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A Podcast about everything... and absolutely nothing.

A Podcast about everything... and absolutely nothing.
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A Podcast about everything... and absolutely nothing.






Buying Cars, Cancer Jokes, and Camping Failure

Jon tells us a cancer joke that hits close to home, Nick and Peyton fail at camping, they discuss what it means to be an only child, and how Peyton might be a plumber artist. Yeah, and it gets a little dark… Does it surprise anyone? Support the show


Thanksgiving Travel, Herring on a Plane, and Cat Towers

It's Thanksgiving week and the PoddiMouths boys discuss some of their most exciting holiday travel experiences, as well as some other holiday fun. They throw in a little investment talk and cap it all off with... You'll just have to listen and find out! Support the show


Jeepers, Jeeps, No Creeps

The second time is a charm with the PoddiMouths Jeep episode. Also, a long time coming! Mike Osterlink (IG @osterlink) joins Jon and Nick to discuss everything Jeep. And for once, they stay on topic for most of the episode! We know you want to listen to this rare piece of podcast gold. Oh, one last thing, Nick made a mistake and talks about a straight 4. He meant a straight 6. Support the show


[PoddiMouths Classic] Bad Words, Sassy Sauce, and Dream Jobs

Unforeseen trouble in PoddiLand! The episode Jon and Nick had planned for you fell short due to recording issues. What else is new, right? Don't fret; the PoddiMouths will be back with an all-new episode next week. It may be the one we planned; it may be different. You'll just have to check back next week to find out. In the meantime, enjoy this encore of Peyton Kubik's PoddiMouths debut. Support the show


Careening Buses, Winning the Lottery, and the 7 Year Car Loan

This week Nick talks about crashing a bus, Jon doesn't win the lottery, but buys a Harley, and they both discuss the pros (what pros?) and cons of the 84 month car loan. Of course there are a few other rabbit holes, but you'll have to listen to hear more. Support the show


Weeping Willows, College Beer Weight, Scary Halloween Car Stories

The episode was supposed to be all about Nick's favorite holiday, Halloween. You guessed it though, the PoddiMouths didn't stick to their favorite ghost stories. They talked about trees, buying cars, college drinking, and much more! Don't worry though, there were a couple of ghost stories mixed in for good measure. Support the show



"How did we get from moo to low-rise jean?" What a fantastic question! Jon and Nick do their best to answer that, as well as questions about skunk attacks, digital marketing tactics, debt, and counter culture lifestyles in this episode of The Poddimouths Podcast! Support the show


Putting on Pants, Car Sales Weasels, and Flipping Nuns

The PoddiMouths are back for their 41st episode! Nick talks about how spoiled he is, Jon talks about Madison drinking history, and they both try to figure out the best way to market hospital stays on Instagram. Ok, the last part is a bit of a stretch. Support the show


Peeing in Bed, HSA’s, and Tricking A Tesla

Recorded from bed, the story of Nick's surgery experience and much more! Including how much the PoddiMouths love their HSA's, Podcasting while driving, the Autobahn, and much more. Join Jon and Nick on their short, but hilarious 40th episode. Support the show


Jon Falls to Sleep, Nick is Confused, and Hemorrhoid Commercials

The music episode! At least that's part of it. Jon and Nick throw in a side of politics for good measure, but most of it is about music! The PoddiMouths want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite bands/songs/concert going experiences? Support the show


Idiot Proof Doctor Killers, YouTube Subscriptions, and Hotel Breakfasts

The PoddiMouths had a corn shucking good time this week talking about their favorite YouTube channels, and some of the characters associated with them. If you're listening in the car, or somewhere you can't use your hands, you might want to wait to finish. Or just listen a second or third time to make sure you get all of the knowledge Jon and Nick are about to drop on you! Support the show


Joking with an Oncologist, Psychic Phone Calls, and more bad movies (A Part Deux)

Continuing the conversation from last week, sort of, Jon and Nick dive deeper into the previous weeks topic. Of course that's not where they end up. Have a listen and see where they go next. If the title is any indication, it's bound to be a wild ride. Support the show


Holy Bad Movies, Batman, Toronados, and Late Starts (Pt.1)

We hate to admit it when we screw up, but it's all Nick's fault anyway! Working through audio issues, someone (Nick) forgot to connect his microphone. Please make fun of him on Twitter, if you feel so inclined. Along with bad audio, the #PoddiMouths discuss bad movies, high school mascots, party drinks, and oh-so-much-more! Support the show


Surgical Procedures, Phone Scams, Mark Wahlberg

So many rabbit holes, so little time. This week Jon and Nick start talking about personal struggles with disappointing people, letting people help, drop-ins, then work in a healthy dose of movie trivia. Will you join the PoddiMouths on this wild ride? If so, make sure you leave a comment when you are done! Support the show


Energy Drinks, ADD, and Driving Long Distance

We think the title says it all. Energy drinks for long road trips that cause ADD! Nope, that's not it at all. Guess you'll just have to listen while Jon and Nick find so many new rabbit holes to wander down. It's a podcast of Titanic proportion. HA! We hope you enjoy the latest episode of PoddiMouths! Support the show


Cooking, Camera's, and a Couple of Characters

You would think after 33 episodes the PoddiMouths would be able to stay on a single topic. While they didn't break any records for off-topic conversation, they did go from talking about cooking to the techie parts of a DSLR camera. Who does that? Well, Jon and Nick do... A lot! Support the show


Chicago Dogs, Angry Bike Riders, and Airplane Bathrooms

There is also a nice conversation about the main topic, ax throwing. It took Jon and Nick almost the entire episode to get to, but WORTH IT! On this, the 32nd episode of PoddiMouths, Nick talks about his family vacation to Chicago, Jon mentions his pool shark days, and they complement each other ax-throwing abilities. You know, a normal day on PoddiMouths. Support the show


PoddiPods, More PoddiDusting, and Partially Restored Classic Trucks

Another week, another fantastic guest. The PoddiMouths would like to introduce Bill Taylor, restorer of cool things, including a 1976 GMC truck (which is for sale, btw). Check out this episode to learn more. Did we mention Bill is a big fan of the PoddiMouths? You're right, who isn't... Anyway, enjoy away! We will be posting some information about Bill, his GMC, and some of the other cool projects he's been doing. Support the show


Wilford Brimley, Prodigious Mustaches, and A Hotel Review

This week Jon and Nick struggle to make stuff to talk about, which leads them to some interesting topics. Where else could you start a conversation about a mouth full of chocolate, talk about 70's and 80's era... actors, and finally land on ax throwing? 30 episodes in and the #PoddiMouths are just as random as ever! A special shout out to Nick's wife! This episode airs on her birthday. Happy Birthday, Jennifer! Support the show


Body Farm, General Hospital, and Nachos

So excited for this episode! The PoddiMouths have a VERY special guest, and they have so much fun talking about diving, travel stories, TV Stars, and so much more. Here's to Mr. Steven Justice, one of the first PoddiFans! Support the show