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Twenty-Two Films About Springfield: The Simpsons Movie Commentary

For one reason or another, we're back at it again with The Simpsons Movie! This time we're back with a real-time audio commentary as we watch the whole film and chime in with our thoughts about the movie (and a bunch of other things). Tune in for some great revelations! Why does Nick know so much about film stock? What did the two hosts get up to during that weird period where they lived together? Which local magazine owes James a bunch of money? Ah, uh, what do they think of that scene...


59: Secrets of a Successful Marriage / Top 5 of Season 5 (with Elliot Jay O'Neill)

Hello! Season 5 of The Simpsons ends on a bit of a weird note, so we decided to bring in Elliot Jay O'Neill from The Simpsons Index podcast to, uh, help us also end on a weird note. Lots of questions to address here: has Homer become unstuck in time? Who is the Fleshmütter? How long can we go without introducing our guest? Isn't it, like, kind of abusive to tell your wife that you're going to die if she doesn't let you start depending on her again? This one hasn't aged so well! Also in this...


58: The Boy Who Knew Too Much / Lady Bouvier's Lover

As we approach the end of season 5 like a couple of...non...giving up podcast guys, your hosts James and Nick contemplate the big questions. Does The Boy Who Knew Too Much actually make much sense? Does the trial work on a legal level? Is Lady Bouvier's Lover, just quietly, a masterpiece? Would Nick enjoy The Graduate? What happens when James sits down to write the show notes after a long day of work and just doesn't have the energy or brain power to remember what this episode is...


57: Burns' Heir / Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song

Your pod friends James and Nick have finally covered 100 episodes of seldom-seen animated American sitcom The Simpsons! We look forward to the next 550-or-so, which we're sure will...retain the high level of quality we've enjoyed thus far, right? In this episode of the podcast we look at the time Burnsy more-or-less kidnapped Bart and then the one where there's a dog in the vents and Skinner gets fired. Discussion topics this week: Thomas Pynchon (as he relates to Burns' Heir), the ads...


Eat My Shorts 13: Revolver (The Beatles, 1966)

Track listing 1. Taxman Is Outdated 2. Eleanor Rigby, If I Recall This Inspired Our Ongoing Joke, Now We Go For Broke 3. The I'm Only Sleeping / Wake Up Jeff Feud 4. Love You To What, Exactly? 5. Here, There, And Everywhere, Which Is Also A Song, We Guess 6. The Yellow Submarine, Which Is, As I Recall, Where We All Live? 7. She Said She Said Yada Yada Yada 8. Good Day Sunshine? What's So Good About It, Exactly? 9. And Your Bird Can Sing, The Song That Slaps 10. For No One, Which Is...


56: Bart Gets An Elephant

On this week's episode of The Simpsons... -checks notes- it says here that Bart gets an elephant? And the family struggles to feed it? That can't be right? This is, like, season 5, right? And how many more seasons did the show go for?....it's...it's still going? Oh. Well then. This week Nick and James ask the question on everyone's lips: where's my elephant? Also, there's a competition. You can win a thing. Instructions are early on in the episode. Twitter: @KeySpringfield FB:...


55: Homer Loves Flanders

This week we finally lose the plot. Twitter Facebook email: podsinthekeyofspringfield@gmail.com


54: Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy / Deep Space Homer

This week, the madman behind the scenes - Dr Colossus - flickers across our screen for a moment, and we are made to know a thin portion of his horror. As Homer escapes into space later in our pairing, we earthbound fools are left to tremble over his coming dominion. Also this week: Mr Burns being quite good at turning Smithers on! Stupid Lisa Garbage Face! Toiling in underground sugar mines! And all the other moments from that TV show you like, immortalised by two guys sort of talking...


53: Bart Gets Famous / Homer and Apu

The story of how two friends (and no other men) parlayed a lifelong interest in an animated sitcom into a thriving podcast concern is a long and interesting one. And here it is. It all started with the filing of form 1217B - an expression of interest in recording and distributing a weekly audio file... ...many important things have been podcasted about over the years. True crime, parodies of true crime, other podcasts...why, even food and candy. But we only make podcasts to discuss The...


