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Profoundly Pointless takes a unique look at the challenges and experiences we all share. From discussions like "Have I ruined my life" to "The Top 10 kinds of meat" this show is about life.

Profoundly Pointless takes a unique look at the challenges and experiences we all share. From discussions like "Have I ruined my life" to "The Top 10 kinds of meat" this show is about life.
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Profoundly Pointless takes a unique look at the challenges and experiences we all share. From discussions like "Have I ruined my life" to "The Top 10 kinds of meat" this show is about life.






Twitch streamer Natalie the Zombi Unicorn

Twitch streamer Natalie the Zombi Unicorn joins the show in this episode. We talk Twitch, her favorite video games, body painting and staying positive online. Next, John Shull starts a vicious debate over wolverines and woodchucks. And we discuss the Top 5 video game franchises. Zombi Unicorn: 3:01 John Shull: 44:44 Top 5 video game franchises: 1:12:30 Instagram Facebook Twitter


Chris Jai Alex on Kratos, movies and motivation

Kratos, the Rhino, Martian Manhunter, One Punch Man characters, Chris Jai Alex has played them all. He's probably even sold you wings. Get ready to be motivated as we talk music, movies, voice acting, anime, motion capture and more importantly....cereal. Next, John Shull takes time out of his busy Popcorn Chicken schedule to discuss the Top 5 holidays. Chris Jai Alex: 2:20 John Shull's Fast Five: 33:06 Top 5 Holidays: 51:41 Instagram Facebook Twitter


AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole

This episode is all about going against the odds. AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole joins the show. We talk why she wanted to run for office, Powergirl and bad movies. Then, John Shull debuts a new segment he says will save the show. And we discuss the Top 5 Thanksgiving side dishes. Cara Nicole: 3:15 John's Greatest Segment Ever: 24:50 Thanksgiving: 45:24 Instagram Facebook Twitter


Sex worker Lily Allegro, the Cam Industry and Bison 40 times

In this episode we have a slightly NSFW conversation with Lily Allegro. How she got started in the sex industry, why she'll never quit and chickens. Yes, chickens. It will make sense if you listen. We then continue the animal theme with John Shull, who thinks he can outrun a bison. Why he can't and the Top 5 future technologies we're most looking forward to, all in this episode of Profoundly Pointless. Lily Allegro: 3:00 John Shull: 33:40 Future Tech: 45:30 Instagram Facebook Twitter


National Geographic photographer Peter McBride, hot dogs and awesomely bad movies

National Geographic Photographer Peter McBride joins the show. We talk photography, film, travel and conservation with the 2017 Adventurer of the Year. Then, we discuss the awesomeness of ski lift related horror movies and attempt to answer the ultimate the hot dog a sandwich? Peter McBride:1:25 John Shull: 23:45 Ski Lift to Death and Top 5: 37.15 Instagram Facebook Twitter Peter McBride Photography


Wrestling with Hulk Hogan and Peter Avalon

He graduated high school one day, the next he started his career as a Professional Wrestler. Peter Avalon, "The Biggest Man in Professional Wrestling" is our special guest this episode. We talk about how he got started, life on the independent circuit and the curious sex appeal of vampires. Next, John Shull is back with a Tip of the Week. We discuss the Top 5 Halloween costumes and how I'm online best friends with Hulk Hogan. Peter Avalon: 2:15 Halloween Costumes: 28:01 Help us answer...


Paranormal investigator Lee Roberts and the viral story of Teddy's Birthday Party

​We start this episode with the story of Teddy's birthday party. Then, it's all about the paranormal. Professional Ghost Hunter Lee Roberts joins the show to talk scary stories, what he really believes and searching for ghosts with Batman. Finally, John Shull is back to talk scariest movie villains and worst sayings. Teddy's Party: 1:00 Lee Roberts: 4:22 Scariest movie villains:31:02 Worst sayings: 49:13 Instagram Facebook Twitter


Straight stunting with stuntwoman Luci Romberg

She's been in blockbuster movies, set records in Ninja Warrior Japan and backflipped all over the world. Now, stuntwoman Luci Romberg joins the show. We talk her favorite stunts, freerunning and ambulance rides with Melissa McCarthy. We're also debuting our new random listener segment. Where we talk what would be the Top 5 most annoying animals if they could suddenly talk.​ Luci Romberg: 3:00 Josh Carrasco/Top 5 Action Movies:29:05 Kylie Warren / Most annoying animals:...


