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Eat My Shorts 9: Krusty’s Super Fun House / Bart’s Nightmare

In this, the 53rd episode of Pods in the Key of Springfield / the ninth episode of the Eat My Shorts subseries / the third episode in our newly christened ‘Control Pods in the Key of Springfield’ on-going…thing, we jump back into videogames (and talk about Shrek for a bit, naturally). This week we look at Krusty’s Super Fun House - which is like Lemmings, but not as good - and Bart’s Nightmare, which is actually kind of legitimately interesting. It’s good! Come listen! email:...


40: Marge vs. the Monorail / Selma’s Choice

Monorail! Monorail! Monorail! Monorail! I hear those guys are awfully loud? / They prefer ‘vocally endowed’! Does this episode ever end? / Eventually, my listening friend! Aren’t these guys just brain-dead slobs? / What are you, a podcast snob? Is this a full ninety minutes of revel? / Yes, I’d say that’s about our level! The ring came off my pudding can! / Not really relevant, podcast fan! The number one episode, James’ choice, Turn down the volume when he raises...


39: Lisa’s First Word / Homer’s Triple Bypass

Hey! You want to hear a drawn-out sugar crash as your podfriends talk about two very good episodes of The Simpsons? And then talk about Assassin’s Creed a bunch? Well then, you’re in luck! In this episode we travel back to 1983-ish to see Lisa’s origin story, and then watch as Homer survives some dodgy surgery. How good is TV, though? Pretty good. Twitter: @KeySpringfield Facebook: facebook.com/podsinthekeyofspringfield email: podsinthekeyofspringfield@gmail.com


38: New Kid on the Block / Mr Plow

This week. as the universe of The Simpsons fissures and folds in on itself, we ask the important questions. Something is amiss, and as great as these episodes are (Señor Plow no es macho / Es solamente un borracho) we must face up to the darkness they contain. What is causing the rift in space and time we witnessed in New Kid on the Block? Is there a sinister cabal working to bring something malevolent about? Who is Doctor Tongue? Who do you think that is there? We also talk plows, and...


37: The Itchy & Scratchy Movie / Marge Gets A Job

This week on the only Simpsons podcast on the Internet, we delve deeper and further into season 4! In The Itchy and Scratchy Movie, Bart is denied a film - will resident movie-grump Nick sympathise with his plight? Then in Marge Gets A Job, we get, uh, quite serious about impropriety in the work place (and very silly on Tom Jones). Then, once all that’s done, we dig into the really important stuff - evaluating our current line-up of ‘bits’ and deciding what should stay and what should go....


Eat My Shorts 8: The Simpsons’ Greatest Mysteries Explained

Springfield is a town of many mysteries, run by shadowy puppet-masters who control the lives of the town’s citizens. Colossus, The Monroe Box, the omlette universe - there are many questions The Simpsons is yet to answer. This week, we go through a news article from a dubious Australian news site about Mike Reiss’ new book, ‘Springfield Confidential: Jokes, Secrets, and Outright Lies from a Lifetime Writing for The Simpsons’, and unpack his reveals. Do we feel richer for having these...


36: Treehouse of Horror III (WARNING: haunted episode)

Folks, do you…hear something on the recording? Something in the background? Under our voices? Something that shouldn’t be there? Subtle and light in places, plainly audible in others? Listening back, there’s definitely someone or something in the room with us. Hmmm. Look, we cover Treehouse of Horror III, or 3House of Horror, if you prefer, this week. It’s a good episode of The Simpsons, but my mind is on other things. Is that laughter? Twitter: @KeySpringfield FB:...


35: Homer the Heretic / Lisa the Beauty Queen

This week on Pods in the Key of Springfield, James has a sore throat and can just barely croak out his bullshit! If you’ve ever wanted to hear a man slowly fall apart across 71 minutes, we’ve got it. Nick, whose throat is fine this week, wants to change PitKoS into a Slipknot podcast, but he does not succeed this week. Instead the pair discuss Homer the Heretic, in which Homer stops going to church, and Lisa the Beauty Queen, in which T is for Lisa’s tooth-filled mouth. Season 4 is good so...


34: Kamp Krusty / A Streetcar Named Marge

Season four of The Simpsons kicks off with two ridiculously good episodes, one of which, frankly, *fucks* - and we get to it after discussing The Brady Bunch for a while. In Kamp Krusty, the kids are betrayed by their favourite clown (who is also one of our favourite clowns, all told) and in A Streetcar Named Desire Marge attacks Ned with a broken bottle and we get very excited and yell a bit. Also in this ep - we ponder future merchandise for the podcast, ponder some weird birthday cards...


