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Panhandling Continued The Episode

It’s never happened before, but Bobo and Travis had so much fun with last week’s Go Fund Me ridiculousness that they’ve decided to extend the topic for another week! So, on this week’s episode of Prestige Worldwide the Podcast, the boys are back with yet more ridiculous sob stories of people asking for money. Trust us, you won’t be offended when you hear what the stories are, but you will be laughing at full volume! No End Times this week as Bobo and Travis spend too much time ripping on...


Panhandling The Episode

Have you ever had a dream of people giving you money with no strings attached? What if the money could only be used for cool stuff like backpacking across Europe or buying new Fortnite skins? If so, you’ll want to listen to this week’s episode. Bobo and Travis bring you the best of their Go Fund Me treasures, where individuals just like you attempt to get free cash to do ridiculous things. Join us as we laugh and recount what some people will donate their hard-earned cash towards, all for...


Hype The Episode

Greatest Hits month has concluded on Prestige Worldwide, but Travis and Bobo have a whole new slate of topics for October. And first on the agenda is their staff recommendations and picks for 2018. Travis and Bobo are into some cool stuff, and since they love it, they figure you will too! Listen as the boys recap not just their favorite television shows and movies for the year, but also their favorite fads, wildcard picks, and more! This week also features the regular return of End Times,...


Go Fund Yourself 3 The Episode

We’ve reached the end of the road for greatest hits month on Prestige Worldwide! The boys ring in their final celebration of their greatness of their podcast with the third installment of Go Fund Yourself! Travis and Bobo bring to you the most hilarious and terrible of potential future inventions and investment opportunities, all for your listening pleasure! End Times is back and more pretentious than ever before, as Bobo takes a recent conversation of Neil deGrasse Tyson and points out...


Would You Rather 2 The Episode

Greatest hits month continues into the third week! This week, Bob and Travis are joined by Uncle Hair to revisit the one of their listener’s all-time favorite episodes, Would You Rather? Armed with all new questions, and plenty of ridiculous answers, it’s a fast-paced, rapid-fire episode where strangely enough, the best question of the night involves eating an Xbox as part of the question. End Times makes a triumphant return this week as Travis shares a captivating update to his timeshare...


Bracketology 2 The Episode

Greatest hits month continues! On the second week of the classics, the boys bring back their famous “alternative brackets” that were previously inspired by March Madness, where they write up and fill out ridiculous brackets. This time, the boys rank the worst male offenders of the #metoo movement, the best comic book characters, and the ugliest Hollywood celebrities! And the best part? The listeners get to cast the deciding vote! Also this week, Bobo meets a real-life individual affected by...


Horrible Jokes For Horrible People The Episode

Welcome to greatest hits month! The boys are joined by Big E for the third installment of their classic horrible jokes episode, where they attempt to out-deprecate each other with the worst jokes they can possibly come up with. And in-between, they explore the origins or dark humor and their function in society. No category is off limits, and no boundaries exist. No End Times this week, but the boys do re-cap the fantasy movie league and let the listeners know that training is over and the...


ASMR The Episode

Welcome to Prestige Worldwide the Podcast, ASMR Edition! In this special episode, Travis and Bobo do their absolute best to recreate for their listeners, a true ASMR video, incorporating both roleplaying elements, and loads of sounds and sensations designed to give you the tingles you didn’t know you’ve been craving. And, because we like themes on our episode, all of the roleplaying scenarios and foods revolve around boring, adult scenarios. Every wanted to literally hear what it’s like to...


Blockbuster Revisited The Episode

It’s time to see who was right and who was wrong! On this week’s episode, Travis and Bobo recap their predictions made in their summer blockbuster episode. Which is only ever fun if Bobo is right, because as we learn, he ruins it for everyone else whenever he is wrong. So, just how bad was Skyscraper? Did Incredibles 2 do as well as the boys thought? You’ll have to tune in to find out. On this week’s End Times, the boys prep their listeners for a special episode they’re doing next week,...


Hodgepodge The Episode

Welcome to the jumbled mess of topics that is this week’s episode! Bobo and Travis got so excited about all of the current events this week that they gave almost no thought into framing the episode, and just decide to pull a literal data dump on their listeners. So, please excuse the clutter as topics are quickly discussed, discarded, and jumped to almost without direction. It’ll all come together in the end with laughter. Or frustration. Or something else entirely. On End Times this week,...


