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Episode 34: The Wild Wild West Stage – Day 3 Part 5

In this episode we focus on the West Stage for two of the most forgettable sets from Woodstock 99 as well as one of the absolute best sets. Get ready for the whirlpool, you are not worthy.


Episode 33: Survivor Stories – Matt Pruett

The Gods of Woodstock smile down upon us for this serendipitous interview. Following our successful live show in Atlanta, we were fortunate to discover that one of the venue’s long time employees attended Woodstock 99! Matt Pruett can be considered one of the purest examples of a Woodstock Survivor. He jumped in a car with … Continue reading "Episode 33: Survivor Stories – Matt Pruett"


Episode 32: The Fairest of the Legends – Day 3 part 4

In this edition of “Legends of Woodstock 99” we review Ryan’s absolute most favorite set of the entire festival. Jewel. Jewel is the final of the three queens of Woodstock 99 and the most haunting. This is the final calm before the big storm and it is worth diving into. We are also joined on … Continue reading "Episode 32: The Fairest of the Legends – Day 3 part 4"

Episode 31: The Worst of the Worst – Day 3 part 3

Fair warning folks, we are covering the roughest two sets of the entire festival on this episode. We have been hard on bands before that might not have necessarily deserved it but in this episode all the blows are well deserved. We have Everlast repping white folks a little too hard, a doomsday cult that … Continue reading "Episode 31: The Worst of the Worst – Day 3 part 3"

Episode 30: Attack of the Cool Dads – Day 3 Part 2

The Culture Dumps team is joined by their pal Adam Papagan on this episode of Podcast 99. The team discusses “cool dad music” and what it means to be an aging punk rocker. Day three continues on as our raspy announcers completely lose their voices. Buckle up daddy-o!

Episode 29: A good start to a bad day – Day 3 part 1

We have made it to the final day of the Woodstock 99 music festival. What will prove to be the roughest day of the festival actually begins on a very mellow note. Willie Nelson takes the East Stage and brings some much needed 69 vibes to the masses. Don’t get too comfortable though, it’s about … Continue reading "Episode 29: A good start to a bad day – Day 3 part 1"

Episode 28: Survivor Stories – Andy

In the latest episode of Survivor Stories Ryan sits down with Andy. Andy was a contributor to our live event and a survivor that stayed the entire duration of Woodstock 99. Not only did he go by himself but he was also sober! This is our most detail driven survivor story yet, it is also … Continue reading "Episode 28: Survivor Stories – Andy"

Episode 27: Day 2 recap

There you have it folks, we are official 2/3rds of the way through the tale of Woodstock 99. In this episode we briefing review the happenings of day 2, we found some great Spitfire facts that you are sure to love, and Andy Dick makes an appearance on the West Stage. Brace yourselves for the … Continue reading "Episode 27: Day 2 recap"

Episode 26: The Beatles of Metal

The end of day two has arrived. The team is joined by Bill Conway of the Hard Times who lends an outsider view of the end of the most tumultuous day of Woodstock 99 we have seen thus far. Between the block rockin’ beats of the Chemical Brothers, The Beatles of heavy metal Metallica, and … Continue reading "Episode 26: The Beatles of Metal"


Episode 25: The most least ’69 vibes – Day 2 part 7

How is it possible that one band could be the most and least ’69 vibes band at the same time? How is it possible that on one stage you had one of the most violent mosh pits of Woodstock ’99 while on the other you had the most peaceful audience of Woodstock ’99? In this … Continue reading "Episode 25: The most least ’69 vibes – Day 2 part 7"


Episode 24: Give me somethin’ to break – Day 2 part 6

We have made it! This is easily to most anticipated episode of Podcast 99 thus far. We discuss the controversial set by Limp Bizkit. This is possibly the most important set to the Woodstock 99 narrative and was considered to be the catalyst that started the meltdown of the festival. Get the fuck up. Follow us on … Continue reading "Episode 24: Give me somethin’ to break – Day 2 part 6"


Episode 23: Survivor Stories – Jenny Eliscu

In this edition of “Survivor Stories,” Ryan sits down with world renowned music journalist Jenny Eliscu. Jenny not only attended Woodstock 99 but also covered it for Rolling Stone magazine. This is a major piece of the Woodstock 99 puzzle and is not to be missed. Follow us on Instagram – @podcast99Email – podcast99official@gmail.comPatreon – … Continue reading "Episode 23: Survivor Stories – Jenny Eliscu"


Episode 22: Survivor Stories – Mike from Spin Magazine

This week we have another Survivor Story! First, we discuss the Spin coverage, and then we interview Mike Schreiber who shot photos for Spin Magazine’s Woodstock 99 article. He regales us with tales of Lit, Everlast, Korn, and some unsavory Rome, NY locals. NOT TO BE MISSED, but be warned, it gets pretty rough!


Episode 21: A well deserved break

This might be one of the mellowest episodes yet, Los Lobos gets verbally assaulted by a clueless VJ and Alanis Morissette plays a perfect set, which honestly gives the Culture Dumps team really nothing to talk about, but don’t worry, we found a way to bring Guster back into the conversation. Follow us on Instagram … Continue reading "Episode 21: A well deserved break"


Episode 20: An abundance of titties – Day 2 part 5

In the fifth installation of the Day 2 coverage, the Culture Dump team goes deep into the creation and rise of “CoffeeXCore,” Ice Cube says “fuck” a lot, and Dave Matthews sees some boobs! Let’s take the plunge together, and always remember, Dave Matthews Band dumped their septic tank on a boatload of people once. … Continue reading "Episode 20: An abundance of titties – Day 2 part 5"


Episode 19: Survivor Stories – Steve from Reveille

For the third installment of our Survivor Stories series we interview Steve Milo from the band Reveille. Reveille headlined the Emerging Artist Stage at Woodstock 99 and Steve has a very different view of the festival than what we have heard so far. Buckle up for wholesome tales of family heirlooms, Godsmack, and 10 year … Continue reading "Episode 19: Survivor Stories – Steve from Reveille"


Epidode 18: “I am in Woodstock” – Day 2 part 4

The Culture Dump team is in full effect for this “Legends of Woodstock 99” episode! The boys are joined by their producer Greh Holger because this legend required extra help. World renowned producer Wyclef Jean is the focus of this”Legends of Woodstock 99” episode, to put it lightly, it’s a doozy. Follow us on Instagram … Continue reading "Epidode 18: “I am in Woodstock” – Day 2 part 4"


Episode 17: Welcome to the ’90s – Day 2 part 3

The boys go in on a West Stage doubleheader, The Bruce Hornsby Group and Everclear. This episode is one half appreciation for adult contemporary music and one half Josh losing his shit over Everclear. (Note: we apologize for the audio quality on this one, blame it on Everclear!)


Episode 16: Get In The Pit And Try To Love Someone – Day 2 part 2

We have another “Legend of Woodstock 99” episode this week! The early morning stoned pimp himself, Kid Rock. Kid Rock is up for our “Best in Show” award because it’s a really amazing set that includes everything from blow job gestures, politics, and red blooded American Rock. Follow us on Instagram – @podcast99Email – podcast99official@gmail.com Patreon … Continue reading "Episode 16: Get In The Pit And Try To Love Someone – Day 2 part 2"


Episode 15: Mystery Tape Part Deux

The Culture Dumps team is back (minus Josh, just this time, sorry) with their first episode of the new year! We are going all the way back to the beginning because a vital source of Woodstock 99 information has been discovered. Join us as we discuss, The Mystery Tape Part Deux along with the recently … Continue reading "Episode 15: Mystery Tape Part Deux"