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Pinkies Up Podcast #53 - Tighten Up Bruh

In Episode #53 We try our hand at our first live stream on #Periscope and #Twitter and #InstaGram and it was rough AF. In this episode we discussed first date dealbreakters, LeBron Jame’s I Promise School, our experience with “white activities,” and we discuss whether or not if we are in the midst of a new Black Renaissance. Hit Us up! On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok @missk_kidd On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite...


Pinkies Up Podcast #52 - Welcome Back A - Holes!

In Episode #52, we are back from our long hiatus and in this episode we discuss the tragic death of Nia Wilson and the extreme danger BART has become over the past years. We also discuss the man/Woman communication, we also discuss a curious topic that has been on our minds as of late and to find out just take a listen to this week’s episode! #PinkiesUp #JusticeForNia #SayHerName #TheBayDoesNotNegotiateWithRacist On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune...


Pinkies Up Podcast #50 - Knife Fighterz

In Episode #50 Johnnie Dynamite, Flint Grey June, Cat God and Flames Cagney sat down and discussed the state of Bay Area Hip Hop. Flames Cagney goes down memory lane to discuss dating difficulties. We recap the NBA Conference Finals, Sports Analyst, Women exposing DL men and much more. On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok @missk_kidd On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan @kid_jk8 @missk_kidd...


Pinkies Up Podcast #49 - Sleepysation

In Episode #49 Johnnie and Flint Grey June sit and talk about randomness all while fighting sleep! On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok @missk_kidd On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan @kid_jk8 @missk_kidd On our Website Email us Leave a Comment, Like and Subscribe. We Appreciate Each and Every One of You!!


Pinkies Up Podcast #48 - Who's G.O.A.T. Is This ?(feat. Miss K Kidd)

In Episode #48 Jonnie Dynamite, Flames Cganey, Cat God Miss K Kidd and Flint Gery June (late of course) sit down and discuss Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” video. They also debate the Kobe v Jordan v LeBron Greatest of All Time Title and discuss thing such as Bad Boys 3, Spotify removing R. Kelly and XXXtentacion from it’s playlist and our favorite retro comedies. We also announce the winner of the #PinkiesUpSoulStone giveway! On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite...


Pinkies Up Podcast #47 - Rat Face Possum Mouth

In Episode #47 We discuss the madness of Kanye’s Slavery as a choice statement, people who defend him retro WWE moments and much more. Don’t forget to hash tag #PinkiesUpSoulStone for your chance to win a 2017 Comic-con exclusive Premier Edition Optimus Prime. The winner will be announced in next week’s episode. On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan...


Pinkies Up Podcast #46 - Infinity War Therapy

In Episode #46 Cat God, Johnnie Dynamite and Flint Grey June sit down to review and discuss the new Marvel movie Infinity war (Spoilers!!!!). We also break down the NBA Playoff 2nd Round matchups, NFL Draft and much more. Hash tag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter #PinkiesUpSoulStone to be entered in a raffle to win a 2017 Comic-con Optimus Prime. Contest Winner will be announced on the May 14th Episode! On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok...


Pinkies Up Podcast #45 - NBA, NFL And A God.

In Episode #45 It’s a Johnnie Dynamite and Flint Grey June Joint. We breakdown the NBA Playoffs and discuss some of the matchups so far in the league. We also talk about the NFL Draft and break down a mock draft board. We also discuss New J. Cole Album, Infinity War and much more. On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan @kid_jk8 On our Website...


Pinkies Up Podcast #44 - Audio Nasty Featuring Miss K Kidd

In Episode #44 We discuss the release of former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Dez Bryant and his potential landing spots. We also discuss the NBA Playoff picture and make our predictions. There were a few technical issues that ha to be worked out during the recording of this episode but it’s very minor. On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok @missk_kidd On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan...


Pinkies Up Podcast# 43 - What's Hurting Mr. Perkins Feat. Super Saiyan Jedi

In Episode #43 we took a turn down Weird Shit Alley and discussed Episode 6 of Atlanta titled “Teddy Perkins”, we even talked some of our favorite weird films, coming of age films and much more. We had producer, Super Saiyan Jedi come and join the convo. If you enjoy weird shit as much as we do, you in for a treat!! On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan...


#42 - Give The Promoter Some With Special Guest Jason Dixon, Boog Peso And M - 1 Mike Jones

In Episode #42, we had Jason Dixon, Boog Peso and M-1 Mike Jones from the world of club promotion to stop by and drop some knowledge on the subject. They gave us the business aspects and some insight into the club promotion game, this is our most informative show ever, we trying to learn shit!!! Check out the #PuntaGold and #ShakeitSundaze event series. Don’t forget to like comment and subscribe. On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok @boogpeso...