The Pods in the Key of Springfield January 2019 Holiday Bonus Episode

Yep, it's that time again - late January, the time of year where we're all still celebrating Christmas. This is a perfectly normal time to release a holiday episode in which we open presents from one another, and I won't hear it suggested otherwise. This is a thing that would have happened even if the present Nick had ordered had arrived back in December, for sure, without a doubt. Now let's all enjoy a traditional January holiday song: Dashing under the sun, Open iTunes and press ‘play’,...


52: $pringfield / Homer the Vigilante

We're back at it again! This week we check out dollar-pringfield, in which Marge is enslaved by the neon-clawed Gamblor, and Homer the Vigilante, in which a cat burglar commits a series of unlikely thefts. So what do we get into this week? Religion (kind of)! Disgraced comedians! The Australian gambling epidemic! Some poetry, for some reason! Sleepwalking! The very concept of vigilante justice! And a bunch of stuff about The Simpsons, obviously, because the show continues to be delightful...


Eat My Shorts 12: Virtual Bart

Virtual reality has turned into a pretty interesting space in the last few years. There are finally proper good games coming out for VR systems, VR training is working its way into various industries, and VR cinema/theatre is slowly starting to look more like a thing. And then there's Virtual Bart, the 1994 SNES/Genesis game that showed us the true potential for VR - it could be used to turn little Barty boy into a pigman. Join us for another installment of Control Pods in the Key of...


51: Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood / The Last Temptation of Homer

Oh wow, the Simpsons was good in season 5. Like, seriously, bloody hell. What a good pair of episodes. This week, James and Nick join the Junior Campers to talk about the 90s economy, abstraction in animation, and just how long Bart and company spend stranded at sea. They talk about the stupid things they believed as kids, their own experiences with scout troops, and...do some actual critique. Wow! In the back half, your two podfriends talk the greatness of Mindy Simmons, the regressive...


50: Marge on the Lam / Bart's Inner Child

In honour of this episode pairing's 'Do As You Feel Festival', we're going to skip the standard podcast description. It's episode 50. You get it right now, and if you don't, you should listen to us until you do (uh, please). email: podsinthekeyofspringfield@gmail.com


49: Treehouse of Horror IV

It's the end of November, so naturally those smart lads at Pods in the Key of Springfield, with their good sense of scheduling, are putting out a Halloween episode. In this spooky chat they pick apart Treehouse of Horror IV (The Devil & Homer Simpson, Terror at 5 1/2 Feet, Bart Simpson's Dracula), and come away with a few questions. What is the legal precedent for the case of Homer v. Satan? What's going on with the funny little green ghoul? Who is HP Lovecraft, exactly? Will Adam Scott do a...


Eat My Shorts 11: The Final Simpsons Comic / Interview with Alottagreen's Daniel Wilks

It's two (significantly shorter than usual) episodes for the price of one (which is still nothing, this podcast is entirely free)! Recently, Bongo's long running Simpsons Comics released its 245th-and-final issue, ending a run that has lasted for over twenty years. James and Nick picked up the final issue to read through it, and present here their condensed rendition of the weird little story it tells. Does Batman get involved? Will they reference that letter James had published once? What...


48: Homer Goes to College / Rosebud

We keep rolling through season 5, asking the important questions about all things The Simpsons. What sort of job should James seek, since his university gig is starting to get old? Why aren't the head bee guys of our nation doing their jobs? Did Citizen Kane end by blasting 1000 years into the future, or are we remembering it wrong? What is 'Sheriff Lobo'? Will our listeners be able to forgive the terrible cold James has, but never directly mentions, after he managed to cut out about 70% of...


47: Homer's Barbershop Quartet / Cape Feare

Your good podcast friends James and Nick are back for season 5 of The Simpsons, which is a strong contender for 'Very Best Season'. And wouldn't you know it, it opens with a pair of bangers. In this one we try to unpack the reasoning behind calling Surgeon General C. Everett Koop about all the latest medical poop, bicker over what 'barbershop' is, exactly, and get Die, Bart, Die tattooed across our chests mid-recording (but we had to cut all of that because the buzzing was so...





Twenty-Two Films About Springfield: Citizen Kane

In 1941, Orson Welles released Citizen Kane into cinemas. With its innovative use of deep focus and its extraordinary commitment to detail, it, of course, flopped hard. Years later, The Simpsons would reference it a bunch. Some other stuff happened in-between. This week, on our season finale of Pods in the Key of Springfield, movie buff James forces Nick to watch Citizen Kane to see if it matches up with the image of the film he's gotten from The Simpsons and the rest of our cultural...