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Two women. Podcastin' about ♀️ we ❤️. New York City

Two women. Podcastin' about ♀️ we ❤️. New York City
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Podcasts Full Of Women - Episode 24 - Seeds & Hand

It's just Sarah and Lindsay this week, because it's our show, yA kNoW & we needed to check in with each other. We talk the future of the podcast, the Podcast event at the NY YouTube Space, Lindsay's recent experience with a fortune teller, Dunkin' rebranding, 90s school lunch trends, Mother's Day plans, a Nolan cameo, "Riding the D with Dr. Seeds," making content/producing, finding the right people to work with and our AWESOME experiences at the Tribeca Film Festival!


Podcasts Full Of Women - Episode 23 - Georgia Warner

Baby Nolan joins us in our intro as we talk about body image stuff post pregnancy, and then we get down to brass tacks with the incredible Georgia Warner - actress making her BROADWAY debut in the Tony-nominated show All My Sons after being on MULTIPLE TV SHOWS this year! She is also a director, writer, eyebrow goddess? who has a very impressive artistic family so the apple doesn't fall far from this legit crazy talented tree. We love Georgia, and we are so blown away but her hard work and...


Podcasts Full Of Women - Episode 22 - Ashlee Macropoulos

Sarah and Lindsay discuss (TRIGGER WARNING) how their pets died when they were young after Lindsay tells a "killer" joke. Sarah tries to change the subject and talk 90s pop-culture films. Then, they interview the Writer/Actress/Business Owner & Sorceress, Ashlee Macropoulos! She talks all about her self-reflection and self healing she's done in the past year. She's creating art, going on road trips, attending music/spirituality festivals, and is SO INCREDIBLE and open. We learned so much...


Podcasts Full of Women - Episode 21 - Lauren Brickman

On this week's episode of #podcastsfullofwomen, we chat about Sarah's amazing trip to #NOLA, and Lindsay hanging out with her college bestie Ariana Madix for another #wwhl in honor of the latest #pumprules episode! Then, LAUREN BRICKMAN, ladies and gentlemen. We get into the nitty gritty of therapy and the art of self care, professor life and the philosophy of teaching others to teach themselves, as well as all the amazing things LB is creating and directing in our COMEDY COMMUNITY....


Podcasts Full Of Women - Episode 20 - Natalie Wilson

EPISODE 20 IS HERE! Lindsay & Sarah catch up and talk awkward #metoo vibes at restaurants & what they're watching on TV. Then, they interview the writer, voice teacher, Motor-cycle enthusiast and overall badass, Natalie Wilson! We talk about what brought her to NYC, being an Opera singer, living uptown, seeing the beauty of the Italian country-side, teaching students at Circle in the Square, watching her fabulous stories come to life on stage, and her upcoming screenwriting goodness! This...


Podcasts Full Of Women - Episode 19 - Amanda Hall

We mix it up, and Lindsay & Sarah are finally in the same room again. Lol. We talk about Nolan's milestones, and the Vessel (a bronzed steel and concrete sculpture you can walk inside) in Hudson Yards! The ladies interview the INCREDIBLE Dr. Amanda Hall - veterinarian, business mogul, founder of the Southern Hound Club, community activist, an all around renaissance woman. She is the definition of "I believe in change, and let it begin with me." You will LOVE her. Thanks for listening to...


Podcasts Full of Women - Episode 18 - Suzee Dunn

Lindsay and Sarah catch up, talk about teething, film/web festivals and LA. Then, Sarah interviews the amazing content creator, comedian, curator of artists, and #BOSSWITCH, Suzee Dunn. They discuss how they met (10 YEARS AGO!), "Act Like a Girl," moving to Los Angeles, dyslexia, being an activist, and what gets her creative juices flowing. Suzee is a magical lady and you're going to love her.


Podcasts Full of Women - Episode 17 - Emily Driscoll

Lindsay and Sarah thank all of their INCREDIBLE "sponsors" (it's a bit). Then, they interview the fabulous Documentary Filmmaker, Emily Driscoll - who has been one of Lindsay's friends for the last 9 years! She talks about her amazing projects in the works from bat scientists to baby cuddliers to India's 1st mission to Mars, and even a Navajo hydrologist's fight to bring running water to her community. Her production company BonSci Films is doing some incredible work! We also touch on her...


