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A Podcast about everything... and absolutely nothing.

A Podcast about everything... and absolutely nothing.


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A Podcast about everything... and absolutely nothing.






Texting in Church, HOG pins, and California Crazy

Looking for a PoddiMouths episode where Jon and Nick debate politics? No, this isn't it. But we do compare our household operations to politics. Join us for this lively conversation that is short and sweet. Support the show (


Coldvid, Quick Nick, and Third Time is a Charm

Jon was a little under the weather, but we were able to put together what we think is an entertaining episode. We ran the gamut, as usual, with rabbit holes and random tangent galore. Join us for this, our 120ith something episode. Visit to hear previous episodes, buy merch, or to give us a hard time. Support the show (


Hippy Annoying, Open Travel, and Flexible Wrists Part 2

Welcome back to part 2. Join us for more rabbit holds, more travel stories, and so much more! Support the show (


Hippy Annoying, Open Travel, and Flexible Wrists (Pt. 1)

We're back again with another two-part episode. Y'all! You have to listen to this episode (name any YouTubers that say it that way)! We had so much fun comparing travel stories, YouTube episodes and so much more. Support the show (


[PoddiMouths Classic] FART Meetings, Wings on a Sentra, and Nick Fixes Himself

[Classic] This is the information lookup edition of the PoddiMouths. Nick doesn't pay attention to Jon while looking up information on Kit Foxes - The boys share their love, and lack of knowledge on STOL Aircraft, and they share with you a whole bunch of acronyms! Support the show (


Garage Sales, Trike Bikes, and Earthquakes (Pt.2)

Now we're on to part 2! We hope you enjoy the conclusion to our two part episode. Please let us know how you like a split episode like this! Support the show (


Garage Sales, Trike Bikes, and Earthquakes (Pt.1)

So much to talk about this week that we had to split the conversation into two pieces. Enjoy part 1 where we make fun of our bike (non-motorized) knowledge. Support the show (


Britishism, Vacation Finger Quotes, and Meh

Jon's back from vacation, and boy does he have some great stories to share with all of you! At least we thought they were good. You, on the other hand, might just think they're, Meh. Support the show (


Nigerian Princes, George Mikan, and Banana Pudding

So sorry we missed you last week, but if you leave a message we will get back to you as soon as possible. Today in fact! See, we're here now. Not on video until tomorrow, but we're HEEEERE! Support the show (


Downgraded to First Class, Dangling Headphones, and a Golden Shovels

We're back, and we're talking all about travel during, and towards the end of a pandemic. They also spend a good amount of time talking about headphones. So, if you're interested in either air travel or headphones, this episode is for you! Support the show (


[PoddiMouths Classic] Allergies, Husky Jeans, and Everybody Poops

This week Jon and Nick discuss the "not so pleasant" side of being a road warrior. They manage to address some of the items they are forced by nature to take with them on the road. The PoddiMouths hope you will take them on the road with this episode! Support the show (


Dubonnet, Empty Sandbags, and Deutschmarks

This is our 120th episode, Ya'll! Did you like that? We are trying to mimic some of our favorite YouTube stars. How did we do? I guess you won't know until you listen to the podcast, eh? Go ahead, listen! You know you want to. Support the show (


Acronyms, Lead Acid Batteries, and Plane Bellies

This episode is full of KPI's that have been designed by a smart SME's working with OEM's. We also discussed flying C47's that use Avgas, not JET-A. Have we lost you yet? You're not alone…. We lost ourselves along the way, but had a lot of fun doing it! Support the show (


Coffee Cups, Bank Preparation, and Dingers

A bit of a short one this week, but we are surprised we even got one out. Listen in (or watch) this week's podcast to find out why! Don't forget to pour yourself a cup of coffee, or stop at a coffee shop before you listen. Support the show (


These Shenanigans, Embalming, and Magic Pills

So this episode is a bit on the morbid side. But maybe, with the popularity of True Crime podcasts, we will hit all new PoddiHeights! Or not, since this episode has little or nothing to do with true crime. Oh well, we're sure you'll enjoy it anyway. Support the show (


Too Much Sash, Weight For It, and Star Treking

It's a politically charged episode this week. No really, we actually talk politics! You should listen! Of course there are plenty of rabbit holes, so if you don't like to listen to political nonsense you'll also hear some comedic gems here too. Support the show (


No Service, Manzillian, and Bad Moms

Not gonna lie, this is a packed full of comedy anger! Listen as we take you down the customer service (bad) road yet again! Oh, and did I mention, this one has video! Check it out on your YouTube channel. Support the show (


[PoddiMouths Classic] Airline Crop Dusting, Conspiracy Theories, and Kilts

In this classic episode, Jon and Nick try to introduce a new concept called, PoddiDusting. A term ready to take the world by storm! Listen in and learn how we developed PoddiDusting, and how we plan to share it with the world. Oh, and they talk about airline travel and their experiences around that. Support the show (


Broken Video, Too Much Coffee, and Broken Video

We were so excited to launch our video episodes, but in true PoddiMouths fashion, the video didn't work. So, please don't judge us for the lack of visuals. Even when we think you can see us, you can't! Support the show (


Leather Pants, Egg Coffee, and Fan Dancers

We talk about a video we watched that taught us all about the different ways people in the world have their coffee. Of course we put the PoddiMouths spin in the conversation. Dare we say CoffeeMouths? Support the show (