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Daniel J Perafan

This episode Chris and Inio sit down with Daniel J Perafan! We talk about how Dan used to be fat & how Inio still is, the year of sobriety that Dan took, and the amount of white people in show business! @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Phill Hunt PowerHour Podcast

This episode Chris and Inio sit down with Phill Hunt! Matt Lajeski also sits in on the hang. We discuss what girls do with their hair, Phill's accent, and we (try) to go over Phill's favorite facebook post. This one was a good time and definitely worth the listen. @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Mike Coscarelli PowerHour Podcast

This episode we have Mike Coscarelli! Inio unfortunately was unable to make this, but meme god Julian G sat in to help Chris out. Chris and Julian talk to Mike about his recent "breakup", Julian's alter ego - Dr. Clutch, and how most of the people we started stand-up with have quit. Great times! Follow him everywhere @mikecoscarelli @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Corinne Fisher PowerHour Podcast

This episode we have the young goddess Corinne Fisher! Such a great episode. Corinne drops some serious knowledge about the Spice Girls. We also talk about racism in porn, places we think we grew as comedians, and Inio & Corrine talk about their love of Dave & Busters! Follow her everywhere @philanthropygal @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Matt Lajeskie PowerHour Podcast

This episode is the real ass G Matt Lajeskie! Julian G sat in this episode as well. We think me might become a regular feature (let us know if you want him here or not). This episode we talk about how Julian got kicked out his apartment and ended up living with Chris, the amazing place that is the strip club, and how Chris got jumped by a homless guy. There's more in there but you're gonna have to listen to find out what goodness is in there!


Payton McCann PowerHour Podcast

SUP FAM ITS LIT This episode Inio and Chris sit with Payton PcCann, a comic that came all the way from Alaska to tell his dick and fart jokes. We discuss his family (who you definietly have heard of), various flavors of chips, and chilling in Coney Island with Russians! Its a great one! LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE YOU ASS FARTS @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Joon Chung & Seth Pompi Powerhour Podcast

This episode Chris & Inio sit with the homies Joon Chung and Seth Pompi! Topics we hit are Seth potentially having a baby while he was sitting with us, Inio tells us about him trying to walk home a homeless girl, and Chris attempts to claim that western culture's streetwear is appropriating eastern culture. Its a great one! LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE YOU SCUMS. @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Vegan Jules PowerHour Podcast

This episode we have Vegan Jules! We discuss a facebook argument that Vegan and Inio had on Facebook, the bullshit that's in the art world, weird interactions Vegan has had a mics with other comics, and where we sit on the charts as far of our looks. Its a great one! LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE YOU SCUMS. @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


AJ Thompson PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio chop it up with AJ Thompson! This episode is grosss!!!!!!!!!!!!! AJ had to take a leave of absense from comedy, and when him tell the story why you'll probably never speak to him agian! We also touch on some rap and other comedians that have savage tendencies. This is a great one! @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Melissa Diaz PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio go in with the boss ass bitch Melissa Diaz! This episode Chris sounds for sure stupid! We talk about police interactions, we re-address the N-word, and Cuba. Chris also breaks out is ancestory.com history for reasons we forgot. Melissa also threw up in Chris' bathroom! Hooray! @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Gene Getman PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio sit down with a friend of the podcast, the ginger smart-ass himself Gene Getman! This week we sit and talk about how Gene fucked up his back, the roast battle series of Comedy Fight Club, how he met his girlfriend, and more! Also, Gene has a podcast called Social Villians, which he co-hosts with Mike Coscarelli. He says dumb shit on there all the time so make sure check it out! @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Mary Cella & Janet Hyde PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio kick it hard with Mary Cella and Janet Hyde! We discuss our horizontal preferences when with other people, favorite lunch items (Inio is very dissapointed in Chris in his), and feminism! We are feminist guys!!!!!!! Follow Mary Cella on twitter at @mary_cella, and Janet Hyde @janet_hyde1 @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Momoh Pujeh PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio sit down with the purple knight, Momoh Pujeh! This episode we dabble in some philosophy, some politics, and the rap game. Inio and Momoh really get into it about The Clipse and everyone loses. Also Momoh drops 16 bars calls Inio a shade parade. Chris loved it! Momoh's phone is broken so when I see him I'll find out shi socials and but them here! @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Amy Jans PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio sit down fellow comedian Amy Jans. She was weak on the shot game, but her conversation game was great. The gang talks about maybe having sex with pizza, pilates, and how Amy used to work at the famous Comedy Store! Follow her at @earthtoamyjans @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Rachel Coleman PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio sit down with THE FUCKING GANSTA CHICK Rachel Coleman. Rachel came through buzzed, did the podcast, and went on an OkCupid date. Chris & Inio spent a good minute shitting on her date's profile, her past relationship, and Chris' obsession with the Lady Comic Facebook group. ALSO, Inio thinks that Chris was trying to neg Rachel, but in reality Chris is just terrible with words. Inio is convinced he did but he's slowing trying to take down his career. Let us know if you think...


Drew Morgan ft. Julian G PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio sit down with southern belle Drew Morgan. Good friend of the show Julian G came through and sat in on the podcast as a surprise guest too. Drew, seemingly having his life together, regaled us with his tales of courtship, and also was shitting on Chris' life choices. Chris also says some dumb shit at the end and Drew makes him sound like an idiot. Great times! Follow him at @theaveragedrew @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com...


James Myers PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio sit down with a guy you may have seen on reddit/standupshots before - James Myers. HES OUR GUY. We talk about James' start in Ohio, Dave Chappelle telling him to try stand up, and dating in the comedy world. At the very end, both James & Inio both shit on Chris pretty hard about this drawing he did of him and Inio. Chris regrets drawing it. Follow him at @misterjmyers @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Alex Engelbert PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio sit down with hot mess that is Alex Engelbert. Home girl to the podcast, she tells us about a recent breakup that she went through, Social Media, and PC culture in general. She did the hour like a champ and made Inio and Chris look like jamokes in their home turf. Follow her at @alex_engelbert @ekneeobong @notthatcheney @powerhourpodcast www.powerhourpodcast.com powerhourcomedy@gmail.com


Christiana Jackson PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio sit down with the DOPE AS FUCK Christiana Jackson. We discuss her man "Papi" and how she smuggled him into the states like a brick, and also life in Cuba. Chris also burped up foam like a bitch ass chump and Inio tells everyone he threw even though it was just a burp and it's not that big of a deal. Like, it's a burp. There's a difference... right? Yo fuck Inio son he just be spreading LIES AND SLANDER. Anyway this is a great podcast! Find Christiana on Facebook! @ekneeobong...


Alison Klemp PowerHour Podcast

Chris and Inio sit down with THE HOMIE Alison Klemp. Alison is currently involved in a lot around the New York comedy scene. More recently, she is a member of the Cinderblock Comedy Team and had to take part in dealing with the uproar of white male anger over like 6 bucks. She drank like a champ, SALUTE TO KLEMP. Shots on point. Check out her show at New York Comedy Club every 2nd Saturday. Use the code FINE for a discount at online checkout. Also, The Naked Show's next date is June 24th....


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