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Total Destruction in Cargo Shorts




Culture Dumps Episode 14: Some Kind of Monster

The world’s biggest metal band (and headliners of both Woodstock 94 and 99) is hardly a Culture Dump, but their 2002 documentary “Some Kind of Monster” and the album that followed “St. Anger” are definitely Culture Dumps. A high paid therapist, aging rock stars, a massive societal shift in how music is consumed, what could … Continue reading "Culture Dumps Episode 14: Some Kind of Monster"


Culture Dumps Episode 11: Pure Moods

This week Ryan is joined by Eric D, the mind behind Meth Syndicate. They discuss one of the staples of 1990’s television advertising: “Pure Moods.” What began as a compilation of the most cutting edge music the easy listening genre had to offer ended as a minor footnote in popular culture.


Culture Dumps Episode 8: Disco Demolition

The Disco Demolition has gone down as one of the most negative reactions to a seemingly innocent cultural movement. Filled with racial and societal implications, the Disco Demolition is as sad as it is ridiculous. Join us as we revisit the night when thousands of rowdy baseball fans gathered to blow up a giant crate … Continue reading "Culture Dumps Episode 8: Disco Demolition"


Culture Dumps Episode 6: Lilith Fair

The Culture Dumps team (along with guest Audra Isadora) gears up for the most celebrated women’s music festival of all time, Lilith Fair! What started as the brain child of Sarah McLachlan and ended as a now forgotten chapter in popular music has just as many layers to the story one would expect from a … Continue reading "Culture Dumps Episode 6: Lilith Fair"


Culture Dumps Episode 4: Milli Vanilli part 2

We finish up our mini series on tragic pop stars Milli Vanilli. Their lip sync game catches up to them in the worst way. But was the blame fairly placed? It usually is not. Stay tuned for a very bizarre and touching KFC commericial.


Culture Dumps Episode 3: Milli Vanilli part 1

We dive into what was perhaps the biggest scandal in pop music history. Milli Vanilli was the sacrificial lamb of lip synching, a practice commonly used in today’s pop music. Perhaps they took it a step too far? Or were they puppets in a nefarious shadow organization of music industry moguls? Milli Vanilli were the … Continue reading "Culture Dumps Episode 3: Milli Vanilli part 1"


Culture Dumps Episode 2: Halloween Special

It’s time for our a Culture Dumps Halloween special! For the debut of our food-focused side series, “Culinary Dumps,” we discuss the infamous black bun clad Halloween Whopper. Enjoy, and don’t look into the toilet!


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Culture Dumps-Episode 1: Hands Across America

It’s getting to be that time to move on. After over two years of Podcast 99, we have nearly exhausted the subject. We will always keep this door open for when we unearth a new Woodstock 99 gem. Until then we have started our new podcast, Culture Dumps. As a promotion, we are going to … Continue reading "Culture Dumps-Episode 1: Hands Across America"


Episode 44: Survivor Stories: Rich Vos

We did it folks, we managed to get the West Stage MC aka Lil’ Raspy. Rich Vos tells us about AA meetings at Woodstock 94, losing everything he made at Woodstock 99 at a craps table, and a run in with Buckcherry. Not to be missed!


Episode 43: “Fin”

In what we have dubbed our “series finale,” we announce the winners of the Woodstock 99 awards! From best in show to worst dressed, it’s all here. Ryan and Parks also give their final thoughts on Woodstock 99.


Episode 42: Survivor Stories: Brother Wease

Well we did it, we got the boss hog of the East Stage, Brother Wease. Brother Wease was the MC of the East Stage of Woodstock ’99, an MC at Woodstock ’94, and an attendee of Woodstock ’69. This episode gives us a unique look at the backstage workings of Woodstock ’99 as well as … Continue reading "Episode 42: Survivor Stories: Brother Wease"


Episode 41: If it Bleeds, it Leads

As the smoke clears from the grounds of Woodstock 99 we dig up some of the juiciest quotes from the media fallout that followed the devastation. From John Scher to Sheryl Crow, it seemed everyone involved with Woodstock 99 had something to say about the way things went down. Also, as usual, we share some … Continue reading "Episode 41: If it Bleeds, it Leads"


Episode 40: Rome is Burning: The Riots part 2

In their final report from the grounds of Woodstock 99, Parks and Ryan uncover one of the most horrifying incidents of the entire weekend as well as shed some light on what happened after everyone was booted from the festival grounds. While this episode in many ways could be considered our heaviest, there is also … Continue reading "Episode 40: Rome is Burning: The Riots part 2"


Episode 39: Rome is Burning: The Riots part 1

We have reached the inevitable climax of Woodstock 99. This episode was so juicy we had to split it in two. We have some major bombs to drop on you, a third promoter, a secret stage, hard numbers on some of the financial losses, and lazer tag! NOTE: We delayed the release of this episode … Continue reading "Episode 39: Rome is Burning: The Riots part 1"


Episode 38: Survivor Stories Quarantine Edition

In this special extended edition of survivor stories a Ryan sits down with three different survivors to discuss their time working at the Woodstock 99 vendor village. From real life zombie movie moments to delayed ecstasy trips, this episode has it all!


Episode 37: Blood Sugar Sex Fire

We have reached the final act of Woodstock 99. We have reached the final Legend of Woodstock 99. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the influential bands of the 1990’s if not of all time and their set at Woodstock 99 does not disappoint, especially if you are a fan of fire and … Continue reading "Episode 37: Blood Sugar Sex Fire"


Episode 36: Yellow Jeans and an Undertaker T-Shirt Day 3 Part 6

Incredible “69 vibes” in this episode. We see the return of an original Woodstock alumni along with one of the most memorable outfits of the entire festival. We also are introduced to a new obstacle on the Woodstock 99 battlegrounds; fire.


Episode 35: Survivor Stories – Mail Day Part 2

Here at Podcast 99, we appreciate all the emails and feedback that we get. In this episode, we share some of our favorite fan submitted Survivor Stories. Another fan found some really great deep cut amateur footage of Limp Bizkit, Korn and Sevendust. Plus we roundup a truly strange batch of emerging artists.


Episode 34: The Wild Wild West Stage – Day 3 Part 5

In this episode we focus on the West Stage for two of the most forgettable sets from Woodstock 99 as well as one of the absolute best sets. Get ready for the whirlpool, you are not worthy.