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Episode 71: Survivor Stories: Dave

Well folks, according to Ryan, this very well could be the mother of all Survivor Stories. Dave appeared in the often referenced by us Vh1 series “100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock and Roll” where he gives a brief jail house interview. Why was he in jail? Well, it’s because he got arrested at Woodstock … Continue reading "Episode 71: Survivor Stories: Dave"


Episode 70: Survivor Stories: Brad

Our survivor this week is Brad. Brad worked at Woodstock 99 as a runner for Pilar Law, Michael Lang’s assistant and was charged with such duties as picking up Jimi Hendrix’s sister from the airport, delivering celebrity announcer credentials, and vendor checks. Brad had the most interaction with Michael Lang of any of our survivors … Continue reading "Episode 70: Survivor Stories: Brad"


Episode 69: Survivor Stories: Brett Katz

Brett wanted to be episode 69 in honor of Woodstock. We were happy to oblige. Brett was a bit of a cautionary tale. The phrase it’s a “marathon not a sprint” comes to mind. Fresh off a puppy love heart break, Brett was ready to dive head first into some new experiences. He also describes … Continue reading "Episode 69: Survivor Stories: Brett Katz"


Episode 68: Survivor Stories: David Blaustein Part 2

David Blaustein was such a joy to talk with, we had to break it into 2 parts. This episode focuses more on his work on the Netflix documentary Trainwreck. We also dive into his analysis and perspective on Woodstock 99 and its aftermath.


Episode 67: Survivor Stories: David Blaustein Part 1

David Blaustein is a former entertainment correspondent and movie critic for ABC News Radio. He is featured in the Netflix documentary Trainwreck. David gave such a comprehensive interview, full of insights and a clear memory of the festival. There was so much to talk about, this will be a two part survivor story.


Episode 66: Survivor Stories: Nick

Nick is a Canadian Woodstock 99 attendee who seemed to have the best luck out of most of our survivors. Despite crowd surfing huge distances he always managed to meet up with his crew and managed to make it home in one dirt covered piece. He describes what it was like seeing hordes of Canadians … Continue reading "Episode 66: Survivor Stories: Nick"


Episode 65: Survivor Stories: Christian

This week’s survivor is Christian. Christian spotted himself in the Netflix doc and the memories started flooding in. He took a shower in the notorious shower stalls, got separated from his group and left the festival without his buddies, went to the raves, and smoked laced weed, on purpose. This is a classic Woodstock 99 … Continue reading "Episode 65: Survivor Stories: Christian"


Episode 64: Survivor Stories: Jen and Amy

This is one of the cutest and best survivor stories we have heard. Two gals enter Woodstock in search of killer tunes and good times and they find both, and then some! Jen and Amy are lifelong friends who wanted to come on the show to tell the world about their amazing weekend and to … Continue reading "Episode 64: Survivor Stories: Jen and Amy"


Episode 63: Survivor Stories: Tim

WARNING: This episode of Podcast 99 features a graphic description of sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised. On the latest Survivor Story we meet Tim. Tim went to Woodstock 99 at the ripe age of 17 and spent almost the entire the time alone. He truly was a boy lost in a very grown up … Continue reading "Episode 63: Survivor Stories: Tim"


Episode 62: Survivor Stories: Morely

Morely came down from Canada with his buds to enjoy the music at Woodstock 99. While they did enjoy seeing their fellow countrymen (and women) like The Tragically Hip and Alanis Morissette, they got more than they bargained for at the rave and the riots. Oh Canada, this is a good one!


Episode 61: Survivor Stories: Heather Liposky

Heather appears in the new Netflix documentary Trainwreck. She was only 14 years old when she went to Woodstock 99. Her story is pretty amazing; she got lucky numerous times. Heather stayed until Monday morning and witness some intense aftermath from the looting. Parks takes the helm on this interview.


Episode 60: Survivor Stories: Matt L

Finally after almost a whole year we are back with another survivor story! This week’s survivor is Matt L.. Matt had a killer time at Woodstock 99 and hit many of the major checklist moments including Limp Bizkit, looting, the rave, and escaping with his sanity in tact. This is a perfect story to get … Continue reading "Episode 60: Survivor Stories: Matt L"


Episode 59: The Netflix Documentary

It is Woodstock season y’all! Upon the release of Netflix’s take on Woodstock 99 we are back to break it down. While Ryan and Parks both agree that this documentary is superior to its predecessor, it still has its hang ups. You asked, we answered. This is Podcast 99’s take on TRAINWRECK!


Special Woodstock Anniversary MegaMix

Join our Patreon!! https://www.patreon.com/culturedumps Woodstock 99 just turned 23 years old! To celebrate the event, Parks created a special megamix of his favorite Woodstock 99 moments. WDUMP is a special Patreon exclusive show made by Culture Dumps. But since we are in a festive mood, we are going to share this episode with the public! … Continue reading "Special Woodstock Anniversary MegaMix"


Episode 58: Survivor Stories- Girl Gang Goes to Woodstock

Karyn and Sara went to Woodstock 99 while still attending high school. Never having been to a giant festival they did not know what to expect, but the resilience of youth powered surged through them the entire weekend and they survived the fires, assholes, mosh pits, and everything else Woodstock threw at them unscathed. This … Continue reading "Episode 58: Survivor Stories- Girl Gang Goes to Woodstock"


Episode 57: Survivor Stories: Charlie Meister

Charlie and his brothers went to Woodstock 99 to see their favorite bands. Charlie, the oldest of the crew at the ripe age of 19, led the charge into the most infamous mosh pits of the festival. Fueled by free Raisin Bran and armed with Boy Scout issued canteens they battled their way through the … Continue reading "Episode 57: Survivor Stories: Charlie Meister"


Episode 56: Return of Andy

This week we welcome back our survivor Andy Theiss. Andy if you remember he kept a concise record of his time at Woodstock 99. Known for not only keeping a diary at Woodstock but also watching a ton of movies and eating a ton of food. We brought him back to talk the HBO documentary, … Continue reading "Episode 56: Return of Andy"


Episode 55: Survivor Stories: Primo Kimo

This week’s survivor is Primo Kimo, Primo and his pals spent that fateful weekend in the lap of luxury compared to our other survivors. They arrived in an RV stocked with supplies and their very own toilet. They funded their trip with the sale of bootleg shirts and watched the place burn drive-in style. There … Continue reading "Episode 55: Survivor Stories: Primo Kimo"


Episode 54: Survivor Stories: Nordog

NorDog is the exact person you have been wanting us to interview (besides Durst of course). He raged, rioted, partied, and survived. This is a fully loaded story complete with nicknames, 300 joints, young man’s ambition, and everything else you would want from a Woodstock 99 story.


Episode 53: Survivor Stories: Rob from Vancouver

Rob had a blast at Woodstock 99. He came down from Canada and saw his fellow countrymen The Tragically Hip but also saw Ryan’s favorite, Jewel. Rob from Vancouver also took what just might be the best photograph from Woodstock 99, a selfie with two guys dressed as Austin Powers.