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#48- Vietnam War Fighter Pilot

This fighter pilot was a true top gun. 190 confirmed kills in one mission, tought pilots how to win dog fights and consistantly dropped bombs within 8ft of his target. In this episode we sat down with a Vietnam War Veteran and had a great time. He had, by far, the best sayings we’ve ever heard from a guest. Our favorite was “snoopin and poopin”. Let us know what your favorite was.


#47- Air Marshal

No, he’s not the guy that drags unruly passengers out of first class and no his job is not a real life version of snakes on a plane. However, Pierre has thwarted possible terror attacks while 30,000 feet in the air. We broke out the Jameson with Pierre and Jay (from ep. 9 & 11) and talked about the crazy life of an air marshal. Check out our Patreon page! IG/Twitter: @ProConPod Facebook/YouTube: Profession Confession Podcast


#46- Mental Health Case Manager

This episode was slightly different then some of our past episodes. If you enjoyed the episode with the special needs parent, hell even if you hated that episode, you’ll love this one. This week’s guest talked about all things schizophrenia. She even had a patient that heard voices tlling them to kill her parents and the family dog. Mike lester co-hosts this episode and has a strong connection to mental illness (not meant to be a diss toward Mike. His parents suffered from mental health...


#45- Shane Mauss: Sex, Drugs and Conan O’Brien (2 of 2)

Part 2 with comedian Shane Mauss. He landed a spot on Late Night with Conan O’Brien just 3 short years into comedy. We talk about his quick rise through the Boston scene and earning multiple television appearences. Check out Shane’s documentary June 15th at Mann’s Chinese Theatre at 5pm.


Shane Mauss: Sex, Drugs and Conan O’Brien (1 of 2)

Shane Mauss originates from La Crosse, WI and got his big break after moving to Boston. He has been on Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central and now… Profession Confession. We were lucky enough to sit down with Shane and talk about his view on sex and his extensive use of psychedelics. Check out Shane’s science podcast, Here We Are, which can be found on iTunes. The debut of his documentary, Psychonautics, will be held at Mann’s Chinese Theatre in L.A. on June 15th at 5pm....


#43- Rural Deputy Sheriff

We had a fun chat with David, a Deputy Sheriff in a rural area. He covers an entire county and you wouldn’t believe some of the things he has seen. This episode is a lighter episode, especially compared to the Dead Baby Photographer, so you can leave the box of tissues on the table. David has been shot at by a war vet, picked up brains at a crime scene and pulled over someone while they were getting “road head”. We have launched our Patreon Page! We are continuing to expand the show and...


#42- Dead Baby Photographer (Trigger Warning)

WARNING controversial, insensative jokes and cringe worthy stories throughout this episode. This is an extremely dark episode and like all of our other guests, Linda Ann, laughs her way through a dark and depressing career path. She takes phographs of dead babies for families in hospitals. When you are constantly around people on the worst day of their lives you will develope a dark sense of humor. We in know way are making fun of the families or their situation. We simply are trying not...


#41- Inner City Paramedic

Gross, gorey, funny and shocking! This episode has it folks. Lilly certainly didn’t disapoint with stories from her time as a paramedic. She has seen missing limbs, bus accidents, sex injuries and anything else you can imagine. The Brown Bomber believes this could be the best episode we’ve done so far! Is he right? Let us know what you think about this episode on Facebook and Twitter. Co-Host: Isaac Witty Show Notes: Facebook Questions (3:54) Torn Testicles (6:00) Saving Paco...


#40- Army Sniper Pt. 2 of 2

The second, and final, part to our Army Sniper episode. We continue to get to know Sam, including his dark chilghood. We uncover some more jaw dropping military stories that left us speechless. He has been stabbed, blown-up and shot. He also talks about fighting child soldiers and what it was like to transition back into the real world. If you haven’t done so already please rate and share each episode! Enjoy!


#38- TELEVISION DEBUT, Steve Gillespie (Conan)

Steve Gillespie tells us about his national TV debut on Conan.


#37- Ghost Hunter



#35- Computer Hacker



#34- Swinger Sex Fest



#33- Doula (birthworker)

We really had a blast talking and laughing and cringing with a Doula (birthworker)! Don’t miss this one. For over a decade she’s had a front row seat for the most gutteral, stinky, slimy, painful, perilous, joyous, beautiful, and emotionally profound of all human experiences: child birth. Comedy MILF Colleen Justice joins world’s greatest DILF (Gabe) for a discussion that was as gross and perverted as it was interesting and informative. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR DOULA AND CHECK OUT EPISODE 3...


#31-Surenos: CONCLUSION (3 of 3)

This podcast has some of the most gripping depictions of gang and prison violence we’ve ever heard. The life and times of Bandit: part 3 contains kidnapping, smuggling, drugs, mind games, reflection, and an ending we didn’t see coming. The guys reconvene a couple nights later to ask more prison questions, and revisit some things from the previous episodes. We get more great stories, and begin to wind the episode down by asking him to reflect on his past. Like any good story, as the end...


#28- Gambling Addict

We had an absolutely great conversation with former Blackjack Dealer/Gambling Addict (and current comedian) Mark Poolos. Gabe and Mark are joined by comedian and degenerate gambler Steve Gillespie (conan, under our covers) for what Tevin declared a “top 5 episode”. Mark starts by adding to the blackjack dealer conversation with some really interesting stuff about dealers being tagged as “dumpers” or winners, Pit boss sabotaging hot streaks, how to get free stuff, and George Carlin’s affect...


#27- Blackjack Dealer

Going potty at the table, card counters, cheats, Big money, handjobs under the table, Sad losers, how how to tip, angry wives, addicts, and what dealers do when they hate you. Confessions of a BlackJack Dealer!! We had a really fun conversation with Charlie, a veteran blackjack dealer and pit boss. With over a decade in the business, she started in a small rural casino in Wisconsin before she made her move to a large metropolitan casino. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or...


#26- Stripper: BRYNN (2 of 2)

Part 2 of 2 Confessions of a Stripper! Her teenage dream led her to six figures, freaky stalkers, selling her thongs, socks, and being paid to fart on a man’s limp pecker ($300). Brynn was bubbly fun in the studio. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or for pictures of Brynn (and more). ***please SHARE, RATE, & SUBSCRIBE Subscribe to our new YOUTUBE channel for episode highlights, video clips, bonus content, and stand up from Gabe and cohosts. EPISODE...


#25- Stripper: BEE (1 of 2)

Part 1 of 2 Confessions of a Stripper! Working the customers, Money, Dry Riders, THE PERIOD SITUATION, snail trails, breast milk money, and STRIPPER PET PEEVES. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or for pictures of Bee (and more). ***please SHARE, RATE, & SUBSCRIBE Subscribe to our new YOUTUBE channel for episode highlights, video clips, bonus content, and stand up from Gabe and cohosts. EPISODE SUMMARY: Men are even more disgusting than we thought, and we...