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Each episode welcomes a new "professional" whose job deals first hand with life, death, sex, violence, and/or crime.

Each episode welcomes a new "professional" whose job deals first hand with life, death, sex, violence, and/or crime.


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Each episode welcomes a new "professional" whose job deals first hand with life, death, sex, violence, and/or crime.






Human Trafficking Detective (Part 2)

Carter from Episode 8 is back and has more mind blowing stories from working the streets fighting human trafficking and prostitution. The amount of stomach churning depravity he sees on a daily basis will leave you speechless. Donate To The Show: Check us out on YouTube: Start Your Own Podcast:


Crime Beat Reporter (Bay Area)

Kristi Belcamino covered some amazing stories throughout the 90's in San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area. Police ride alongs, murders and child abductions were just the tip of the iceberg. The highlight of her career was sitting face to face with a serial killer in an attempt to find his victims. You definitely do not want to miss this episode! Donate to the show at: For more information about Kristi or to purchase her book...


Cam Girl (Rape Fetish) TRIGGER WARNING

TRIGGER WARNING! This was a really tricky one to navigate. Ultra dark subject matter, but we think this is important to talk about. Not that we don’t make a bunch of tasteless jokes. Kasie gives us an unflinching look into her career as a cam girl and as a victim of sexual assault (and subsequent rape fetish). *As always the dark content is supplemented with jokes but Gabe still fought back tears as Kasie's story is heart wrenching. Patreon:...


Sex Worker Round-Up (Live Stream)

We invited our favorite stripper and pimp to come in for a Facebook live show from MBC Studios. To see the video check out our Facebook page. Stay tuned for more live shows.


VIP Promoter

Ever wonder what it's like to spend $30k in the mall and party with NBA all stars? This VIP Promoter has worked with and hosted some of the worlds biggest stars for a night out on the town. From bottle service to strip clubs he's the man to get you into the most exclusive parties. There's no time for sleep when hanging out with LeBron James, Kevin Hart and Drake. Donate to the show at:


Street Walker (2 of 2)

Street Walker part 2 will definitely not disappoint. We uncover a couple of jaw dropping stories to wrap up our time with Star. Thank you to all of the listeners that submitted questions for this week's episode. stick around till the end to see if your question was featured. Donate to the show at:


Street Walker (1 of 2)

How fitting that we sat down with a prostitute for episode 69. Star talks with us about starting as a stripper and giving massages before graduating to the streets and working over johns full time. She has encountered extreme fetishes and has even been put in life threatening situations. Donate to the show at


Funeral Director

He puts the fun in funeral. Jeremiah Tucker dishes dishes the dirt on what happens before we all take one last nap. Everything from swollen corpses from too much embalming fluid to playing pranks on kids that are trying to sneak a peak at dead bodies. Donate to the show at


Personal Injury Lawyer (Michael Bryant)

***Trigger Warning: protracted discussion of his work representing sexual abuse victims of the Catholic Church. If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a Nationally Prominent Fat-Cat Personal Injury Mega-Lawyer*, this is your episode...Attorney Michael Bryant (Bradshaw and Bryant) details for us the rollercoaster life and times of a Personal Injury Lawyer. Multimillion dollar judgements, gruesome injuries, hideous legal maneuvers, underhanded insurance companies, and his passionate...


County Morgue Worker



PCA Prisoner Assisted Living

It's not all just wiping asses in this line of work. Ashley has seen elderly threesomes, bed sores, family disputes and even elderly people pushing other elderly people out of their wheelchair. In addition she not only worked at an old folks home but she also worked at an old folks home for criminals. She had to care for murders, rapists and every other criminal imaginable. Donate to the show: YouTube:...


School Shooter Defense Trainer

Sadly we live in a world where mass shootings and terrorist attacks have become a regular news headline. There is hope in the form of this week's guest, Jason B, as he travels the country teaching police officers, teachers, students and businesses how to defend themselves against active threats. From shooters to stabbers and everything in between, Jason has a plan to initiate professional violence to help save lives. We had a great time talking with him about his profession and even are...



It's finally here! The psychic episode we teased last month. We know what you're thinking... Gabe... Tevin... psychics are a joke. We went into this ready to completely shut down the idea of psychic abilities and wanted to debunk this self proclaimed psychic. However after our conversation with her she at least opened us up to the idea that she is able to pick up on energy that others can't. She even successfully talked to Tevin's grandpa and did a psychic reading on Gabe. Let us know what...


Television Debut: Mary Mack

She started out as a polka music star from the small town of Webster, Wisconsin. Through hard and many sleepless nights in a tent she was able to be featured on Last Comic Standing and Conan O'Brien. Check out our Patreon Page! Gabe and Mary Mack will be performing at the Hook & Ladder Theatre April 18th @ 8pm Click the link for more info!


Live From Sex Fest (Day Two)

The sexiest podcast episode in the history of podcast episodes. If you weren't completely turned on by day one, day two will make your eyes roll back and your toes curl. We have video clips up on Patreon from Swinger Sex Fest. Check us out and donate to the show at


Live From Swinger Sex Fest (Day One)

This week we dive into the Swinger Sex Fest event. Amanda and Dan were nice enough to give us VIP access to their hotel take over and the event did not disappoint. Naked twister, strip beer pong, orgy rooms, sex dungeons, whips, chains and everything in-between. It was a two day experience we will never forget. Don't forget to check out our Youtube and Patreon pages for bonus content!


Hotel Staff

No this isn't the psychic episode we promised. Due to some editor issues we had to delay the psychic episode and release this kick ass hotel episode. Celebrity scandals, death and sexual advances are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to working in a hotel. Tyler (Front Desk Manager) and Josh (Bell Boy) talk all things hospitality in this weeks episode. To donate to the show or for the entire episode with Josh check out our Patreon Page:...


#58- Attempted Marijuana Smuggler

This weeks guest is on his way to prison for being a pretty cool guy.


#57- Karate Cultist, part 2

Russell Johnson comes back to give us even deeper insight into John C Kim's martial arts cult.


#56- Karate Cultist

Russ was a member of an infamous karate cult in the 90’s. The leader John C. Kim was believed to have supernatural abilities including; the ability to heal, super speed and the ability to digest pine sol. Listen as Russ talks about his time working up the ranks under the tutelage of a small, track suit wearing, perm rocking Asian legend. For more on Russ’ story check out his website: Can’t get enough Profession Confession? Check out our bonus content on our...