastPinkies @Johnniedynamite @FlintGreyJune @Missk_Kidd On Instagram...


Pinkies Up Podcast #28 - Sneaky Slinky With Flint Grey June And Miss K Kidd

In Episode #28 Johnnie Dynamite is joined again by friends of the show Flint Grey June and Comedian Miss K Kidd to discuss the Russell Simmons allegations, Men/Women dynamics, hood shit, trips down high school memory lane and find out what exactly sneaky slinky dick means, check it all out in this hilarious episode. Follow us on Twitter! @PodcastPinkies @JohnnieDynamite @MissK_Kidd @FlintGreyJune On Instagram @Johnnie_Dynamite @airjunior23_thefootclan @missk_kidd @pinkiesuppodcast Visit Us...


Pinkies Up Podcast #27 - Truth And Dick Jokes W Flint Grey June And Miss K Kidd

We are back!!! And I came with Friends!!! Flint Grey June and Miss K Kidd joins me today as we talk about all the controversies with sexual harassment and assault. So Sit back and relax as a hilarity ensues. @missk_kidd @PODCASTPINKIES @johnniedynamite @FlintGreyJune


Pinkies Up Podcast #26 - Sexual Ragnarok

In Episode 26, Johnnie talks about some of the sexual assault allegations coming out of Hollywood. He also, gives a spoiler filled Thor: Ragnarok review. He talks about the Mueller investigation and gives his update on Singer/Actor Tyrese. Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite Email Us


Pinkies Up Podcast #25 - Comics And Dumb Kids

In Ep. 25 Johnnie says RIP to a friend and peer in the artist community, Based. He also discusses the DECU Gareth Evans helming the Deathstroke movie, Shazam casting an a little bit if insight of what it was like growing up as a dumb kid. On Twitter @johnniedyanite @Podcastpinkies. Email


Pinkies Up Podcast #24 - Sheeshmode

In Ep. 24 Johnnie talks about the new Marvel's Black Panther Trailer, Thor Ragnarok early reviews, The serious injury to NBA star Gordon Hayward, and childhood memories that should be traumatic upon reflection and more! We also have a bonus musical selection by Eddie Word of the Almighty NRP from his new album, King Tides. Check us out on twitter @PodcastPinkies @JohnnieDynamite @EddieWordMusic Email us Visit us at


Pinkies Up Podcast #23 - X-Men Cometh

**Excuse the Coughing. Santa Rosa Smoke Lung** In Episode 23, Johnnie talks about his affinity for the X-men universe and gives his insight on what 20th Century fox has been doing with the franchise. Listen as he gives his thoughts on the new recently released New Mutants trailer, upcoming films such as Deadpool 2, Gambit and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Hit Us Up on Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite


Pinkies Up Podcast #22 - Smokey Pokey

Johnnie dynamite talks the Last Jedi trailer, the Harvey Weinstein allegations The Rock vs Tyrese Gibson, Bay Area fires and much much more..... On Twitter @Podcastpinkies @JohnnieDynamite WWW.PINKIESUPPODCAST.COM Email us at


Pinkies Up Podcast #21 - Wandering The Unknown

Solo Episode with John Dynamite who discusses the changes coming to the show. He also muses about the new Justice League trailer that dropped and his disappointment in the DCEU as a whole. He talks Football ad the NBA and other cool shit.