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A few best friends drink together and swap stories about life, love, and the dumb stuff we manage to do.

A few best friends drink together and swap stories about life, love, and the dumb stuff we manage to do.
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A few best friends drink together and swap stories about life, love, and the dumb stuff we manage to do.




PQ 51: Fun Awful Salty Quilt

We're keeping the timeliness train rolling here this week, where Zach hosts a friendly little pause for the cause. The cause of course being life, and how we've all been doing with the newest DLC reality has to offer. There's some automotive acquisition, promotional proclamations, reports of recording, and transitional travel. So toss aside your spent idioms and spend some time with some idiots in PQ 51.


PQ 50: Duos and Brewos V

It only took two years, but we finally round out the last set of duo-casts. This time around, we've got the C boys (Collin and Chris) chattin' about homeownership, career choices, and family values (very adult); the M boys (Matt and Mike) talk about world travels and musical endeavors (fairly adult); and the Iowa boys (Zach and Trent) have a little conversation about food and fantasy bathrooms (least adult). Join us here on episode 50 for another cozy PQ production.


PQ 49: Cellar Door Fever Dream

Welcome to the POD SQUAD!! You feeling down in the dumps? We got you covered. Everyone gets down with the sickness (oooowahahaha), and the PQ boys are no different. They say laughter is the best medicine, but yeah, I mean probably not though right? Have doctors ever tried a beer? We talk about how dang awful sick we've been, but in a fun way where we give each other a good joshin' too. Drink away your sniffles and join us for episode 49.


PQ 48: Cats are Vampires of Unfulfillment

Not everyone knows the boundless love that one gets from raising a little one. It's hard work, and sometimes a little messy, but nothing compares to the joy of puppy rearing. Some may debate that having a human child is hard and fulfilling work. Who is to say, but owning a cat probably sucks. Join us here in episode 48 as we discuss fatherhood, a subject in which all of us are totally and equally prepared.


PQ 47: Aren't All God Space God?

This is episode 47, an episode in which Collin hosts a cozy tri-cast. Topic? Every Day Carry. Mule skins, jangly keys, pocket lint....you know, the stuff you've got on you all the time always. In Pour Quality tradition, we're sidetracked by bathroom anxiety. Also hot dogs? Robots?! Alien from Alien probably too. Enjoy!


PQ 46: 350 Milliliters of Fluff

Growing up ain't easy, but luckily we had something soft and cuddly to keep close. In this episode, some boys discuss some different objects they've sentamentalized since being wee young lads. If that's too trivial for ya, there's some heavy hitting financial advice you're going to want to jot down. So grab your favorite teddy and checkbook and cozy on in with episode 46.


PQ 45: Handwritten Massage Coupons

Is your sweet tooth tickling? Do you know the pure ecstacy of tearing the wrapper off a delectable candy treat? If so, you will love this candy based episode. There are some tangents on gift-giving, but pay no mind to our rabbit trails. This is a sweets based episode through-and-through. So indulge yourself in this episode, and no, raisins don't count as candy.


PQ 44: Sharp Teeth Sharp Nipples Can't Lose

Gather gar-guys, gals, and gouilles, as we embark on this historic episode. In 44 the boys bury their time machines and visit the bygone eras of human existence. Join us as we glue hair to our kingly backs, start an ancient Crossfit society, sing the anthem of humanity, and (as always) sharpen our teeth. I assure you, you'll be mighty proud of the historical accuracy in this one. Also check out Matt's new song Water, out just about everywhere you'd expect!



Wow, it's finally arrived. We are officially in THE FUTURE, and the boys are back to extend their warmest welcomes and visions for tomorrow. Self-driving cars, the political landscape, robots, clones, and grocery stores are already shifting from advances in technology. Some of these shifts are fun and exciting, but also maybe completely terrifying. We'd also like to apologize for whatever major life event you had to erase from your memory to make space for this here episode.


PQ 42: Cutting It Out

It's still early in the year (and definitely not May), and a trio of boys get together to see how we did on New Years Resolutions. Maybe we didn't do all the things we set out to do, but we count the different victories we did achieve. And then life changes when we realize the secret this whole time has been just cutting things out. So cut out not listening to this episode and get to it already why dontchya?