Corporate Commando The Episode

The Office lives on this week’s Episode! Bobo is stuck in corporate “soft skills” training all week, and shares his adventures in lunacy with listeners. From tone-deaf instructors to insubordinate employees, Bobo has the rundown on everything outrageous that he has to unfortunately sit through this week. It’s hilarious and excruciating all at the same time. Unless you’re Bobo, in which case it’s just excruciating. This week’s End Times features a pledge to be less preachy to our listeners,...


Vacation Club The Episode

It’s story time on this week’s episode! Travis is here with a personal tale of far-away places, extravagant spending, and luxury beyond your wildest dreams. In other words, Travis got conned into a “vacation club” and shares his experience. Bobo, who couldn’t be happier celebrating the misery of others, instantly perks up into the best mood he’s been in since he was born essentially. So, you know you’re in for a treat on this week’s episode! This week’s End Times features the boys being...


#Oops The Episode

Better watch your mouth, or in other cases, your keyboard, on this week’s Episode! Bobo and Travis are back and ready to warn the listeners about the dangers of being a famous CEO and running your mouth, and your twitter feed, without thinking! From dropping words with a hard “R” in them, to completely turning the insult meter up to 11, the boys have you covered when it comes to rich guys saying completely messed up stuff and costing their company’s millions, even billions, of dollars. No...


Reboot The Episode

After two weeks of delay, Travis and Bobo finally get to their long-awaited topic that they've been putting off. They're not sure it was worth the wait, but we'll let the listeners decide! Basically, if you don't know what Uncle Buck or Karate Kid are, you're basically out if luck this week. For End Times this week, the boys did into some tax law changes, which is actually much more interesting than it sounds. Also, the boys give us the weekly fantasy movie rundown, and the boys try to...


TBA The Episode

Welcome to the second week of Travis and Bobo still not getting to the topic of the episode! Travis and Bobo got so much feedback from last week’s episode that in order to wrap it all up properly, it needed its own episode! From the Fantasy Movie League roundup, to Bobo messing up last week’s audio, we round all the bases from last week, making sure to leave Uncle Hair squarely at the bottom of the list. In lieu of End Times this week, Bobo and Travis both bring in Story Time instead....


Hive Mind The Episode

There was a topic for this week’s episode, but did the boys get to it? Absolutely not! On this week’s episode, Travis and Bobo throw caution, and their pre-planned topic, to the wind, to discuss some current events hitting the news cycle that have them all fired up. Bobo basically blames group think for all of the problems of mankind, and Travis turns heel as a pro-business supporter. Also, Travis tells Bobo to move on three times before he takes the hint. On this week’s End Times, Prestige...


Trigger Warning The Episode

TRIGGER WARNING! THIS EPISODE WILL BE HILARIOUS! Are we doing trigger warnings right? On this week’s episode, the boys have multiple stories to tell that will more than likely ignite some strong feelings of outrage, hilarity, and absurdness within everyone. You’re going to want to stay and listen to the epic tales of Dennis Rodman: Celebrity Ambassador, and how has violated Bobo in the worst of ways. This week’s End Times talks about the very topical story surrounding Chris...


Quiz Show The Episode

Time to get quizzical! On this week’s episode, Travis and Bobo explore the world of internet television character quiz shows! Completely unaware of the vastness depth of this way of wasting time, the boys take turns answering hard hitting questions in order to determine just what random character they are from random television shows. But, as with so many things, it’s about the journey, not the destination. On this week’s End Times, the Bobo gloats about the epic bender of Alexander...


Over The LineThe Episode

Over the line! Welcome to Prestige Worldwide the Podcast, where on this week’s episode, Bobo and Travis explore the world of “crossing the line” and when we think people have gone too far. And here’s a hint, this isn’t Ferris Bueller, and yes you can go too far. But is too far bringing in your own KFC gravy to your favorite restaurant? How about bringing ziplock bags to take leftovers home from a banquet? Listen to the stories and decide for yourself! This week on End Times, the boys talk...


Right Turn The Episode

Welcome to another current events episode of Prestige Worldwide The Podcast. So many things are happening this week in the world, that it would be a crime if the boys didn’t spend an episode talking about them. From technology almost ruining yet another episode, to movies ruining Bobo’s predictions, to what is acceptable nomenclature in 2018, the boys tackle a wide range of topics. Just make sure you’re not taking your ambien when listening! This week’s End Times features Travis grilling...