The Missing Comic Book

In 1997, James was published for the first time. His letter in Simpsons Comics, which detailed why Homer was his favourite character on The Simpsons, was the first of many things James would write for print; it was the first step on a journey he has spent his life walking. Along the way the comic was lost, thrown out in a house clean when James was a child. For years, he has been haunted by the memory of the lost comic, the proof he had of that one early moment of pride and success. In...


Twenty-Two Films About Springfield: The Shining

This week James and Nick check out The Shining! It’s a film James has seen before, but Nick, naturally enough, hasn’t - how does it hold up against the image he’s created in his head after watching The Simpsons over and over again? Let’s find out!


33: Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes / Top 5 Episodes of Season 3

This week, on the Internet’s top Danny DeVito fan podcast, we finally get around to Danny DeVito’s second - and last significant - appearance on The Simpsons, a hit TV show from the 90s. Herb Powell is back! There’s a lot of sperm in this episode too, so it’s, you know, our wheelhouse. I guess. We also go over our top five episodes for season 3 of The Simpsons, which is, in many ways, the *third* season of the show. Then, right at the end, we have a special exclusive interview. I don’t...


32: The Otto Show / Bart’s Friend Falls in Love

This week the stars of James’ favourite movie pop by Springfield in The Otto Show, and then one of the actors from James’ favourite show pops up in Bart’s Friend Falls in Love. It’s a good week, is what I’m saying. Twitter: @KeySpringfield FB: facebook.com/podsinthekeyofspringfield Insta: KeySpringfield Email: podsinthekeyofspringfield@gmail.com


31: Colonel Homer / Black Widower

We’ve finally bagged us a Homer this week with two absolute bangers. I’m very tired and I don’t think anyone reads the descriptions on these episodes, because it’s all right there in the title, right? We cover those two episodes of The Simpsons this time. They’re really good! You know they’re good! Please check out this podcast that we worked hard on. Email: podsinthekeyofspringfield@gmail.com Twitter: @KeySpringfield FB: It’s probably easiest just to search us by name, you know?


The Pods in the Key of Springfield ‘Love the Beast’ Special

In this week’s episode of Pods in the Key of Springfield - a podcast that mostly focuses on The Simpsons - we watch and discuss the 2009 Eric Bana documentary Love the Beast. Don’t overthink it. We’ll go back to The Simpsons next week. Email: podsinthekeyofspringfield@gmail.com


30: Separate Vocations / Dog of Death

Did you ever have to take a career aptitude test in school? What did it tell you it would be? Did you live up to your full potential, or are you wallowing now as a freelance journalist, a fool who fondly remembers that time he had a letter published in an old Simpsons comic and decided to base his life on that warm feeling it gave him? In Separate Vocations, Bart becomes a good little boy, and we unpack the anti-authority streak at the heart of this good episode. In Dog (Daaaawg) of Death,...


Eat My Shorts 7: Talkin’ Baseball (with Elliot Jay O’Neill)

The baseball stars of Homer at the Bat lived full lives outside of their episode of The Simpsons, as it turns out, and we’ve got all the hot goss! This week your little podboys are joined by Elliot Jay O’Neill (from The Simpsons Index) to discuss the sordid lives of the nine ringers (well…seven of them were kind of sordid, at least). It’s like one of those episodes of The Dollop you liked so much! Come join us as James and Elliot react incredulously to Nick’s various saucy...


29: Bart the Lover / Homer at the Bat

We’re talkin’ podcast / James and Nick watch the Simpsons / We’re talkin’ podcast / A show on television / Bart the Lover’s expansion of the lore / Steve Sax, and his run in with the law…. etc etc. Hello! This week we’ve got two absolute belters to discuss - Bart the Lover, the stealth highlight of the season so far, and Homer at the Bat, in which there’s an outside chance of seven misfortunes, but nine misfortunes are unlikely (it’s the softball ep that everyone loves). Your two...


28: Lisa the Greek / Homer Alone

This week on the Simpsons podcast that you’ve chosen to download (and thank you, by the way) - Lisa the Greek, which is pretty good! Homer Alone, which is not as good (why do Patty and Selma take Bart and Lisa while Marge is away?). This week we unveil James’ new secret podcast-within-a-podcast, unpack the difference between betting and gambling, discuss the classic films of Macaulay Culkin, and delve deep (as always) into the world of The Simpsons. Pods in the Key of Springfield! We are...


27: I Married Marge / Radio Bart

You light up my days And fill my nights With Song It can’t be wrong When it feels so right Because you You light up my life Also, Radio Bart, which is also good. The Simpsons is good. Facebook: facebook.com/podsinthekeyofspringfield Twitter: @KeySpringfield Insta: podsinthekeyofspringfield Contact: podsinthekeyofspringfield@gmail.com