Podcasts Full of Women - Episode 16 - Loren Hand

Lindsay and Sarah discuss their weekends and why Sarah is in Pittsburgh. Then Lindsay interviews her AMAZING sister, RN Loren Hand! They talk about her recent nautical-themed baby shower, being pregnant, her loss of Brooklyn street cred (but gaining true L.I. status!), her short-lived child actor career, taste in movies, and her journey into the Health field. She a nurse who works hard at her job and is a fabulous healer. You'll love listening to Lindsay and her Sisters' dynamic. Check it...


Podcasts Full Of Women - Episode 15 - Post LA Catch Up!

Lindsay and Sarah (& Baby Nolan) take this episode to catch up with each other and their audience. They discuss their west-coast trip, Rupaul's Drag Race, the Oscars, weekend plans and some family history. Thank you to the listeners for being here for 15 episodes! New interviews with dope ladies are coming out very soon. Stay Tuned!


Podcasts Full Of Women - Episode 14 - Katie Killpack

Sarah, by herself, talks about her creepy 3AM subway experience! Then Lindsay & Sarah interview the BADASS Graphic Designer/Artist, Katie Killpack. Sarah and Katie have been friends since middle school and the ladies all talk about spiders, snakes, and guns OH MY. They also discuss moving to NYC and artistic inspiration. It's a must hear!


Podcasts Full Of Women - Episode 13 - Jo Eubanks

Lindsay and Sarah discuss being weird, SAT words, and play-dates. Then they interview the singer-songwriter, actor, and writer, Joe Eubanks aka Coyote Eyes! She discusses her creative process, college, her past addictions (& her sobriety), and her cool dad, Bob. She's so open and fabulous to listen too. You're going to love her!


Podcasts Full of Women - Episode 12 - Melissa Hall

Lindsay and Sarah talk about the Ted Bundy Documentary on Netflix (that guy sucked) and Twin Peaks! Then they interview the amazing brand builder, public speaker, consultant, teacher at FIT, and founder of "The Emerging Designer," Melissa Hall. She talks about her love of entrepreneurs, "The Assemblage" in NYC, her love of wellness/balance and her battle with cancer. You'll walk away inspired. A must listen!


Podcasts Full of Women - Episode 11 - Aimee Gottesman

Lindsay and Sarah talk "dad jokes," soundboards and conspiracy theories! Then, we interview the incredible aerial artist, Aimee Gottesman!! We talk about her artistry, our survival jobs AND we talk a lot about cats. This was such a blast to record, and we know you're going to love it.


Podcasts Full of Women - Episode 10 - Rasheda Crockett

Sarah and Lindsay talk about "Tidying Up" on Netflix and alarm clocks. We then interview the Writer/Actor/Badass Rasheda Crockett! She's incredibly talented and this year has been awesome for her. She talks about being humble, being a POC in a writers room and being SEEN. It's an excellent conversation and (as usual) worth the listen!


Podcasts Full of Women - Episode 9 - Nanie Mendez

Sarah and Lindsay discuss their New Years together and talk about the latest nominated films. Then, they interview the amazing, funny, and talented Nanie Mendez! She's an Actor/Writer and UCB performer who is KILLING IT in the comedy game. The ladies talk creativity, spill some UCB tea AND talk about making dank coquitos! It's an episode you don't wanna miss.


Podcasts Full of Women - Episode 8 - Holiday Spectacular

Lindsay and Sarah are BACK again! This time we catch up, talk Holiday Plans, the SAG Awards nominees, and (duh) Rupaul's Drag Race! We've had such a BLAST starting this Podcast in 2018 and we CAN'T wait to see what 2019 brings! We love and appreciate you all.


Podcasts Full of Women - Episode 7 - Gretchen Wylder

Lindsay and Sarah talk Disney + Alcohol = life, & RPDR. Then the ladies interview the FABULOUS Actor/Writer/Queer Femme/Nature Witch and BADASS, Gretchen Wylder. She discuses filming her LGBT webseries, These/Thems, moving to LA, and leading her art with love. She's a phenomenal guest and we know you're going to love her!


Podcasts Full Of Women - Episode 6 - Starry Tiberio

Sarah and Lindsay discuss Disney world and all it's goodness! We then interview Starry Tiberio about growing up in CT, her puppy, being as mixologist, and her Band, The Hungers. She's a fabulous artist who is so open and awesome with us! This is a must hear!


Podcasts Full Of Women - Episode 5 - Just Lindsay & Sarah

Lindsay and Sarah do a quick catch-up with our listeners! Lindsay is back from Thailand, Sarah is still in NYC. They catch up and talk honey! ENJOY.