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It's Podford Review, the podcast where we review everything in the world and get lost along the way. A proud member of the HyperX Podcast Network. If you're looking for Podford University, give it a search on your favorite podcast app.

It's Podford Review, the podcast where we review everything in the world and get lost along the way. A proud member of the HyperX Podcast Network. If you're looking for Podford University, give it a search on your favorite podcast app.


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It's Podford Review, the podcast where we review everything in the world and get lost along the way. A proud member of the HyperX Podcast Network. If you're looking for Podford University, give it a search on your favorite podcast app.








Podford Review: Rapid Fire Renegades - Dumpsters, Sondheim, Janitors, and more!

Many have asked, over the years, how we think of so many great topics and skits to bring to the show on a weekly basis. "Impossible!" many would say. And yet, here we stand brimming with content many of you could only hope to ever be responsible for. We thought we'd really pull out all the stops this week, though. We wanted those folks that are so impressed with us to just really have a good ol' heart attack. That's right. This week? We're reviewing not one, but eighteen individual and...


Podford Review: Sinks

Guess we're at a point in the podcast where we're reviewing sinks. Not much to say about this, no one's happy about it, we're definitely not. Time to tell you what sinks do and how we feel about this. Just a reminder that two of us have children that we could be spending time with.


Podford Review: The Sun - Featuring Vin's Spilt Elote, Brandon's Hell's Itch, Jimmy Buffett

When it comes to celestial bodies, the sun is undoubtedly one of them. But not only that, it's probably the hottest one. When you see the sun there's no arguing that it's bright and it's also most likely daytime. Is the sun too hot though? Is it too big and yellow and bright? There's a lot going on with the sun and it's about time people like us got to the bottom of what makes that big, fat, orange ball of hot tick.


Podford Review: Taffy, A Pub on the Boardwalk, Flapper Hats

We're talking about the opposite of young. We're talking about what your grandma and grandpa are. When things aren't new they're old. When films were released last year and they were directed by M. Night Shymalan they're Old. Let's find out what we think about old things.


Podford Review: Downstairs

We've all heard of downstairs. Some of us even live downstairs. What does downstairs really mean to all of us, though? We're taking the time to really get to the bottom of what downstairs is on today's episode. We're going to show you how we feel about downstairs and you're going to listen to us.


Podford Review: Avatar - The Way of Water Trailer

Sivako! Welcome to Podford Review where today we'll take a trip to Pandora to discuss our feelings on the recently released trailer for Avatar 2: The Way of Water. Editor's note: it doesn't appear there is actually a '2' in the title of the film, but I'm going to leave it because I don't want to step on Brandon's toes. It's very exciting because this time around not only are the Na'vi tall, but now it seems that they are very wet. Does being wet change how they love? Does it change how...


Podford Review: Plastic Bags and the Double Down Dilemma

Paper or plastic? You won't be hearing that damn question anymore because the fat cats at big paper have decided to run a smear campaign on plastic bags and now they're no longer available at stores! At least that's our understanding of things, but politics aside how do we feel about plastic bags? What do we put in them and what do we take out? Will we be lost without them? Bring your totes with you because we're loading you up with our reviews of plastic bags, today on Podford Review!


Podford Review: Showdown - Cremation vs Traditional Burial vs Scientific Shark Contribution

Death: the great unknown. What lies beyond this mortal realm? Is there anything more once we leave our flesh vessels and depart this earth? None of these questions will be discussed, and rightfully so, because we could not hope to answer them. We will, however, be talking about whether cremation or burial is better, but also only for a few minutes. Did you know you can get a coffin shaped like a cool car? Pretty neat!


Podford Review: I'm Feelin' So Pool

When it comes to man-made bodies of water that you can take a swim in, most people agree pools are the best way to go. But how do we feel about pools? Do we like to get wet? Does Vin regret using a non-smart phone to communicate with a certain, infamous love interest? You'll have to listen and find out. Surf is up!


Podford Review: Billy Joel's 12 Gardens Live

We've got a lot of great tracks to share, talk over, and possibly get de-monetized over on today's Review. We're diving deep into Billy Joe's 12 Gardens Live Album, a collection of over 30 tracks that Vin was quite familiar with and that Brandon and Joe heard for the first time live during the recording. Another great episode, wow.


Podford Review: Outback Steakhouse Fantasy Draft

For our 10th episode, we've decided to really celebrate. Things are good, the world is right, and our outlook on life is as positive as ever. So, what better way to keep those good vibes going than by scouring Outback Steakhouse's mouth-watering menu, and holding a fantasy draft for a 4-course meal with your best buds? If you think of a better way, you can tweet at us or something because we're always on the prowl for great ideas, but in the meantime you can enjoy this podcast where we...



When it comes to a hot and spicy Cheeto you can't beat a Flamin' Hot Cheeto. This week we're discussing the spicy treat that people love to eat. We tried to reach out to Chester Cheetah for an interview, but he declined. We did not have a backup interview lined up and so our interview segment was more or less ruined, and therefore cancelled. Thank you for understanding.


Podford Review: A 20-Minute Walk to Clear Your Head

Sometimes we walk to get to the store to buy more whipped cream, sometimes we walk to the university to get knowledge, and sometimes... well sometimes we walk to walk. We walk because it is good for our mind, body, soul, and hair. Today we're putting one foot in front of the other and taking our first steps toward reviewing a good 20 minute walk.


Podford Review: Daylight Savings 2022, Brandon's Disney World Recap, Beverage Temperatures

How did you handle the time change last week? Were you staying up late for it new-year-style? Or, were you maybe treating it more like Thanksgiving, like with a big turkey dinner or something? Or maybe you're vegetarian and you purchased a plant-based option instead to ring in the spring? Whatever your method, chances are you were as stoked as us to lose an hour of sleep last week. Behold, our review.


Podford Review: It's Like Weddings on Your Rain Day

Rain, we all know it. But do we understand how it works? Do we know why the clouds cry and does their sadness help our crops grow? Let's take a few moments to dive into that wet stuff that falls from the sky! Wedding background music: Ain't Misbehavin by The Underscore Orkestra, licensed under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license (US).


Podford Review: Ava Max Cosmic Concert on a Coca-Cola Starlight

Have you ever wanted to know what outer space tastes like? Have you ever wanted to put a star in your mouth? Have you ever wanted to suck on the moon or watch a tiny, augmented reality concert? Well we're trying all of that and more when we review Coca Cola Starlight, today on Podford Review, so you don't have to!


Podford Review: Hank The Tank in "Rise of The Planet of the Tanks"

By now you've all heard of that big, beautiful bear who enjoys eating human food and destroying weird rich people's homes. On today's episode we'll be getting into great detail on this big big bear (who may or may not be lying about his weight). Is the big good bear a villain or is he a real life superhero? Listen to us and let us tell you what to think. Disclaimer:Disclaimer 2:


Podford Review: Hey Arnold! - Downtown as Fruits, Eugene's Bike

Wow, what can we say about Hey Arnold! that hasn't already been said? Not much it turns out, but here's 80 minutes to the contrary. Enjoy and stick around after the episode for our DVD commentary of the first episode of this beloved '90s cartoon.


Podford Review: Aesop's Fables - Last Year, You Insulted My Father

Dude's obsessed with frogs.


Podford Review: Health-Ade Ginger-Lemon Kombucha

Welcome to the brand new Podford Review. We're excited to share our expertise with the world. I mean, that's what you do when you've graduated college, right? You tell everyone all the stuff you've learned. So, that's what we're doing today and on every episode of Podford Review: giving you our opinion on a thing so you don't have to think for yourself.