Alone in Antartica with filmmaker Mattias Mayr

This episode is all about new adventures. We talk to explorer Mattias Mayr about being the first to step foot in parts of Antarctica. Why he navigated by kite, what skiing an untouched mountain is like and how 30 below feels. Then, NPC Competitor Rachel Karwas joins the show as our special guest co-host. We debate the best Halloween candies, five things guys shouldn't do and how she got a reputation as a hoodie thief.​ Mattias Mayr: 2:20 Rachel Karwas:...


Digging up Dinosaurs

We get to go back in time this episode. All the way back to the time of the dinosaurs. Dinosaur hunter Levi Shinkle joins the show to talk finding fossils, Jurassic Park vs The Land Before Time, some big new finds and the Top 5 dinosaurs of all time. Then, in a startling revelation. John Shull shocks everyone by claiming that he doesn't believe in dinosaurs and that the Mazda Miata is an underrated car. Levi Shinkle: 1:50 John Shull: 15:30 Top 10/5ish:...


Cosplayer Reagan Kathryn

She's created costumes for everyone from Goku to Spider-Man and today professional Cosplayer Reagan Kathryn stops by the show. Her favorite characters, what it takes to make them come alive and how cosplay finally made her feel at home. Plus, we discuss the best fast food restaurants and most annoying thing about fall. Reagan Kathryn: 4:05 John Shull: 33:03 Top 10/5ish: 41.55


Social media influencer Kinsey Schofield

In this episode social media influencer, TV News Anchor and celebrity ghost blogger Kinsey Schofield stops by the show. We talk celebrity stories, how to know you're about to get dumped and the best ways to grow your brand on social media. John Shull gets into a fight over three pennies. Plus, the Top 5 Professional Wrestlers and worst email signatures. Kinsey: 2:30 John Shull and Top 10: 25:30


Professional Dominatrix Mrs. Elena De Luca

Thanks to professional dominatrix Mrs. Elena De Luca we learned a lot in this episode. She stops by to talk about her most interesting experiences. Why people shouldn't be ashamed of who they are. And why she's a hero in Belgium. John Shull manages to offend just about everyone. And we discuss the Top 10 names that tell you everything about someone. Mrs. Elena De Luca: 3:20 John Shull and Top 10: 26:30


Gambling with fruit

What kind of fruit could you throw the farthest? Somehow, this became a topic of conversation on this week's episode. Professional sports gambler Garrett Bradford stops by to talk running numbers and who to bet on this football season. Plus, what movies make you cry and the Top 10 things you don't know but other people seem to.


Dreaming of superpowers

Big news in this episode as we reveal some personal news and our new Fantasy Football promotion. Actor Tim Millard stops by to talk about chasing his dreams. John Shull reveals a ridiculous opinion on superpowers. And we discuss the Top 10 signs your Fantasy Football team will be awful.


Jorts can lead to nervous parking

Are you man enough for the eliptical machine, can you wear jeans at the gym, have you heard of "hate eating" and are you a nervous parker? We answer those questions and more with personal trainer and NPC competitor Rachel Karwas. John Shull joins us with his tip of the week. And we take a look at the Top 10 most annoying driving habits.


Always check the desk for red flags

What's the best way to judge people? Look at their desk, there's some red flags there. John Shull gets mentally dominated after getting into an accident. And the Top 10 signs you've stopped trying in life.


Into the beat lab

Lots of new stuff in this episode composed of straight fire. We debut our new intro music, Intern Michael struggles with life's easiest decisions and we discuss the worst advice we've ever got or given. Plus, what are the Top 10 most satisfying places on your face to pop a pimple.


Shirts off!!??

In this episode we investigate when you can no longer take your shirt off in public. Our new "podcast consultant" makes her debut and what the Top 10 worst household chores


Who doesn't like you

In this episode we discus what percentage of the population doesn't like us. The search for a fishologist begins and Long John Silver's ain't taken no mess.