#41 - Beautiful Train-Wreck (Libation Edition) with Cat God, Flint Grey June and Miss K Kidd

In Episode #41, This one went off the rails. In this Libation Edition, we are joined by Cat God, Flint Grey June and Miss K Kidd and we discuss our perspectives on sex and how they’ve changed over the years. Ace Tycoon has popped up from his sabbatical from his podcasting duties to perform what he likes to call “Mandatory Overtime,” like that’s a real thing. Check out this totally bonkers shit show you cocksuckers!!!! On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology...


Pinkies Up Podcast #40 - BBC in the MCU W/ Flint Grey June and Cat God

In Episode #40, We sat down and discussed the weird ass OJ special, If I did it and talked bout how creepy it was. We also discussed the Infinity War Trailer and hashed out out theories on who was going to die in the next chapter of the MCU and much more....Dont forget to hashtag #podcastpinkies on Twitter Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win a Comic-Con exclusive Dark Phoenix Statue. Winner Will be announced next week!!!!! Hit us Up On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite...


Pinkies Up Podcast #39 - Pipe Raptor With Flint Grey June

In Episode #39, Johnnie Dynamite, Flames Cagney and Flint Grey June talk about the solidifying NBA Playoff picture. We also discuss LeBron Jame's potential landing spots for th 2018-19 season. We also discuss disgusting wolf art. Hit us Up On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan @kid_jk8 On our Website Email us...


Pinkies Up Podcast #38 - Cherchez La Pinkie with Flint Grey June

In Episode #38, Johnnie Dynamite and Flint Grey June sit down and discussed Mo'Nique's Breakfast Club Appearance as well as talk about Hip-Hop and Sneakers. We also announced our Pinkies Up Podcast Giveaway!!! To be entered, all you have to do is use the hashtag #podcastpinkies on Twitter, Instagran and Facebook. We will announce the winner on our March 25th Episode!!!! Hits us Up On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok On Instagram...


Pinkies Up Podcast #37 - No Hoteps In Wakanda w/ Flint Grey June

In Episode #37 we discuss the Hit Marvel film Black Panther and give out in-depth review. We also discuss our annoyance with the the Hotep Community and their hostility towards the film. We discuss the All-Star weekend, Black Chyna and more..... Hit us Up On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan @kid_jk8 On our Website Email us...


Pinkies Up Podcast #36 - Charmed Out Them Cheeks with Cat God and Flint Grey June

In Episode #36, Johnnie Dynamite, Flames Cagney, Cat God and Flint Grey June sit down to talk about the infamous Quincy Jones Vulture interview and oh boy was there a lot to unpack in that interview, literally. Sit back and relax and enjoy the hilarity. Hit us Up On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan @kid_jk8 On our Website Email...


Pinkies Up Podcast #35 - The King Beef of Wakanda with Miss K Kidd, Cat God and Flint Grey June

In Episode #35 We all came together to talk about the return of one of the greatest sitcoms of the 90's, Martin. We also discuss the hype surrounding Black Panther and the recent Alt-Right plot to boycott it. It's another hilarious episode with Johnnie Dynamite, Flames Cagney (Marquis), Miss K Kidd, Cat God and Flint Grey June. Check out the Insanity that is Episode #35. On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok @missk_kidd On Instagram...


Pinkies Up Podcast #34 - In The Butt (Libation Edition!) With Flint Grey June And Cat God

In Episode #34, We talk about the Monique v Netflix issue and wether or not her claims are valid. We also play and discuss Dragon Ball FighterZ, the new fighting game for Xbox One, PS4 and PC (It's insanely fun and addictive). See what happens when the gang has a bottle of vodka and shit goes left!!!!!! Hit us Up On Twitter @podcastpinkies @johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune @fluxhavok On Instagram @pinkiesuppodcast @Johnnie_Dynamite @oaklanthology @airjunior23_thefootclan...


Pinkies Up Podcast #33 - Skynut

In Episode #33, Ace Tycoon, Johnnie Dynamite, Lace Windu, Flint Grey June and Cat God sit down to discuss the inevitable robot apocalypse via sex bots. We also talk about the Ja Rule 50 Cent Twitter Beef, Dragon Ball racism, opioid rappers and The Republican TV play book. Rate Us on iTunes! Find us on twitter @podcastpinkies @Johnniedynamite @oaklanthology @flintgreyjune Find us on Instagram @Johnnie_Dynamite @pinkiesuppodcast @airjunio23_thefootclan @oaklanthology Send us an Email...