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Total Destruction in Cargo Shorts




Episode 58: Survivor Stories- Girl Gang Goes to Woodstock

Karyn and Sara went to Woodstock 99 while still attending high school. Never having been to a giant festival they did not know what to expect, but the resilience of youth powered surged through them the entire weekend and they survived the fires, assholes, mosh pits, and everything else Woodstock threw at them unscathed. This … Continue reading "Episode 58: Survivor Stories- Girl Gang Goes to Woodstock"


Episode 57: Survivor Stories: Charlie Meister

Charlie and his brothers went to Woodstock 99 to see their favorite bands. Charlie, the oldest of the crew at the ripe age of 19, led the charge into the most infamous mosh pits of the festival. Fueled by free Raisin Bran and armed with Boy Scout issued canteens they battled their way through the … Continue reading "Episode 57: Survivor Stories: Charlie Meister"


Episode 56: Return of Andy

This week we welcome back our survivor Andy Theiss. Andy if you remember he kept a concise record of his time at Woodstock 99. Known for not only keeping a diary at Woodstock but also watching a ton of movies and eating a ton of food. We brought him back to talk the HBO documentary, … Continue reading "Episode 56: Return of Andy"


Episode 55: Survivor Stories: Primo Kimo

This week’s survivor is Primo Kimo, Primo and his pals spent that fateful weekend in the lap of luxury compared to our other survivors. They arrived in an RV stocked with supplies and their very own toilet. They funded their trip with the sale of bootleg shirts and watched the place burn drive-in style. There … Continue reading "Episode 55: Survivor Stories: Primo Kimo"


Episode 54: Survivor Stories: Nordog

NorDog is the exact person you have been wanting us to interview (besides Durst of course). He raged, rioted, partied, and survived. This is a fully loaded story complete with nicknames, 300 joints, young man’s ambition, and everything else you would want from a Woodstock 99 story.


Episode 53: Survivor Stories: Rob from Vancouver

Rob had a blast at Woodstock 99. He came down from Canada and saw his fellow countrymen The Tragically Hip but also saw Ryan’s favorite, Jewel. Rob from Vancouver also took what just might be the best photograph from Woodstock 99, a selfie with two guys dressed as Austin Powers.


Episode 52: Survivor Stories: Brooke

We change things up; Parks interviews a survivor for the first time. Brooke traveled all the way from Idaho to get to Woodstock 99. She had some great times and made some new friends, but the tone of her trip quickly changed from celebratory to one of caution. Brooke’s story is a first for PC99; … Continue reading "Episode 52: Survivor Stories: Brooke"


Episode 51: Survivor Stories: Bryan Quinby

Bryan Quinby is not only the host of Street Fight Radio and P.O.D.Kast but he also went to Woodstock 99! We reached out to him after having found out he was a fan of the show and he did not disappoint! We talk 99, nu metal, juggalos, and more! Lot’s of good stuff here!


Episode 50: Survivor Stories: Syd Suntha

Syd is a lifer, a true rock and roll warrior. He attended Woodstock 99 at age 17, lost his friends, hit the Whirlpool King’s joint, raved, passed out from heat, and made it home safely. Not to mention he now runs a badass hot sauce company called Ballyhoo Hot Sauce. This is a good one … Continue reading "Episode 50: Survivor Stories: Syd Suntha"


Episode 49: Survivor Stories: Tamera

Tamera joined our last survivor Aaron at Woodstock 99. While she enjoyed plenty of music there were plenty of terrifying moments that stay with her to this day. This is one of the survivor stories that really leaves you wondering how and why things went so south at the festival as well as how do … Continue reading "Episode 49: Survivor Stories: Tamera"


Episode 48: The HBO Documentary

Woodstock 99 is heating back up! to celebrate its 21st birthday, HBO has just released a new documentary on the infamous fest. Ryan and Parks weigh in on this hefty doc. Even for 2 experts as ourselves, we were impressed to see some brand new amateur footage. Also Moby talked for way too long.


Episode 47: Survivor Stories – Aaron “Show Us Your Brain” Pacy

Aaron is a Woodstock 99 legend. He was not only featured in the official Woodstock 99 DVD and VHS but also on the FOX coverage. He said one of the most iconic quotes about the festival and it was a true honor to talk to him. This is one of the best survivor stories we … Continue reading "Episode 47: Survivor Stories – Aaron “Show Us Your Brain” Pacy"


Episode 46: Survivor Stories- Aunt Gina

Gina attended Woodstock 99 with her husband two nephews and had the time of her life. This is a unique survivor story because despite the setting, it is extremely wholesome and positive. Between tripping during Bush, building a poo dam, watching the riots unfold from a hotel room, this story is jam packed with 99 … Continue reading "Episode 46: Survivor Stories- Aunt Gina"


Episode 45: Survivor Stories Fyre Festival Edition

Podcast 99 returns for a special edition of Survivor Stories. From the start of Podcast 99 we have always made comparisons between Woodstock 99 and Fyre Festival. Our guest Kathleen worked at Fyre Fest and joins us to dish more dirt on this infamous blunder.


Culture Dumps Episode 14: Some Kind of Monster

The world’s biggest metal band (and headliners of both Woodstock 94 and 99) is hardly a Culture Dump, but their 2002 documentary “Some Kind of Monster” and the album that followed “St. Anger” are definitely Culture Dumps. A high paid therapist, aging rock stars, a massive societal shift in how music is consumed, what could … Continue reading "Culture Dumps Episode 14: Some Kind of Monster"


Culture Dumps Episode 11: Pure Moods

This week Ryan is joined by Eric D, the mind behind Meth Syndicate. They discuss one of the staples of 1990’s television advertising: “Pure Moods.” What began as a compilation of the most cutting edge music the easy listening genre had to offer ended as a minor footnote in popular culture.


Culture Dumps Episode 8: Disco Demolition

The Disco Demolition has gone down as one of the most negative reactions to a seemingly innocent cultural movement. Filled with racial and societal implications, the Disco Demolition is as sad as it is ridiculous. Join us as we revisit the night when thousands of rowdy baseball fans gathered to blow up a giant crate … Continue reading "Culture Dumps Episode 8: Disco Demolition"


Culture Dumps Episode 6: Lilith Fair

The Culture Dumps team (along with guest Audra Isadora) gears up for the most celebrated women’s music festival of all time, Lilith Fair! What started as the brain child of Sarah McLachlan and ended as a now forgotten chapter in popular music has just as many layers to the story one would expect from a … Continue reading "Culture Dumps Episode 6: Lilith Fair"


Culture Dumps Episode 4: Milli Vanilli part 2

We finish up our mini series on tragic pop stars Milli Vanilli. Their lip sync game catches up to them in the worst way. But was the blame fairly placed? It usually is not. Stay tuned for a very bizarre and touching KFC commericial.


Culture Dumps Episode 3: Milli Vanilli part 1

We dive into what was perhaps the biggest scandal in pop music history. Milli Vanilli was the sacrificial lamb of lip synching, a practice commonly used in today’s pop music. Perhaps they took it a step too far? Or were they puppets in a nefarious shadow organization of music industry moguls? Milli Vanilli were the … Continue reading "Culture Dumps Episode 3: Milli Vanilli part 1"