PQ 41: The Ripe Episode

A few of these boys hail from the midwest, so it's no surprise they hold some expertise in agriculture. As such, they know that over a year a crop will reach maturity and is indicated by it's ripeness. And boy, this episode sure is ripe. The fellas kick back some beers and think back over the year and what seeds to plant for future harvests. So here it is, picked in its prime: episode 41.


PQ 40: Duos and Brewos IV

Woah, bet you didn't think I knew how to do roman numerals didya? Well jokes on you, I done figured it out. It's the fourth in our series of duos, so get yourself a pal and get cozy. Chris and Trent talk about favorite flavors and family functions, Matt and Zach discuss professional prospects and puppy procurement, and Collin and Mike close us out with prepared plans and some squishy squeaks. (uhhhh also maybe don't ask why there is a lot of Halloween talk in this episode thx)


PQ 39: Michelle and the Monster Trucks

Are you one to throw down in the pit? Or would you prefer to sit? We are of course talking about concerts, and how we prefer to take them in. Be it big arena shows or cozy intimate sets, the fellas get together to talk about how live music has impacted their lives. Also, as our host Collin suggests, please drop us a line and let us know your own stories. We're always excited to get non-robot generated mail so go ahead and hit up pourquality@gmail.com


PQ 38: Mitchell Waldinger

Listen, sometimes the names we are given at birth are too formal. Or not descriptive enough. Or impossible to pronounce. In episode 38, the fellas get together to talk about the other monnikers they've accumulated over the years. Some nicknames are earned, forged in teenage comradery. Other nicknames are given, for us to find the meaning in. And a select few just...roll off the tongue.


PQ 37: Vodka Baba

Your eyes do not deceive you; PQ is back! Sorry for the delay in posting, there's been a lot going on in our lives but we're excited to fall back into your regularly scheduled programming. There also was some audio issues with this one but big shoutout to our boy Chris for helping recover this one. Grab your #2 pencil and your TI-84 because these boys are headed back to school. Class is back in session.


PQ 36: J.R.R. Tumnus

Well well, sit down a spell! Here's a tale for you, of some friends joined in brew. So join our fizzy bubbles, kick back your weary troubles. You're in for a treat, the kind with some goat's feet. Oh wait, have I been rhyming? Jeeze, must be the timing. This episode gets off the rails, but we'll keep you here with our fun tales. (tails? idk enjoy 36 probably has nothing to do with rhymes)


PQ 35: Pour Quality 2020

The rumors are true. Now at the ripe age of 35, Pour Quality sets its goal for the Oval Office. In this episode, we figure out what our platform (and/or ramp) is built from. Collin strongly advocates for GameBoy backlights, Matt hypes his public image with the sickest scooter stunts, Mike lobbies for big political sponsor: Cut the Rope, and Trent designs the national uniform. Enjoy the show while you can, you know what Sunday brings...


PQ 34: Optometrists After Dark

We admit, you caught us without a formal host again. So you know by now that the hostless shows are a wildcard, and 34 delivers. How? Well, Mike rigs up an elaborate set of bells for his bike, Matt looks to expand Warby Parker's offerings, Chris takes his xylobar to the doctors, and Trent takes the entire show to "enjoy" his crisp cuke bevvie. (Also plz go listen to the new Matt Byers album Tidsoptimist and why not email us?)


PQ 33: Sweet Home, Queen America

I know what you might be thinking. Didn't Mike go on a Europe trip? Well he did and we lost him to a mysterious burger. Only Mïkäël returned, unfortunately. And he hates Brazil. Also in episode 33, Matt moons Italy, Chris catches a chairlift to his hillbilly oasis, Zach invents a puppy litter recycling system, and Trent invites special guest American Paul McCartney onto the show. Also it's worth mentioning there is some, er, light fidget spinner innuendo, obviously.


PQ 32: Deep V's, Deeper Dabs

You know how sometimes you wonder about Harry Potter macroeconomics? Well, we did, at least briefly. Also in episode 32, there are some very exciting announcements. Like big ones. And maybe some, er, minor discussion about a certain rotary based plaything. Just minor though, definitely not a whole episode about the spin-n-sit (aka SPANNERZ).