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Episode 8 - Memorial

This episode is titled “Memorial”. It appears as if many tapes were taken to another location on the island because there was no sign of them. Unlike previous tapes that we found that were just unplayable because of damage from the elements these tapes are completely missing. This final tape was clearly given special care as it was found in a crafted wooden box covered in detailed markings to make sure that whoever found it would be able to listen to it one day. It’s a big change from...


Episode 7 - The Boat Saga

This is the seventh and last fully produced tape recovered from the crash site of Robert Bacon and Alan Linic while on their quest to film a documentary about finding lost treasure. It was difficult to figure out the title of this episode because it looks like there was an attempt to remove the label after the episode was finished. After we examined the label for an extensive period of time we have concluded that this episode was originally titled “We’re Outta Here Jerks!” In this episode...


Episode 6 - Hey Jealousy

This is the sixth tape recovered from the crash site and it’s titled “Hey Jealousy”. We now estimate that Alan and Bacon have been stuck on the island for over 4 months at this point. Morale has never been higher, but some jealousy issues arrive, along with some more impressions.


Episode 3 - Storm Clouds Are Gold

This is the third tape that was recovered from the crash site and it was titled “Storm Clouds are Gold”. On week 8 on the island, tragedy strikes Alan and Bacon when a storm rips through the island destroying everything they made, but also revealing some of the islands treasures.


Episode 2 - Bacon Gets a Concussion

The second tape that was recovered from the crash site is labeled "Bacon Gets A Concussion". At this point the two have been on the island for four weeks and have finally found a reliable fresh water source. Their survival skills seem to be improving, but they have one large setback. This episode was recorded over the course of two days. Enjoy.


Sneak Peek

Back in 2010 two amateur treasure hunters and documentary film makers, Alan Linic and Robert Bacon, went searching for the treasure of Notre Dame de Deliverance, but their plane never arrived in the Florida Keys. After six long years of searching for their plane their crash site was found on a desert island in the Atlantic ocean. After an extensive search across the small island a search party had discovered 8 tapes that Alan Linic and Robert Bacon recorded documenting their humorous...


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